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Kitchen Torch – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Seeing a torch for culinary use, it is evident that its design is based on that industrial-type tool in the area of ​​metallurgy. However, its use is not very complex and the results of a delicious caramelization or very crispy food can be achieved both in a restaurant kitchen and at home. So if you want that sweet, hardened layer of perfect crème brûlée, the Masterclass Deluxe is the professional kitchen torch for you. For its part, the power of the Ibili 704500 Gourmet Professional culinary torch not only caramelizes, but also gratin, roast and much more.

The 9 Best Kitchen Torches – Opinions 2022

Here you have 9 of the most outstanding alternatives on the market so that the power of the kitchen torch flame magically achieves the most delicious effects both in cooking food and in the world of pastries. 

professional kitchen blowtorch

1. Masterclass Kitchen Craft Deluxe Professional Cooking Torch

For those who want to make their dishes and desserts professional works of art, this is one of the best kitchen torches of 2022. It has almost all the features that any expert wants to see in a device of this type. 

In addition to its excellent flame power and the ability to reach a temperature of 1,300º C, it offers you the possibility of adjusting its intensity according to the angle and effect you want to achieve. So, if you have spent time looking for a professional kitchen torch that will convince you, without a doubt this one can make any chef fall in love. 

Confidence in it is another important aspect that provides the user with the certification in accordance with the BS EN ISO 22702: 2003 standard. This guarantees a safe design in any product that produces flames and is intended for handling by people. 

It is very sure that you will also like other qualities that characterize this kitchen torch. 


Uses: It has been designed to give the best professional finish on the skin of tomatoes and peppers, sugar coatings and meats. 

Ignition: Pressing the ignition trigger will be enough to quickly generate an electric field that achieves its flame. 

Texture: It is a 17.5 cm high torch whose beautiful design of tiny diamonds gives the cylinder a non-stick texture. 

Material: This kitchen torch is made of chrome, an excellent material in appearance and durability. 


Heat: You may find that your material gets very hot, so it’s important to learn how to regulate your flame.

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2. Magicfun Professional Kitchen Torches 

This compact 16 cm tall device is the professional kitchen torch you need to open doors to perfectly finished dishes. With a flame capable of reaching 15 centimeters in length and a temperature of 1300º C, you can flambé, roast, glaze, make delicious drinks such as cocktails and much more. 

You can use its extreme heat to brown and burn without fear of hurting your fingers, since among its safety elements it includes a heat protector for hands and fingers. Also, the curiosity of children will not mean risk with the safety lock that blocks the flow of gas. 

For all of its professional-grade qualities, many chefs, enthusiastic home bakers, and even bartenders might consider it the ultimate kitchen torch. Therefore, it will be a great purchase for your kitchen or as a gift for someone with a passion for haute cuisine.

Despite coming without gas included, it has very positive characteristics that position it as one of the best kitchen torches. 


Versatile: It is perfectly designed to be used in cooking, baking and even welding jewelry pieces. 

Control: It has a flame regulator that allows you to have optimal and precise control of the flame intensity you need. 

Materials: It is a torch that combines materials such as ABS plastic and aluminum with TUV CE certification in its beautiful design. 


Recharge: It will only recharge properly if the gas replacement cartridge has a long nozzle. One with a short nozzle will not fit.

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Ibili kitchen torch 

3. Ibili 704500 Gourmet Professional Torch

It is not an exaggeration to say that you will be able to make a turn in the preparation of many meals with the Ibili kitchen torch. This is a brand that contributes in each of its products its more than 70 years of experience and dedication to the manufacture of kitchenware. 

The professional quality of this torch will allow you to flambé, brown toppings and pass over fish and meat to increase the crispy sensation when eating them. Its body is a wide cylinder that is made of light and resistant aluminum that, in addition, shows a texture of lines that will help for a safe, firm and comfortable grip when working with it. 

It has been designed with an operating capacity that ranges between 80 and 150 minutes, ideal for the dynamic and intensive use that is usually given to it in a kitchen where the priority is the creation of refined dishes and exquisite desserts.      

With its philosophy of innovation and quality, Ibili can be considered as the best brand of kitchen torches. Let’s see more of your professional gourmet torch. 


Materials: The aluminum and plastic used for its manufacture make it a light and comfortable kitchen torch. 

Base: It has a wide plastic base that allows it to stand stable in an upright position when not in use. 

Safe: It has a safety device that allows the torch to be turned on only when it is removed. 


