The best coffee makers of Senseo Monodosis

Senseo Coffee Pod System – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Coffee machines based on the Senseo system have revolutionized the market and the pleasures of those who want to enjoy a good coffee. Now it is no longer necessary to wait to have a well-prepared coffee, but the machine takes care of everything, as long as it has the necessary pressure and power to achieve a good result. This is what happens with the Philips Senseo Original XL HD6555/22 model, which combines a system with which to prepare one or two cups of coffee in just 30 seconds, with high quality in the final result and which has a 1. 2 liters designed for the most coffee lovers. If you prefer something simpler, the Senseo Original HD6554/31 coffee makerIt has a 45 nozzle outlet system with which to achieve a homogeneous infusion and a compact design with which it is easy to prepare coffees without taking up much space in your kitchen.

The 6 Best Senseo Single-Dose Coffee Machines – Opinions 2022


A variant of espresso machines that has been all the rage in recent years due to its simple operation and excellent results, are the single-dose espresso machines. If you are a fan of good coffee and you are thinking of buying one, here we recommend 5 with the best Senseo coffee pod system.

1. Philips Senseo Original XL HD6555/22 Single-dose coffee maker

Main advantage:

It is one of the most complete models within the Senseo single-dose coffee machines, with a system that allows us to regulate the intensity of the coffee according to what we need at all times.

Main disadvantage:

To cite a “but”, the truth is that being a product of a certain level of quality, it has an entirely plastic body that, although of quality, could well have been replaced by other materials of greater resistance and durability.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A very interesting coffee maker for those who want to obtain a high-quality espresso coffee with an improved infusion compared to what other models on the market offer us that do not have Coffee Boost technology, with which to get the most out of the single-dose.

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Control system

If you have always wanted to take control of the output of your coffee, this product stands out in any comparison of Senseo single-dose coffee machines that you see. Among other things, because we are talking about a product with which you will be able to regulate the intensity of your coffee. Simply choose the desired option in the product’s control panel to set this output to whatever you want.

A simple system that also allows us to serve one or two cups of coffee at the touch of a button, as we will see below. And if you leave the coffee maker on, this is not a problem either, since it turns off after 30 minutes. Very interesting to save energy in case you forget to turn it off.

Water tank and coffee outlet

Another important aspect of this model is the capacity of its tank, specially designed for large coffee growers who do not feel like filling it frequently. This tank has a total capacity of 1.2 litres, so you won’t have to worry about enjoying all the coffee you need.

On the other hand, if you like to share, this coffee also offers you the possibility of making two coffees directly, counting on a specific outlet element that is included with the coffee maker. Something that does not affect the amount of coffee that the product pours, which is directly adapted when you activate the two-cup option on the control panel.

coffee infused

In order to enjoy a much more pleasant coffee, this machine incorporates an innovative system with which hot water is poured through 45 aroma nozzles. This outlet, typical of the Coffee Bost technology included in this model, is ideal for the hot water to be distributed throughout the entire capsule and generate a higher quality and deeper infusion.

An efficient infusion that also has the ability to generate a finer and more velvety cream than other similar products. An aspect in which the Crema Plus technology adds this additional point, which will surely be to the taste of most coffee drinkers.

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2. Senseo Original Freestanding Coffee Maker 0.7 L

Another interesting model in the Senseo range is the Senseo Original HD6554/31 coffee maker. A coffee maker from its compact line, which offers us a capacity of 0.7 liters of water and reduces its size. Therefore, it is suitable for those people who do not have too much space in the kitchen or simply do not want to occupy it with the coffee maker.

This adjusted space does not mean losing any of the properties of the machine, which still offers the option of making one or two coffees, and also includes the Crema Plus system, with which the coffee is left with a more pleasant and smooth cream.

It also allows you to choose the intensity of the coffee, for which we only have to choose the corresponding option on the simple button panel included in the base. A compact model made in a beautiful purple color, which will surely add a note of color to your kitchen, while you enjoy a delicious coffee.

If you are looking for a product from the best brand of Senseo single-dose coffee machines, surely this model may be of interest to you.


Control panel : The control panel makes it easy to prepare your coffee, both in terms of its length and its intensity.

Easy cleaning : The coffee maker has a very simple cleaning system, both due to the quality of its outer casing and the removable inner capsule holder.

