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Crepe Maker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Crepes are a delicious recipe on the palate, which is why they have conquered children and adults, being an excellent option to share at home with family or guests; In addition, its preparation is very simple when you have the right tools. In this sense, crepe makers have earned a place in homes, so we present the Clatronic CM 3372; a model equipped with an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the cooking level and a cool-touch casing. Another product that could be a good buy is the H.Koenig KREP29, a powerful machine with 1300W to prepare crepes in a short time and equipped with a non-stick surface.

The 9 Best Crepe Makers – Opinions 2022

Although the market offers you a wide range of options to choose from, selecting a crepe maker does not have to be complicated. For this reason, we present a list of some of the best crepes of the moment; so that you can choose the most convenient according to your needs and your budget.

electric crepe maker

1. Clatronic CM 3372 Non-stick pancake omelette machine

The best crepe maker is the one that allows you to prepare thin and delicious crepes in a short time. In this sense, this model not only offers practicality and efficiency, but thanks to its 900 watts of power and its design, you can easily enjoy this recipe.

It is a compact electric crepe maker that you can easily manipulate in the kitchen, as it is equipped with an adjustable thermostat that you can adjust to control the cooking level of the crepes or tortillas, as needed.

In addition, this model has a safety device against overheating with CE and GS manufacturing certificate; which guarantees that it meets the safety, protection and health requirements of the environment to be marketed in the EU.

Likewise, its 29 cm diameter cast iron plate is covered with a high-quality non-stick enamel, which favors handling the crepes when cooking without them becoming deformed or sticking.

This could be the best crepe of the moment due to the features it offers; In addition, it is one of the cheapest. Next, its pros and cons.


Safety: It has a cold-touch casing that isolates the heat generated to avoid burns when handling it.

Indicator lights: It has two indicator lights that notify you when the crepe maker has reached the selected temperature and another on/off light, which alerts you if the device is active or not.

Accessories: You will receive a spreader that favors the distribution of the mixture on the cooking surface.



Cable: A longer power cable is missing. However, with an electrical extension cord, this will not be a problem.

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2. Ariete 183 Crepe Maker Party Time 1000 W

This electric crepe maker is considered by many to be one of the best crepe makers of 2022 , since it is a compact machine with an attractive design and versatile function, which you could have in your kitchen to prepare delicious crepes to share with your family.

Ariete is an Italian brand specialized in high-quality small electrical appliances; In this case, this crepe maker belongs to the Ariete Party Time range and is a model that has a design that brings a retro touch to your kitchen; which gives you aesthetics and functionality.

It is a model that has a power of 1000W, which speeds up the heating process of the cast plate; which is covered with a non-stick surface that facilitates not only turning the crepes, but also favors optimal cooking.

Likewise, the non-stick plate improves the cleaning experience, since it will only be necessary to wipe with a damp cloth after use.

Ariete could be the best crepe brand, due to the versatility and quality it offers. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this product below.


Functionality: It has an adjustable thermostat that will allow you to control the temperature of the machine.

Design: It has an attractive design with a retro touch that adds an aesthetic component to your kitchen.

Variety of colors: Ariete has this model in two colors to choose from, red and black; so you can choose the one that best suits your decoration.



Accessories material: The two wooden spatulas could be of better quality. However, using them with caution they do their job.

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professional crepe maker

3. H.Koenig Krep29 Electric Crepe Maker 1300 W Stainless Steel


This model could be the best option if you are looking for the best crepe maker to prepare this delicious dish in your business. H.Koenig has designed this powerful 1300 watt machine for use in professional environments, to easily prepare numerous pancakes in a short time.

It is a professional crepe maker with a 33 cm diameter surface and manufactured by this German brand under high quality standards, so that it not only provides efficiency and speed, but also a touch of elegance to kitchens. Likewise, it offers intuitive handling, since it has an easy-to-handle thermostat.

Thanks to its large cooking surface with non-stick coating, you can quickly prepare large crepes. In addition, it has an indicator light that turns on when the temperature reaches an optimum level, which favors proper cooking.

If you don’t know what crepe maker to buy for your home or business, this could be the best option. Read its pros and cons below.


Thermostat: It has an adjustable multi-position thermostat that allows you to select the temperature; valued quality when preparing crepes of different thicknesses.

Power: It has a power of 1300W with which you can quickly reach a temperature of up to 230°C, favoring speed when cooking.

Materials: It is made of stainless steel, which facilitates the cleaning process; In addition, it gives elegance and resistance.



Spatula: The thickness of the included spatula has turned out to be greater than expected, making it a bit difficult to turn the crepes.

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Princess crepe maker

4. Princess 492227 Crêpe maker 1000 W


Preparing American crepes or pancakes will be a very simple task with the Princess crepe maker, since it is a model that, in addition to giving a modern touch to your kitchen due to its simple and minimalist design, also offers you versatility when cooking.

