The best digital peepholes

Digital Peepholes – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

If you are worried about your home security system and you are tired of having to look through the peephole of your door, it is time to look for a solution that allows you to see who is knocking at your door just by looking at the screen. Then, the ideal thing for you is to acquire a new digital peephole. Among the most outstanding models, we must mention the EQUES EQ-R21P, which consists of a digital peephole with WiFi and that allows clear and wide-angle images to be obtained. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model with energy efficiency A and the possibility of viewing the images on your mobile, we recommend the EQUES mini A21 peephole.

Opinions on the best digital peepholes

If you are looking for the best digital peephole, it is important to listen to a series of recommendations before choosing any model indiscriminately. To find out which is the best digital peephole, we recommend you take into account all the positive and negative characteristics of each model.

Wi-Fi Digital Peephole


Among the best digital peepholes of 2022 is the EQUES EQ-R21P WiFi digital peephole, which stands out for providing a very clear image throughout the day on the 2.8-inch LCD screen, regardless of whether it is day or night. Thanks to its features, EQUES is considered the best brand of digital peepholes.

You will be able to easily install this device and it will only take a few minutes to assemble thanks to the fact that it does not require any prior installation. It has dimensions of 20.3 x 10.2 x 7.6 centimeters and weighs around 399 grams.

The camera of this device has a viewing angle of approximately 120 degrees wide. In addition, it is fully compatible with Android and iOS, so you can talk to your visitor even if you are not at home.

Before choosing the best digital peephole, it is advisable to pay attention to the dimensions required for the door. This model is compatible with a diameter range of 12 – 58 mm and a door thickness range of 35 – 110 mm.


Installation : This device stands out for its ease of installation. You can assemble the piece in just 5 minutes.

Angular : Thanks to the wide-angle lens of the camera, you can have a vision of up to 120 degrees of the visual field.

Compatibility : This model of digital peephole is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

Security : It has a detection system that is activated as soon as it detects the movement of a person outside.


Battery : It is important to keep in mind that the battery of this model has a very short autonomy, so it discharges quickly.

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ASHATA 8fn7gawsp3-03

We recommend you take this practical model into account, which stands out for incorporating a motion detection system that automatically records and takes a photo, storing the content in the cloud. In addition, it has an infrared function and night vision with a distance of up to 1 meter.

Thanks to the mobile application, you can both observe and take photos and videos from your mobile phone of what the camera observes, so it becomes a 24-hour video surveillance system. Also, it has a viewing angle of 160 degrees.

This WiFi digital peephole features a 480 x 854 pixel LCD screen. On the other hand, it is an ideal model for doors from 35 to 130 mm. The dimensions of the external peephole are 65 x 65 x 18 mm and of the internal unit are 142 x 102 x 20 mm.

If you are looking for the best digital peephole of the moment, you can not stop looking at its response to low lighting. This model has a night vision system that will allow the scene to be viewed at night up to a meter away.


Installation : This model is very easy to install, since it does not require any type of wiring and is battery powered.

Electricity : This device can be powered by both a battery and electricity from the house.

Format : Recording videos produces MP4 format files, making them compatible with a wide variety of platforms.


Language : This digital peephole includes an instruction manual completely in English.

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Digital peephole recorder

EQUES mini A21

The EQUES mini A21 digital peephole recorder is the ideal alternative if you still don’t know which digital peephole to buy, since it stands out for having an energy efficiency class A, therefore, if you are looking for an efficient model, this is your indicated peephole.

Offers effective remote viewing through your Android or iOS devices. In addition, it allows simultaneous recording both in the peephole and in mobile and the cloud. The peephole has an internal memory of 2 GB and can be expanded with microSD up to 32 GB.

This model has a 3,800 mAh rechargeable lithium battery that lasts approximately 4 weeks, varying slightly depending on how you use it.

When choosing a digital peephole, make sure you can expand the storage memory for images and videos thanks to a microSD card slot, as is the case with this practical model. 


Distance : In the event that something moves within a range of 3 meters, this device will automatically turn on.

