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Crepe Machine – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

For breakfast, for a snack or for lunch or dinner. Sweet or salty. The options offered by crepes are very varied. And thanks to how easy they are to prepare, crepe machines are becoming one of the latest milestones on the market among those who want to taste this simple dish. A dish for which it is convenient to have a good level machine, good capacity and that helps to make them in a simple way. This is exactly what the Clatronic CM 3372 model allows us to do, which has a 29 centimeter diameter plate, a non-stick surface and a thermostat with a power regulator that helps us choose the right temperature at all times. That is why it is the favorite of the most demanding users. If you are looking for something different you can opt for the modelLagrange 109006, which has 1400 watts of power and offers you two different bases so that you can make traditional crepes of up to 35 centimeters or mini-crepes of 11 centimetres, for your appetizers.

The 5 Best Crepe Machines – Opinions 2022

Crepes are a delicious recipe of French origin whose preparation is simplified using an electric machine to ensure perfect cooking. If you are a fan of crepes and you are looking for the best quality/price crepe machine, here are 5 of the most recommended by users.

1. Clatronic CM 3372 Crepe Maker

Main advantage:

This equipment is conditioned so that users can regulate the power, adapting it to their cooking needs.

Main disadvantage:

Some buyers have expressed that the size of the plate is limiting, this is because it allows only one diameter of crepes to be made.

Verdict: 9.1/10

It is a crepe machine which has a 29-centimeter-diameter plate with a non-stick surface, a power-regulating thermostat, and indicator lights when the appliance is turned on. In addition, its base is made of resistant plastic with heat insulation treatment, as well as providing a storage system for the power cable in the lower part of the structure.

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Power and regulation

The Clatronic CM 3372 crepe machines have a totally acceptable power of 900 watts that works in conjunction with an adequate voltage of 230 volts. Therefore, it is a device with low energy consumption that, apart from cooking delicious pancakes, will also help you save money, at the time of billing the home’s electricity service. However, the manufacturer also devised a temperature regulation system by incorporating a thermostat into the structure.

All this with the firm intention that each one of the users can carry out the preparation of different mixtures without any inconvenience, whether they are sugary, salty, with chocolate, among many others, properly managing the heat that best suits them, in order to avoid In this way, the crepes burn or, on the contrary, are left short of cooking time.


It is a practical design belonging to the range of Clatronic CM 3372 crepe machines, whose structure dimensions range from 37 x 32.5 x 8 centimeters together with a light weight of 1.2 kilograms, so we are in the presence cooking equipment extremely easy to maneuver and even to locate in the different spaces of the kitchen area. For its part, and referring to the cooking plate, we have a non-stick coating and a size of 29 centimeters, making it possible to make large crepes. Likewise, both the base and the handles are made of high-resistance plastic and even heat insulation.

It is important to remember that the structure provides an on-off switch with its respective indicator lights, as well as a compartment in the lower part for the storage of the cable ready for power supply.

Accessories and cleaning

It is not enough that the equipment is resistant and offers a high quality of work, it is also important to complement it at the time of preparing the crepes with certain accessories, this in order to obtain better results when cooking them. In the case of the Clatronic CM 3372 crepe machines, the manufacturer incorporated a practical spacer blade for the different mixtures, thus being able to obtain the desired thickness and a smooth shape on its surface.

Now, as for the cleaning method provided for this type of electrical appliance, we can indicate that it is extremely easy because it is a piece of equipment whose plate has a non-stick coating. So it will only be necessary to clean it with a damp cloth or if you wish with some detergent and water, this will always be subject to the criteria and even tastes of each of the users.

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2. Lagrange 109006 crepe making machine

This model has two removable cooking plates, made of cast aluminum with non-stick coating, one for large crepes of 35 cm in diameter and the other for 7 small crepes of 11 cm in diameter each.

Cook with a high-performance power of 1400 W, ideal for fast cooking and a lovely golden surface on your crepes. It has an adjustable thermostat that allows you to change the heat intensity from 0 to 5.

The base has 2 wooden handles for greater safety when cooking. It includes a large spatula, a small spatula and a distributor roller, all made of wood; a ladle to serve the mixture and a plastic container ideally shaped to have it with water and rinse the dispenser accessory after each use and also keep all the accessories that are being used close at hand.

If you are looking for the best crepe machine of the moment, in the Lagrange 109006 you can find an ideal option, so you should read its pros and cons.


