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Kitchen Thermometers – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022


Whether you are a food lover or an outstanding professional, having a good thermometer will be very useful, not only because it ensures the sensory quality of your dishes, but also because it will reduce the risk of ingesting any bacteria. Therefore, if you want to know some recommendations, we present the Habor HCP1, a high-precision digital thermometer with LCD screen and stainless steel skewer that has a wide measurement range. Now if you prefer a probe thermometer to reach the food without exposing yourself to the heat emitted by the oven or grill, the Ikea 201.030.16 could be a good option.

Opinions on the best kitchen thermometers

Thermometers have evolved becoming increasingly practical and functional tools. For this reason, below you will be able to find some good models that offer attractive advantages and functions to any user, not only from a culinary point of view but also economically.

kitchen thermometer for liquids


Habor HCP1

The Habor HCP1 liquid cooking thermometer is a digital instrument that allows not only to quantify the temperature of liquids, but also of solid foods during their cooking, baking, roasting and other processes, thanks to its long 304 stainless steel rod, material suitable for being in contact with food products due to its high resistance to corrosion.

It is a very easy-to-use thermometer, since just by clicking or inserting it into the liquid that you want to measure, the temperature will be displayed on the LCD screen that it incorporates. This allows the temperature of the food to be checked at the last moment to determine the most appropriate point of cooking or consumption.

Another aspect that influences why some users consider it the best kitchen thermometer, in addition to being practical and functional, is that it turns off automatically when it is not in operation for 10 minutes, preventing its battery from being discharged.

This kitchen thermometer is an interesting option as it is one of the cheapest you can find. Therefore, read your pros and purchases.



Functional: It satisfies the requirements of the whole family, as it is used for multiple culinary and other purposes, for example, baby care.

Pack: You have a digital thermometer with battery included, a protective silicone case and an instruction manual, which facilitates its immediate use upon receipt.

Measurement range: It is very wide, ranging from -50°C or -58ºF to 300°C or 572ºF, allowing control not only of the preparation of hot foods but also cold ones.



Head: Its manufacturing material could be improved, since being made of plastic it is perceived as not very resistant to continuous use.

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Kitchen Craft KCMILKTH

Among the best kitchen thermometers of 2022, this Kitchen Craft model stands out, which has been created with tea lovers and barista fans or professionals in mind who like traditional analog instruments.

It is a small, practical, and highly accurate battery-free liquid cooking thermometer that easily adapts to the preparation utensil, cup or pan to constantly monitor the temperature, which is why this thermometer makes it easy to steam milk. soft and foamy at the perfect temperature to prepare a coffee with ideal organoleptic qualities, to please the most demanding tastes.

To delve further into the characteristics of this model, it is made of stainless steel, which turns out to be resistant and hygienic in continuous use. Likewise, it has two easily visible graduated scales in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit and dimensions of 12 x 17 x 22 cm for easy handling.

Being considered by some as the best kitchen thermometer of the moment, we invite you to know its most outstanding pros and cons.


Range: It allows to measure from 10 to 100 degrees Celsius or from 0 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, to give the right point of heat to your favorite drinks.

Indicator: It has a red stripe that denotes the appropriate temperature of the milk, avoiding overheating.

Support clip: It incorporates a practical stainless steel clip to fix it on the pot or steam pan while measuring the temperature.



Uses: It is a specific thermometer to measure milk. So it doesn’t measure the core temperature of roasts and other solid-textured dishes.

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Ikea kitchen thermometer


Ikea 201.030.16

With the Ikea kitchen thermometer you can enjoy a good barbecue, since it can measure temperatures of up to 130 degrees Celsius or 266 degrees Fahrenheit, monitoring directly from the oven or grill, thanks to its practical probe that has a long cable.

The body of the thermometer is made of synthetic rubber, aluminum and ABS plastic that provides shock resistance. In addition, its probe has chrome plating, qualities that give the instrument a modern appearance, as well as making it easy to clean. Likewise, it has a support to rest on any horizontal surface or can be fixed to a metal structure, thanks to its rear magnet.

Another positive quality of this practical digital kitchen thermometer is that it also incorporates a timer that allows you to control the cooking or roasting time, easily programmable thanks to its easy-to-press buttons.

With this model you could get good results in the preparation of special dishes. Therefore, read its significant pros and cons.


