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Cutting Board – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Among the utensils that cannot be missing in your kitchen are cutting boards, since they provide an adequate work surface and provide greater safety and stability when cutting food. To acquire a good table, we must consider certain aspects such as the material it is made of, which allows us to guarantee the health and hygiene of the food, its stability to avoid accidents and dimensions that allow us to work comfortably. Among the outstanding options of the moment is the Harcas Organic board, made of bamboo of controlled origin. This material has remarkable antibacterial properties and offers great durability and resistance. Very different is the Kesper 36523, which is made of high-resistance tempered steel, hygienic, stable, easy to clean and with comfortable dimensions.

The 6 Best Cutting Boards – Opinions 2022


If you need a cutting board, get one of the best Cutting boards of 2022. These useful utensils are very important in a kitchen because they protect both the surface of the countertop and the edge of the knives and also facilitate order during the preparation of the food.

1. Harcas Organic Bamboo Cutting Board 

Wood has long been banned from cutting boards for sanitary reasons. Luckily, alternatives have emerged, such as the Harcas cutting board, which generates adequate security and is very comfortable to use. This product has been made of organic bamboo and comes from controlled sources, offering numerous advantages over more conventional models. 

Among them, we find a much safer material against bacterial proliferation, since bamboo hardly has any pores on its surface. It is also much more resistant, increasing its durability by around 19% compared to other hardwoods, such as maple. Advantages that are also noticeable when cleaning the board, which is perfect without effort or even in the dishwasher. 

Regarding its approach, the table has measures of 45 centimeters wide by 30 long and 2 centimeters high, including a groove with which to collect the liquids that may occur during the cut.

Comfortably cut everything you need and forget about health risks thanks to this interesting model.


Material: The bamboo used in its manufacture is of high quality and comes from controlled sources.

Antibacterial: Since the board is very non-porous, bacteria hardly have room to spread.

Durability: The board has a 19% higher resistance to hard materials, such as maple.

Groove: This drip groove collects liquids that may arise during the cutting process, for greater hygiene.

Cleaning: The product can be washed both by hand and in the dishwasher, depending on what you prefer.


Maintenance:  It is necessary to grease the table with vegetable oil after each wash, to prolong its useful life.

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2. Kesper 36523 Glass cutting boards

This formidable pair of cutting boards is made of tempered safety glass so it is practically unbreakable and is presented to us as the best quality-price cutting board. They measure 52 x 30 x 0.9 centimeters and have non-slip rubber feet to make sure they don’t move out of place when you’re cutting.

They are incredibly useful, especially for those who have little space available on kitchen countertops, as well as being very convenient to protect glass-ceramic hobs due to their high resistance or they are simply wonderful to serve thanks to their elegant slate design.. Practical and decorative as well as super resistant to heat, weight and cuts. They are also extremely easy to keep clean, do not lose their shine and are dishwasher safe for added convenience.

This model may be the best cutting board of the moment, because it has a series of usable advantages that can captivate more than one interested party:


Materials: the main aspect to highlight of this model of cutting board is that it is made of tempered steel, so it has a really high resistance and also, some consider that it is almost impossible to break, so you can use it safely.

Dimensions: the Kesper 36523 offers you an ideal dimension when it comes to placing it anywhere in your kitchen, its measurements being 52 x 30 x 0.9 centimeters, since it has several non-slip rubber supports so that in this way its use be safe and effective when cutting food.

Utility: this model will be incredibly useful if you have little free space on the kitchen counter, since it will be very easy for you to locate it comfortably, as well as being very convenient when it comes to protecting the surfaces of your kitchen, since It is a table made with quality materials.

Design: it is important that you know that when it comes to maintaining a highly aesthetic and up-to-date kitchen, the Kesper 36523 offers you an elegant blackboard design that makes it both practical and decorative, so it will look fantastic as a complement.

Cleaning: this cutting board is extremely easy to clean and does not lose its shine, apart from that it can be washed in the dishwasher for greater comfort and speed.

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3. Zwilling 30772100 Bamboo Cutting Board

This medium-sized bamboo board (36 x 25.5 x 3 cm) is a good option to consider as the best cutting board for your kitchen. Bamboo is a material that, thanks to its antibacterial properties, provides a suitable cutting surface for the kitchen. It is also resistant to cutting, with a solid and hard surface, but it does not damage the edge of the knives.

