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Countertop oven – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Heating food in a few minutes is a great advantage that tabletop ovens can offer us. In addition, it is compact equipment that does not take up too much space in the kitchen and can, if necessary, be stored or transported. If you lack purchase options, we recommend you take a look at the Woltu BF04sz, which has a capacity of 15 liters and is easily cleaned by its lower tray that collects crumbs. On the other hand, from a recognized brand, the Moulinex Optimo OX4958 is another outstanding high-capacity oven, so you don’t limit yourself and prepare the necessary portions.

The 9 Best Countertop Ovens – Opinions 2022

Identifying the best countertop oven is probably your main objective when arriving at our comparison, which is why we have selected 9 models that have become the favorites of users, because they offer an attractive combination of features.

tabletop electric oven

1. Woltu Table Top Electric Oven 1300W

Gas installations can be expensive and difficult to install in a rented apartment. That is why this 15-litre capacity electric tabletop oven is so convenient. Also, if you have little space in the kitchen, it can be adapted to your needs, as it is very compact.

Talking more about its design, it only weighs 5.1 kg and has two heat sources: top and bottom; that you can select for, for example, au gratin. Its casing is black, a neutral tone that is easy to combine and in terms of its power, it can reach 230ºC.

On the other hand, if you do not want to invest too much money in this type of appliance, you will be pleased to know that this model is one of the cheapest in our comparison. But this does not imply poor quality, on the contrary, it has good finishes.

Now we invite you to know a summary, organized in pros and cons, of this model that could be the best tabletop oven of the moment, if you want something small.


Timer: This practical function can help you remember the exact moment when your preparations are ready.

Inner tray: Cleaning the oven is easier thanks to this accessory, in which food remains accumulate.

Power: As it is a 1300-watt oven, it does not consume much energy, but it reaches 230ºC.


Small: You must bear in mind that it is a mini oven, so the amount of food to be prepared will be limited.

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2. Freihafen Convection Tabletop Oven 1500W multifunction electric

Many people like the taste of chicken prepared in the oven, so in our selection we did not want to leave out a model that helps you make this type of recipe. In this sense, the Freihafen model includes among its accessories the rotating skewer, which is essential so that the entire exterior of the chicken is exposed to heat, achieving uniform cooking and the characteristic golden coating that distinguishes it.

Similarly, you may be interested to know that this electric tabletop oven is, due to its design, quite resistant, since it is made with a stainless steel casing. In addition, its 30-litre capacity allows you to use it to make dishes for several people, without it being a very large oven. Similarly, its 7 cooking modes are attractive, to select the most suitable for each occasion.

The best countertop oven is the one that meets your expectations when cooking for your family. Discover more relevant aspects of this model. 


Size: Being a medium-sized oven, it does not take up too much space on the counter and has a good capacity.

Heat selector: You can easily choose the temperature to cook your food, as it is duly marked on the button for this purpose.

Defrosting: Includes this practical function so you can prepare previously frozen food.


Color: Those who want to combine this oven with other appliances may find a disadvantage in color, as black is the only color available.

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Moulinex tabletop oven

3. Moulinex Optimo OX4958 Convection Oven 6 Cooking Modes

A large countertop oven is, for large families, the effective solution so that food can be prepared in the right portions. It is for this reason that the Optimo model can be purchased in its 60-litre version. But in case such capacity is excessive, you could also choose its smaller versions.

On the other hand, this Moulinex tabletop oven is characterized by offering a homogeneous cooking of food and you can choose the most appropriate for your recipes from 6 modes. Similarly, its power of 2200 watts stands out, which offers you a temperature of up to 240 ºC. Thanks to this, you could cook up to two dishes at the same time. Reason why it is among the best tabletop ovens of 2022.

To determine with certainty which countertop oven to buy, the best strategy is to know in detail the options on the market that have caught your attention. Let us analyze more relevant aspects of this model.


Grill function: You can give your dishes a touch of special flavor with its grill function.

Accessories: It is a very complete appliance, as it includes multiple accessories to expand its uses.

Appearance: The high-quality finishes and elegant exterior design could blend well with any kitchen.


Cost: It is not one of the cheapest ovens on our list, but its attributes make up for this drawback.

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60 liter tabletop oven

4. MaxellPower Electric convection oven and rustipollo 2500W

If your preparations are not enough for all your guests, it may be time to change the capacity of the device you cook on. In such a case, the MaxellPower 60-liter tabletop oven is a good option, since its structure and technology allow uniform heating, despite the fact that the amount of food you introduce has a large volume. This is due to its 2500W power and the different cooking modes it offers.

On the other hand, it is a robust appliance and its internal zinc coating helps it to withstand frequent use. Also, its various functions stand out, such as the 120-minute timer and the end-of-cooking signal; without forgetting to mention that you can adjust its temperature from 100 to 230ºC.