Alert : As soon as it detects movement, this device sends you photos and videos of what the camera observes.

Autonomy : This model has an autonomy of up to 4 weeks without interruption, varying according to the use that is given to it.


Connection : You will not be able to connect to any 5G network, as it is not compatible with this technology.

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AYR digital peephole

AYR Exitec 752

If you are looking for an AYR digital peephole, we recommend this model that stands out for its 3.2-inch TFT screen, with which you can observe the person who knocks on the door. In addition, thanks to its 0.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, you can have a clear image of what the camera lens records.

This system works with a power source provided by two AAA alkaline batteries, which allows you to enjoy a long autonomy time. On the other hand, this peephole fits doors with 38 to 110mm thickness and the hole can be 14 to 22mm in diameter.

The screen that incorporates this device has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and is in color. In addition, the camera is designed with chrome finishes, which gives it a stylish look, and it has a viewing angle of approximately 105 degrees.

One of the most important aspects when choosing a digital peephole is that it be simple and intuitive for anyone, so we recommend that it be comfortable and easy to use. 


Screen : This model has a 320 x 240 pixel resolution screen, which allows you to comfortably see the images.

Sensor : The camera of this model has a 0.3 megapixel CMOS sensor that will allow you to correctly view the images.

Thickness : The peephole can be installed on doors with a thickness from 38 to 110 mm.


Backlight : If the scene is backlit, it will be very difficult to distinguish the images on the screen.

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Yale digital peephole

Yale 45050014320200

Another of the favorite and most used options by users today is the Yale digital peephole, since it is a simple alternative to protect the entrance of your home. This model can be installed on doors from 38 to 110 mm thick.

It incorporates a 3.2-inch LCD screen with approximately 76,800 pixels, which will allow you to observe the images optimally. And, thanks to its camera with 105 degrees of vision, you can have a great field of vision.

It is a very easy product to install, so you will not need tools or hire a specialist for it. On the other hand, this model includes a camera with infrared function.

It is recommended that you take into account the nightly recording of the device. This digital peephole includes a special night vision function that allows viewing of the scene, even in the absence of light.


Screen : It has a 3.2-inch LCD screen with 76,800 pixels that will display images very clearly.

Camera : This device has a camera that allows you to capture images with a field of view of approximately 105 degrees.

Infrared : Even in low light, you can get a clear image thanks to its infrared system.


Materials : The materials with which this peephole is made are not of high quality, so they can break easily.

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Digital peephole connected to the mobile


OWSOO Wireless

If you want to have a digital peephole connected to your mobile phone all the time in case of emergencies, we recommend this model from the OSWOO brand, which also has an ideal wireless function to be able to control the device remotely.

It incorporates a 4.3-inch HD 720p screen with which you can clearly and comfortably see the images recorded by the 1.0-megapixel digital peephole. The screen uses a 3,000 mAh battery, allowing the device to last approximately 150 days in standby time.

For its part, the peephole with 110 degrees of vision has a movement detection system that will help you to be alert at all times. In addition, it allows the storage of the registered images in the cloud, so you will keep the device and the storage card always ready.

If you are looking for a new peephole for your home, remember to check that the device has a WiFi connection. You can connect with this peephole model from anywhere thanks to your mobile phone.


Efficiency : Due to its 3,000 mAh battery, the digital peephole can be kept in a sleep state for approximately 150 days.

Storage : You can store the storage of the audiovisual record in the cloud so that you keep the memory card free.

Connectivity : You can connect at any time and from anywhere with your mobile phone thanks to its application for Android or iOS.


Megapixels : The camera of this peephole has a resolution of 1 megapixel, so if you are looking for a model with a higher resolution, we recommend choosing another product.

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wireless digital peephole

ETbotu Black

In case you have a tight budget, don’t worry. This product is considered the best value for money digital peephole, as it is one of the cheapest alternatives on the market.

The outstanding feature of this wireless digital peephole is its completely ecological manufacturing material, making it a highly wear-resistant device. It sports a compact design and is completely wireless.