Plates: You can make crepes of different sizes since it includes a main plate and an alternative one so you can make smaller crepes at the same time.

Thermostat: It has an adjustable thermostat, which will help you choose and manage the right temperature in order to achieve the degree of doneness for the crepe you are preparing.

Accessories: It includes among its accessories its respective spatula and wooden distributor, which will help you make crepes with the thickness you want.

Rinser: It has a rinser so you don’t have to go too far to wash your utensils, since you can quickly rinse them and continue preparing the crepes.

Cleaning: The plates are removable and covered with anti-adhesive material, so they are easy to clean.

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3. Tristar BP-2961 crepe maker with thermostat

Among the best cheap crepe machines available is this model with 1000W of power to ensure that crepes are prepared quickly. This appliance has a cast aluminum tray with a non-stick coating and a total surface for cooking pancakes of 30 cm in diameter.

The base has non-slip feet and also has an on and off switch with a light indicator for total safety of use. It has an integrated resistance and a thermostat with temperature regulation that goes from 1 to 5, perfect for selecting and maintaining the desired and adequate amount of heat during each preparation.

Includes a practical wooden rolling pin to easily roll out the dough. It is recommended to use a little butter or oil on the surface and clean after cooking by wiping with a paper or soft kitchen cloth.

This model has also been highly promoted among users, among the best brand of crepe machines, so we have included its pros and cons for you to consider.


Adjustable: It allows you to regulate the temperature, so that the crepes do not burn, so that you will have crepes at the temperature you want.

Size: The machine has a diameter of 30 centimeters, so you can make ideal size crepes for one portion, in order to prepare your favorite recipes. Non-stick: The plate has a non-stick coating that facilitates its use and prevents the mixture from sticking to the plate, it will also allow cleaning to not take much time.

Power: It offers 900 W of power, a sufficient amount to generate the necessary heat to cook the crepes in the proper way according to your requirements.

Simple use: It incorporates the use buttons on the front, which also has an LED light indicator to know that it is working.

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4. Princess 492227 Crepe maker diameter 30 cm

Experts in innovating and manufacturing high-quality appliances, Princess has designed this electric frying pan to cook crepes and Dutch pancakes, which is why it also counts as one of the best Crepe Machines of 2022.

It has a usable area of ​​30 cm in diameter which is covered with a 2-layer non-stick coating to ensure that the dough does not stick to you when you go to prepare your crepes. It works with 1000 watts of power and has a pilot light with an indicator light that turns on when plugged in and turns off to indicate that the crepe/pancake is already cooked or ready to be flipped.

It includes a wooden spatula-type accessory to help you both spread the prepared batter over the entire surface and flip the crepe/pancake at the right time. It’s very easy to clean.

For those who want to make this purchase on a budget, this model may be interesting, because it has been listed as the best crepe machine for 25 euros.


Power: It has a high level of power that reaches 1100 W, ideal for the cooking process to be carried out quickly and without complications.

Accessories: Among its accessories it includes the spatula that will help you remove the crepes more easily without damaging them.

Cleaning: The machine has its non-stick plate that you can clean without major problems in a short time to use it again when you need it.

Balance: It has their respective non-slip bases that give the machine a good level of balance to achieve crepes of the right size and shape.


Regulator: It does not have a temperature regulator, so you must be careful to prevent the crepe from overcooking or burning.

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5. Severin CM 2198 Crepe Maker Incl. Spatula

Non-stick pan to prepare delicious crepes with an approximate diameter of 30 cm on a high-quality plastic housing with non-slip feet for durability, stability and safety.

This best crepe maker has a red light indicating that the machine is on and a green “ready to use” light that comes on when it has reached the selected temperature, the ideal time to start preparing the crepes.

To keep the cooking temperature at a constant level, the appliance will turn off and on again regularly, which will be indicated by the green light.

It has a variable thermostat from 1 to 6. It is recommended to always start with the temperature in the maximum position and then adjust the heat as needed, as you work and according to the desired results. Includes spatula and roller.

In case you do not know which crepe machine to buy, perhaps the Severin CM 2198 will help you decide, so we review its pros and cons.


Power: It offers an acceptable level of power that reaches 1000 W, which allows cooking to be carried out in less time and with a good degree of efficiency.

Thermostat: It has its respective thermostat that will help you regulate the temperature to provide the necessary heat according to the degree of cooking that the crepe needs.

Non- stick: The surface has its respective non-stick coating to prevent the mixture from sticking and at the same time allows the machine to be easily cleaned.

