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Built-in Microwave – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Unlike tabletop microwaves, built-in models offer a plus to the decoration of the most demanding kitchens, given the elegance provided by their modern designs. In addition, they are equipment equipped with new technologies, which allows them not only to heat, but also to gratin, defrost and even cook. Among so many options available on the market, today we present two excellent proposals that could meet your expectations. First of all, we have the Balay 3WMB1918, a microwave that is intuitive to use, with 5 power levels and a modern design. Next, we present the Teka 40581515, an appliance with 1000 watts for grilling and 8 power levels.

The 7 Best Built-In Microwaves – Opinions 2022

In addition to the inherent functions of a microwave, built-in models also offer the advantage of better aesthetics. For this reason, when it comes to elegance, efficiency and better use of space, these appliances are the best option for your kitchen. Here are some of the best built-in microwaves of the moment.

Balay built-in microwave

1. Balay 3WMB1918 Microwave 800 W 17 L

If you are one of the people who prefer equipment for your kitchen that includes simple appliances, but without neglecting elegance; The best built-in microwave for you could be this model, since it is an appliance with an attractive appearance and intuitive handling. For this, it has a mechanical, practical and functional control panel.

Its current design has a modern white color that adapts to the decoration of any kitchen and its standard dimensions of 60 cm wide, favor that you can embed it in a heat column or in a piece of furniture. It also has a trim frame and its door has a lateral opening on the left side.

The Balay built-in microwave offers you a capacity of 17 litres; It also has a power of 800 watts and 5 cooking levels. In addition, you will not only be able to heat, but also cook and defrost comfortably and quickly.

Not only is it one of the cheapest, but it is also practical and functional, which is why many consider it the best built-in microwave of the moment. Next, learn more about this team.


Dimensions: Its dimensions are 45.3 cm wide, 36.4 cm high and its turntable offers a diameter of 24.5 cm.

Opening system: It is a microwave that opens its door easily with the push of a button.

Power: It is equipped with a power of 800 watts, which provides speed and efficiency.


Grill function: The grill function is missing to brown or gratin. However, it is a simple microwave that does its job.

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2. Balay 3WGX-1929 P Microwave with Grill 800 W Stainless steel

This Balay built-in microwave is an appliance equipped with advanced technology, so it is designed for those who opt for an appliance with a modern design. It has an electronic and digital control panel and is equipped with a concealable control button, which favors its use and also the external cleaning of the equipment.

It is a stainless steel microwave with a built-in frame, which provides an attractive presence in your kitchen. It also puts at your disposal automatic programs according to weight, both for cooking and defrosting. Likewise, it is equipped with the simultaneous grill function, which allows you to gratin and brown food while you heat it.

It has a power of 800 watts and a capacity of 17 liters, so you can heat, cook and defrost efficiently. In addition, its dimensions are 45.3 x 32 x 28 cm and its weight is 14 kg. For this reason, if you are wondering which is the best built-in microwave, this model deserves your consideration.

If you are looking for a microwave that suits your kitchen and matches the other stainless steel appliances, this built-in model could be the best alternative. Read below its pros and cons.


Simultaneous grill: Not only can you gratin your dishes, but you can also brown or toast your food while you heat it.

Electronic controls: It has digital controls with automatic functions.

Levels and power: It is a microwave equipped with 5 cooking levels and a power of 800 watts.


Beep: At the end of cooking or heating, the final beep is not automatically silenced, so you will have to open the door or press the end button.

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Teka built-in microwave

3. Teka MWE 225FI Integrated Microwave 20L 800 W Buttons

If you are looking for the best value for money built-in microwave of the moment, this Teka built-in microwave could meet all your expectations. It is one of the cheap products offered by the market, which also has great features; if we compare it with other similar microwaves. It is equipped with 5 power levels, simultaneous grill, 800 watts output, 1000 watts for grill and 900 for micro.

It also has an electronic panel for easy handling and has a capacity of 20 liters, which makes it ideal for introducing a larger amount of food. In addition, its built-in frame has anti-fingerprint stainless steel, easy to clean and with an elegant touch.

Likewise, it has a timer that ranges from 0 to 95 minutes and also has the automatic defrosting function by weight and time. In addition, it offers you up to 8 direct access menus, for greater comfort.