It integrates a function that automatically deletes the contents of the memory to make room for new recordings. The camera sensor of this model has 2 megapixels and a wide angle lens with 160 degrees of visibility.

If you have not yet decided and you have a tight budget, we recommend choosing one of the cheapest products that the market allows. This model has a good relationship between quality and price.


Resolution : The sensor on this digital peephole is approximately 2 megapixels and records with a field of view of approximately 160 degrees.

Power : The power supply of this model works with 3 AA batteries, so it is autonomous.

Accessories : The package includes the peephole for the door, the interior module, a user manual and a bag of mounting screws.


Wireless : This model does not allow you to connect to the mobile phone to view the images, so you must get closer to the screen.

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Guide to buying a digital peephole

Traditional peepholes for doors have always been a security method in your home, with which you can see who is on the other side of the door without having to open it. They have evolved to become digital devices that work with a camera and a screen, so that you can see what is outside your home without having to go to your door.

There are aspects that are present in any comparison of digital peepholes that are very important, such as the resolution of the camera and the possibility of a WiFi connection. This is why we have decided to create this small guide to buy the best digital peephole.

Shopping guide

Resolution and image size

Remember that traditional peepholes are small cylinders with a lens that amplifies the visibility of the person inside the house. On the other hand, in the case of digital peepholes, it is basically a camera and monitor system, in which the camera is installed on the main door of the house. Obviously, the higher the image quality, the higher the cost of the device in the market, so if you are looking for a good and cheap peephole, you should look at this feature.

The camera is in charge of observing the exterior of the house constantly, while with the screen you can see what the camera records comfortably. In the case of the screen, it is normally installed in a central unit that is located inside the house. It is important that the resolution of the camera is high so that you can enjoy higher quality images. If your resolution is too low, the image will look too pixelated. On the other hand, we recommend choosing a model that has a screen large enough for viewing.



Digital peepholes, being devices that record images at a certain time, usually have a certain storage space where all the photographs and videos that we take will be saved. Manufacturers have seen the importance of having a video record of the people who knock on our door, so some have incorporated the possibility of expanding the storage space thanks to a microSD slot.

In addition, some manufacturers have integrated smart features into the new digital peepholes, incorporating sensors that automatically start a recording as soon as someone knocks on our door. Likewise, in view of the large number of files that can be generated, the system uploads the new audiovisual material to the cloud or even deletes the old files.


When we talk about digital peepholes, we refer to the most basic model, made up of the peephole or camera and the screen or central panel. In these cases, users are forced to go to the screen to see who is at the door. However, the market also offers a model of smart digital peepholes that can be connected to a wireless internet network and easily send the images captured by the camera to any device.

In this sense, the smart models of the digital peepholes have compatibility with Android and iOS applications, so that you can receive the images captured by the peepholes directly on your mobile phone or tablet. In this way, you will be able to see the person who is visiting you from anywhere and there are even models that allow you to open the door from wherever you are. Therefore, if you want to enjoy these great features, do not think about how much it costs, but about your main needs.

Autonomy and battery

As its name suggests, the digital peephole is a technological system that operates by means of electrical energy, so it is expected that this device receives its energy from a battery, cell or electric cable. 

Although the vast majority of digital models of peepholes work with batteries, some require an electrical installation to carry out their assembly correctly. This, on occasions, forces the user to carry out a small work for its assembly or the wiring of a previous doorbell or intercom system is used.

However, there are models of peepholes that work autonomously, operating perfectly and without the need to carry out any electrical installation thanks to a rechargeable battery or alkaline battery that is inserted inside the central unit and will be in charge of feeding the camera and screen. It is important that you know the type of battery it uses and its duration, so that it runs out of charge unexpectedly.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: Where does a digital peephole recorder save the videos?

Digital peepholes require some storage system that allows them to save all the information they record, corresponding to the videos and photographs they take, therefore, they usually have a large internal memory and the possibility of inserting storage cards. In addition, some smart models allow you to store certain audiovisual content on the network or in the cloud, so that you keep the internal memory free. Normally, that internal memory is a bit limited in size, so you will have to help yourself by using microSD cards.

