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Dehumidifiers – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Eliminating humidity from the spaces of your home is a very important process that will help you purify the air, preventing the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and mold. This is accomplished with the use of a dehumidifier. However, not all the equipment that you are going to come across in the market is the same, so it is necessary that before making a hasty purchase you examine its main characteristics and compare them with your needs. A highly recommended model is the De’Longhi DNC65, which has a minimalist design and high-quality finishes. The casing was made of resistant polymer with a soft touch and its portable format offers great lightness, making it possible to handle the equipment comfortably and store it quickly. But if you’re looking for a device with easy mobility, then theOrbegozo DH 2050 may be the right one, since it also incorporates wheels and can eliminate up to 20 liters of moisture per day.

Opinions on the best dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are very popular equipment on the market, so there is currently a wide variety of models at your disposal. It is important that you keep in mind that not all equipment incorporates the same specifications, so you must verify them and analyze if they adapt to your spaces. For our part, we present you some outstanding products that are supported by thousands of buyers worldwide for their effective performance.

De’Longhi Dehumidifier

De’Longhi DNC65

This De’Longhi dehumidifier has high quality standards, which you can verify through its operation, attractive design and resistance. It is thanks to these characteristics that you will find it positioned among the best dehumidifiers of 2022. We will start by talking about its structure, which has a format of 28.9 x 17 x 47 centimeters, weighs 5.5 kilograms and is made of stainless steel alloy with robust white polymer.

Its tank has a capacity of two liters and incorporates an indicator, so that you can verify the level of the liquid collected by the purifier. Its work force is equivalent to 520 watts, the input voltage of alternating current is 230 volts and the frequency is 50 Hz. In this way, you will enjoy a maximum flow of 160 cubic meters of air per hour, being suitable for rooms without greater than 80 square meters. In addition, the De’Longhi dehumidifier is quite quiet, generating only 34 decibels of noise.

The De’Longhi house has a series of quality identifiers that position it before buyers as the best brand of dehumidifiers. Proof of this is its DeLonghi DNC65 model, which has been provided with an elegant, resistant structure and silent operation.


Noise: This is a fairly quiet dehumidifier, producing approximately 34 decibels of noise during operation.

Dimensions: The measurements of depth, width, height that this dehumidifier has are 28.9 x 17 x 47 centimeters.

Weight: The equipment has a weight of 5.5 kilograms, which with the help of the built-in fastening system you can handle comfortably.

Casing: For the elaboration of the casing of this dehumidifier, the manufacturer used both polymer and stainless steel, offering a resistant structure.


Lower base: Some of the users have missed the incorporation of a base with wheels, which allows the equipment to be moved on any surface of the home.

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Orbegozo dehumidifier

Orbegozo DH 2050

After knowing this model developed by the Orbegozo house, you will not have to ask yourself again which is the best dehumidifier, since this product fully answers this question. It is a team of 15.1 kilograms, robust polymer housing with a soft touch and a format of 34 x 24.5 x 57 centimeters.

In addition, this Orbegozo dehumidifier incorporates a base with flexible wheels, so that you can move the structure from one space to another with total freedom and comfort. The Orbegozo dehumidifier has a maximum energy consumption equivalent to 355 watts, the alternating current input is 230 volts and the noise level generated reaches 40 decibels.

Among other specifications, we must also mention its capacity to eliminate up to 20 liters of moisture per day, a tank with a holding capacity of 3.5 liters and a connection system for a drain hose. It also adds a removable and reusable air filter. Knowing which dehumidifier to buy may take more time than you might expect, considering the variety of designs out there today. Below, you will find the pros and cons of a model with great power, low power consumption and a format that adapts to any space in your home.


Format: The equipment has dimensions of 34 x 24.5 x 57 centimeters and a weight of 15.1 kilograms.

Power: The dehumidifier has a nominal power of 350 watts and an AC input of 230 volts.