Design: It has dimensions of 21 x 12.6 x 1.4 cm and a probe that allows data to be recorded on its screen.

Cable: It has a heat-resistant cable up to 220 ºC (428 ºF), which avoids continually opening the oven and protects from heat, preventing burns.

Magnetic: It is provided with a magnet on the back to fix it and keep it in sight, avoiding accidental falls.



Calibrated: It may be that with continuous use it tends to become uncalibrated, so it is recommended to check it with some frequency.

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digital kitchen thermometer

Bonsenkitchen 1111

When it comes to cooking, the correct temperature is an imperative requirement to enjoy a good meal. For that reason, having a digital kitchen thermometer like this model from Bonsenkitchen can be adequate, since it has a response time of only 3 or 4 seconds and, in addition, it can adapt to different types of food.

Regarding its dimensions, the thermometer probe has a length of 24.5 centimeters and allows a deep measurement to be able to take care of drinks, different types of meat, etc. On the other hand, the wide measurement range is also an advantage that gives it versatility, since the thermometer can measure from -50°C to 300°C.

For added convenience, this product allows you to choose between a °F and °C reading. Also, when you stop using it for 10 minutes, the thermometer will turn off to save battery life. Such features make this device an outstanding product in the market.

When it comes to value for money, this is one of the most impressive digital kitchen thermometers on the market.


Temperature: To facilitate the reading of the temperature, it can be displayed in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Versatility: Thanks to the length of the probe it will be possible to use this thermometer with various foods, solids and liquids.

Time: Knowing the temperature will only take about 4 seconds, so it’s a quick job.

Cleaning: Being a stainless steel product, it will only be necessary to use a damp cloth to clean it.


Battery: It is important to use the product according to what is established by the manufacturer, avoiding submerging the entire device to avoid damage to its battery.

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laser thermometer for kitchen


Infrared Eventek

This infrared laser thermometer is suitable for taking measurements of both heat and cold, therefore, it is widely used in culinary work, since it makes it easy to monitor the temperature of food when cooking. In addition, it can have other applications in the home, such as measuring the temperature of water pipes and even car systems such as brakes, hoses, among others.

On the other hand, the Eventek laser kitchen thermometer has a measurement range that goes from -50 to 420°C, a lightweight design of 181 grams in black with red and requires two triple batteries for its operation. Likewise, it has a battery indicator and automatic shutdown.

As for its operating system, it can be said that it does so through a remote control, which shoots a laser which is suitable for taking measurements of static or moving objects.

To take the temperature of the roast in your barbecue you must have a thermometer, to avoid being exposed to the heat of the embers. Therefore, we invite you to read the pros and cons that this model can give you.


Temperature scale: It is designed to be observed in the different conversions of units such as degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Screen: It has a fairly clear HD LED screen for a better display of temperatures.

Instructions for use: It has a manual to be used properly.


Accuracy: To avoid errors in measurements, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding its use and range. 

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Other products


Sendowtek Bluetooth

If you are a barbecue lover and you are looking for the best current kitchen thermometer, this wireless model with built-in bluetooth would be great for you. It is an instrument with a range of up to 59.7 meters away, which by simply downloading the EasyBBQ application on your mobile and synchronizing it with the thermometer, you can be calm around the house, since it has a warning system indicating the cooking time of the food.

It is convenient to control the temperature of different dishes, as it has 6 probes of different colors that can work simultaneously. To do this, it has a measurement scale that goes from 0 to 300ºC and an operating temperature of -20 to 70ºC, with a margin of error of no more than 3%. For its operation it requires 2 double A batteries that can provide approximately 200 hours of autonomy.

If you love to cook a barbecue often with your friends, this thermometer will be of great help. Read below the pros and cons that this model can provide you.


Design: It has an elegant and sophisticated design, with a magnet on the back of the device, ideal for metal surfaces.

Screen: It incorporates a large screen with great lighting for a greater visualization of the readings.

Bluetooth Pairing: This device is built to pair quickly and efficiently with your mobile device.


Mobile application: It has some limitations with the level in the temperature graphs, since it only reaches up to 100ºC.