To do this, it has a 30 cm diameter surface, with which you can prepare a perfect French crepe or even 4 American pancakes simultaneously.

Likewise, it is an easy-to-clean machine because it is made of stainless steel with a non-stick plate. In addition to this, its weight of 1.9 kg makes this crepe maker an easy device to move from one place to another without any inconvenience.

On the other hand, it has a power of 1100W which favors the preparation of this recipe quickly and efficiently. For these reasons and because of its affordable price, it is considered the best quality-price ratio crepe available on the market.

If you are looking for a crepe maker that offers you efficiency and a sophisticated touch; this could be an excellent option. Check its pros and cons.


Versatility: In addition to preparing crepes or American pancakes, you can also grill vegetables, meat or other foods on its high-quality non-stick surface.

Accessory: You will receive with the purchase, a wooden spatula of excellent quality that favors the uniform distribution of the mixture.

Non- slip: It has non-slip feet that provide stability when using it.



Thermostat: A thermostat is missing. However, the temperature of the pancake maker is stable at all times to cook pancakes without problems.

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industrial crepe maker

5. Minus One Electric crepe maker with extendable tray 3000 W


If you are looking for a crepe maker for your home or business (bar, cafeteria or restaurant), this model made of high-quality stainless steel could be the best option.

It is a machine that has a robust design that makes it ideal for professional environments, although it can also be easily used at home. It has an adjustable thermostat that you can regulate from 50 to 300°C according to the recipe, in order to cook the best crepes in short periods of time.

Minus One has equipped this industrial crepe maker with 3000W of power, which makes it an efficient and powerful machine, which favors the rapid preparation of crepes for restaurants or cafeterias. In addition, it has two indicator lights that notify you when the machine is on and when the temperature of the machine is ready to start using.

If what you need is a powerful machine that is easy to use and also of excellent quality, this model could be a wise purchase. Read on to learn more about this crepe.


Materials and power: It is designed in stainless steel that provides ease of cleaning and long useful life; In addition, its 3000 watt power makes it ideal for professional environments.

Thermostat: It has an easy-to-use thermostat, in order to control the temperature conveniently.

Warmer drawer: This crepe maker has a lower compartment in which you can store the crepes before serving and keep them warm for longer.



Weight: With a weight of 20.5 kg, this model could be heavy to move from one place to another.

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Krampouz crepe maker

6. Krampouz CEBF2CO Crepe Maker 1250 W

This French brand, with more than 60 years of experience, has been characterized since its inception by the manufacture of high quality kitchen utensils; that can make cooking a pleasant, comfortable and easy task. In this sense, the Krampouz crepe maker is made with a 33 cm diameter plate, which distributes the heat evenly to cook the crepes effectively.

It is a model that despite its diameter has a light body, weighing only 3 Kg, so you can easily move it if necessary.

In addition, it has a piece, patented by the brand, that matches the green color of the crepe and that favors distributing the mixture for the crepes evenly; resulting in perfectly thin crepes.

On the other hand, you will receive a kit of very useful accessories, such as a recipe book, brush, water tray, spatula, measuring spoon and more.

To make the best crepes at home, you could consider this practical and functional model. Evaluate the pros and cons of this product.


Power: It is a device that reaches a power of 1250W, which favors speed when cooking.

Accessories: It includes several accessories to comfortably prepare this dish and you will also receive a recipe book to increase your crepe options for everyone to enjoy.

Temperature adjustment: It is a model equipped with an adjustable thermostat that favors adequate cooking, according to needs.



Color: The availability of other colors is missed. Although the green chosen by the brand is a tone that many might consider attractive.

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Tristar crepe maker

7. Tristar BP2961 Adjustable temperature electric crepe maker

Sharing with your loved ones at the table while you prepare the most delicious crepes is now possible, either for breakfast or a snack, because the Tristar crepe maker offers you a practical design that integrates two comfortable handles, which favor the portability of the machine easily. For this, you can move it to the table and there cook pancakes in the company of friends or family.

This efficient machine is equipped with a cast aluminum cooking plate with a diameter of 30 cm, which will allow you to prepare crepes of the desired size to serve with your favorite side dish. In addition, it is one of the cheapest crepe makers on the market, efficient and manageable.

Likewise, it has an easy-to-clean non-stick coating that will help prevent the crepes from sticking to the surface. Likewise, this model has indicator pilot lights that favor intuitive use and an on/off switch, which provides greater practicality when using it.

If you are looking for a practical crepe maker, easy to use and at an affordable price, this could be a wise purchase. Read below, its qualities and disadvantages.


Non- slip base: It has a non-slip base that favors safety and avoids the risk of accidents due to tipping.