Wheels: In the lower area of ​​the casing you will find a base with wheels, arranged to improve the mobility of the dehumidifier from one space to another.

Filter: This dehumidifier incorporates an air filter system, which you can remove to wash whenever you want.


Noise: Some of the buyers have indicated that the noise level generated by the dehumidifier is a bit high and annoying.

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industrial dehumidifier

Nemaxx BT55X

If you want to find an industrial dehumidifier, you can consider this model, which has a remarkable processing capacity of about 55 liters per day, which means the conditioning of spaces at a good level.

This equipment is recommended for those looking for the best dehumidifier, since it is an easy-to-operate device, even when this process is carried out manually. To do this, it incorporates a menu in the front area with direct buttons to execute its basic functions.

Likewise, it is a model that does not require maintenance, due to the fact that its activity cycle is closed. This eliminates the need to refill the coolant over and over again, as is the case with other models.

The estimated air circulation with the equipment is 350 m³/h, while its noise level is low, because the compressor is silent. On the other hand, it works with a built-in drain hose that optimizes the entire process.

The following are the pros and cons of a model that stands out in the market for its performance capacity.


Capacity: This dehumidifier has an estimated capacity of 55 liters, with an air circulation range corresponding to 350 m³/h.

Management: For management, buttons are incorporated to activate the basic functions in a simple and manual way.

Maintenance: The equipment does not require major maintenance tasks, since it is closed cycle.

Hose: It is a model with a hose, so that when connecting it, a continuous flow of water is obtained.


Scheduler: Buyers have commented that the addition of a scheduler is required, to configure the detection of the equipment at a certain time.

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electric dehumidifier

Orbegozo DH 1039

Another model promoted by users is this electric dehumidifier, which can work in an approximate area of ​​35 square meters, managing to eliminate 10 liters of water daily. This is a suitable level for a good number of spaces in the home.

The dehumidifier incorporates an air filter that further purifies the space and at the same time is washable, maximizing hygiene levels in each place. On the other hand, its operation is quite intuitive, due to the fact that it has light indicators that indicate when the tank is full or simply that the equipment is working.

Likewise, the capacity of the tank is 1.5 liters, which is adequate in relation to the space where you place it. As for its power, we must mention that it is 240 W, this being a convenient range to provide efficient performance. Likewise, it operates quietly, with a noise level recorded at 46 decibels.

Next, we present the pros and cons of an electric type model, with interesting features that you should take into consideration.


Deposit: The deposit has 1.5 liters of storage, being a suitable range for small spaces.

Capacity: It has an estimated processing capacity of 10 liters per day, suitable for an average space of 35 square meters.

Power: It has a power of 240 W, this being an adequate level for its efficient performance.

Indicators: The device has two light indicators: the first allows you to see the operating status of the equipment and the second indicates if the tank is full.


Hygrometer: Buyers have mentioned that a hygrometer is needed, in order to know what the current humidity level is in the place where the appliance is installed.

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desiccant dehumidifier

Pro Breeze 12L

If the search is oriented towards a desiccant dehumidifier or a cheap dehumidifier, you can consider this Pro Breeze model, recommended for spaces such as the bathroom or similar, due to its favorable 12-liter processing capacity.

It is a device that works efficiently, having the property of automatic disconnection. In this sense, once the dehumidifier tank is full, the equipment stops working, knowing that its containment capacity is 2.2 liters.

On the other hand, it incorporates four operating modes, according to the purpose of use, even offering a clothes drying mode. All its configurations can be done by means of a touch panel added to the main structure. For comfortable movement from one space to another, it has wheels in the lower area, in addition to having other special features such as a child lock or serving as a fan.

In order for you to get to know this model better, we have summarized its most important aspects below.


Modes: It offers four operating modes, depending on the needs of the user.

Wheels: For a comfortable movement, the manufacturer added wheels in the lower part of the device.

Disconnection: It has an automatic disconnection function once the tank has reached its maximum containment level.