Compatibility : The coffee maker can use any type of Senseo-type capsules regardless of their manufacturer, which gives you more options when choosing your drink.


Preparation of two cups : In case you want to prepare two cups, you will not only have to choose the corresponding parameter, but also change the coffee outlet element.

Tank : Although the coffee maker has a more compact size, it is also true that the 0.7 liter tank can fall short for very coffee lovers.

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3. Philips Senseo New Original coffee maker

The Philips Senseo New Original coffee maker offers us an interesting mix between the first designs of the brand and the latest advances in its technology. A set with which it is even easier to prepare your coffee as you like.

Among the elements included in the coffee maker is the option to prepare coffee for one or two people, counting on both a different outlet and a selector located on the base.

A coffee that is prepared with the new Café Boost system. This system consists of 45 nozzles that are located on the inside of the coffee maker, thus guaranteeing a more efficient and homogeneous infusion. And the best thing is that this system allows you to choose the degree of intensity of the coffee, which you can also select on the included front panel.

A model with a traditional image, in broken white, with a size that is not too large, which makes it easy to place it anywhere.


Café Boost System : The Café Boost system consists of 45 nozzles that are responsible for infusing the capsule more efficiently, thus obtaining a higher quality coffee.

Coffee to your liking : Through the front keypad you will be able to control both the intensity of the coffee and the number of cups to prepare at any given time.

Ecological : Since the Senseo system uses textile capsules and not plastic or aluminum, these can be composted and are more ecological.


Cup size : Due to the design of the coffee maker, it is not possible to use cups or glasses that are more than 10 or 11 centimeters high, since they do not fit.

Placement of the cup : Due to its wide base, it is essential to always place the cup correctly to prevent the coffee from falling where it should not.

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4. Senseo Quadrante HD7866/61 Freestanding Coffee Maker 

If you are a lover of good coffee, you could find your best ally in the Senseo Quadrante; especially if you have a hectic pace of life. It is a fully automatic modern coffee maker, giving you instant coffee at the touch of a button. For this, you can prepare in a few seconds one or two simultaneous cups of the most exquisite coffee.

It is equipped with Booster technology, thanks to which it is possible to maximize the flavors and aromas of each single dose. Likewise, you have the option to configure the intensity you want between a mild or intense coffee and also to choose, according to your preferences, between a short or long cup of coffee.

On the other hand, it has a tank that offers a capacity of 1.2 liters, enough for 8 cups of coffee. In addition, to avoid accidents, it has an automatic shutdown system that disconnects the coffee maker after 30 minutes.

It is a single-dose coffee maker with great features, so you could take it into account in your comparison. Next, we present its most outstanding characteristics.


Booster technology: It is an automatic coffee machine that has Booster technology, thanks to which you can enjoy your single-dose coffee with the maximum flavor and aroma.

Efficiency: Its functional design allows you to simultaneously prepare up to two cups of coffee in less than a minute.

Security: It has a security system that automatically turns off the coffee maker after 30 minutes.

Capacity: Its tank stores up to 1.2 liters of water, enough to prepare approximately 8 cups of coffee.

Intensities: In order to please various tastes, you can choose between an intense coffee or a mild coffee.



Cable length: The length of the power cable of 0.8 meters could be insufficient if you do not have a power outlet nearby.

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5. Philips Senseo HD6592/80 Switch 2-in-1 Coffee Maker

When you’re looking for a coffee maker that combines the traditional with the modern, this sophisticated model from Philips could be an excellent alternative. It is a device equipped with 2-in-1 technology, so you can easily prepare coffee with pods and also with a filter.

It is an automatic coffee maker that offers you simple handling, so it has three buttons that facilitate the preparation you want. You will be able to obtain, either one or two cups of coffee in single-dose capsules with golden cream; or if you prefer to enjoy a carafe, its coffee powder filtering mechanism gives you up to 7 cups.

It has a thermal jug made of stainless steel, which keeps the coffee hot. Likewise, it has a large capacity water reservoir that offers up to 7 litres. In addition, its 1450 watt power gives you high performance.

Whether filtered or in single-dose, you can always enjoy a sparkling and delicious coffee at the time you want and in a short time. We present the pros and cons of this coffee maker.



Automatic: It is an automatic coffee machine equipped with three buttons, which allow you to choose the preparation mode that best suits your tastes and needs.

