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Coffee grinder – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Coffee grinders have always been considered a very useful tool to comfortably grind coffee beans and are available in the market in a wide variety of models, among which the metal and wood Lujiaoshout stands out with dimensions of 10 x 10 x 17.5 centimeters and an antique look, to easily position it in your kitchen and decorate it at the same time. For its part, the Oliver James HC-CG-UK model has a beautiful and elegant modern design, accompanied by a size with reduced dimensions and appropriate to carry it with you from one place to another easily, in addition to greater comfort of use, the grinding it is adjustable.

Opinions on the best coffee grinders

The search for a good coffee grinder could be a simple task as long as you have the appropriate information to carry out said action. Below we present some models that stand out in the market for the functionality, resistance and quality that they represent before each use.

old coffee grinder

lujiaoshout metal and wood

If you are looking for an old fashioned coffee grinder, this model could be the right one for you, as we are talking about one of the cheapest available in our recommendation list and it offers an attractive design. It is made of high-quality materials, among which you will find steel, specifically in the grinding part, which gives it durability, while its base, which includes a drawer to store ground coffee, is made entirely of wood.

For its part, it is an easy product to use, since the handle is elongated and could help you save a lot of effort when grinding coffee. In addition, this grinder is adjustable, that is, you can choose fine, coarse or rough results according to your needs.

In addition, thanks to the fact that it is a manual grinder, it will not be necessary to connect it to a power outlet, since the grinder is completely manual. Among other details, the dimensions of this product are 10 x 10 x 17.5 centimeters.

In addition to being a grinder with an old design, this is one of the cheapest models that you can find available on the market. Therefore, you could look at each of its characteristics.


Dimensions: This coffee grinder has dimensions of 10 x 10 x 17.5 centimeters, therefore, you can easily place it in any space in your kitchen.

Materials: This model is made of materials such as wood and steel, ideal to provide you with a long useful life.

Adjustable: You could adjust this grinder and grind the coffee according to your convenience, whether it is fine or coarse.


Manual: Those who grind a considerable amount of coffee frequently may need an electric type model, for greater comfort.

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Perfectii 00201

Another old coffee grinder that you could consider is the 002001 sponsored by the Perfectii brand, this one stands out for its beautiful design available in black with brown. Also, it could serve as a decorative product for your kitchen, office or coffee bar. It is made of highly resistant and durable materials such as steel and wood, therefore, you will not have to worry about having to renew your coffee grinder from time to time.

It should be noted that for its operation it is not necessary to connect the product to a plug, since we are talking about a manual product which you can use very easily without causing any type of annoying noise during the mornings while the rest of your family rests.

Likewise, in terms of its size, the grinder has dimensions of 25 x 11 x 11 centimeters, while its weight is only 581 grams, this means that it is easy to position, as well as comfortable to transport from one place to another if needed. you want.

If you want to buy a coffee grinder that is capable of satisfying your needs, you should analyze what this model could offer.


Materials: This coffee grinder has been manufactured with materials such as steel and wood, therefore, you can enjoy it for a long time.

Dimensions: As for the size of this grinder, it has dimensions of 25 x 11 x 11 centimeters, which is an easy product to position in your kitchen.

Use: It is a manual grinder that you can easily use without causing any annoying noise.


Drawer: The drawer available in this coffee grinder could be a bit reduced in size, therefore, you must constantly empty the coffee that you are grinding into another container.

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manual coffee grinder

Oliver James HC-CG-UK

Today there are many coffee grinders available on the market, with totally different designs. In this sense, you could opt for a compact and lightweight model with which you can grind coffee wherever you are.

Thus, we present the Oliver James HC-CG-UK manual coffee grinder characterized by offering you a very beautiful and elegant design. It has very small dimensions, so you can take it from one place to another without problems. Therefore, it is an appropriate product to grind coffee in your office, at home or even when you are out on an excursion.

It should be noted that it is made of stainless steel so it is designed to last. In addition, in terms of its operation, you can adjust the thickness of the grind, so that you can enjoy a coffee suitable for any type of coffee maker.

If you want to buy a manual coffee grinder, you could look at this model sponsored by the Oliver James brand. In the following list you can know its most relevant characteristics.


Size: This coffee grinder has very small dimensions, therefore, you could even carry it in your suitcase wherever you go.