Temperature adjustment: It has an adjustable thermostat that will allow you to adjust the temperature to the required level.

Cable storage: This model has a compartment in its structure to store the cable; which favors organization in the kitchen.



Non- stick coating: You should be careful when cleaning the non-stick surface, as it could be scratched if you use abrasive products.

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gas crepe maker

8. Krampouz Gas crepe maker with 6 burner arms

Regardless of whether you are passionate about crepes or are thinking of setting up a creperie, an electric model may not be enough. For this reason, this gas crepe maker could be the best option when it comes to preparing large quantities of this recipe.

It is a product that has a chassis made of stainless steel that favors its resistance and useful life. Likewise, its structure has two cast iron plates with a diameter of 40 cm each, in order to prepare two large crepes at the same time.

Each plate has an independently on and off mechanism; Likewise, you can adjust the level of fire according to the recipe.

Another feature that you might be interested in knowing is that its double row of flames in each branch of the burner helps the cooking surface receive uniform heat, preventing the pancakes from cooking unevenly.

For being backed by a recognized brand, for its efficiency and design, this crepe maker deserves your consideration. Analyze its pros and cons.


Heating: Its 6000W of power make it an effective crepe maker for professional environments.

Burner: Each burner has 6 branches that provide a stable and fast-heating flame, in order to achieve well-cooked crepes in a short time.

Safety: This model has a safety thermocouple that blocks the passage of gas once the flame goes out.



Cost: This is the most expensive crepe on our list. However, the benefits it offers are worth the investment.

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Crepe maker Cecotec

9. Cecotec Fun Crepestone Crepe Maker 1000 W

Cecotec is a Valencian brand of great prestige in the electrical appliance market and this Cecotec crepe maker is one of the best that this firm can offer. It is an electric model with 1000 W of power, with a thermostat that efficiently regulates heat levels and that adapts to all preparations of this delicious dish.

It has a 30.5 cm diameter plate, a standard measure to make the best crepes. In addition, it is a model that stands out for having a high-quality non-stick rockstone coating, which not only favors cleaning but also the best results when cooking.

Its compact and modern design adds an aesthetic component and adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. With the purchase you will also receive a practical spreader roller and a useful spatula that facilitate preparation. In addition, it is a safe culinary tool, as it provides protection against overheating.

Safe, reliable, attractive and easy to use, this crepe maker could be what you’re looking for. Learn about its pros and cons below.


Materials: The non-stick surface is made of rockstone stone coating, which is very hard and resistant.

Indicator lights: It has two light indicators that notify you when the machine is on/off and when the temperature has reached the optimum cooking level.

Cold touch handle: It is equipped with a cold touch handle that will allow you to move it from one place to another safely.



Storage: If you have a kitchen with a few square meters, you should make provisions for the storage of that model.

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Shopping guide

Crepes have conquered almost all palates, which is why crepe pans have become a culinary tool that makes preparing this recipe a simple task. In this guide to buying the best crepe maker, we offer you information of interest that could help you choose the model that meets all your expectations.


Wheat flour is one of the most common and nutritious foods in world cuisine, since it allows the preparation of a wide variety of healthy recipes; among which the crepes stand out. This dish is originally from French Brittany and is one of the favorites of many at snack time or breakfast.

However, even though they can be prepared in a conventional pan, the results are not always the best; therefore, the crepe makers were conceived with the purpose of facilitating the cooking of this recipe and guaranteeing that the final result is the best.

Crepe makers are the best allies when it comes to preparing crepes or pancakes, since they have an ideal surface to spread the mixture evenly and achieve thin and perfect crepes. Since they have the appropriate design for this recipe, it is very easy to prepare for the whole family.

Likewise, it is important that you determine the use that you are going to give it before making the purchase; if you want it to eat this dish at home occasionally or if you have a business that requires the preparation of large quantities of crepes. For this reason, there are crepe makers designed for domestic use and also for professional use.


In a comparison of crepe makers you will be able to differentiate that there are models that work with gas and others with electricity; so depending on the use, whether it is intensive or not, you can choose one or another product.

Gas crepe makers are preferred by many lovers of this delicious dish, since in them you can prepare large quantities, while offering an adequate flavor and texture; since the gas favors the distribution of heat in a uniform way, without forgetting that the temperature rise time is much shorter.

However, if you want to purchase a gas model for your business, it is important that you consider that not all stores allow their use due to the specific care that they require.

Electric crepe makers, on the other hand, are portable, easy to clean, comfortable and compact products that favor practicality when cooking; In addition, they do not require exhaustive maintenance or cumbersome installation. You just need a stable surface and a nearby power source. Therefore, this type of machine is an advisable option if you want a good and cheap crepe.