Q2: How to repair the digital peephole cable?

Digital peepholes have a small cable that connects the camera or peephole to the internal screen, which runs along the inside of the door through the opening of the traditional peephole. The cable of the digital peepholes is often a Flex that is usually released from the main circuit, so that, if a fault occurs in the operation of this device, it can show defective images. To repair this cable, we recommend that you check if it is correctly connected. To perform this check, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove the internal panel from the wall again and check the connection of the Flex. Otherwise, you will have to replace the peephole cable, so it would be recommended to change the entire peephole.

Q3: Where does a recording digital peephole save data?

Digital peepholes, depending on the model you have, have the ability to host a certain number of videos in different places such as internal memory, a microSD card or the cloud. It will be the user who decides where the data corresponding to the photographs and videos that are obtained will be stored, making the corresponding adjustments from the control panel. The initial configuration of these devices organizes them in such a way that the images are stored in the internal memory, however, you can easily change the location of the saved files.

Q4: How to connect WiFi digital peephole?

To connect or synchronize a peephole, you must download an application from the manufacturer of the product on your mobile phone. Make sure you are connected to your home WiFi network and, in turn, we will turn on the device by pressing the corresponding power button. In the list of available devices, locate your new peephole by reference to its serial number and proceed to enter the code, which is usually originally the numbers from 1 to 8 continuously. Then, we must return to the manufacturer’s application and choose our home network, then enter the corresponding password. In this way, we will already have our digital peephole connected to our mobile.

Q5: How to install a digital peephole?

To install a digital peephole you need to follow the following steps. The first thing is to make sure that you have completely removed the old peephole, helping yourself with a screwdriver if necessary. It is important that you clean the area where the peephole is going to be installed, since it is a point that will be exposed to adhesives, so if the area is not completely clean, the adhesive will not stick properly. Feed the cable through the hole in the front peephole and finally screw on the peephole to give it more stability.

How to use a digital peephole

The safety of our family is priceless and who does not remember when as children we were taught to look through the peephole in the door before opening the door to any stranger? Currently, this has not changed much, however, we no longer see through a hole, but an LCD screen. Although it seems very complicated, learning how to use a digital peephole is an easy task, as long as you pay attention to the product’s instructions. In addition, we recommend you follow our advice.

Open the contents of the package

The first thing you should do is find a clear table where you can comfortably place the contents of the package and avoid losing any part or accessory. It is very important that you remove all the content and take the necessary minutes to study the instructions. This way you will know the location and operation of each button, managing to give the correct use to the device.

clean the area

It is important that you make sure that the area where the digital peephole is going to be installed is clean, since there are cases in which the use of adhesive paper can solve the day but it does not work correctly in environments or areas full of dust, completely losing its adhesive property if you use it on an area of ​​the door full of dust or wood debris.

Install the digital peephole

After having read the instructions, proceed to locate the necessary tools for the installation; usually a flat blade screwdriver will suffice. If your house is the one that has a traditional peephole installed, you must remove it before installing the new one. With the screwdriver, you can pry if the peephole is very stuck.

Go through a small tube

After having completely removed the front peephole, we recommend that you fit a small tube of the same diameter to the hole of the front peephole and that it does not exceed the thickness of the door to avoid it being unsightly.

insert the wire

The tube should already be fixed to the door, so you will proceed to pass the camera cable through the tube and screw the camera until it is well secured. The other end of the cable is connected to the viewer, so it should be comfortably loose to connect later. Make sure the image is completely straight to prevent it from looking crooked on our monitor.

Put the batteries

Next, proceed to insert the batteries into the viewfinder or LCD screen and connect the camera cable. Holding the outer peephole, you must fit the viewer by screwing the device to the plate to give it greater stability and it can be held much better, preventing it from falling and detaching from the cable. Always double check that everything is securely fastened and screwed down.

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