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Cocoda DT-108

If you think that a probe is not enough to take the temperature of your preparations, then this device could be exactly what you need. It is a digital thermometer that comes with two probes, so you can monitor two simultaneous cooking. Each of them with a length of 15.84 cm, to give you greater freedom of movement.

To make the job easier, this thermometer can give you the exact temperature in just 2-3 seconds and on top of that, it can capture a temperature range from -50°C to 380°C. Thanks to this, it is possible to use the appliance in domestic and professional kitchens, such as in bakeries, for example.

Another outstanding aspect is its countdown timer, which will allow you to carry out other activities while cooking, since it will emit an alarm when it reaches the indicated temperature. In this way, the process will be much more comfortable and simple.

This device has been manufactured to help you achieve better results in your preparations, facilitating the process and giving you the opportunity to make the most of your time.


Probe: So that you can take care of two foods at the same time, this thermometer has a double probe with a suitable length.

Timer: The countdown timer will allow you to take care of other things while you wait for the alarm when it reaches the right temperature.

Maximum temperature: This device supports a maximum of 380 ° C, which is a temperature higher than that supported by most models.


Price: Although this product is not very expensive, its price is higher than that of other models.

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Habor Kitchen Thermometer 5S Instant Read

When it comes to cooking, time is precious, as a few extra minutes of cooking can spoil an amazing meal. For that reason, this kitchen thermometer will give you the temperature of any food in less than 5 seconds, with great precision. In addition to that, it will be able to offer readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on what you prefer.

With the ability to adapt to any situation, this device has a probe of about 12 cm, approximately, to be able to perform a deep measurement in meats and liquids. In addition, its temperature range goes from -50°C to 300°C, so you can handle different foods without damaging the device.

After using the thermometer, it will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of non-use to save battery life. Also, as it comes with a protective cap, the probe will stay safe until its next use.

This small device will help you cook better, as it will provide accurate and fast information about the temperature.


Temperature: The measurement range of this product is quite wide, since it goes from -50°C to 300°C.

Cap: When you finish using the thermometer, you can place the protective cap over the probe to keep it safe.

Battery: To save battery power, this device will automatically turn off after 10 seconds of inactivity.


Seconds: This thermometer takes about 5 seconds to give the temperature, while other models can take 3. The difference is minimal, but it could be an inconvenience for some.

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Guide to buying a kitchen thermometer


In order for you to acquire a kitchen thermometer that makes it easier for you to prepare food to the point and to perfection with the right temperatures, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best kitchen thermometer on the market, where you will find the main characteristics with which you should to count

Shopping guide

temperature range

Currently, many experts have determined that visual changes in food, such as color, are not factors that guarantee perfect cooking. That is why kitchen lovers need thermometers inside their culinary instruments, to know the temperatures that their dishes require.

The temperature ranges that the thermometer has can define in a certain way how much a particular model costs, since the greater its range of appreciation, for example, greater than 350 ° C, your model will be more professional and expensive than one of use. domestic with a range of 250°C. However, there are also ideal models for cooking at low temperatures such as 0ºC or -50ºC.

In view of the great temperature variation required by each of the foods, manufacturers have promoted the creation of kitchen thermometers with wide temperature ranges, to cover the demands of each particular recipe.


If you want to obtain better dishes and repeat the same results in an easy and practical way, before purchasing a thermometer for its cost, it is advisable that you make a comparison of kitchen thermometers, whether digital or analog, probe or infrared, which are they differ mainly by their adaptability of use and structure.

The digital style ones have a screen that allows you to view the temperature and have a wide range, but you should avoid placing them inside the oven or in boiling water, unlike the classic analog ones that resist inside the device or in liquids. hot.

Likewise, both cases could be of a probe, which consists of a long and thin rod to be inserted into the food being cooked, in order to check if the center of it has the desired temperature, making it ideal for any type of food. of meats

However, there are also digital and analog infrared thermometers, which unlike the previous one, do not come into direct contact with the food, because they detect the levels of heat or cold, through the use of infrared technology. All these models, complemented with other qualities, are intended to prepare a wide variety of dishes with specific qualities and requirements.

Accuracy and speed

Precision when preparing a food is a very important factor, since this way the temperature obtained will be as close as possible to what is expected. But it must also be a stable measurement given in a short time, around 3 seconds and not more than 10, to prevent said temperature from increasing or decreasing unfavorably without being controlled in time. Therefore, for a thermometer to be the best on the market, it must have a good level of sensitivity to variations in cooking temperature.