It is easy to clean, the edge groove collects any spilled liquid, it can be used on both sides to chop all kinds of food such as meat, fish, bread, fruit and vegetables or to prepare dishes such as sushi or antipasto and even to cut and serve on the same board, and the best thing is that it doesn’t slip when you use it. Practical, modern design, very light weight, ability to last a long time and remain stable in its shape.

In order to determine which cutting board to buy, you must take into account whether you cook a lot or a little, the number of meals, the space in your kitchen and many other things. Take a look at the specifications of this option to see if it works for you:


Dimensions: The Zwilling 30772100 offers you measurements of 36 x 25.5 x 3 centimeters, so it is considered quite comfortable to use by offering you the standard space to prepare meals.

Elaboration: it is made of bamboo wood which has antibacterial properties so you can keep it cleaner than other models and thus take better care of the food you eat.

Design: Due to the type of material used to make it, this cutting board offers you an excellent cutting surface that will keep your knives sharp as new. In addition, it has an outer edge to collect food liquids and prevent dirt.

Durability: it has excellent finishes and wood treatments that give it high durability and resistance so you can enjoy it for a long time.


Gloss – This has a glossy finish on the wood that can be worn with use, however this would only be an aesthetic drawback.

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4. Zeller 26205 Glass Cutting Board

One of the things that can never be missing at home is a cutting board, but why not buy a board that you can also use as a protector for the ceramic hob? That is the advantage of the Zeller 26205 cutting board. Now, in reality, there are two units measuring 52 x 30 with a weight of 998 grams each, which have non-slip feet so they do not move while you use them..

These can be used both to cut food as well as to protect ceramic hobs, since they fit perfectly, according to users.

In the same way, it is ideal for preparing or serving meals thanks to the fact that they accept hot things without any problem; this is due to the fact that they are very solid, despite being made of rough translucent glass or tempered glass. However, best of all, they are very easy to clean.

Being one of the cheapest tables that you can find in our list, the Zeller 26205 model has considerable advantages for you to take into account as an option to buy:


Function: this model of cutting board stands out for being able to also be used as a protector for ceramic hobs due to its compatibility.

Practicality: in addition, the alloy of its materials makes it very resistant to heat, so you can also place pots and pans fresh from the fire without fear of them splitting or melting.

Dimensions: it has dimensions of 52 x 30 centimeters so it is quite spacious and offers you enough space to prepare food comfortably.


Safety: it must be taken into consideration that it is still a table made of glass, so care must be taken not to drop it to avoid accidents.

Design: a disadvantage of its design is that it does not have any type of edge to prevent spillage of liquids or food.

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5. Joseph & Joseph Index Advance Cutting Board

If you are looking for the best cutting board, how about buying 4 at once? Since 2008, Joseph & Joseph has offered us its simple color system to reduce and avoid cross-contamination of food, such as this model that contains 4 polypropylene boards with non-slip bases on the same support.

Each board measures 23.5 x 9.5 x 33 cm and each has a different color to prevent food mixing. Red for raw meats, green for vegetables and greens, blue for seafood, and white for cooked or ready-to-eat foods. In addition, each table has an index-style tab to easily select it from its support, which is an elegant box made of the same material, in a metallic gray color, which allows you to have them organized and at hand.

If you have wondered what would be the best brand of cutting boards, many models may have come to mind, but if what you want is practicality and order, what this option offers you may be for you:


Practicality: one of the most appreciated aspects of this model is that it is a pack made up of four cutting boards designed to be used according to the type of food, in this way the combination of bacteria is avoided.

Dimensions: each of the boards has comfortable measurements of 23.5 x 9.5 x 33 centimeters, which makes them quite comfortable when it comes to chopping your food.

Design: the purchase includes a practical semi-case so you can organize them in your kitchen and access them quickly thanks to the protruding tabs.


Heating: due to the type of material used for their manufacture, these boards are not very resistant to heat, so you should place pots taken from the fire on top of them.

Support: A customer indicated that it would be nice if the support was more robust in order to guarantee better durability.