Accessories: Its accessories include spatulas, which are very useful to better spread the mixture and remove the crepes from the machine without complications.


Rinser: It does not have a rinser, so you must have a utensil with water to wet the spatula as many times as necessary.

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Clatronic CM 3372 Crepe Maker

Prepare some refined crepes easily and quickly with this CM 3372 model of the best Clatronic crepe machine. It has a non-stick coating that resists scratches, which ensures a long life.

The griddle has a diameter of 29 cm, works with a power of 900 watts and with continuous temperature regulation, on a base with heat-insulating plastic handles, perfect for making the best crepes. It includes the traditional wooden roller that is used to spread the dough well across the entire surface.

It is very easy to clean, for which it is recommended to wipe the iron with a damp cloth once it has cooled. It has a space at the bottom to wind and store the power cable as well as power indicator lights.

Below you will be able to see the pros and cons of one of the cheapest machines on the market, in order to consider if it suits your needs.


Regulator: You can regulate the temperature, thanks to its simple thermostat, which helps you manage the recommended heat for each type of mixture you prepare.

Power: Its power level is quite acceptable, since it reaches 900 W, therefore it offers an adequate level of performance in terms of cooking time.

Accessories: It incorporates its respective mixing spreader among its accessories, so that you achieve the thickness you are looking for when making the crepe.

Non -stick: As well as other more expensive models, it is non-stick, to prevent the crepe from ruining, and to make cleaning the machine much easier.


Size: The crepes come out in only one size, so you cannot make smaller or larger crepes, although this does not affect the quality of the machine.

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Buying Guide – What is the best crepe maker on the market?

If you like crepes, surely you already know that there is nothing like the ones we make at home. For that, it is enough to have a good crepe, some imagination and the desire to enjoy this particular dish. With our guide to buying the best crepe maker, we discover what you should look for in this small appliance to obtain the most succulent results.

electric or gas

When choosing a crepe machine, it is one of the fundamental questions that everyone asks. As a general rule, machines that work with electricity require less maintenance and do not usually offer the installation or adjustment problems that gas machines, being ready to work at the moment. But it is also true that the way gas burners are heated allow better, more uniform results to be obtained throughout the entire heating plate, so that the pieces are left with a different flavor and texture.

As a general rule, if the use you are going to give your crepe machine is occasional, the electric machine is the most recommended. If you are going to use it intensively or professionally, then it is more advisable to opt for the gas options, especially if you have a way to dispose of it easily.

The surface

When we buy a crepe machine, we usually find different sizes and it is likely that it will be difficult for us to decide. It is not about making pancakes the size of a car wheel, but it is true that some machines can make pancakes of more than 30 centimeters, which is a more than acceptable size. In any case, the size is more a personal decision than something that affects the way you prepare them. You will simply have to add a little more dough to be able to cover the entire surface and that’s it.

Some models even incorporate interchangeable plates that allow you to prepare large crepes and other smaller ones, for example for tapas or appetizers. In any case, it is not essential to use all the necessary surface, so if you opt for a crepe machine with a larger size, but want to make smaller crepes, simply adjust the distribution of dough to obtain the desired size.


To make crepes, we not only need a crepe machine but also a series of accessories. In fact, these accessories and their quality should be a key aspect when choosing a crepe machine, and the fact that they come included and allow you to start cooking on the go will always be better than if you have to buy them separately. In these cases, it is best that these accessories be made of wood, both the shovel to spread the dough and the accessory to turn it over, since in addition to being more durable and hygienic, they will not damage the work surface.

Plastic accessories, even though they are not a bad decision at all, have a shorter useful life and can be damaged by heat. In any case, never use metal accessories, as you can damage the iron area and cause it to lose its properties prematurely.

How to use a crepe maker

Crepes have become popular in the last decade for being an easy dish to prepare and for their versatility to combine with sweet or savory, either in any meal during the day. Therefore, crepe machines have become the best allies when preparing them, because better textures are obtained.

Consider the type of crepe

The ease and versatility of preparing crepes have given them a fairly high boost in homes. This has made the purchase of crepe makers popular, but it is important to consider, according to your need for use, which one should be the most convenient for you to acquire.

Electric crepe makers have the advantage that they are very easy to use and do not require any major installations other than connecting it to the electrical outlet for it to start working. It does not generate any type of waste and is easy to clean. The only drawback is that if we buy poor quality equipment, we run the risk that the heating of the surface will not be uniform.