On the other hand, a convenient thermometer must accurately and quickly determine the temperature of the food, so that it is cooked at the precise point so that it is safe to eat.


In most cases, the material with which a certain product is made is the main factor that establishes whether it is economical, as is the case with thermometers, since it is even a feature that determines its quality, resistance and durability.

The type of use that is achieved will also depend on this characteristic, since, for example, infrared thermometers are mostly made of very hard plastic because they are not directly exposed to heat, which can provide a long useful life.. On the other hand, those with probes that are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum, mainly in the area that comes into contact with the food, due to the resistance that this material can provide to high temperatures.

But, as this is an instrument that is going to be in direct contact with the food that is eaten, it is essential to choose a material free of substances that are harmful to health, such as BPA, which is usually present in plastic. That is why, before choosing a product for its low cost, you should think about the quality, health and long-term investment that it ensures with its material.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a kitchen thermometer?

Using a kitchen thermometer is a simple task, but care must be taken, since to make an exquisite dish you not only need the best ingredients, but knowing how to control the temperature is essential.

We are going to mention some steps to follow for the use of this instrument. However, it is always important to consult your instruction manual. The first thing is to insert the probe or skewer into the food, wait for the measurement to stabilize to make the correct reading, remove the thermometer and finally wash it and store it dry.

Q2: Can I use a laser thermometer as a kitchen thermometer?

Sure, a laser thermometer can be used to monitor the temperature of foods. It is an option that is used very often in foods that cannot be pricked with a probe due to their hard textures or, on the contrary, in those that are very fragile and cannot be touched.

Another case where the laser thermometer turns out to be of great help in the kitchen is when food is prepared in a pressure cooker and it is necessary to know what temperature it is at without having to uncover it.

Q3: How do you calibrate a kitchen thermometer?

There are two ways to successfully calibrate a food thermometer, either by immersing the tip of the thermometer in ice water or in boiling water, but the most practical and safest method is in cold water.

Once the thermometer is inserted into the ice water, proceed with the help of a suitable tool to adjust the calibration nut or knob that is on the part of the screen or under the head of the thermometer, let the temperature stabilize and if the reading is 0 ºC it is ready to be used.

Q4: How to clean a kitchen thermometer?

The maintenance and cleaning of a kitchen thermometer is very important, since if it is not washed correctly it can contaminate and transmit bacteria to our food, since they come into direct contact with food.

It should be washed by hand, with the help of a sponge, hot water and multipurpose soap to remove any type of dirt that adheres to its structure. Then dry immediately. All kitchen thermometers cannot be immersed in water.

Q5: How is the kitchen thermometer attached?

The proper way to place the kitchen thermometer in the food is by inserting it so that it is rigid and safe, since in this way the temperature of the provision can be observed. To determine that the desired temperature has been achieved, it should be located in the thickest part of the food and if it is meat, chicken or fish, away from bones, cartilage or fat.

Q6: Which is better a digital or an analog kitchen thermometer?

Kitchen thermometers are instruments of important use in the preparation of recipes. Using an analog or digital thermometer will depend on the preferences and needs of each user. Analogues are more precise, but require more careful handling due to their fragility. Likewise, they are more common in kitchens due to their low cost.

For their part, the digital ones are more elaborate and bring many more functions, such as alarms, sensors, a screen that marks the temperature, among other performances. In addition, they can be easily calibrated, but their cost is higher.

Q7: Up to what temperature does a kitchen thermometer measure?

Whether digital or analog, they can have a range that oscillates between -40ºC and 200ºC and an appreciation of 1ºC. It should be noted that you must have wide-scale thermometers, because it is not advisable to exceed the temperature indicated by the thermometer because it can be damaged.

Q8: What is a bluetooth kitchen thermometer for?

Since the advent of smartphones, our lives have changed. Who would have thought that you could control the cooking temperature of recipes from your room while watching a movie? The truth is that due to mobile applications it is possible.

A bluetooth kitchen thermometer is linked to the mobile device which can cover a distance of up to 50 meters, helping to remotely control temperatures, waiting time and notification alarms.