Price: It is an excellent kitchen torch option for intensive use, but with an extremely high cost compared to others.

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4. Ibili 704400 Classic Gourmet Torch

There is no question about which is the best kitchen torch when you buy one that allows you to use it in a wide variety of applications. This classic model has the purpose that the flavor and fineness of the gourmet are part of the frequent menu in your home. 

This Ibili kitchen torch is another of the brand’s good proposals and with which you can prepare from delicious roasted vegetables to a magnificent Catalan cream. In general, its design is very ergonomic. It is all black, made of plastic and has a ribbed body that allows you to grip it safely. 

Likewise, its 18 cm height ends with a support base that provides the confidence that it will remain stable when standing. You will only have to deactivate the safety, press the power button on the back of the head and you will see the flame come out. 

Let’s review some aspects that will make this torch very useful and will not allow it to sit idle most of the time in a kitchen cupboard or drawer. 


Classic: Its classic model allows gourmet food to be part of the usual preparation and tasting at home. 

Capacity: This kitchen torch offers a capacity of 0.028 L, which is equivalent to a use between 70 and 100 minutes. 

Regulator: It has a simple-to-handle flame regulator that allows precise adjustment according to the required power. 


Color: You may miss the combination of bright or metallic colors of other designs, since this one is almost entirely black.

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gas cooking torch


5. Henmi Flambing Torch 

The design of this 15 cm high butane gas kitchen torch makes your purchase one of the best investments you can make. It is a perfect tool for browning a cooked ham, melting cheese in a recipe and caramelizing flans and other desserts. 

Beyond the kitchen, its multipurpose nature allows it to also be used in welding for repairs or jewelry making. It has a beautiful silver and black scheme that makes it a stylish piece, as well as a compact size that makes it easy to carry anywhere. 

Additionally, its electric ignition is very fast and highly functional both indoors and outdoors. So, if you are camping or in the patio preparing a succulent meat or fish, you can give the crunchy touch to delight the palate of all those present. 

It is good to delve into more details that allow this torch to be an excellent tool for the home kitchen, camping or DIY. 


Ignition: Its piezoelectric ignition allows rapid activation, even in outdoor spaces such as the field. 

Switch: When the lock switch is turned fully clockwise, the torch will not accidentally ignite. 

Intensity: The temperature of the flame can reach up to 1300 ºC by sliding the saw tooth on its side. 


Gas: The manufacturer’s recommendation is not to fill it too much, so if you use it intensively, you may feel that it does not last long enough. 

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Other products


6. Bearbro Kitchen Torches, Professional

Without a doubt, the streamlined and modern design of this torch makes it an attractive device to have around the home. In addition to the preparation of a succulent roast steak or a cream with caramelized coverage, it is a very practical and functional piece to light the fireplace and carry out other craft projects at home. 

This cooking torch is designed for the professional preparation of dishes that a cook likes to make anywhere. The power of its flame can be adjusted up to 1300 ºC using the regulation device on one side of the torch. 

Activating the torch is very easy, since, after filling it with butane, it will be ready to let out its flame. You just have to press the ignition button, then the button that allows you to leave the fire fixed and continuous and, finally, adjust the power, as you wish. 

Without a doubt, it is a tool with the qualities to be considered as the best kitchen torch of the moment. Let us know more pros and cons of it. 


Ergonomic: The design of this torch has a very ergonomic grip shape, as well as a streamlined support base. 

Safety button: This button prevents accidental ignition and fixes the flame once the torch is lit. 

Materials: Its strength and durability are attributed to an aluminum alloy and a stainless steel metal body. 


Gas: Although it accepts any brand of butane gas for refilling, you must make sure that the container is a long universal one so that the torch can be filled.

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7. Clarke Cooking Torch Gas Jewelry Cbt1

Clarke is a brand dedicated to the manufacture of a wide range of electrical products for both domestic and industrial use. Among its offerings in the area of ​​soldering irons and soldering accessories is its 15.5 cm high micro torch, which could undoubtedly become one of a chef’s favorite kitchen torches. 

Thanks to its piezoelectric ignition, the electrical charge guarantees an instantaneous response when its activation is attempted. It reaches a high heat of 1300 ºC and achieves a continuous combustion time of 90 minutes, which makes it ideal for cooking, making jewelry and other types of simple soldering.  

