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Cocotte – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Good food is one of the great pleasures of life and if it is about domestic dishes prepared over low heat it is much better, so it is essential to have a cocotte to help you achieve it. Currently, it is possible to find a wide variety of them, however, we will dedicate ourselves to analyzing the most outstanding models and we will detail their main characteristics. The Le Creuset Evolution Cocotte has a smooth enameled interior, oversized handles and is 26cm in diameter. On the other hand, there is the Le Creuset Elementos model, which is a set of 4 cocottes suitable for serving individual portions and they are made of stoneware ceramic.

The 8 Best Cocottes – Opinions 2022

Cooking in a slow cooker can greatly improve the taste and appearance of food, so before purchasing one it is important that you review the pertinent information on each model. In this sense, we have prepared a list with the best cocottes of 2022, in this way you can select one that is according to your needs.

Cocotte Le Creuset

1. Le Creuset Evolution Cocotte with Round Lid

The Le Creuset Evolution cocotte is made of cast iron, so it is capable of absorbing and retaining heat inside to increase the properties of food during cooking. Likewise, it has an enameled interior, which resists the action of acids, is non-stick and can be washed directly under the tap or in the dishwasher.

Also, it offers the possibility of being used in different types of heat sources, from wood, gas stove, electric stove, ceramic hob, induction plates and even inside the oven, since its lid, knob and handles resist heat., for these reasons, it is considered by some users as the best cocotte.

In addition, it has a capacity of 5.3 liters, which makes it suitable for preparing large recipes and has wide handles that allow it to be held safely and comfortably, even when wearing oven mitts.

Cooking poultry or roast meat with a professional result is possible when you have a quality pot, so we invite you to analyze the pros and cons of the best cocotte of the moment:


Material: It has a cast iron structure that offers great resistance and distributes and retains heat properly, to enhance the flavors of food.

Capacity: Thanks to its 5.3 liter capacity, it is suitable for preparing large recipes and thus please the whole family.

Enamel: Its enameled interior has non-stick properties, resists acids and makes it easy to wash both in the sink and in the dishwasher without being damaged.


Weight: Its weight is approximately 5 kg, which could make it difficult to use, especially when constantly moving it with food inside.

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Cocotte for catering

2. Le Creuset 91006900469000 Mini Round Cocottes Set

This useful set of 4 mini cocottes for catering have dimensions of 10 x 5 cm and a capacity of 200 ml, so they are suitable for giving an attractive and different touch to the presentation of dishes on the table, since they offer the possibility of serving food in individual portions to please guests.

If you are wondering which is the best cocotte, this set can give you the answer, since it is made of stoneware, a type of clay treated at high temperatures to achieve greater thermal resistance and density. In this way, it can withstand extreme temperatures, between -18 and 260 °C.

These cocottes have large and resistant side handles, to facilitate their transfer, as well as a removable lid with a plastic fastening knob that facilitates their use, in the same way, they do not absorb flavors or odors and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

For diners to feel attracted, the food must offer a good flavor and aroma that favor good presentation, so we recommend you review the pros and cons of this set of what some consider to be the best brand of cocottes:


Set: It is made up of 4 practical and attractive mini round cocottes, suitable for serving food in individual portions.

Dimensions: Being mini in size, they have dimensions of 10 x 5 cm and 200 ml capacity, so they are easy to store.

Accessories: Each one has 2 comfortable side handles that are easy to hold and a lid with a plastic knob, which allows food to be kept warm for longer.


Use: They are not suitable for cooking food directly on the heat source, which could limit their use.

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Cocotte Cecotec

3. Round cocotte by Cecotec Cast iron casserole

This cocotte pot is made of non-deformable cast iron. It is very thick and is characterized by a uniform distribution of heat, capable of preserving it for longer, making it suitable for slow cooking recipes. Likewise, it has an external vitrification treatment that provides maximum protection to the surface to guarantee a long useful life.

Inside it has a black non-stick enamel surface, capable of withstanding high temperatures and does not absorb odors or flavours. In addition, it has a lid with a self-humidifying system that promotes condensation and favors humidity so that the food cooks in its own juices.

On the other hand, this Cecotec cocotte has a timeless design in bamboo green that will stand out in your kitchen. It has a diameter of 24 cm with the capacity to prepare up to 6 portions and is suitable for washing in the dishwasher or sink.

If you don’t know which cocotte to buy because you need a model that allows you to enhance the flavors of your food to enjoy delicious meals, then you should analyze the pros and cons of this model:


Materials: It is made of cast iron, which in addition to being non-deformable offers the possibility of cooking food in any heat source.