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6. Metaltex Polyethylene Kitchen Board

We find this cutting board made of Polyethylene 500 among the best cheap cutting boards. PE-500 is resistant to impact, torsion and tension, it is a non-deformable material that does not splinter and with rigid characteristics, which is indicated for professional use in the hotel industry.

This black Polyethylene 500 board measures 38 x 28 x 1.5 cm and is adequately manageable because it does not weigh much.

In the corners of the lower part, it has suction cup-style legs that work as non-slip material so that it does not slip when cutting food. It is hygienic and easy to wash, either by hand or in the dishwasher. It doesn’t absorb moisture, odors, or flavors from food, so it doesn’t breed germs or confuse the taste of food.

If you do not want to spend too much but want to get an attractive and functional product, you may be looking to buy the best cutting board for 20 euros. Know the advantages and disadvantages of the one that could be chosen:


Materials: this model is made of 500 polyethylene, so it has a high resistance to deformation, so it will keep its appearance for a long time.

Feet: in its lower part it has feet covered with non-slip material to ensure stability when used.

Dimensions: It measures 38 x 28 x 1.5 centimeters, so it is quite thick and comfortable to use according to what its buyers have expressed.


Marks – Users of this cutting board recommended to be careful with knives that are too sharp as these can leave considerable marks on its surface.

Remains: and also, by doing this, particles of the material can be released that can end up in the food.

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Buying Guide – What is the best cutting board on the market?

Among the basics that should be in every kitchen is a good cutting board. This board serves as a base to cut any food, protecting both the healthiness of the food and the surface of your countertop. With our guide to buying the best cutting board you will discover the issues you should consider before making your purchase, so that your board will be with you for a long time.

The material

The material of cutting boards has undergone a great revolution in recent times. Compared to the traditional wooden boards that have been used, today we have boards of all kinds of materials, which guarantee the perfect healthiness of your food. Among these materials is glass, which with a special treatment does not scratch or crack.

We also have boards in plastic materials with an antibacterial coating that keeps food free of contaminants. Finally, we also find traditional wooden boards, although with materials such as bamboo or rubber, which do not have the health problems that traditional boards generated. In any case, it is advisable to have separate boards for meat and fish and to be extremely clean after each use.


When you are going to work on a cutting board, you are going to exert variable pressure on it with a dangerous tool such as a knife. If at the time of cutting the board moves or shifts, this can cause an accident. For this reason, you should consider as a fundamental element in your comparison of cutting boards the security offered by a stable board that sits well on your countertop.

To achieve this stability, the table must include rubber feet or supports that guarantee a resistant fixation to the countertop, as well as a stable work surface that does not move or oscillate when applying force to any area of ​​it. The wider and firmer the support of the table, the better security it will offer you during use.


We conclude by mentioning an important element such as dimensions. Cutting boards do not have standard dimensions, although they are around 50 x 25 centimeters. It is obvious that the bigger the table, the easier you will be able to work. For this reason, when you go to buy your table and evaluate its size, you must take into account the free space available in your kitchen, to avoid acquiring a table that is too large and that it collides with other elements of your kitchen. In any case, the measures mentioned already offer a more than enough surface for practically all the uses that you need to give it during the preparation of food, but if you need larger boards, you can find them with surfaces of up to one meter long by half a meter Wide.

Do not forget that the smaller the table, the easier it is to store it. Or if the dimensions allow it, you can also wash them, generally, in the dishwasher.

How to use a cutting board

A cutting board is a tool that should never be missing in your kitchen. It is a tool that helps you, together with a good knife, to cut food manually, but with the size and thickness that you choose. Proper use of a cutting board is essential to properly and safely cutting food. Next, we will show you how to use a cutting board to extend the life of this tool.

Place your cutting board on a stable counter

Locate a table or counter with a smooth and flat surface, as well as one that is stable to withstand the movements and struggles between the knife and the table when cutting food.   

Wash the food well and place it on the cutting board

Whether it is meat, vegetables or other types of food, proceed to wash them, making sure they are free of dirt, especially vegetables. Proceed to place them on top of the board, on the side designed for cutting meals. Put them in parts when you want to cut large amounts of vegetables.