Design: As for its design, we are talking about an elegant model, which could look great in your kitchen thanks to its structure made of stainless steel.

Grinding: You can adjust the thickness of the grinding so that you can grind the coffee according to your requirements, so that it is suitable for any type of coffee maker.


Speed: This grinder grinds coffee very well, however, the task might take longer than expected.

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The SC-279 model could be the best coffee grinder available on the market, thanks to its elegant Japanese-style design. In addition, we are talking about a product that combines functionality with quality.

It should be noted that this is made with selected materials of great strength and durability; therefore, you will have at your disposal a manual coffee grinder with which to grind your coffee for a long time.

In relation to its size, this model has dimensions of 18.5 centimeters in height, while the tank is 9.3 centimeters wide and 9.8 centimeters high. Likewise, its final weight is 520 grams, so you could even take it on your next trip without it being a major problem. In this way, you will not miss enjoying your favorite coffee. On the other hand, we must add that its capacity could be enough to prepare up to 4 cups.

Among so many existing coffee grinders today, it will always be necessary to have the appropriate information to be able to choose the best among all. Look at the details offered by the GOURMEO SC-279.


Dimensions: This grinder has dimensions of 18.5 centimeters in height, while the tank is 9.3 x 9.8 centimeters. Therefore, you could take it anywhere you want easily.

Capacity: With the use of this grinder you could grind enough coffee to prepare up to 4 cups without a problem, so you could share or store it for later use.

Design: It is a product with a Japanese-style design, which combines practicality and elegance at the same time.


Base: It is important to mention that the base of this coffee grinder could be considered fragile because it is made of glass. For this reason, you must provide appropriate care to avoid inconvenience.

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electric coffee grinder 

KYG KYG004396

This product could be the best value for money coffee grinder available on the market, as it is a model with a two-in-one function. In this way, you will have at your disposal two grinding containers that, in addition to being removable, are designed to carry out different tasks. One of them has two blades with which you can grind coffee, but also other products such as spices and nuts. The other, for its part, includes four blades, a quality that will allow you to cut wet foods such as fruits, garlic, vegetables, etc. It should be noted that each container gives you a maximum capacity of 300 milliliters.

On the other hand, it is an electric coffee grinder made of 304 stainless steel, which is a product that is highly resistant to frequent use. In addition, for greater ease of cleaning, each accessory is completely removable and suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

The idea of ​​being able to have a double-function coffee grinder would not be bad at all, therefore, take a look at the most important details that the KYG 2-in-1 model has to offer you.


Function: It is a grinder with a 2-in-1 function, therefore, you can easily grind and chop different foods.

Containers: This grinder includes with its purchase two containers, one with four blades special for cutting wet foods and the other with two blades ideal for grinding coffee and nuts.

Capacity: It should be noted that each container has a capacity of 300 milliliters, so you can grind or cut a considerable amount of food.


Cable: The power cable is not retractable, therefore, you must hide it by hand just in the slot designed for such action.

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professional coffee grinder

Graef CM 702

The Graef brand offers you what could be one of the best coffee grinders of 2022, it has a container for ground coffee of 100 grams and a container for coffee beans of 250 grams.

As for its design, it is available in black and has dimensions of 26 x 15.4 x 37.5 centimeters while its weight is 1.19 kilograms, which makes it a compact and robust model..

For its part, this professional coffee grinder is made of high-quality materials, including resistant plastic and stainless steel. Due to this, you could grind coffee using this model for a long time, as long as you give it the necessary care.

It is worth mentioning that this model has the automatic grinding function, you could also adjust the grinding to enjoy a fine, medium or thick coffee depending on your requirements.

If you still don’t know which coffee grinder to buy, you could take a look at this model, therefore, we present some of its most important details.


Dimensions: This grinder has dimensions of 26 x 15.4 x 37.5 centimeters and a weight of 1.19 kilograms, which is a robust and compact product.

Manufacturing: Different materials have been used for its manufacture, including resistant plastic and stainless steel, ideal to provide you with a durable product.

Adjustment: You could adjust the grind to enjoy fine, medium or coarse ground coffee.


Instructions: It should be noted that the instructions designed to carry out the assembly of some important parts in the grinder are available only in German.

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burr coffee grinder

Krups GVX243

Among so many models you can also find this burr coffee grinder available on the market, characterized primarily by its beautiful design, since it is a product with dimensions of 20 x 16 x 26.6 centimeters, a weight of 998 grams and a structure in black with chrome details, qualities that give it a modern and sophisticated appearance.