If you are wondering which is the best tabletop oven, which has a large capacity and a reasonable cost, this model may be what you are looking for. Check out our next section.


Heat sources: The oven has 4 heat generators, which you can select according to the requirements of your preparation.

Rustipollo: You can make this type of recipe thanks to its included accessories.

Power: Thanks to the fact that it has a power of 2500 watts, it offers uniform cooking and generates heat quickly.


Size: You should choose the location of the oven in your kitchen carefully, as its weight and size could make it difficult to change later.

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Orbegozo tabletop oven

5. Orbegozo HO232 Electric tabletop oven 1500 W

Orbegozo is a brand of household appliances that is distinguished by the good quality of its appliances, but also because they are offered at competitive prices. Due to such a combination, it is not surprising that this model is considered the best price-quality tabletop oven among many others on the market.

To meet the needs of a small family, it has a capacity of 23 liters and its power of 1500 watts does not generate excessive energy consumption, but allows it to reach 230 ºC. On the other hand, it includes 4 heat generators that will help to cook your food evenly.

Regarding its appearance, it has a nice design and its control panel with a light background makes it very easy to use, since it creates a contrast that makes it easier to read and choose functions.

If you want to try one of the most renowned Spanish brands in household appliances, we invite you to learn more about this Orbegozo tabletop oven.


Timer function: Your food will not exceed the corresponding cooking time thanks to this function.

Easy to use: The oven offers intuitive and practical use, so you don’t have to study complex instructions.

Safety: By including a hook to remove the rack, you can avoid burns when using the oven.


Capacity: Although it is not considered a mini oven, you should keep in mind that it is designed to prepare small portions.

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45 liter tabletop oven

6. Jata HN945 Countertop Oven with 4 Rotisserie Functions

With a good rating in the energy consumption table, this 45-liter tabletop oven is a piece of equipment that will not affect your electricity bill too much. But in addition, it has a capacity that can meet the needs of a medium-sized family.

As for its ability to generate heat, it has 2000 watts of power, so it is considered effective in this regard. In addition, it incorporates practical functions to make the cooking process more comfortable, such as a timer and its accessory for roasting chickens.

As far as its design and aesthetics are concerned, it also has interesting features. Its structure is robust, as it is made with quality materials and its resistances are made of stainless steel. Likewise, it stands out for its good finishes and a sober style, which can be combined very well with any decoration trend.

With this model, Jata seeks to position itself as the best brand of tabletop ovens. It will be you who decides if it is the one that meets your expectations.


Grill: You can comfortably gratin in this oven by selecting the special function for this type of preparation.

Ease of use: It is very easy to find the necessary configuration for each dish, thanks to its three selection buttons.

Size: Although it is a 45-liter capacity oven, its size of 56 x 38 x 35.5 cm can be considered practical.


Weight: Its 11 kilograms of weight do not allow you to change it frequently.

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Cecotec tabletop oven

7. Cecotec Bake&Toast 750 Gyro Countertop Convection Oven

Something that stands out about the Cecotec tabletop oven is its wide variety of cooking modes, since you will have the possibility to choose from 12 options the one that best suits your recipe. In addition, due to its 2,000 watt power, it can reach a temperature of 230ºC, therefore, your food is prepared in a short time and with sufficient heat. On the other hand, its fan can be activated or not, depending on what you prefer.

Another interesting feature in this oven is its accessory for preparing roasts and the heat source selector, which will allow you to configure whether the resistance of the upper or lower section or both will be activated, for greater versatility. In the same way, to avoid burns, you can make use of its practical accessory, which facilitates the extraction of the grid. On the other hand, it is offered in two color options: black and white.

Below you can learn more about this Cecotec model, which is among the cheapest tabletop ovens on the list.


Capacity: It is a 46-liter oven, which can be convenient for families of approximately 4 members.

Temperature: Combines adequate power with a temperature of up to 230ºC, to cook different recipes in the oven.

Colour: To combine the oven with the rest of your appliances, you can choose it in black or white. 


Timer: While this feature is handy, it limits you to 60 minutes of use, which might be short for some slow-cooked foods.

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Countertop oven with convection

8. Bastilipo Milan Black Countertop electric kitchen oven

A tabletop oven with convection is characterized by being able to generate a homogeneous temperature throughout the interior, which it achieves through its fans. This affects the efficient cooking of food, which is why many prefer them. This is something that the Bastilipo oven can offer, but it also stands out for its large capacity of 55 liters, which will be enough to prepare your recipes in sufficient quantity for your whole family.

On the other hand, you won’t have any problems removing your dishes from the oven once they’re ready, because its design includes a cool-touch handle and an accessory for safely handling the racks.

If you are wondering about its interior dimensions, these are 41 x 43 x 31 cm, so it provides enough space for your trays.