Versatility: Thanks to its functional design, it is a machine that allows you to prepare single-dose and filtered coffee, depending on the number of people.

Carafe: In order to keep filtered coffee hot, it has a stainless steel thermal carafe that gives you up to 7 cups of delicious coffee.

Power: Philips has equipped this coffee maker with 1450 watts of power, which favors performance and efficiency.


Noise: When you choose the filtered coffee option, the noise generated by the machine could be annoying for some sensitive people.

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6. Philips HD6569/14 Senseo Viva Café Ethnic Pod coffee maker

The Viva Café Ethnic is a limited edition coffee machine from Senseo that, in addition to its functional nature, is a model that adds a decorative touch to any kitchen. To do this, it has an attractive externally decorated design; regardless of whether you choose the white or black version.

Likewise, it is a single-dose coffee machine that has Booster aroma technology, which adds a plus of flavor to each cup. It also has Crema Plus, a mechanism that gives you a layer of fine, golden cream on top of the coffee.

Similarly, it is equipped with an intensity selector that allows you to choose the cup of coffee according to your tastes and preferences. For this reason, it offers you between a long and smooth coffee or a short and intense one. In addition, in order to keep the coffee machine clean and free of limescale, it has an indicator that tells you when you need to descale.

It is an attractive and functional model that could be your great ally in the kitchen. To provide you with a summary of its most outstanding features, we have prepared the following section.


Functional design: It is a limited edition model that has an attractive and functional design, which gives you efficiency and a plus of elegance to your kitchen.

Technologies: It has advanced technologies that characterize the Senseo line: Cream Plus, intensity selector and aroma Booster; all conjugated in a single product.

Cleaning: Thanks to the high quality of its materials, it is a coffee maker with parts that can be put in the dishwasher without being damaged.


User manual: The user manual in Spanish is missing. However, it is an intuitive coffee maker even for people with little experience with these devices.

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Buying guide – What is the best Senseo single-dose coffee machine on the market?

Senseo is a system for preparing coffee, exclusive to the Dutch company Philips, whose main characteristics are ease of use, low cost and the production of foam. It was initially introduced in 2001 and since then the company has produced several models of coffee machines in the same line, so in this guide to buying the best Senseo single-dose coffee machine we want to help you recognize the best model.

The Senseo system uses disc-shaped coffee pods, which are like filters filled with coffee. These pods are light and environmentally responsible, although they are not individually sealed. There is a wide variety of single-dose in the market, compatible with Senseo and made by other brands, ranging from the traditional subtle mixtures to the most intense, to which some variants such as decaffeinated and flavored have been added over the years.

When making a comparison of Senseo coffee pod systems you will be able to find several models of machines with different added settings such as the use of different sized cups, water tanks with greater capacity and light indicators for the amount of water, as well as a container for milk that also allows the preparation of cappuccino, latte macchiato and coffee with milk. All the machines have the distinctive and peculiar layer of foam that covers the resulting drink, produced by a special nozzle through a mixture of air, steam and coffee.


The power of this coffee maker is an important factor both for the process and treatment of the coffee and for the speed with which the drink is obtained, which also indicates its great performance.

Most of the Philips Senseo machines work with a power of 1450W and offer to prepare a cup of coffee in less than 30 seconds, including its lovely layer of added foam. However, these machines are environmentally friendly to use because almost all of them have an automatic shutdown function that turns off the machine after a few minutes of non-use, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Today, all Senseo coffee machine models offer you to prepare up to 2 cups of coffee at the same time in less than a minute, for which they work with a pressure of 1 bar both in the generation of coffee and cream and also have with an intensity adjustment so you can customize the drink to your own taste.


Even though this single-dose system offers you only up to 2 cups of coffee at a time, they have tanks with a capacity of 6 to 8 cups, easily removable and manageable, so you can prepare several cups without having to fill the tank each time. They also have water level indicators so you can see how many more cups you can prepare without refilling.

They work at the touch of a button and the preparation system guarantees that you always get a perfect cup of your favorite coffee, with an exquisite layer of foam, a first-class flavor and unsurpassed quality.

Easy to use

The Senseo single-dose coffee machines have a quick and simple operation, intuitively, through a panel with pressure or touch buttons and with easy and convenient indicators that help you identify the different functions of the machine, making it easier and pleasant the preparation of a delicious coffee. In addition, each single dose has indications according to the type of coffee in question, which makes it a really simple procedure.