For its part, you should know that this model gives you the option of being able to choose up to 17 different options to grind your coffee, obtaining an ultra-fine or coarse texture depending on your infusion method.

Likewise, by having a system of flat wheels, these will allow you to maintain all the aroma of freshly ground coffee for greater comfort, and, best of all, in the amount you need, since it has an appropriate tank to prepare up to 12 cups. of coffee.

Krups could be among many the best coffee grinder brand available on our recommendation list. We invite you to analyze in detail what your Krups GVX243 model offers you.


Design: This coffee grinder has a very striking design that is also available in black with chrome.

Flat wheels: The system of flat wheels that this grinder has will allow you to keep the aroma of the coffee intact, even when it is freshly ground.

Dimensions: This model has dimensions of 20 x 16 x 26.6 centimeters and a total weight of 998 grams. Therefore, you can position it comfortably in your kitchen.


Noise: During operation, this coffee grinder may be a bit noisy. But due to its 100W power, the process won’t take too long.

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Moulinex coffee grinder

Moulinex MC3001

If you are still wondering which is the best coffee grinder that you could find on the market, then you should consider this model, since it has dimensions of 11 x 21 x 11 centimeters and a total weight of 862 grams, these characteristics are an easy model to transport from one place to another due to its small size and lightness.

Also, this Moulinex coffee grinder is supplied with two stainless steel blades designed to carry out different tasks. One of them has been specifically designed to grind coffee, while the other can grind spices. In addition, this model is equipped with an integrated drawer where you can store the blade that you are not using, so that you can always have it at hand.

As for its use, this grinder has a quick button that you only have to press to start it, also, thanks to its safe mode, it will not work unless all the parts are correctly assembled.

The MC3001 model could be the best coffee grinder of the moment thanks to its various advantages. For this reason, we have prepared a list of pros and cons so that you can get to know it better.


Safe mode: Thanks to the safe mode that this grinder has, it will not turn on unless all the parts are correctly assembled.

Blades: This grinder is supplied with two blades that give it the versatility to grind coffee and spices according to your needs.

Practical: It is a very practical grinder, which you can carry from one place to another comfortably thanks to its small size and light weight.


Cleaning: It should be noted that the cleaning of this grinder could be improved, since it is only possible to remove the blades and clean the bottom with a damp cloth.

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Guide to buying a coffee grinder

Coffee grinders are a great tool for those who are demanding when it comes to tasting coffee in different types of infusions. It should be noted that there are different models on the market and with them a variety of features and functions that make them special, it is for this reason that we invite you to read a little about our guide to buying the best coffee grinder where you can find the information you need to acquire, among all, the one that is capable of satisfying your needs.

Shopping guide


Types of grinders

When making a comparison of coffee grinders, you should take into account certain details that will allow you to deduce which could be the right model for you. We recommend that you do not forget to first look at the types of grinders that exist, so that you can decide on one in particular.

In this sense, today we find manual grinders characterized by being an ancient artifact that takes many back to childhood when it used to be part of even the kitchen games at grandma’s house. It should be noted that its operation is very slow, since you must grind the coffee using your own hands. However, although this seems like a considerable disadvantage, the truth is that you will have freshly ground coffee at your disposal that will retain its flavor and be safe from foreign flavors.

Likewise, ceramic grinders are also available that, due to their manufacture, allow the coffee to be ground without overheating it, and for greater comfort they could even be regulated so that the coffee could be ground fine, medium or coarse depending on your requirements.

Finally, you could also have an electric coffee grinder that, although it usually emits an annoying noise on some occasions, stands out for offering you a variety of functions so that you can enjoy the best freshly ground coffee every day.


Manufacturing materials

It should be noted that there are different types of grinders available on the market, some with a very affordable price while others can be extremely expensive. This is due in part to the manufacturing materials available in its structure.

In this sense, there are three types of materials normally used during the elaboration of this product, the same being stainless steel, aluminum and wood. Therefore, you should decide on the one that you think could be very useful at home and, above all, capable of giving you the useful life you need precisely to avoid additional expenses in the future.

Although it seems logical that the most appropriate would be to choose a model made of steel but which is supposed to be the most resistant and durable, there are those who get carried away by the design and aesthetics of the product where lovers of old models might prefer a grinder made of wood rather than steel or aluminum, in a nutshell everything is a matter of taste.