Dimensions: It has a diameter of 24 cm, so it has enough capacity to prepare 5 or 6 portions.

Auto humidification: It has an auto humidification system, which favors condensation and maintains the humidity of the food.


Weight: It will probably be heavier than expected for a cocotte of this size, so it is recommended to hold it firmly when moving it.

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Cocotte Staub

4. Staub Round Cocotte with Steamer Basket Cast Iron

It is a useful and attractive round Staub cocotte, made using high quality cast iron and resistance, both to high temperatures and to deformation due to knocks or falls. In this sense, it is suitable for use on any type of heat source, including induction cookers.

Despite being a bit expensive, some users consider it to be the best value for money cocotte, since it has a capacity of 5 liters and has a self-humidifying system that will allow you to cook in a healthier way, thanks to the fact that it creates a closed cooking circuit produced by the interior design of its lid, favoring condensation.

Likewise, it has a black enamel coating inside, which provides a high degree of resistance to thermal changes and reduces the chances of scratches. In addition, it includes a steam basket and is easy to clean in the dishwasher.

If you are interested in cooking in a cocotte that guarantees healthy food, it is important that you carefully analyze the positive and negative aspects of this model:


Humidification: It has the self-humidification system that allows you to create a closed cooking circuit inside it thanks to the interior design of the lid.

Coating: It has an internal enamel coating that provides greater resistance to thermal changes and prevents scratches.

Capacity: It has a 5-liter capacity and 26 cm in diameter, so that a group of people can eat.


Handles : Their handles could include silicone protectors to facilitate their transfer and avoid burns when they are hot.

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Other products

5. VonShef Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Casserole

This attractive and useful cocotte casserole has a capacity of 3.8 liters and dimensions of 25 x 12 cm, which makes it suitable for preparing stews, soups and rice dishes for small groups of guests. In addition, you can easily adapt it to different types of heat sources, such as electric ovens, gas and ceramic stoves.

It is made of cast steel resistant to shocks and high temperatures, facilitating the conductivity of heat inside to promote slow and uniform cooking of food, which allows them to preserve their properties, flavors and aromas.

Inside it is covered with enamel with a non-stick system that allows browning and sealing meats without the need to use fat or oil. Also, it has the ability to prevent food from staining the surface, does not absorb odors or strong flavors and can be easily cleaned under the tap.

This cocotte is of good quality and also one of the cheapest in this selection. In this sense, if you are looking for a model with these characteristics, it is important that you review the pros and cons of this pot:


Versatile: It is suitable for cooking food in different heat sources, such as gas, electricity, ceramic, halogen and ovens.

Material: Its manufacture in cast steel favors greater conductivity and heat retention when cooking over low heat.

Non-stick: It incorporates a layer of non-stick enamel that also prevents the liquids from the meat from sticking to the bottom of the cocotte.


Cleaning: It can be a little more difficult to clean compared to other more expensive products.

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6. Virklyee Round Cast Iron Saucepan

This striking saucepan with a round body and lid has a capacity of 3.8 liters and a diameter of 24 cm, making it suitable for preparing between 5 and 6 portions of food, including casseroles, roasts, soups, rice dishes and stews. It is good to note at this point that it has a weight of 4.8 kg.

Its structure is completely made of high-resistance and quality cast iron, which has the ability to distribute heat evenly for slow cooking that intensifies flavors and aromas. It also has an interior non-stick enamel coating that provides great durability and scratch resistance.

It is suitable for cooking on any type of heat source such as gas stoves, induction stoves and ceramic ovens. Likewise, it offers the possibility of being cleaned in the dishwasher or the sink.

If you want to prepare healthy recipes in which you can take advantage of all the properties of food, then you should analyze the pros and cons of this model in detail:


Material: It is made of cast iron with an internal enamel coating that combines quality and resistance to offer a longer useful life.

Cooking: Allows you to cook food over low heat evenly, thanks to its heat distribution system.

Uses: In it it is easy to cook different dishes, such as soups, stews, rice dishes, stews and stews.


Cooking: The internal lining could lose durability when using this model at high temperatures, so it is recommended to use it for slow cooking.

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7. IBILI 907634 Oval Cocotte Bordeaux Steel

This elegant oval-shaped saucepan has a design inspired by the style of cookware made in the Bordeaux region of France, renowned for its gastronomy. In this sense, it is a cocotte with soft and delicate lines that stand out thanks to the pure white enamel and the red stripe that decorates the rim of the pot.

It is made of vitrified and enameled steel, which combines iron and other metals to offer a structure resistant to high temperatures, normally used in cooking food. In addition, it provides the necessary hardness to withstand blows.