Capacity: It is capable of extracting 12 liters of liquid per day, this being a convenient level.


Reservoir: Some buyers have mentioned that the reservoir on this dehumidifier has a low capacity.

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Daitsu dehumidifier

Daitsu 3NDA0047

In case you make the selection based on the brand, read the specifications of this Daitsu dehumidifier, characterized by its low level of sound production, which is located at 43 decibels. Likewise, it consists of a three-litre water tank, being adequate to complete a given operating cycle.

On the other hand, the model has a processing capacity of 20 liters per day, which allows it to work properly for spaces with an average of 52 square meters.

Likewise, we must mention that the structure is compact and allows comfortable handling, with wheels at the bottom that facilitate effortless movement. To keep the equipment in good condition, it has been provided with two alerts, one that signals the time to empty the tank and the other the cleaning of the filters. You can see the other information about its activity on the digital control panel it has.

Below, we present the pros and cons of this model from the manufacturer Daitsu that has received praise from buyers.


Alerts: Its operation is accompanied by alerts, to indicate when to empty the tank and wash the filters.

Capacity: The model has the capacity to dehumidify up to 20 liters of water each day, with a range of activity in spaces of approximately 52 square meters.

Sound: Produces a tolerable level of sound, which stands at 43 decibels.

Tank: It has a tank that collects an acceptable amount of liquid, this being 3 liters.


Weight: The weight of the equipment may be higher for some users, compared to other models.

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small dehumidifier

Houzetek Mini

For those who are checking models in search of the best value for money dehumidifier, this equipment from the Houzetek house cannot go unnoticed, which apart from offering great efficiency in its performance is also among the cheapest of our recommended products. It is a small dehumidifier that has a motor with a power of 23 watts and a voltage of 9 volts, being an adequate workforce to remove moisture from spaces no larger than 20 square meters.

In addition, its noise level is equivalent to 30 decibels. This mini dehumidifier has a format of 22 x 15.5 x 13 centimeters, weighs only 0.89 kilograms and its tank has a holding capacity of 500 milliliters. The casing of this cheap dehumidifier is made of white and navy blue ABS polymer, providing resistance, good finishes and softness to the touch. Sometimes, it can be placed in the closet and used for drying clothes. This dehumidifier has a portable, lightweight format with adequate air flow to remove moisture from small rooms. But in addition to everything, it is one of the cheapest models you will find.


Weight: You will be able to handle the dehumidifier comfortably, since its weight is only 0.89 kilograms.

Dimensions: It is a mini dehumidifier of just 22 x 15.5 x 13 centimeters, which you can place in any space in the room without bothering you.

Flow: The air flow of the dehumidifier is suitable for spaces up to 20 square meters.

Tank: The tank incorporated in this model of dehumidifiers has a containment capacity of 500 milliliters.

Cons Instruction manual: Some users have complained because the instruction manual is printed in English and has no translation into other languages.

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Kayami Dehumidifier

Kayami DN 16-E

Another option that you can take into consideration is this Kayami dehumidifier, which meets important requirements, such as continuous drainage through a hose that you must install independently. Likewise, it is a model with a compact design that will be easy to place in any space, considering the fact that it has wheels to move it effortlessly.

In the same way, it has a digital type control panel, with the various buttons for its most important functions. Likewise, you can choose between two ventilation speeds to achieve a comfortable air conditioning of spaces.

So that it can work for hours without requiring your supervision, it has a timer that allows you to program its performance for a certain period of time, up to 24 hours. As for the noise level, we must mention that the manufacturer indicates an estimate of 40 decibels. It works with a voltage range between 220 and 240 volts, making it easy to connect.

These are the main favorable and unfavorable characteristics of this model of Kayami dehumidifiers.


Panel: It incorporates a control panel with an indicator screen, LED lights and quick action buttons.

Programming: Allows programming for a maximum of 24 hours of operation, making better use of the equipment.

