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Standing coat rack – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Coats, umbrellas, bags, jackets when it comes to organizing all the winter clothes used by office staff, it is necessary to have a tool that makes it easy. And generally the most recommended selection is usually the standing coat rack, as long as you have space to place it. In any case, this coat rack fits anywhere, especially if we resort to some of the modern models that need less space and yet have a greater capacity to accommodate your clothes or whatever you need. This is what we find in models such as the Versa 18790001 floor coat rack. This tree-shaped coat rack not only offers space but also has an elegant design to place all your clothes. Something similar to what the model offersSongmics RCR19W, which in this case returns to the traditional design but with a total of 12 hooks on three levels, making it easy to place everything you need.

The best coat racks on the market

The standing coat rack is one of those products that must combine elegance and practicality. Elegance, because it is one more piece of furniture in your office that you will see every day. And practicality so that you can place your clothes in it in a simple and uncomplicated way. To find the best standing coat rack in both sections, all you have to do is take a look at our list of the best standing coat racks of 2022, which ranges from modern models to vintage products, having that comfort that comes so well when organizing our clothes.

Versa 18790001

Designed to give your office a different design, the Versa 18790001 floor coat rack is an elegant and comfortable product. This tree-shaped coat rack is an original solution to place everything you need, with a total of 9 hooks to organize your things. These hooks are finished off with small wooden acorns, which take better care of your clothes.

The product has been manufactured with a 32-millimeter solid wood base with a rounded shape, as well as different details in lacquered metal that give it good resistance. A model with a modern design worthy of being the best floor coat rack of the moment, which has the additional advantage of having a simple assembly that should not take you more than 10 minutes to have the product ready for use.

If you don’t know which is the best floor coat rack currently on sale, this model has plenty of features that would make it worthy of the honor.


Hangers : This model has 9 hangers in different positions, so it is easy to better organize the clothes on the rack.

Wooden knob: The wooden knob located on each hook takes better care of your garments and prevents their deterioration.

Design : The tree-shaped design gives the product a different image compared to conventional models.

Colors : In addition to black, this model is available in 3 other colors, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Assembly time: The assembly process is so simple that it will not take you more than 5 or 10 minutes to have your new coat rack up and running.


Stability : In order to achieve adequate stability, it is important to mount it properly as well as properly distribute the load on the rack.

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Songmics RCR19W

Compared to the usual serious and conventional black coat rack, the Songmics RCR19W model is a beautiful white coat rack with wooden acorns in wood color with which to organize all the clothes in your office without difficulties. And it is that this product has the triple height system that many coat racks already include, which makes it easier to organize your clothes. A job in which you can also count on the 12 hooks that they include, giving you a good capacity to store your clothes.

A metal structure model with an elegant baked-on paint finish that better withstands use and does not lose color, while being easy to clean. This finish is also present on the hooks, topped with wooden heads that prevent the clothes from deteriorating once hung. And although the assembly process is complex, it won’t take more than 30 minutes to have it ready.

Although it is not clear on the market which is the best brand of current floor coat racks, this model could well belong to it due to its characteristics and quality.


Space : This product has a total of 12 hooks, with a three-tier system that is becoming more and more common, allowing you to better organize your clothes.

Weight and measurements: The model has compact measurements of 44 centimeters at the base, as well as a weight of 2.6 kilos, which makes it easy to place it anywhere.

Finishing of the hooks: The finishes of the hooks, lacquered in wood, add an extra design to the product while taking better care of your clothes.


Finish : Some user comments that the received product had some slight defect in the paint area, so it should be checked, just in case.

Assembly : It is key to carry out the assembly properly, especially when tightening the screws, to prevent the product from being less stable than it should be.

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Metallic Langria

If you need a lot of space to organize different garments such as hats, bags, suitcases or umbrellas, the Langria Metallic floor coat rack is a very interesting proposal. A model that has a triple height system and a total of 11 hooks in which it is easy to place everything you want. Some hooks topped with the usual wooden head that take better care of your clothes.

This model does not take up too much space once assembled, and it also has a beautiful powder-lacquered black finish that looks elegant and has good resistance. And as if that were not enough, given that we are talking about one of the cheapest models in our selection, this product is close to being the best quality-price floor coat rack of the moment, being an interesting investment for any office.

Located among the cheap options that the market offers us, this Langria model combines ample space with an elegant design to place your clothes.


Triple height: The triple height makes it easier to organize the clothes on the rack, with a total of 11 hooks for it.

Finish : The black lacquer finish gives you an extra quality in terms of appearance, with a powder finish that makes the paint even more resistant.

Available space : Although the model has a high capacity, the truth is that it does not take up too much space once placed.


Assembly: The assembly process of the product is complicated, given that it is delivered completely disassembled and in bars of adjusted size.

Weight distribution: According to some users, it is important that the weight is well distributed, to prevent the product from becoming unbalanced.

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Intey White

If you are one of those who always complains that the coat rack does not have enough capacity to support the weight of your things, the Intey Blanco A model will surely interest you. And it is that this model has a spacious design, with a total of 11 hooks to hang what you need. Something that is combined with a resistance of up to 20 kilos of weight, always well distributed. A model that, therefore, has the space and everything you need to organize yourself comfortably.

A resistant model with a beautiful white finish, so that you will give an elegant touch to your office. The cleaning process is also simple, requiring no more than a damp cloth to remove any dust that may settle on the product. And so that users of smaller size do not have problems, the rack has a height of 173 centimeters, so they will not have to climb too steep to reach the top of it.

Since it is not easy to decide which floor coat rack to buy, we will give you some more information about this model, in case it is of interest to you.


Load : This coat rack supports a total load of up to 20 kilos on its surface, always distributed properly.

Height : The height of the coat rack is 173 centimeters, which will be highly appreciated by users of smaller stature.

Base space: The base space is not particularly wide, so the product is not too bulky when mounting it.


Hook finish: Compared to other models, this coat rack does not include trims for the ends of the hooks.

Tightening: As with other models, it is necessary to be careful with the tightening level of the screws, to avoid deterioration.

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Todeco Black

In case you were missing it, the Todeco Black model has the design of the most traditional floor coat racks for offices. A product made of black metal with aluminum details on the hangers, which are finished off with balls of the same color, thus giving you all the elegance of traditional wrought iron models. So classic is this design that it even has a marble base, which gives the product extra stability when placing it in your office.

Regarding the available space, this one also has new features since it has a total of 10 hooks at the top and another 4 in the middle, giving you more space to place your clothes. You will even have space to place the umbrellas, thanks to a special ring located in the lower part of the product, thus saving you from buying an umbrella stand.

Designed to go back to the most classic times, this Todeco model also offers a wide capacity, as you can see below.


Capacity: It is one of the models with the highest capacity, with a total of 14 hooks located at different heights along the rack.

Umbrella ring: The umbrella ring located at the bottom is another extra with which you have more space to organize your things.

Base: This model incorporates a marble base that dresses the product with elegance, while giving the product extra elegance.


Weight : The total weight of the product is 9 kilos, which gives it stability but also poses a problem when moving it.

Finishing of the hooks: The balls that are placed on the hooks enter them by pressure, so they can be released if the tightening is not adequate.

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