If you still don’t know which built-in microwave to buy that fits your budget, this model could be a good purchase. We invite you to know its pros and cons.


Anti-child lock: In order to provide greater security, the equipment has a locking mechanism on its control panel.

Materials and design: Both its interior and the built-in frame are made of stainless steel and its front offers you an elegant black colour.

Capacity: With 20 liters of capacity, you can use larger plates and trays.


Weight: With a weight of 16.2 kg, you must take precautions when receiving it at the door of the street.

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Bosch built-in microwave

4. Bosch HMT72G650 built-in 17 liter Microwave 800 W Grill

Considered by many as one of the best built-in microwaves of 2022, this Bosch built-in microwave not only gives you the support of a prestigious brand, but also offers you optimal performance, attractive aesthetics and intuitive handling.

It is a microwave equipped with 800 watts of adjustable power in 5 levels, which favors speed and efficiency when it comes to cooking, heating or defrosting; It also has a simultaneous grill to grill whatever you want. It is made of silver-colored stainless steel, which not only adds elegance to your kitchen, but also offers resistance against knocks and intensive use.

The interior of the microwave also has stainless steel, which also favors better cleaning. It also has a timer of up to 60 min and its control panel is equipped with easy-to-use rotary buttons.

The best brand of built-in microwaves could be Bosch, since it is a recognized company that manufactures high-quality products, so your investment will be supported. Below you have more information about one of their products.


Power: For the microwave function it offers 800 watts adjustable in 5 levels and for the simultaneous grill, up to 1000 watts of power.

Height: Its internal height is 28 cm, which makes it easy for you to heat bottles.

Design: It offers a timeless design in silver stainless steel and a control panel with buttons.


Anti- fingerprint steel: The anti-fingerprint quality of stainless steel is missing. However, it is an easy device to clean.

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Built-in Whirlpool microwave

5. Whirlpool AMW140 IX Integrated Microwave 20 L 800 W

Whirlpool has equipped this model with a powerful grill function that has 1000 watts, which ensures optimal results and delicious recipes; so you can gratin and brown your favorite dishes in less time. The Whirlpool built-in microwave also has advanced JetDefrost 3D technology, thanks to which food thaws quickly, preventing it from losing its properties.

Likewise, it is an easy-to-clean device, since its design gives you a folding grill; for this, you will be able to remove it easily and eliminate all the dirt inside it. In addition, being made of stainless steel, it also promotes hygiene while adding a touch of class to your kitchen.

It is a device that has 800 watts for microwaves, which gives you a great reheating speed. Additionally, it has an electronic control, 20 liter capacity and an easy button opening system.

When what you are looking for is to gain space on your worktop and provide greater comfort and aesthetics to your kitchen, this built-in microwave deserves your attention.


JetStart function: Thanks to this function, it is possible to increase the maximum temperature for 30 seconds. to heat food.

Grill function: It has the grill function with a power of 1000 watts, which gives you optimal results.

Capacity: It offers a large capacity of up to 20 liters.


Ease of use: Apparently the control panel and controls have not turned out to be as easy to use as expected.

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Built-in microwave oven

6. Siemens HF15G561 Microwave 1270W 10A 50Hz 230V

If it has ever happened to you that you forgot you did not take the food out of the refrigerator on time and the preparation of the food had to be postponed; With this built-in microwave oven this will no longer be a problem. It is a device that gives you the function of automatic defrosting by weight; that is, the equipment adjusts the heat and time based on weight, for more efficient results without spoiling the food.

It is a microwave that also has the grill function to provide a homogeneous toasting to all your dishes; for which it has 1000 watts of power. It also has a combinable grill with 360, 180 and 90 watts of microwave power; Likewise, it is equipped with the Autocook function that provides up to 8 automatic recipes. In addition, it is an appliance made of resistant and elegant stainless steel, with a 17-litre capacity and easy to clean.

This built-in microwave is not only endowed with elegance and efficiency, but also offers you easy installation in your kitchen. To learn a little more about this model, read its pros and cons.


Self-cooking: It is a microwave equipped with 8 self-cooking programs that will make your life easier.

Power: For microwaves it has 800 watts and 5 levels and for grill, it offers a power of up to 1000 watts.