Not only is it classified among the cheapest cocottes, but it has dimensions of 36 x 27 x 13 cm, which allows cooking for a large group of people and also incorporates two side handles and one on the top to facilitate its use and movement in the kitchen. kitchen.

Preparing delicious stews and roasts is possible when you have a wide and good quality cocotte, so we invite you to previously consider the pros and cons of this model:


Design: It has an attractive oval-shaped design in the French style of the Bordeaux region, known for its gastronomy and good quality utensils.

Steel: It is made of enameled and vitrified steel that provides protection and resistance, as well as a non-stick property.

Handles: It incorporates 2 practical and comfortable side handles on the base and 1 on the lid that allow easy holding.


Color: Its surface is white, so it could be stained more easily, in this sense, it is recommended to clean with due care.

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8. Garcia de Pou 198.79 Cocotte Oval

It is a simple and useful oval-shaped cocotte with a diameter of 30 cm, which has the prestige and recognition of its manufacturer, whose name is synonymous with quality in products dedicated to the hotel industry, due to its resistance and versatility.

This set consists of 2 complementary pieces. The lower part is a casserole that has two comfortable side handles to hold, while the upper part is made up of a lid with a central knob. Plus, it’s coated in an understated gloss black color that blends in with any kitchen and provides a rustic look.

It has a capacity of 5.5 liters and is made of iron of great strength and durability, suitable for cooking foods over low heat, such as roasts, stews and soups, thanks to the fact that it is capable of distributing and retaining heat for a longer time. to expose the natural flavors and aromas of food.

Slow cooking is a great option in the kitchen to correctly prepare different recipes, so you must have a good quality cocotte. We recommend you review the main features of this model before making a decision:


Material: It was made of iron for its hardness, resistance and good heat conduction to the entire surface, to promote uniform cooking.

Design: It has an attractive oval shape that makes it easy to cook whole poultry or large pieces of meat without chopping them.

Versatile: Offers the ability to cook a wide variety of recipes, such as stews and casseroles.


Weight: It has a weight of 5.87 kg, which could be excessive for most people.

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Cocotte Accessories

Recipes for cocotte

Cocottes: Casseroles and Saucepans Great Restaurants Hardcover

It is a complete cookbook written by the famous chef of the Miramar Paco Pérez. In this book, the chef shares the secrets of all his recipes for cocotte, with the idea of ​​encouraging people to cook in the classic way using seasonal products.

The book was edited by the renowned publishing house Planeta and belongs to the Great Restaurants collection. In addition, it is available in its hardcover edition that not only offers greater resistance, but also works as a good gift to get started in the world of traditional cooking. It has 240 pages and is available in Spanish.

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Shopping guide

Cocottes are usually used to present food on the table without running the risk of it getting cold, as well as to prepare soups, meats, stews, vegetables and even bake bread. Currently, they remain in force thanks to chefs and cooking enthusiasts who know about cooking quality. In this sense and to facilitate your search, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best cocotte, where you can find relevant information so that you can select the one that suits you best.


The materials used in the manufacture of these cocottes can give you an idea of ​​how much each model costs. In this way, you should know that they are mostly made of cast iron or cast iron, because they allow a more efficient use of energy, since they are capable of distributing and retaining heat evenly throughout the surface, to obtain optimal results. In addition, they are a type of non-deformable and shock-resistant material, although it is one of the most expensive.

Stoneware or clay pottery is another of the durable materials used to make cocottes, because it is scratch resistant and does not react to acidic foods, so its surface is not damaged, does not alter flavors and is capable of withstand extreme temperatures, which can vary between -18 and 260 °C.

As for the interior of the cocottes, it is usually enameled and vitrified to offer non-stick properties, it does not absorb odors, flavors, or moisture, it can preserve cooked or raw food and makes it an easy utensil to wash, either by hand or with the assistance of a dishwasher. On the other hand, some cocottes can be used on any heat source, including induction, glass-ceramic, gas, electric, halogen stoves and ovens.


When making a comparison of cocottes, we know that this type of pot is characterized by maintaining a classic and rudimentary design over time, which evokes the first cocotte pots made of clay, so you can find that their manufacturers have made few modifications. in this regard to try to preserve all its functionalities. Even when it comes to color, they use the same bright and bold hues like orange, tan, blue and scarlet that add a warm touch to kitchens and give special appeal to the presentation of different recipes, whether that you cook for family, friends or professionally in restaurants.

In this sense, its lid and body close almost hermetically to maintain a constant temperature, since cooking over low heat enhances the flavors and properties of the food. It is worth mentioning that these cocottes are generally round or oval in shape and there are also tall, short and mini-sized ones.