Drainage: It admits the possibility of continuous drainage, which would mean a good level of comfort in its use, as it does not have to empty a tank.

Ventilation: It offers the ventilation function, with two different speed levels to choose the most convenient one.


Sound: It has been commented that choosing the silent mode does not notice such a noticeable change in sound production.

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Other products

Comfee MDDF-20DEN3

With a minimalist design in white, an easy-to-handle structure and instinctive operation, you will find this model marketed under the Comfee label. It is the best dehumidifier, according to the opinion of the buyers. Its 35 x 24.5 x 51 centimeter structure has been made of robust polymer with a shiny appearance, soft touch and a weight of 14 kilograms. The design incorporates a grip area at the top end as well as a bottom base with flexible wheels. In this way, you can move the equipment with total comfort and safety throughout the house.

Among other specifications, we must mention the incorporation of an easy-to-read LCD screen, ready to monitor the humidity level, program the turbo function and the 24-hour timer with automatic restart. In addition, it is important that you bear in mind that the device is suitable for spaces of up to 100 square meters, its removable tank has a capacity of 20 liters and with the purchase you will enjoy a three-year guarantee.

According to the positive evaluations made by the buyers in the different web portals, this could well be the best dehumidifier of the moment. Its casing has an adequate grip method, practical mobilization and operation is instinctive.


Wheels: In the lower part of the structure, a base with wheels was incorporated, which will allow a better and faster mobilization of the device.

Dimensions: The rectangular format of this dehumidifier has dimensions height, width, depth of 51 x 35 x 24.5 centimeters respectively.

Weight: This model of humidifiers has a robust casing weighing approximately 14 kilograms.

Screen: The manufacturer incorporated an easy and quick-read LCD screen, which will allow you to monitor the operation of the device.


Noise: Buyers agree when they complain about the level of noise generated by the dehumidifier, since after a few hours of work it can become a bit uncomfortable.

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Rowenta DH4130F0

On this occasion, Rowenta brings to the market a model with great visual appeal, an elegant casing and high-quality finishes. The equipment has a robust body with height, width, and depth dimensions of 65 x 42 x 33 centimeters and a weight of 16 kilograms. The structure incorporates lower wheels and a pair of handles, designed so that you can manipulate the equipment without any inconvenience.

At the top, you will find a small digitized control panel, so you can program the 24-hour timer, select between the two speed levels and, in addition, activate a special function for drying clothes. Also, it is necessary to indicate that the daily capacity of humidity eliminated by the device is equivalent to 25 liters, the containment tank has a capacity of 5.2 liters, with an energy consumption of 430 watts, a maximum voltage of 240 volts and a level noise level of 52 decibels.

The Rowenta DH4130F0 dehumidifiers have been designed to offer instinctive and silent operation, as well as an easy-to-handle structure.


Format: The equipment case has dimensions of 65 x 42 x 33 centimeters, which adapt to any space in your home without causing discomfort.

Noise: The device generates a noise level between 41 and 52 decibels, which will vary depending on the selected speed.

Screen: The manufacturer incorporated an LED screen with a digitized panel in the upper area of ​​the casing, with which you can program and monitor the performance of the dehumidifier.

Handles: The structure of the dehumidifier incorporates a pair of ergonomic handles, which will allow you to enjoy a proper grip when moving the equipment.


Cost: One of the clients has complained about the cost of this model of dehumidifier, since in his opinion it is a bit high.

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Guide to buying a dehumidifier

When buying a dehumidifier, you should take into account a series of tips that will be essential to make the right selection. For this reason, we have grouped them in the following guide to buying the best dehumidifier on the market, as a way to help you in the selection process.

Shopping guide


The manufacture of the dehumidifier is essential to estimate that it will be a quality model and will offer a long useful life. In this sense, in addition to the technique used in the assembly process, it is important that you look at the materials that have been used in the structure.