Design: Its red display, electronic clock, digital control panel and concealable remote, provide a modern design to your kitchen.


Cost: It is the most expensive model of our entire selection. However, it is an appliance that enjoys good prestige.

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White built-in microwave

7. Sauber Microwave with built-in grill HMS01W 20 liters

If, in addition to looking for a device that offers optimum performance, you are also interested in its aesthetic contribution to give your kitchen that elegant and harmonious touch; this white built-in microwave could be your best option. Thanks to its design finished in glass, it is an appliance that adapts perfectly to the most demanding kitchens.

It is also very easy to clean and you can choose the color that best matches the design of your kitchen. For which the manufacturer offers you three available models: black and white glass finishes or stainless steel for the most sophisticated kitchens.

Likewise, it is a microwave equipped with outstanding functions, such as defrosting by weight, grill function and rapid heating. In addition, it has a power of 800 watts for micro adjustable in 9 levels and 1000 watts for grill, which gives you efficiency in its performance.

This microwave could be your great ally in the kitchen, when it comes to heating, gratin and defrosting. Next, we present more information to know in detail this appliance.


Defrost function: This appliance defrosts the food based on its weight, which prevents it from deteriorating or overheating.

Eligible design: You have three options depending on the decoration of your kitchen: glass finish in white, black and stainless steel.

Mechanical controls: Its two rotary buttons offer easy and intuitive mechanical control.


Compatibility: Since its exact dimensions are 59.5 x 34.35 x 38.8 cm, you must evaluate the space where it will be installed.

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Shopping guide

The built-in microwaves adapt perfectly to the kitchen furniture, providing uniformity to the whole and providing greater aesthetics and decoration. In order for you to know the most relevant aspects that you should consider when choosing a model, we present the following guide to buying the best built-in microwave.


It may be that the microwave is not the most important appliance in the home and that its technology does not represent great changes in our era; however, it is a team that has conquered kitchens all over the world. Especially the built-in microwaves, since in addition to being functional, they also offer a decorative component that provides a touch of elegance, thanks to the fact that they have an integrable trim frame that adds extra sophistication to this environment.

There are many models and finishes, so it is important that you choose a design that adapts perfectly to the decoration of your kitchen and that matches the rest of the appliances present. In this sense, if you use stainless steel appliances, a microwave made of this material could be the most suitable; however, you could also give your kitchen a touch of color and choose a model that contrasts with the other equipment.

size and capacity

If it’s time to retire your old built-in microwave, you’ll need to find one that fits into the space left by it. For this reason, regardless of how much a particular model costs, or its aesthetic appearance, it is best to look for a device with the appropriate dimensions and that perfectly matches the built-in hole; unless you are willing to spend extra money to redesign the space).

On the other hand, the capacity of a microwave is given in liters and this can range from 17 to 40 liters. In this sense, you must analyze your culinary needs, the use that you will give to the appliance and the type of container that you use (plates or trays) to heat or cook; all this depending on the size of the turntable. Likewise, if you need to heat tall pots or bottles, you should consider the interior height of the appliance.


Don’t look for a built-in microwave just because you like it or because it matches your decor. The best thing is that you take your time and analyze the functions offered by the equipment, by virtue of your needs. The vast majority of these devices are equipped with pre-programmed functions and also with a manual configuration that adapts to each dish or recipe.

You will be able to find in your comparison of built-in microwaves that many models have the automatic popcorn setting, depending on the dimensions of the bag. Likewise, most are equipped with the defrost function, which favors speeding up food preparation. They also offer you the option to reheat pizzas, bake potatoes and heat drinks.

They also come equipped with a start, stop, quick cook function and some advanced models even have a cooking by weight system. In addition, high-end equipment has a grill function, which favors the ability to gratin or brown food; as well as the convection cooking function, especially useful for achieving homogeneous heat, necessary in pastry recipes.


Power is an aspect that you cannot ignore when choosing a built-in microwave. It depends on the speed and efficiency when heating, cooking or defrosting; since the higher the power, the greater the effectiveness of the device. When it comes to simple microwaves, their power is usually in a range between 700 W and 1000 W, depending on the different models and brands. High-end microwaves with specific functions such as grilling, defrosting and baking could have an approximate power of 1400 watts.

safety and brand

If you are concerned about your children tampering with the microwave, you could look for a model that has a child lock function, which will ask you for an access code to be able to use the device; This minimizes the risk of a fire accident. Likewise, other microwaves have a double closing system, which also prevents injuries and domestic accidents.