Some models also have an adaptable tray that can be raised and lowered to adjust it to the height of the cup and all removable parts are dishwasher safe. Other models also include a descaling indicator that, in addition to prolonging the life of the coffee maker, allows you to keep the flavor of the coffee you prepare intact.

How to use a pod coffee maker

Brewing coffee is getting easier. Even if it is for personal use, there are single-dose coffee machines that prepare very good coffee. To use them in the most appropriate way, here are a series of recommendations that will allow you to get the most out of single-dose coffee machines.


These coffee machines usually work for several cups of coffee, they can be from 1 cup to provide coffee for 8 people. Whatever the capacity of yours, make the most of it. If you like your coffee fresh, make it cup by cup, it only takes a few seconds, otherwise make enough to have coffee ready when you want it.


Review the features that the coffee maker has to get the most out of it. Some allow the tray to be adjusted to adapt it to the height of the cups used, others produce foam, to have a tasty coffee with a better texture. Whatever the benefits of the single-dose coffee machine, they are all for the benefit of the user, who will enjoy a better coffee.


Like everything that has to do with cooking and food preparation, hygiene is essential. The coffee maker should be cleaned regularly to collect any remaining ground coffee, by wiping with a damp cloth that allows them to be easily collected. Depending on whether it has a removable drawer or removable parts, cleaning will be more or less quick, but always without many complications.

prevent leaks

One of the most unpleasant situations in coffee machines is dripping. Some have an anti-drip system that will free you from this evil, however, if this is not the case, once you remove your coffee, it leaves another trace in its place, so that if the single-dose coffee maker leaks, the cup will collect the annoying drop.


These senseo single-dose coffee machines are usually very fast and practical to use. In just seconds you have a delicious cup of this aromatic drink, so you don’t complicate your existence when making coffee. You can take it with you to the office, to a relative’s house or during your vacations at the beach house, as it is very practical to use, so you will always have your favorite coffee at your disposal.   


The durability of these senseo single-dose coffee machines will depend on the quality of the materials with which they are made, so that the better the quality of the materials, the more durable and resistant the coffee machine will be. In any case, the user is recommended to review and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding its use and care.


Currently, coffee machines have beautiful and modern designs, which give a very good visual impression. Therefore, they are no longer just a good coffee maker, but also a decorative object, which gives a personal and elegant touch to any kitchen. If it is kept in an office, it is no longer necessary to hide it. Being in sight will contribute to the decoration of it, making it more familiar and welcoming.

The Philips Senseo brand

With such a varied and accessible market today, it can be quite difficult to determine which brand offers a better product. Therefore, you may want to know a little more about their origins and thus determine if they have enough experience and approval to deserve your attention. On this occasion, we will focus on the Senseo line of the Philips brand.

Koninklije Philips NV, more popularly known as Philips, is a company that was founded in the year 1827 by Frederik Philips and Gerard Philips.

It focuses mainly on the electronics market and has a fairly extensive catalog of all kinds of products for domestic and commercial consumption. Currently, the company’s headquarters are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Senseo is a line of the brand aimed at the design, manufacture and marketing of coffee machines. It has a catalog of ten products for domestic use.

They are defined by being practical, attractive coffee machines with special functions to satisfy all kinds of tastes. The market evaluations of the different models are positive, since they offer a drink with a good taste, color and texture.

Its system is designed to work with the coffee bags of the same line, providing easy operation of the machine, as well as an optimal result at all times.

Most coffee machines have two outlets so you can serve two coffees at the same time and share with your partner or friends. In addition, some coffee machines also offer milk frothers in case you are a fan of cappuccino and foam.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Philips Senseo Twist Single-serving coffee maker

Este modelo, gracias a sus exclusivas funciones, es considerado la mejor cafetera monodosis Senseo calidad precio. Un elegante diseño con función de selección de intensidad para elegir entre café corto intenso y largo suave, y con panel táctil con indicadores LED que te guiarán inteligentemente durante el sencillo proceso para que puedas disfrutar más que nunca de un fabuloso café.

Cuenta con bandeja de goteo extraíble para una fácil limpieza; un litro de capacidad en el depósito de agua para 6 tazas de café; función de desconexión automática, después de 15 minutos sin usar, para brindarte el mayor ahorro de energía; material de la base a prueba de agua y sistema anti-cal automático para mayor durabilidad y con un funcionamiento rápido y muy sencillo para obtener una sensacional taza de café con la más alta tecnología del sistema de cápsulas.