It has a black welding gun design with some chrome colored parts. In addition, it has a stabilizing support on its base that is very helpful to keep the torch steady when it wants to be placed in a vertical position. 

Let’s review part of the description that positions this kitchen torch among one of the highest quality. 


Intensity: In the upper part of the torch head there is a regulator that allows the flame to be brought up to 1300 ºC. 

Versatile: In addition to offering a great job in the kitchen, its manufacturer recommends it for complex jewelry and plumbing repairs. 

Gas: It accepts to be recharged with standard fuel and its filling achieves 90 minutes of operation. 


Price: It is a kitchen torch that promises quality and long life, but at one of the highest costs on the market.

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8. RenFox Professional Rechargeable Kitchen Torch

This is one of the kitchen torch alternatives that seems to be all-encompassing. Apart from being among the cheapest, its compact design of only 16 cm high stands out with its bright red and black colours. 

It projects a blue flame with which you can achieve the most exquisite flavors in sushi, barbecues and the inevitable crème brûlée. In addition, maneuvering it is done in a very simple and precise way, so it becomes a very attractive investment for those who need a device with professional qualities. 

Start by sliding the security device to the left to be able to give access. Then press the power button and slide the security button again, this time to the right. This will make the flame stay fixed, providing the convenience of not having to hold down any button for its operation. 

If you are wondering which kitchen torch to buy that is safe and durable, this is among the most popular options. 


Safety device: It is there to fulfill three functions: blocking the ignition, leaving the flame on continuously and turning it off. 

Body: The strong material of its body is made of strong and highly durable aluminum alloy. 

Refill: This torch can be recharged for optimum performance with any brand of butane on the market. 


Capacity: The ability of your flame to last for 60 minutes may seem small compared to other torches. 

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9. Burner YV1777550 Mini Pastry Torch

This 17.5 cm high mini torch is among the best proposals for the world of confectionery in which you can create a variety of desserts with golden and crunchy caramel layers. Similarly, it is appreciated by many people in other areas where its heat capacity can be very effective. 

It has a very simple design made of plastic with very well balanced functions that meet all the basic characteristics for a good kitchen torch. Among them are having the possibility of adjusting the flame using the regulator that is located on one of its sides. It also offers to be able to leave it permanently. 

In addition to its cost, another advantage that could make it the best quality-price kitchen torch is its compatibility with any universal butane refill container that has a long nozzle. 

In addition to positioning itself as one of the cheapest alternatives, this pastry torch has more to compete with the best alternatives on the market. 


Material: It is a kitchen torch that has been made of plastic, being very light and quite easy to clean.

Base: It has a circular and sufficiently wide support in its lower part that functions as a stable support base. 

Non- stick: The texture of its body allows you to hold it comfortably without any sticky feeling in your hands. 


Professional: It is a well-functioning homemade mini torch that could fall short if you wanted to give it intense professional use.

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Kitchen Torch Accessories

Gas for kitchen torch 

Ibili 727020 Universal Blue Butane Gas 

For some time now, most manufacturers have followed the forecast of selling their kitchen torches without gas filling.

This, in response to the imminent danger of gas pressure and movement in its transportation.

So looking to fill it with the best gas for kitchen torches has an answer with this Ibili product. 

In addition to the fact that its 200 ml content will allow several refills, you can trust that, thanks to the variety of adapters it comes with, its blue butane gas will be able to fill torches with different nozzles.

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Shopping guide

If you are one of those chefs who shine with the touch of fire in the finishes of certain foods, this guide to buying the best kitchen torch will be very useful for you. There are several features to evaluate in order to find the most suitable companion for the recipes in which you need the magic of the blue flame to create crisp textures. 


When referring to the design in a comparison of kitchen torches, several aspects must be taken into account. Starting with their igniter, you can get torches that have a front positioned trigger or a back mounted push button. 

In general, a cooking torch is very compact and its height is usually between 15 and 20 cm. However, professional models for restaurants that are around 30 cm could be found. In the same way, it is important that you know that your body is the container of the gas, so its diameter will determine the storage capacity. 

In addition to the gas reservoir function, the body of the torch acts as a handle to grip and maneuver it. Therefore, it is advisable that you look for textured surfaces that allow you to hold it firmly without slipping from your hand or feeling that it sticks uncomfortably to your hand. 

On the other hand, a wide and solid base that serves as a support is also very important, since it will be easier to avoid falls due to accidental contact when it is in a vertical position.