Regarding the brand, do not skimp looking for a cheap team that in the long run does not give you the support that the best manufacturers offer. For this reason, do not stop betting on recognized brands and leaders in the appliance market, since in this way your investment will be assured.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: What electrical connection does a built-in microwave need?

The microwave, unlike the electric oven (which requires a different electrical connection from all other appliances), can be connected directly with its plug to a direct current network, which must offer 230 V. For this reason, most homes in Spain has an input power that covers this requirement.

Q2: What functions does a built-in microwave have?

Among the main functions offered by most built-in microwaves, we have that of heating, cooking and defrosting food; features that some of its desktop counterparts can also offer. However, unlike these, built-in microwaves are appliances that also offer an additional function, which is none other than to provide an aesthetic component and beautify modern kitchens today.

Q3: How to clean a built-in microwave?

Keeping the microwave clean is essential to preserve its useful life and to avoid food contamination. For this reason, although there are several products on the market for cleaning, these are usually dangerous due to their high content of chemical ingredients. Therefore, the best option could be to use homemade ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon; which are equally efficient in removing accumulated grease and dirt adhering to the walls of the appliance.

Start by putting a large tablespoon of vinegar with water and a few drops of lemon in a small bowl (microwave resistant), then put the bowl in the microwave and heat this mixture for 3 to 5 minutes. You can also do it with water and baking soda or with water and a little dish soap. Once the mixture has boiled, leave it to act for 10 minutes without opening the door, so that the water vapor adheres to its walls and helps eliminate accumulated dirt.

Q4: What power does a built-in microwave have?

Depending on whether it is a simple or sophisticated microwave, as well as the brand and model in question, we can be talking about a power that ranges from 800 watts, to powerful devices that reach 1100 watts. The power affects the speed offered by the equipment to heat or cook food; the higher the power, the faster. Especially the models that are equipped with the grill and convection function can have a maximum power of 1300 or 1400 watts.

Q5: Is it safe to use a built-in microwave?

Today it is safe to use a microwave, regardless of whether it is a tabletop or built-in model. To do this, the best brands have equipped them with protection systems that prevent any type of accident due to overheating or electric shock.

Likewise, whether the appliance is installed in a piece of furniture or in a heat column, these spaces are specially adapted with vents that favor the operation of the microwave. However, there is always the risk of suffering a mishap if the manufacturer’s recommendations are not taken into account; especially when it comes to handling hot food.

Q6: Which is better, Balay or Teka built-in microwave?

Teka and Balay are recognized brands in the world of household appliances, since they have reliable and good quality products; In the case of built-in microwaves, these manufacturers lead the market along with other prestigious brands. However, according to a market study recently published online where they mention the 10 best-selling built-in microwaves and best valued by users; we have that Teka heads the list with one of its most powerful models, while Balay ranks number 5 and 6 of the selection.

Q7: How to install a built-in microwave?

First of all, it is advisable to read the user manual, since each model and brand could offer a different assembly. In any case, you must verify that the measurements of the fitting hole are compatible with those of the equipment. Some manufacturers offer adjustable legs on their braces, which provide greater stability and a perfect fit.

Once you have verified that the device is stable, proceed to mount the trim frame using a simple adjustment mechanism and then take the equipment to the cabinet where it will be mounted and connect it to the electrical network. Then, properly center the frame in the hole and finally, fix the microwave to the lower shelf of the cabinet, using a screw supplied by the manufacturer.

How to use a built-in microwave

The microwave is an appliance that makes our lives easier, since it allows us to heat food quickly and without the need for extra mess. However, many times we don’t know how to use it correctly, so here are some guidelines that you could consider to make the most of its usefulness.

Make sure your mount is the safest and most comfortable

Whether you install it in a heat column or in a built-in piece of furniture, you must make sure that its assembly is correct and as comfortable as possible. To do this, make sure you mount the microwave at a height that is easy for you to reach. The idea is that you can access hot dishes and foods without causing spills and without risking strains or injuries from overstretching.