Thus, the parts are commonly made up of polymers for the main casing, the tank and the wheels, while steel, copper, aluminum, among other materials, are used in the internal part. He prefers those prototypes made with this type of solid raw material or even those that involve even more robust materials.

Dimensions and weight

When comparing dehumidifiers, it is essential to pay attention to the dimensions and weight of the model you are interested in. Thus, in the dimensions you must analyze that the equipment fits in the space where you intend to place it, knowing that, in addition to the location, the dimensions influence the general handling of the equipment and even its performance, since it is expected that a larger model it will have a higher level of moisture processing, although this is not always the case.

Regarding the weight, you should know that it is an element that goes together with the size, hence a heavier model will be more difficult to locate or move from one place to another, if required. However, the lighter models may suggest average performance, so choose a standard weight range, knowing that there are options at 5, 10 and even 15kg.

Reservoir or drain

Dehumidifiers work with a system that reduces the level of water in a space. This water accumulates in a tank or is expelled by the appliance through a drainage system. Both output modes are convenient, although the element to determine the most suitable for you has to do with the frequency and the ability to remove water from the environment that you require.

If you need a model that continuously reduces humidity, it is best to choose the drainage system via hose, since the dehumidifier is installed and the hose is placed in a drainage area. For its part, for a medium degree of water collection, a model with a tank could work well, knowing that you will find prototypes with different capacities. Likewise, you can also find models that offer both options and it is the user who decides which one to use at a given time.


Everyone wants a model that is good and cheap, but this feature is evident in small details such as whether the prototype incorporates wheels for better handling, movement and location in the area where you decide to install it. The wheels are usually small in size, made of plastic to adapt to various types of surfaces and have a standard rotation range. In this sense, it values ​​those models that include them and that also offer adequate performance.

Control Panel

One aspect that greatly influences how much a dehumidifier costs is the control panel it has. There are various panel designs, as there are models that incorporate temperature level indicator screens, with LED lights that indicate the operating status. In other cases, the model does not have a screen but the basic buttons for configuration, such as on, off and a temperature selector.

Thus, if you want to have more configuration and display options, you can choose a model with a more complex panel, but if you want basic performance, you can do without such an advanced control menu. Also, remember that in certain models it is possible to operate using a remote control, so positively evaluate the model that includes it.


Although designed to reduce humidity, these appliances are offered with many other features that enhance the user experience. The choice of one of these prototypes will depend on the needs of the buyer.

However, you should know that there are dehumidifiers with an added hygrometer, to know the level of humidity in a space. Also, some have a child lock function or perform a double task, since they can generate hot air or cold air, which could be used for air conditioning spaces depending on the season.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, a desiccant or refrigerant dehumidifier?

There is no better model than another, since both offer adequate performance and at the same time are designed for opposite purposes, in the sense that although they help to air-condition a space, with the desiccant an area is made drier, while with the refrigerant the generation of cold air occurs.

Q2: Is a dehumidifier and air purifier the same thing?

Is not the same. The dehumidifier has the special function of removing or reducing the humidity present in a certain space, while the air purifier is aimed at filtering the air through the reduction of various particles found in it.

However, there are dehumidifiers that incorporate a filter in their structure, so that they manage not only to remove moisture but also to make spaces purer. However, it is more difficult to find a model designed as a purifier that also allows the reduction of water molecules in a space.

Q3: Why does the dehumidifier not condense water?

When the dehumidifier does not condense the water, it is interpreted as a failure of the device. The causes can be several, but the most common is that the dehumidifier is unable to condense the water because it is at a temperature above the range, which the sensors integrated in the device are unable to register.

In this sense, when the equipment is used in a space where the climate is too cold or too hot, the dehumidifier will probably stop working. According to estimated information, when the humidity level is below 30%, the use of the equipment becomes in vain.

Q4: Who invented the dehumidifier?

There is no exact record of the name of who invented the dehumidifier, but there is an approximate date of invention and the conditions in which it was made. The first equipment dates back to 1902, when it was necessary to condition the spaces in cert

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