Esta opción es de la misma marca que la anterior, que de acuerdo con los usuarios es la mejor marca de sistemas de café senseo, así que te invitamos a conocer sus pros y contras.


Capacidad: Además de producir dos tazas de café al mismo tiempo, tiene capacidad para almacenar un litro en su depósito de agua, así que funciona de una forma eficiente.

Desconexión: Al igual que el modelo anterior, posee la función de desconectarse automáticamente luego de 15 minutos de estar conectada sin utilizarse, para ahorrar energía.

Panel Táctil: Posee un panel táctil, donde podrás seleccionar el tipo de café que deseas y su grado de intensidad, facilitando considerablemente su utilización.

Sistema antical: Cuenta con un sistema antical que te indica cuando debes descalcificar el depósito de agua y mantener el buen sabor de tu café, reduciendo los niveles de cal de agua del grifo.

Ajustable: Incluye una boquilla ajustable, para que el café sea depositado en diferentes tipos y tamaños de tazas, sin derrames.

Philips Senseo Cappuccino Select Cafetera monodosis

Otro modelo del mejor Sistema de monodosis de café Senseo que te permite preparar un magnífico y cremoso café con leche, estilo Latte Cappuccino, con la facilidad de pulsar un botón. Al mismo tiempo puedes preparar 1 o 2 tazas de café solo o con leche y se desconecta automáticamente en 30 minutos.

Desde la comodidad de tu hogar u oficina, podrás preparar un delicioso cappuccino, una celestial combinación de café y leche caliente complementada con al menos 2 cm de una perfecta y cremosa capa de espuma, ¡cómo el que compras en las cafeterías!, con esta sencilla máquina con exclusivo espumador de leche integrado que prepara la leche al vapor para obtener la más densa capa de espuma.

Tu puedes elegir vivir la experiencia de café que prefieras con la amplia gama de monodosis SENSEO especialmente desarrollada por Marcilla.

Si todavía no sabes cuál sistema de monodosis senseo comprar, te presentamos otra opción que puede resultarte interesante, ya que también se ubica entre las preferencias de los usuarios. A continuación sus pros y contras.


Espumador de leche: Con esta cafetera podrás preparar capuccinos, ya que permite agregar leche líquida y posee un espumador de leche especial para este tipo de café.

Rapidez: Conserva el mismo nivel de rapidez que distingue a la marca, ya que puede producir café en 30 segundos, para que no debas esperar mucho por tu café.

Capacidad: Su depósito de agua tiene una alta capacidad, que evita que debas llenarlo constantemente, ya que puede almacenar 1,2 litros de agua.

Indicador de cal: Tiene su respectivo indicador de cal, para que lo limpies a tiempo, conserves el buen sabor de tu café y evites que la máquina se deteriore por exceso de cal.

Uso fácil: Es de uso sencillo, gracias a que incluye un botón de encendido y apagado, y otros botones alternos para elegir el tipo de café que deseas.


Regulador: Para algunos usuarios, es una desventaja el hecho de que no tiene un regulador de la cantidad de leche que puede agregarse.

Philips Senseo Quadrante HD7863/82 Cafetera de monodosis

Phillips cuenta con los mejores Sistemas de monodosis de café Senseo del 2022 y este modelo de la línea SENSEO® Quadrante convierte tus experiencias cafeteras en momentos realmente especiales.

Un diseño elegantemente contemporáneo que se refleja en su atractivo color rojo combinado con la bandeja de goteo metálica y la boquilla cromada de acero inoxidable. Esta cafetera está fabricada con plástico reciclado y cuenta con apagado automático, en periodos de inactividad de 30 min, para contribuir a reducir el consumo energético.

El depósito de agua desmontable tiene capacidad para 8 tazas (1,2 litros) para preparar una o dos tazas de fantástico café por vez y en menos de un minuto. Cuenta también con un indicador de depósito vacío para mayor seguridad. La bandeja de goteo es desmontable y ajustable al tamaño de tus tazas hasta 125 mm de altura máxima.

Para completar esta breve selección, y si ya has destinado un presupuesto para realizar tu compra, te mostramos otro modelo de la marca, que según los usuarios es e

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