Analyze the control panel and the rotating ring

First of all, it is advisable that you carefully read the user manual supplied by the manufacturer before proceeding to configure any function of the device; since not all microwaves are created equal. They usually have numbers on their control panel and electronic controls, others have buttons with a mechanical control. Therefore, analyze your model and according to the instructions given in the manual, proceed to its configuration.

Likewise, all microwaves have a turntable made of heat-resistant glass, which rotates on a ring; check that this turning movement is perfectly engaged, since the plate should move smoothly and without emitting strange noises.

Learn to heat food correctly

The correct way to put the food on the plate is to place it in a ring shape, since if you stack it in the center, the edge of the plate will heat up faster. On the other hand, it is not advisable to use the microwave to prepare sauces or soups, as they could overheat and explode. Also, remember that it is not prudent to heat food that is more than 5 days old, since after this time it is very likely that it has deteriorated due to excess bacteria; which would put your health at risk.

Select the right containers

You must choose the appropriate containers to resist the high temperatures of the microwave, such as bowls and plates made of ceramic, glass or special plastic to use in these cases. When inappropriate plastic containers are used, they can melt and contaminate food; Likewise, avoid using metal containers, as they can cause sparks inside the microwave and cause a fire.

Keep the microwave clean

It is best to clean it after each use and to prevent food from splashing on its walls, you could use a plastic lid to protect the plate. Once a week you should do a deep cleaning and to do this, use the juice and peel of a lemon in a little water. You put the mixture in a glass bowl for 5 minutes and then remove it with gloves and wipe the inside with a clean cloth.

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Microondas Con Grill 

Microondas con grill baratos

Cecotec Microondas con Grill ProClean 3140

Con un precio asequible, este producto de Cecotec podría ser considerado como el mejor microondas con grill de relación calidad precio. Aquí te detallamos los aspectos más destacados.

Este electrodoméstico dispone de una potencia de 700W en el microondas que puede ser gestionada hasta en 6 niveles diferentes y 9 modos de funcionamiento.

Además, al usar la función grill podrás disfrutar hasta de 800W de potencia para calentar o cocinar tus comidas. Asimismo, el interior cuenta con 20 litros de capacidad y un revestimiento Ready2clean que te ayudará a limpiarlo con mucha facilidad.

Por otra parte, tiene tecnología 3D Wave que hace que las ondas generadas por el microondas envuelvan los alimentos para cocinarlos o calentarlos de una forma más eficiente.

Aunado a ello, aunque es uno de los microondas con grill baratos, funciona eficazmente, ya que cuenta con controles manuales giratorios con temporizador que te ayudarán a conocer cuando la función haya terminado.

A continuación, te presentamos los pros y contras más destacados que posee este microondas con grill de Cecotec.



Eficiencia: Cuenta con tecnología 3D Wave que facilitará la cocción de los alimentos de forma envolvente y equitativa.

Capacidad: Sus 20 litros de capacidad te permitirá introducir utensilios de gran tamaño.

Limpieza: El revestimiento Ready2clean facilitará la limpieza del electrodoméstico.

Controles: Sus controles son manuales de fácil uso, por lo que no tendrás problema alguno para manipular el microondas.


Potencia: Posee 700W y 800W en la función grill, por lo que si quieres calentar alimentos con más rapidez, es mejor que optes por otro modelo.

Denver OG 2030 Microondas con Grill Acero Inoxidable

Perteneciente a la categoría de microondas con grill baratos, este producto que nos presenta Denver podría ser considerado como el mejor microondas con grill económico, puesto que viene elaborado en una estructura de acero inoxidable, lo que le proporciona altos niveles de tolerancia al óxido y la corrosión para que lo ubiques en zonas con niveles altos en humedad sin ningún problema.

Además, cuenta con una capacidad de 20 litros para que seas capaz de introducir objetos voluminosos y calentar comida suficiente sin que tengas que estar esperando a que esté lista una para poner la otra.

Por otra parte, este producto dispone de controles manuales y 9 modos diferentes de cocción que se unifican con los 700W de potencia, por lo que podrás tanto calentar, preparar o descongelar alimentos. Asimismo, uno de los controles giratorios es un temporizador para que puedas tener un control sobre lo

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