Proceed to cut the food with a chopping knife

Be sure to use a very sharp knife to chop the vegetables. With one hand, hold the knife keeping the tip on the board at all times, making movements from top to bottom and with the other, guide the vegetables to make the cuts, either in the form of squares, slices or juliennes. In the case of stone or glass cutting boards, use them with some care so as not to mistreat the knife.

Wash the cutting board with soap and water after use

Once the cutting board is used, it proceeds to wash it after use. It is recommended to wash the cutting board with hot water and a little detergent, rubbing a damp cloth on both sides until it is seen to be very clean, without any type of dirt. Proceed to rinse with cold water in the sink. Wooden boards should not be left soaking in water, as they can be damaged, releasing pores that are harmful to food. Dry the board with a dry cloth.

Use coarse salt to remove stains and bad odors

Once a week you can do this procedure to reduce odors and remove stains from your cutting board. Moisten the cutting board with a little water and add a handful of coarse salt on both sides. Proceed to rub with a dry cloth and let it rest for a few minutes. Rinse with plenty of cold water and dry with a dry cloth.

Store your cutting board in a dry, moisture-free place

To be able to use your cutting board again, it is necessary to store it in a safe place where there is no moisture, especially on wooden boards. You will have it ready to use, as long as you take care of it properly.

The most popular brands

One of the most used culinary utensils are cutting boards, which offer an ideal surface to prepare food. We have prepared an analysis with the characteristics of the main models available on the market and we have compared them with the preferences of Internet users. In this opportunity we will analyze some specifications of the Joseph Joseph, Kitchen Craft and JJA brands.

It is an American company focused on the production of innovative kitchen utensils and household goods. Brothers Antony and Richard Joseph founded it in 2003, having been raised in a business-producing family and feeling attracted to design, they managed to join forces by creating the Joseph Joseph household items brand.

Joseph Joseph products are sold in a hundred countries around the world with offices located in countries such as London, New York, Tokyo Dusseldorf and Paris. Today, the company produces functional products in the area of ​​cleaning and waste management.

The cutting boards come in different presentations with geometric shapes and exclusive designs adapted to the basic needs of people, the minimalist finishes and the ergonomic details of its design facilitate cleaning and contribute to the maximum use of the elements, thus avoiding mixing between them.

Among its main products are solutions for waste, cutting boards, stackable items, food containers and microwave cooking items, etc.

It was founded in 1850 by Mr. Thomas Plant, who originally focused on creating hardware for the home. In 1996 they changed their name to Kitchen Craft to give a clear and precise message of their products to people in order to draw the attention of consumers. This company has all kinds of kitchen utensils and accessories for the home.

Kitchen Craft has agreements with the company Life Time Brands Inc., serving as a distributor for its connection with different countries in the world. Its range of products is very varied, with beverage utensils (cups and glasses), pastry utensils, cutting boards, knives, molds, among others.

Kitchen Craft utensils are the most selected among buyers for their anti-slip properties, they are made with recycled rubber-based materials, providing them with a particular softness. The Kitchen Craft company has a great influence in the United Kingdom, designing and furnishing nearly 4,000 kitchens throughout the country, worldwide its products are distributed to 80 countries.


The family company JJA has more than 35 years of experience in the market for household goods. It is a forerunner of Chinese imports, being the leader among discount distribution networks thanks to the support and links formed with the greatest professionals in the distribution area.

Currently, it has an estimated 900 associated companies around the world, in Europe alone it has 3,500 points of sale and around 300 collaborators. The company allows different business chains to enjoy their products even in the most competitive environment thanks to its massive distribution by containers.

The marketing team distributes up to 10 annual catalogs to the different organizations associated with the company, with a range of products that includes everything from kitchen utensils, bathroom items, furniture, gardening and toys.

The company emphasizes the commitment assumed with its faithful associates, assuring a value for money thanks to the high quality standards, with a team of 200 people in charge of carrying out a daily follow-up in the elaboration of all its products.

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These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Twinzee Eco Bamboo Cutting Board

Main advantage:

El diseño de esta tabla de cortar proporciona gran durabilidad, calidad y versatilidad al momento de utilizarla.