Something very important to consider and that you should not take for granted is that the power of the flame depends on the size of the torch. Many manufacturers today offer mini torches with heat powers that exceed 1000 ºC and will serve you to caramelize, toast and even roast. 

The models that have piezoelectric ignition are ideal to be used in fireplaces and campfires in camping, since their flame comes out instantly as soon as their ignition mechanism is activated. 

Likewise, a kitchen torch that offers you the possibility of adjusting the flame represents a great advantage. This feature allows you to adjust it with a regulator for when you just want to lightly brown a cover or flambé a good piece of meat with more power. 

The best torches also have a button that leaves the flame fixed and continuous, so your finger rests from having to hold down the trigger or ignition button. Similarly, you can find torches that are capable of keeping the flame running continuously for up to 150 minutes. 

Security elements 

Just as it is important to know how much the kitchen torch costs, it is also important to know how much safety it offers. Above all, if you live with children, a locking device will give you the security that there can be no accidents due to inadvertent activations. There are torches in which this button also works to fix the flame or fade it completely. 

On the other hand, the materials with which the torch nozzle is made can considerably minimize risks. For example, nozzles made from high quality stainless steel or aluminum will not overheat. Also, having the ignition button at an angle that doesn’t expose your hand to the flame is key.

Another feature that makes a big difference between one model and another is a thermal protector that protects hands and fingers from the heat of the burning flame. A surface that does not heat up and burn and has ergonomics that provide a good grip are part of the qualities that a good kitchen torch must offer to maximize safety. 


In accordance with safety regulations, in general, regardless of whether it is a cheap or high-cost kitchen torch, it comes without a gas charge. Therefore, you may have to buy the torch and butane or propane gas for filling at the same time. 

The first thing is to make sure of the type of gas with which it works or the brand of fuel that the manufacturer recommends for optimal performance. It is important that you remember that a kitchen torch does not have any type of energy source other than a quality gas. 

Acquiring a torch that works with butane is widely recommended because it is a reliable gas, easy to obtain and affordable. Torch models that come with a visible fuel quantity indicator definitely have a plus in their favor, as you will always be aware of how much fuel is left.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a kitchen torch? 

The first recommendation so that you can use your kitchen torch successfully is that you get to know it by reading its guide or instruction manual in detail. Depending on the devices you have, you must learn how to lock and unlock it, adjust the flame and even recharge it. 

Certainly, its use will be different for the recipe you have in mind. However, you never want food to burn, so a distance of at least 5 centimeters from the food is recommended. 

In terms of its use for various recipes, this is the ideal utensil to give crispy touches to meats, caramelize desserts, melt butter, smoke sauces and even flambé liquor, among others. 

Q2: How to recharge a kitchen torch?

The first thing is to verify that the nozzle of the gas exchange container is compatible with the filling hole that is located in the lower part of the torch base. Some manufacturers recommend using a special tool to drain any remaining gas before filling it with the new one. 

In any case, the most recommended way to recharge is to position the torch vertically downwards, just like the gas. Insert the gas nozzle into the torch and immediately you will hear the filling sound. When it is already loaded, you will feel that the gas begins to push and may come out a little.


Q3: How to light a kitchen torch? 

The first step will be to disable the insurance against accidental ignition. In general, the kitchen torch has a piezoelectric system and, therefore, does not need matches or lighters as an external spark. 

Just make sure the nozzle is not pointed at you. Move it away from your body and press the trigger or power button to generate the spark that will turn it on instantly. 


Q4: How to repair a kitchen torch?

One of the common problems is seeing that the flame comes out yellow and not blue. This happens because, sometimes, the dust accumulates in the outlet nozzle and does not allow the gas to mix well with the air. An expert solution suggests using a triple dental syringe to clean the mouthpiece with water and compressed air. Afterwards, it should be dried very well. 

If it doesn’t work, you may have to think about replacing the nozzle. And, if you verify that the torch has some gas leak, it is best to stop using it so as not to run the risk of accidents. It is very important that, before making any revision or repair, you make sure that the torch is cold.


Q5: How to regulate a kitchen torch?

There are some models of kitchen torches that only have one intensity of flame. Others, in general, have a regulator on one of their sides or on the back that can take the flame from the minimum to the maximum. 

If it has a device for continuous flame, then turn it on and hold the ignition button so that you can fix the flame. Only when this step has been completed, you can graduate to the desired intensity and use it in food. This depends on giving the perfect heat without burning.

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