Grind Adjustment

Another detail that you cannot overlook, in addition to looking at how much the model that most attracts your attention costs, is the type of grinding adjustment that you can carry out to enjoy properly ground coffee at all times.

It should be noted that not all grinders have the same degree of adjustment to grind coffee, so you should choose yours based on the type of grind that you always need to have at your disposal to prepare your delicious cups of coffee.

That being the case, those models capable of providing you with different levels of grinding will always be more useful, however, this detail could be reflected in the price of the product, so it will always be better to acquire a grinder with the levels of grinding that you think is necessary. use in your kitchen, business or office. Well, some even have up to 10 or 12 levels of fineness or thickness, so you can adapt the grinding according to your requirements.


In the case of electric grinders, it will be essential that you can verify with what power a specific model could work, so that you can deduce what type of grind you will be able to obtain before each use. In this way, the more powerful the grinder, the finer the degree of grinding of the coffee, however, the price would increase considerably, therefore, everything will also depend on your budget. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a coffee grinder?

Using a coffee grinder is a very easy task to carry out. In this sense, everything will depend first on the model you have acquired; therefore, the first step should be to read the instruction manual that it includes with your purchase. It should be noted that each model differs in the variety of functions it has, however the procedure will always be the same, you just have to place the coffee beans right where it belongs and secure the lid to avoid inconveniences, then you must choose how ground you need. the coffee, be it fine, medium or coarse and ready, just by pressing the power button you will start the task of grinding your coffee.


Q2: How to grind coffee without a grinder?

There are several ways to grind coffee even when you don’t have a grinder at home. Among them, the use of a blender stands out, in which you will only have to add an appropriate amount of coffee to it and start grinding it, configuring your blender in grinding mode or using the lowest speed. During the process, try to blend the coffee beans for short periods of time, to prevent the blades of the blender from heating up and cooking the coffee. Another option could be using a food grinder or using a hand blender.


Q3: How to clean the coffee grinder?

Cleaning your grinder is a task that you should carry out frequently to avoid the appearance of bacteria that could reproduce due to the accumulation of coffee residues. According to the suggestion of some people, to carry out this task you could easily start by grinding bread mixed with baking soda or a good amount of rice, since it should be noted that due to their characteristics these will tend to collect each coffee residue in the grinder. In addition, it not only eliminates the remains of coffee but also eliminates its smell.


Q4: How to make a homemade coffee grinder?

To create a homemade coffee grinder you will need materials such as a jar, a piece of metal that is hollow, a lid for the jar, a small motor, a sheet metal, and a screw that fits into the hole in the hollow piece of metal. Next, you can stick said screw in the bottom of the jar, this will have the function of keeping the blade centered. Now, take the lid of the jar and make a hole the size of the hollow metal so that you can insert it into the jar without inconvenience.

With the sheet metal you must make the blade considering the diameter of the bottle, once you have cut it you must also drill a hole in the middle through which the hollow metal can pass. It is time to stick the blade to said piece a centimeter away from one of its ends, so that it can grind all the coffee properly. Now it only remains to install the small motor that you have obtained, taking the necessary measures to mount it on the metal axis. Finally, to make it work you could connect the motor to a phone charger and that’s it.

Q5: How to regulate the coffee grinder?

According to the comments of some experts available on the internet, you should keep in mind that if your coffee grinder is not properly regulated, then you will not be able to taste a delicious coffee. In this sense, to carry out its regulation you must first check the extraction time, if the extraction ends up being very fast it means that the grinding is too coarse. Thus, you only have to regulate it to achieve a finer result, as well as a much more aromatic espresso.

Q6: How to disassemble a Taurus coffee grinder?

Disassembling a Taurus coffee grinder can be very easy, you just have to remove the screws located in the lower part of it and then the cover that covers the entire internal system of the grinder. You might even get a little more information by consulting the instruction manual.

Q7: How to restore an old coffee grinder? 

These mills are generally made of metal and wood, therefore, the first thing you should do is clean the wood with a special liquid for this action, such as a wood restorer. You could also buy some varnish paint to cover up the blemishes and finally give it a shiny touch that makes it look like new. As for the metal, you should also clean it and to give it a more attractive touch you could buy a special paint for the metal and give it a touch up just where it needs it.

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