As far as their handles and lids are concerned, these are usually large to facilitate and favor a comfortable and secure hold, which will allow you to lift and transport it even when wearing gloves. In addition, they offer maximum heat resistance to allow their use in the oven, although it is important not to exceed the diameter of the pots to prevent damage to their materials. Likewise, some models incorporate a steamer basket as an additional piece, which comes with rings that provide a sophisticated and attractive image to the cocotte.


The cocottes, like many other kitchen utensils, are available in different sizes and with different capacities, in order to offer more options, in this way you can choose between models as small as 200 ml up to others of 5.5 liters, that can be adjusted to the type of dishes and number of guests, so its price may vary, however, it is possible to find a good and cheap one at the same time.

It is also possible to classify them according to their diameter, so you can find them from 10 cm to 36 cm in diameter. For their part, they are much heavier than a conventional pot, which means that the weight of a large iron pot can range from approximately 4 to 6 kg.

You can get them to make individual portions, as in the case of mini cocottes, or several portions in regular-sized ones. For its part, you can also find casserole-type cocottes, which share functions and uses but differ in their dimensions, since they are shallower pots, being useful for more specific cases, thanks to the fact that they provide greater ease of serving food direct.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a cocotte?

The proper way to use a cocotte, whether to cook food or bake breads and cakes, is to preheat over a medium low heat until reaching the necessary degrees of heat according to the type of cooking you are going to do. Then, you must lower the intensity of the heat to low-medium heat and keep the pot covered during the cooking time, in this way you can take advantage of the advantages provided by the concentration of heat inside the cocotte, without having to add additives or apply processes different from the usual ones.

It is worth mentioning that it is not recommended to use it over high heat and sudden changes in temperature should be avoided so that the food does not stick or burn, even when cooking is finished it is good to wait for it to cool down to be able to wash it, in this way, it increases its durability.

Q2: What to cook in a cocotte?

Cocottes are one of the most versatile utensils in the kitchen, since they allow you to successfully prepare a wide variety of recipes, both for savory foods and for desserts or sweet dishes. In this sense, among the savory dishes, stews, stews and roasts stand out, cooked in their own juice or in sauces, as well as rice dishes, pastas, soups and casseroles. With regard to sweet recipes, the ones that stand out the most are jams, cakes and breads in a wide variety of styles.

Q3: What is a short cocotte?

A low cocotte has the same properties and benefits as a tall cocotte in terms of the type and time used in cooking, however, they differ in one single point and that is the height of their walls, which facilitates their use in specific recipes. such as the cooking of rice dishes, seafood and paellas, standing out for its good results. However, they can also be used for cooking stews, stews and other recipes, with the exception that it must be in smaller portions to prevent liquids from spilling.

Q4: How to cure a cocotte?

The care and maintenance of cocottes is essential to extend their useful life and allow them to pass from generation to generation. In this sense, before its first use, it is extremely important to follow the manufacturers’ recommendations to preserve all its properties, such as washing it with soap and hot water and drying it very well. Afterwards, it is necessary to oil its interior with kitchen paper to reinforce its non-stick condition, but it is also necessary to avoid using metal or sharp utensils so as not to damage the cooking surface.

Q5: How to make bread in a cocotte?

To bake bread in any of its varieties in a cocotte it is necessary to make sure to preheat the oven before placing it inside. Once it has reached the right temperature, it is important to position it in the center of the rack to allow good distribution of heat over the entire surface, which will favor the cooking process. On the other hand, you should avoid adding moisture to the cooking process, since the cocotte generates condensation and releases the necessary amount to cook properly. Finally, when the bread has grown enough and reached its actual size, you must uncover it to finish baking.

Q6: How to clean a cocotte?

Despite its high resistance, a cocotte must be cleaned with some care and dedication to extend its useful life, in this sense, it is advisable to use sponges and mild detergents when cleaning it. Although it can be put in the dishwasher, the most appropriate thing is not to abuse this benefit, since in the long run it could damage its surface. In case there are some remains of food stuck to the bottom, add a little salt and water, heat it for a few minutes until it boils and then clean the remains with a sponge. Also, it is worth reiterating that it is necessary to wait for the cocotte to cool down before washing it to avoid deformations.

Q7: Can I put the cocotte in the oven?

One of the advantages offered by cocottes is that they can be used on induction cookers, stoves, ceramic hobs, grills and in ovens. For use in the oven, it is recommended that the internal temperature does not exceed 200 °C, since in the event that the cocotte has silicone handles, these could melt. However, in some cases you can remove the handles before placing in the oven for greater safety. Also, it is important not to place it directly on the base of the oven, but on a tray or on a rack.

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