Another way to cook the mixture is with gas crepes, whose surface provides uniform heat and usually produces a very good texture in the crepes.

The surface of the pancakes must be taken care of

One of the great advantages of using a crepe maker to prepare this delicious food is that they do not stick to the surface, thus maintaining their perfect presentation and preventing them from breaking when you flip them, although you must still perform this activity delicately. Additionally, it is easier to distribute the mixture to achieve a good roundness.

But, so that these do not stick, the surface must be well cared for. Avoid scratches that can remove the non-stick finish. For this, it is important to use wooden or plastic utensils. Metal items often damage the surface. You also have to clean it after each use, to remove any remains of the pancake mix that may stick to it.

The preparation of the mixture is important

The trick to getting really delicious crepes is the mix. The recipe must be followed to the letter and add the right measures of each ingredient. This will help to obtain a delicious flavor and the texture that the crepes should have after passing through a crepe maker. You can easily get a good recipe, either from your family or from the internet. With practice, you will surely develop your own recipe and you will be able to enjoy this delicious food with the combinations that your family likes the most.

Be careful with the use of the crepe

When using a crepe maker, care must be taken when handling it, as its surface reaches high temperatures and can cause burns if it comes into contact with it. It is very important that children do not handle this kitchen equipment without adult supervision.

Crepe makers are usually relatively medium in size, so they can be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen. It is important that we check the space we have available to use it before buying it.

The most popular brands

Homemade crepe makers are perfect for preparing delicious French-style snacks and desserts. We have reviewed the different models available on the Web highlighting the Clatronic, Lagrange and Princess brands, this brief summary is prepared for you to choose the brand that most convinces you, we have used the opinions of Internet users as a real and reliable guide when buying. your favorite product.

The Clatronic company mainly distributes home appliance products for world consumption. Its articles are separated into low-cost products aimed at the Chinese retail market where they can be found in supermarkets and discount stores; It also has a range of special high-end products for consumption in the Swiss market.

The company had its origins in 1985, although it was not until the end of the 1990s that it began its sales in the international market. This company focuses on the commercialization of small electrical appliances for daily household tasks, among its products we can find: steam clothes irons, washing machines, dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons, fans, humidifiers and gel nail dryers.

Among the section of kitchen appliances we can find machines to make Parisian-style crepes, this machine makes fine crepes quickly and easily, its 29 cm diameter Teflon plate heats evenly, thanks to its automatic thermostat, to obtain crepes in a professional way. It comes included with two spreader spatulas to ensure thin, round crepes.

This company of French origin had its beginnings in 1864 when they decided to undertake the marketing of milk in Mexico, and by the 1950s it became one of the largest milk-producing companies in Monterrey, Mexico. The company is dedicated to the production of dairy products and the supply of hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, canteens, and social and sports clubs in the Monterrey metropolitan area.

Among its dairy products we can find milk, eggs, yogurts, creams, juices and creams. It also produces a series of small appliances to prepare desserts and delicious meals, such as the Lagrange crepe machines.

This small portable machine can make crepes of 35cm in diameter thanks to its flat non-stick aluminum surface, it also includes a surface to prepare up to 7 mini crepes. It has a power of 1,400 W to leave your crepes well browned and cooked almost instantly, the set comes with a spatula and a wooden spreader, essential for professional homemade crepes.

Princess House was founded more than 50 years ago and manufactures a wide variety of products for the kitchen and home decoration. We can find from sets of knives, sets of pans and pots, cutlery, containers, plates, counters and tableware.

Their designs are typical of an authentically feminine kitchen, at sight they are very delicate and elegant items, with high-detail finishes and designed to give a touch of harmony and luxury to your home. Its products are made with the best materials, from stainless steel, tempered glass, ceramic, Teflon; All products have a unique and glamorous design, distinctive of the Princess brand.

Women love to cook with Princess kitchen utensils, the buyers express feeling like authentic princesses, their products convey confidence and security as evidenced by their lifetime guarantee on all their cooking products.

The Princess Royal crepe maker has a 30 cm diameter surface with a two-layer non-stick surface that is easy to clean, its support feet are non-slip. This machine comes in black and white color presentations, works with a voltage of 220 and 240 Volts and has a power of 1,100 W, it is worth mentioning that it does not have a thermal regulator so it heats up quickly, however this option is still reliable. to prepare delicious Dutch-style pancakes.

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