Desventaja principal:

Según el punto de vista de uno de los usuarios, la tabla es demasiado robusta e incómoda al momento de manipularla.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Tabla de cortar extra grande, cuya elaboración está constituida en un material 100% ecológico como lo es el bambú, por lo que su robustez, calidad e incluso larga vida útil se ve avalada en ello. Al mismo tiempo cuenta con doble cara, una con surcos para alimentos mojados y una segunda cara lisa, esta última para picar o usar como soporte.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Diseño y materiales

Estas tablas de cortar poseen una excelente particularidad de uso que agrada a los miles de usuarios que día a día la incorporan a sus utensilios de cocina. Esta característica especial es su innovador diseño a doble cara, en donde una de ellas está provista de un surco, con la finalidad de que los líquidos destilados por las carnes, verduras o cualquier otro alimento se canalicen por esa vía y no causen suciedad en el mesón donde se está trabajando. Por su parte una segunda faz cuya textura es completamente lisa, que bien puede ser utilizada para picar o como soporte de ollas, sartenes, entre otros utensilios.

Este modelo de tablas de cortar Twinzee TW-CTB-1 recurre al bambú como material de elaboración, debido a sus propiedades antimicrobianas, olvidándonos así de los molestos mohos que generalmente presentan este tipo de tablas a causa de la humedad, misma producto de las constantes limpiezas realizadas.


Al momento de pensar en la compra de una tabla de cortar es imperante plantearse el uso que le daremos, ya que de ello dependerán las dimensiones que necesitaremos para trabajar sobre ella, siendo entonces la recomendación más certera, adquirir una superficie de corte espaciosa, esto con la finalidad de poder manipular varios alimentos simultáneamente. Ahora bien, si hacemos hincapié específicamente en este modelo de tablas de cortar Twinzee TW-CTB-1, podremos verificar que cuenta con una estupenda superficie de 46 x 32 x 1,9 centímetros y un peso de tan sólo 1,7 kilogramos.

La misma presente en el amplio mercado de utensilios de cocina como una tabla suficientemente espaciosa destinada a la realización de cortes, esto a gran variedad de carnes, verduras, frutas, entre otras tantas. Razón por la cual miles de usuarios a nivel mundial están hablando positivamente de este producto y posicionándolo en los primeros lugares de sus listas de compra.


Las tablas de cortar Twinzee TW-CTB-1 gracias a su elaboración 100% en bambú ecológico ofrecen una gran paleta de beneficios a todo aquel que decida adquirirla, en primer lugar podrás estar seguro que los alimentos no adquirirán ningún tipo de químico extra procedente de su superficie, debido a que la misma no posee ningún tipo de tratamiento de coloración ni pesticidas.

Por su parte, podrás lavarla directamente bajo el grifo o simplemente limpiarla con un trapo húmedo, puesto que el bambú posee ciertas propiedades antibacterianas e inclusive antimicrobianas, por lo que no tendrás que preocuparte por el molesto moho producido a causa de la humedad. Así como también los cuchillos no volverán a perder su filo al cortar sobre este utensilio el cual es suave con la hoja de los mismos, a diferencia de las tablas de cristal y/o plástico.

Finalmente, es importante recordarle a los compradores que el producto cuenta con una garantía de devolución del dinero, esto tiene vigencia si algunas de las especificaciones anteriormente mencionadas no es cumplida.

Zeller 24801

Otro ejemplo de la mejor Tabla de cortar es este modelo elaborado en madera de caucho natural, el cual es moderadamente dura y de fibras rectas, que tiene propiedades anti-fúngicas, lo cual resulta muy adecuado para su uso en la preparación de alimentos. Esta tabla tiene un atractivo diseño resultante del encolado en forma de mosaico, es sólida y gruesa, con dimensiones de 23 x 25 x 2 cm pero también cómoda y de poco peso.

No se resbala al cortar los alimentos porque tiene 4 pequeños pies antideslizantes que además no dejan que se ensucie mucho la base. No se arquea con la humedad, es fuerte y duradera, con lo que te asegura largo aguante porque además cuenta con alta resistencia de corte. Es de acabado liso, sin ranuras, lo cual evita que puedan permanecer restos de comida atorados.

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