Thermostat and power

An adjustable and easy-to-use thermostat is one of the most important features that a crepe maker should have, since thanks to it it is possible to regulate the power and adjust the heat according to the results we want to achieve. In this way you can prepare pancakes or crepes with dough of different thicknesses and with professional finishes for any occasion.

On the other hand, power is another factor to take into account. The higher the power, the faster the cooking, so a crepe maker with a minimum of 1000 watts could be the most advisable for domestic use.

Materials and design

If you are looking for a crepe maker regardless of whether it is for your home or for a business, you should be attentive to the quality of the materials with which it is made, this could depend on how much a particular model costs. In this sense, you should bet on crepe makers whose materials resist high temperatures; likewise, you should not neglect the importance of a model that offers easy handling and light weight.

The market offers you crepe makers made of BPA-free plastic that are light and easy to handle; as well as, you will find models made of stainless steel that favor cleaning, deal with corrosion and give a better aesthetic finish. In addition, stainless steel offers a longer useful life because this metal is very resistant.

On the other hand, you must pay attention to the casting plate or cooking surface, since it is the fundamental piece to achieve the best crepes. For this, look for a model that offers you a high-quality non-stick coating; in this way, the preparations will not stick to the surface and will cook perfectly.

In the event that you prefer a crepe pan with a plate made of cast iron, remember that you must carry out the curing process before starting to use it; Once this process is done, these pancakes heat up very quickly and are excellent transmitters of heat.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a crepe?

If you have just bought an electric crepe maker and want to master the art of making crepes, you must first read the user manual for the model. Generally, though, start by plugging the crepe maker into the wall outlet and then turning it on. Now select the appropriate temperature and it will gradually heat up until it reaches the necessary power.

Depending on the non-stick material, you may need to grease with oil or butter and pour the dough over the surface, while spreading it evenly with the spreader and letting it cook. Once you reach the desired cooking term on each side, you can remove the crepe from the heat, unplug the crepe maker and proceed to clean the surface.

Q2: How to cure a pancake?

Some crepe makers require a curing process before first use, as this will give the surface non-stick properties. If you have an electric model set the temperature to 250° to start. While if it is a manually regulated gas crepe maker, it will be enough to place the highest heat for 6 minutes. After this time, turn the knob to position 2 (low heat) for 4 minutes before starting.

This process will be done through layers. For the first 4 layers, pour a teaspoon of vegetable oil on its surface, distributing it correctly, let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes four times.

Next, from the fifth to the ninth layer, pour half a teaspoon of oil and follow the same steps until the cooking surface is completely dry (perform this procedure 5 more times). Finally, before using, it is necessary to grease the recently cured plate well.


Q3: Which is better electric or gas crepe maker?

Choosing one model and another will depend on your tastes and needs. However, the electric crepe maker is usually cheaper, more comfortable and easier to use. While gas models, although more powerful, involve more work and are accompanied by some limitations of use.

For example, the place where you are going to install it; Well, in case you want to open a business, you should keep in mind that some places restrict the use of gas for security reasons. In addition, this type of machine needs additional care because it is a device that works with a flammable substance.

Q4: How to clean a crepe?

After using the crepe maker proceed to unplug it from the power outlet and wait for it to cool down. Subsequently, pass a damp cloth over the surface and sides. Avoid submerging it in water and dispense with the use of detergents on the surface. For a deep cleaning, it is important to consult the user manual provided by the manufacturer.

If the crepe maker is made of turned iron, over time a kind of crust could form on the surface. For this reason, it is important, from time to time, depending on how regularly you use it, to do maintenance by removing the layers that break. Once clean, you must proceed to cure it again to restore the non-stick layer.


Q5: What temperature does a pancake reach?

There are electric crepe makers capable of reaching a maximum of 300°C, while those that work with gas could achieve higher temperatures. However, to cook a good pancake or crepes, a caloric level of 200°C is needed, this being the most common that this type of homemade device usually reaches.

Q6: Why do the pancakes stick to the pancake maker?

If the crepes stick, you should check that the non-stick enamel that covers the surface of the cooking plate is in perfect condition, that it does not have scratches or food residues. If necessary, before cooking the pancakes, moisten a pad with vegetable oil and spread it on the plate before pouring the mixture. This way you will prevent them from sticking and you will be able to serve your guests perfect crepes.

If the crepe maker is made of iron, you should check if it is the necessary time to carry out a new curing process of the plate, because with the passage of time and constant use, the loss of adherence becomes inevitable.

Q7: Can I wash my pancake in the dishwasher?

In some cases it is possible to wash the cast plate in the dishwasher, since there are models that have removable plates. However, it is important, before taking it to the dishwasher, that you review the user manual. On the other hand, you can machine wash the attached accessories such as spatulas, spreaders, measuring spoons, among others, without any problem.

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