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Desk drawer unit – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

The desk chest of drawers is the perfect complement for those desks that do not include this element as standard. A product that has the advantage of being able to be removed directly from the desktop to facilitate cleaning or that we can place anywhere, if necessary. All this without losing space or organization options, as is the case with conventional drawer units. This is what we find in models such as the Intradisa 9003 desk drawer unit. This product has three drawers and a small hole at the top, offering you space to store what you need in an already classic design. If you prefer more shelves, the Maja 40255525 modelIt offers you two large shelves and a lockable drawer in a compact design that you can place wherever you want thanks to its reduced height.

The best desk drawers on the market

To organize our office space efficiently, there is nothing like having drawers in which to store whatever we want. But if our desk does not have these drawers, it will be necessary to ask ourselves what is the best desk drawer that we can find. The good news is that the offer is wide, so that in our selection of the best desk drawers of 2022 we will find models that range from the most conventional to the compact, with formats and spaces for all types of users.

Intradisa 9003

When looking for the best desk chest of drawers of the moment, the Intradisa 9003 model is an alternative to the conventional that can be interesting. A model with conventional measurements but with a three-drawer design and a small shelf, in which it is easy to store things you use regularly and always have them close at hand.

A beautiful chest of drawers available in two colors and that has been made of 16-millimeter melamine, so it adequately supports intensive use and weight. The same goes for its wheels, which make it easy to move.

If you are not sure which desk drawer to buy but if you are looking for something different, this model has what you need.


Shelf : This model combines three drawers with a hollow shelf where you can place those things that you always want to have close at hand.

Finishes : The chest of drawers comes with finishes in wenge or oak tones, depending on what suits you best.

Measurements : The measurements are adequate to fit properly under your desk and make good use of the space.

Handles : Its large handles make it easier to open and close the drawers.

Resistance : Thanks to the quality of its construction, this model supports a good amount of weight, and can even be used as a side table or printer, if you prefer.


Lock : Although the chest of drawers has a lock, it only affects the first drawer and not the other two.

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Maja 40255525

If you are one of those who prefer fewer drawers and more shelves under your desk, the model

Maja 40255525 is just what you need. This desk chest of drawers has a drawer and two shelves, so you can organize your own space in the way that best suits you. A somewhat more compact product than usual, with a height of 59.1 centimeters, which fits perfectly on any desk. And don’t worry about quality, because the product has been made of melamine, just like the best desk drawer unit you can find.

Let’s see more details of this alternative to the conventional chest of drawers, located as the best price-quality desk chest of drawers in our selection.


Dimensions: The dimensions of the product are somewhat tighter, so the product is interesting if your desk is not very tall or you want something smaller.

Finish: The oak tone finish gives this product an extra presence, fitting into any conventional decoration.

Resistance : Despite being among the cheapest desk drawers of the moment, its manufacture is of quality, both in materials and finishes.

Lock : The upper drawer has a lock, to keep those objects that you want to keep safer.


Shelves : The two-shelf, one-drawer configuration may not appeal to those who prefer more enclosed spaces for their things.

Instructions : The assembly instructions may not be in Spanish, which makes the process difficult.

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Homecom ES836-0480731

It is a desk chest of drawers that offers ample storage space, thanks to its 3 drawers suitable for storing books, documents, pencils, among others. In addition, it is made of MDF with a melamine coating to promote resistance.

It has a white external structure and the drawers offer a natural wood look on the front face, in this way, it is possible to combine the chest of drawers with different decorations. For greater practicality, it includes the assembly instructions, as well as all the accessories to install it quickly.

On the other hand, it has an elegant, modern and minimalist look, so that it not only allows you to organize different elements, but can also add an attractive touch to the space. As if that were not enough, it has 4 swivel wheels that allow you to easily move it around the room. In this case, the front wheels have brakes to ensure stability.

If you are looking for a versatile and resistant chest of drawers that you can use at home or in the office, then you need to consider the characteristics of this model.


Practicality: It has 4 lower wheels that provide stability and allow you to move the chest of drawers in a practical way. Plus, each drawer features an opening in the top left corner for added convenience.

Materials: It is made of melamine-coated MDF board, which increases the resistance of the structure and allows you to clean it easily with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

Design: The front face of the drawers has a natural oak wood finish and both the internal compartments and the external structure are white, which favors a more attractive design.


Depth: The drawers may not be as deep as the chest of drawers, which could take away from storage space, but at the same time avoid bumps in the back when closing them.

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If you missed a traditional chest of drawers, one of those of a lifetime, here we have it. The Wohnling WL1 model has the usual measurements of 60 centimeters high by 40 wide and its distribution of two single drawers and one double drawer to place your hanging folders without complications.

A model with an elegant beech-colored finish, handles in silver tones and four double wheels with brakes so that you can place the chest of drawers as you like and not clash in your office. All this in a product made of MDF with a melamine finish, as a traditional cut product that it is.

Although it is not among our cheapest options, this traditional style chest of drawers is an investment worth making, as you will see below.


Space : The product has a height of 60 centimeters and a three-drawer design, with two conventional drawers and a bottom drawer for hanging files.

Handles : The handles in a glossy finish offer good resistance and are not annoying to use or dangerous when passing near the chest of drawers.

Finish : The beech color finish and the quality of its chipboard give you everything you need to dress your office with elegance and good resistance.


Drawer fit: Some users comment that the drawer fit can be improved, although it is something that can be improved with a correct fit in the assembly.

Assembly : The product is shipped disassembled so you will have to spend some time on it before using the product.

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White Tufurniturekit

Beech, black, oak… and also white. The Tumueblekit Blanca chest of drawers is the model we have chosen for those who prefer furniture in this colour. A product with a classic and timeless design in bright white, accompanied by details such as the large size of its metal handles or the black wheels, which give it a different touch.

A product with three drawers in which it is easy to store everything you need, since they are quite wide and spacious. A model that is finished off with the usual high-density melamine construction with a durable finish that does not stain excessively and is easy to clean.

If you prefer to get a white desk drawer for your desk, this model offers you ample space to store everything you need.


Space: The three included drawers give you the necessary space to store everything you want and always have it at hand.

Finish: The white finish is not only stylish, but also easy to clean and durable over time.

Handles : The large handles are properly assembled and facilitate the opening of the drawers without effort.


Total height: The total height of the chest of drawers with the wheels is approximately 67 centimeters, which should be taken into account when organizing the space.

Drawer measurements: The measurements of the drawers are out of the usual, since they are not as high as the hanging drawers nor as low as the conventional ones.

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The SONGMICS LCD22B chest of drawers is another model that falls within the cheap and compact desk chest of drawers in our selection. A product with measurements of 54.5 centimeters in height where there is enough space for a conventional drawer and a file drawer, in which to store everything you need.

A content that will be safe thanks to the lockable closure included in the product. It also has quality details, such as the large handles and the guides that facilitate the opening of the drawers, without the risk of their premature deterioration.

Let’s learn more about this model, from which some users stand out as the best brand of desk drawers of the moment.


Guides : The long-reach metal guides facilitate the opening of the drawers without the risk of tipping or premature deterioration.

Lock : Unlike other models, this chest of drawers closes completely with the included key and not just the first drawer, as usual.

File drawer: The lower drawer allows you to place hanging folders and work with your files as if it were a filing cabinet.


Assembly: The assembly process is quite laborious, so be patient and follow the instructions properly.

Finishes : Some user comments that the finishes can be improved, since they have received scratched or defective pieces of wood.

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