This oven could be a good choice if you are looking for capacity and practicality. Learn about other outstanding features in it and its possible drawbacks.


Materials: This oven, being made of stainless steel, is resistant to use and can last for a long time in your kitchen, fulfilling its purpose.

Timer: You can avoid overcooking your food thanks to this function and avoid consuming more energy than necessary.

Colour: It is possible to purchase this model in two colours, black and steel, to combine it with the rest of your appliances.


Rotary buttons: An inconvenience that reduces the durability of the design is the selectors, which are made of plastic.

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Delonghi countertop oven

9. DeLonghi EO 32852 Toaster ovens with convection 2200 W

A brand that has managed to position itself among the favorites in the market is Delonghi, and on this occasion it presents us with a 32-litre oven. This feature classifies it as a medium-capacity model, so it can be practical without taking up much space.

Combining black with a silver front, its styling adds a modern, professional look to your exterior. On the other hand, it makes it easier to read the configurations it offers, for intuitive and comfortable use.

In relation to its power, it has 2200 watts so that it quickly reaches the necessary temperature for your preparations, and you do not have to worry about the heat not being distributed evenly, since its resistances and the fan make this Delonghi tabletop oven very efficient.

Before buying any oven, you should be aware of the possible negative features of the model. Learn more about this device below.


Levels: You can introduce your preparations comfortably, thanks to its different height levels for the grids.

Speed: Thanks to its power, you won’t have to wait too long to cook your food.

Configuration: You can choose from where the heat will be generated, to gratin or cook in different ways.


Temperature: It is indicated that the maximum temperature reached by this model is 220ºC, which is slightly lower than the rest of the ovens in our selection.

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Shopping guide

An activity that many people enjoy is cooking and countertop ovens are a very versatile element in this regard. However, just knowing how much a model costs is not enough to determine if it is the best. Below we will help you identify which one could be the right one for you, by highlighting the main features that you have to consider when making your own comparison of countertop ovens.

Capacity and dimensions

We will start this guide to buy the best countertop oven by analyzing the size of this appliance. By being very clear about your needs at this point, you will be able to discard a large number of models that do not fit your expectations and focus on other features. 

Since it is an appliance that will be permanently exposed, it is essential that you consider the space you have available on your counter or somewhere else near the kitchen. In addition, you will also have to contrast the size with the volume of food that you have to prepare. If your family is large, we recommend opting for one with more than 40 liters, but if it is an oven for students or a single person, then a 20-liter oven could be more than enough.

Power and features

Not all recipes are created equal when it comes to their cooking needs. While some need even heat coming from different sources, such as roasts or rustipollos, others, such as gratins, must receive heat from above. This is generally not a problem, since countertop ovens have heat selectors, so you can choose the resistance that you are going to activate each time. However, we recommend that you check this type of function to avoid surprises.

Now, if you usually store pre-cooked frozen foods, it can be very convenient to know if the oven you choose includes a defrost function. Thus, it will be useful for preparing this type of dish.

On the other hand, so that you do not have limitations when preparing meats or foods that need a greater amount of heat, it is convenient that you look at its power. This data is directly related to the maximum temperature it can reach, according to its size. A versatile oven at this point should be able to generate enough heat in its resistances so that its interior reaches between 200 and 240 degrees Celsius.


Although a countertop oven is usually cheap in price, we are sure that you do not want to throw it away in a short time because it has deteriorated quickly. That is why it is important that you check that it is a model with a robust structure. Due to the temperature that they can reach, these devices have to be made with metallic alloys and the front glass must be tempered, so that it resists changes in temperature without crashing.

The interior distribution of the oven is another point that you should not forget. It is very convenient that you can place the grids at different levels, so that it adjusts to the needs and volume of your preparation. For example, if you are going to prepare cookies, you could use up to two racks, but if it is a cake, then when it is cooked it could increase its volume considerably, until it reaches the highest resistances if you do not place it at an appropriate level in the oven.

Other features that you can review are the opening system, to make it comfortable and ergonomic, as it will make it easier for you to remove your dishes when they are ready. In addition, the way to set the type of cooking must be intuitive and easy, with easy-to-use buttons or controls. Now, so that you are aware of your preparation and can supervise the process at all times, it is very useful that it has an interior light.


In an oven of this type, the good experience is given by the accessories that are included with the purchase, or by those that you can buy separately to complement it. Check if you can place a rotating skewer, if you like rustipollos, how many grids it includes or if it has trays. Similarly, it could include recipe books or tweezers to manipulate the grids.


Although culinary art is the delight of many people, cleaning is not usually one of the activities that is most enjoyed. Therefore, it is convenient that you analyze the aspects related to this topic in the models of your selection. You can, for example, check if a crumb tray is included; thus, it will be much easier to remove the remains of food that could remain after cooking and leave the oven ready for its next use.

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