» Review information from previous years

ThermoPro TP02S

Si lo que buscas es un termómetro versátil, adecuado para las actividades al aire libre o de uso doméstico en diferentes propósitos como pastelería, dulcería, barismo, BBQ, cuidados del bebé y demás. Este discreto pero funcional modelo es una opción que resulta interesante evaluar.

El termómetro digital de cocina ThermoPro TP02S permite saber con facilidad si la comida tiene el punto apropiado de cocción, gracias a la tecnología step-down de pincho en la sonda de acero inoxidable de 13,5 cm incorporada. Además, la misma mide la temperatura y es visualizada en su pantalla LCD de fácil lectura de forma rápida y precisa. Por otra parte, se caracteriza por ser un modelo de cómodo tamaño, que destaca de entre los modelos baratos. Por ello, podría considerarse el mejor termómetro de cocina de relación calidad precio.

Así mismo, presenta un amplio rango de medición desde -50°C hasta más o menos 300°C con una precisión de ±0.5°C. Además, es de fácil manejo al contar con dos prácticos botones al reverso.

A continuación te invitamos a analizar los pros y contras del que podría ser el mejor termómetro de cocina por 10 euros del mercado.



Diseño: Presenta un formato muy pequeño, para un fácil almacenamiento y transporte.

Auto apagado: Se apaga automáticamente cuando se deja de utilizar por 10 minutos, evitando que se descargue la batería.

Tiempo de respuesta: Al contar con un sensor de alta precisión permite obtener lecturas más rápidas, ya que su tiempo de respuesta puede ser de más o menos 5 segundos. 


Funda: La funda que protege la sonda no encaja adecuadamente y se sale, por lo tanto se debe tener cuidado al momento de transportarlo.

ThermoPro TP16

Este modelo digital permite medir las temperaturas de los alimentos de manera rápida y precisa, pues su sonda de 16,5 cm de acero inoxidable no solo logra ser resistente ante superficies calientes, sino que también llega fácilmente al interior de las comidas sin importar su grosor.

Sus temperaturas están disponibles en un rango desde los 0°C hasta 250°C con lecturas tanto en sistema Fahrenheit y Celsius, que facilitan su uso en la gran variedad de platos a preparar. Así mismo, este termómetro posee un temporizador de cuenta regresiva hasta 23 horas y 59 minutos, para supervisar el tiempo utilizado en la preparación de la comida.

Por otro lado, su programación incluye temperaturas preestablecidas, aprobadas por la USDA, que son recomendadas para la carne de res, pollo, pescado o incluso de cerdo con diferentes niveles de cocción, por lo que resulta propicio para aquellas personas que no son expertas en el arte culinario.

Si buscas la mejor marca de termómetros de cocina, te invitamos a leer los pros y contras que ThermoPro te ofrece con este diseño propicio para las preparaciones culinarias.


Alarma: Su alarma indica el momento justo, para retirar los alimentos del fuego.

Temperaturas: Dispone de temperaturas preestablecidas, apropiadas para las carnes.

Cable: Cuenta con un cable recubierto con malla de acero inoxidable, para garantizar su resistencia ante las altas temperaturas. 


Pantalla: La pantalla digital no permite visualizar simultáneamente la temperatura y la hora.

Fijación: El imán que se incluye en su diseño podría resultar poco resistente, para ser fijado en las superficies metálicas.


Si estas en busca de un diseño moderno y de amplia pantalla para una mejor visualización de los datos registrados, este producto te podría interesar. Posee una apariencia muy atractiva a simple vista, pero igualmente te garantiza calidad, debido a que está equipado con sensores de temperatura evolucionados y un microchip de alta precisión, para que logres conseguir platos gustosos al paladar.

Cuenta con un rango de temperaturas que se activan con tan solo presionar suavemente su botón multifuncional, las cuales están comprendidas desde – 50 °C hasta 300 °C. Por ello, es propicio para cocinar muchas variedades de alimentos al vacío y a bajas o altas temperaturas en casa.

Así mismo, es un producto altamente resistente al agua según los estándares IPX7, por lo que se podría usar sin preocupación en la cocina y gracias a su imán posterior llega a ser adherido fácilmente a una superficie metálica tras de ser manipulado.

Para que sepas qué termómetro de cocina comprar, te presentamos a continuación los pros y contras que brinda este modelo de TOPELEK.



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