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Home disinfectant – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The well-being of your family will always be among your priorities, so it is important to know which products are suitable for cleaning the home, sanitizing each space to eliminate germs and bacteria. In this sense, there are cleaners for each type of surface, as well as multifunctional disinfectants such as Sanytol Limpiahogar, which offers a powerful cleaner for floors, countertops, bathrooms and any surface, even in homes with pets, in a single product. For its part, Asevi Gerpostar Plus is a product with a spray and a refreshing aroma that eliminates bacteria and microorganisms with high effectiveness. In addition, its formula is free of bleach.

The 9 Best Disinfectants for Home – Opinions 2022

Eliminating bacteria and microorganisms has never been as important as it is now, when it is necessary to keep our spaces well sanitized and safe. For this reason, we bring you a list of the best household disinfectants, powerful and safe cleaning products with a bactericidal effect to keep your house germ-free. 

Sanytol disinfectant

1. Sanytol Home Disinfectant Without Bleach

Bleach’s high level of toxicity and link to respiratory infections cloud its effectiveness in killing germs.

In this sense, the Sanytol disinfectant range offers several alternatives to achieve cleaning without bleach through effective and cheap products that are easy to use. One of them is this 1.2-litre Household Cleaner, suitable for disinfecting any surface thanks to its effective formula against the most common bacteria and germs in the home.

In this way, it is capable of eliminating the E-coli bacteria, which causes diarrhea and digestive disorders, as well as the candidiasis fungus or the AH1N1 flu virus. 

Its use is very simple, since it can be applied directly to surfaces with the help of a damp cloth, without rinsing. On the other hand, you can dilute it in water for cleaning floors, using two caps for every 5 liters of water. 

This can be rated as the best home disinfectant, but before doing so, it is convenient to read the pros and cons that we distinguish in it.


Potency: It is capable of eliminating germs and bacteria that cause common diseases and gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, among others.

Usage: May be applied directly to unrinsed surfaces, except baby or pet toys. Also, it can be used diluted to clean floors. 

Certification: This product is authorized by the Ministry of Health for its effectiveness as a virucidal disinfectant. 

Fragrance: The fresh aroma of eucalyptus favors the feeling of cleanliness that this product leaves. 


Price: It is more expensive than generic bleach, but its disinfection power is greater, so it makes up for the few cents of difference.

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2. Sanytol Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner Spray

The products of the Sanytol bleach-free disinfectant line have shown a high effectiveness in eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses that are present in our home and that, of course, we cannot observe. 

In this sense, having the Sanytol spray pack on hand is an important investment for family care, because with this disinfectant you can clean any surface in the home: bathroom and kitchen countertops, appliances, baby toys and pets, among others. 

Its bleach-free formula does not harm your skin or your clothes if it comes into contact with it during cleaning. Plus, you can clean wood, stainless steel, and marble objects without worrying about damage to the piece or unsightly stains.

This can be considered the best home disinfectant at the moment given its effectiveness, its presentation in a pack of 4 units and the dispenser included in the bottle.

Now, we invite you to review the positive and negative aspects of this product.


Savings: The dispenser in the spray allows you to use a small amount or spray what is necessary for cleaning, without wasting the content.

Handling: Each spray bottle is 750 ml and has an ergonomic format for easy cleaning:

Effectiveness: It is a product validated by health authorities for the safe disinfection of surfaces.


Pack: You can only buy this product in a pack of 4 units, thus limiting the purchase for those who want to test its effectiveness by buying a spray.

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Bleach-free disinfectant

3. Asevi Gerpostar Plus Multipurpose Disinfectant

In recent years, the use of bleach-free disinfectants for domestic cleaning has become popular, since cases of vapor poisoning, skin lesions and respiratory infections associated with this element have only increased.

For this reason, many manufacturers are looking for effective formulas for home disinfection that do not pose any risk to users. In this sense, Asevi offers an antiseptic cleaner in spray format, ideal for cleaning toilets, countertops, showers, sinks and other surfaces in the house where bacteria, fungi and germs accumulate that are not observed.

To apply it, the cleaner must be sprayed directly on the surface and spread with a clean cloth. This can be done on any material, including baby and pet toys, just be careful to let the disinfectant act for a few minutes before rinsing it off. 

This may be the best value for money home disinfectant, however, among its characteristics we observe some pros and cons that you should know. 


Action: The disinfectant acts by contact, so you only have to apply it to the surface to be cleaned to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Safety: This product does not give off toxic vapors and meets health standards for domestic disinfection.

Effectiveness: The bactericidal formula of the cleaner attacks bacteria that cause respiratory and digestive infections such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. Coli, among other germs.


Scent: The fragrance can be a bit overwhelming for some users with sensitive noses.

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4. Asevi Professional Gerpostar Disinfectant 

With an economical and profitable presentation, this 5 kg bleach-free disinfectant can be used in domestic, industrial and business environments to keep surfaces clean and free of microorganisms, which is why it is positioned among the best home disinfectants of 2022.

Its bactericidal power is useful for disinfecting bathrooms, tiles, toilets and other household facilities. To be used, it is recommended to dilute it 30% in water, so you can apply it by spraying, a cloth on surfaces or mopping floors. The disinfectant should be allowed to act for about 5 minutes, and then rinse with water and dry the surface well. 

It is important to note that this product also acts as a virucide, being able to eliminate some viruses that cause common diseases. In this sense, it has the certifications of the health authorities to be used as a domestic disinfectant.

Consequently, it is a highly effective cleaner with a long-lasting presentation for cleaning the home, which we have analyzed in detail to present you with other data.


Presentation: The 5-liter bottle offers a long life because it must be used diluted 30% in water, that is, 30 ml of product for every 70 ml of water.

Fragrance: The aroma of this disinfectant is similar to that of pine cleaners, offering an olfactory note of cleanliness and freshness. 

Use: You can apply this product as a spray on surfaces, apply it with a damp cloth or disinfect floors, rinsing after 5 minutes of action.


Dispenser: It is necessary to use a funnel to place the product in spray cans because the nozzle is very wide. 

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Lysol Disinfectant 

5. Lysol Disinfectant Spray and All-Purpose Cleaner

Many people today say that Lysol is the best household disinfectant brand because of its line of all-purpose cleaners that kill bacteria and germs on surfaces. 

One of them is this Freshness edition, with its formula that removes dirt and stains without using bleach, leaving a very pleasant apple scent that is unlike other hospital-scented disinfectants. This look is very flattering to make your home look and smell clean.

On the other hand, its spray presentation allows it to be applied directly on doorknobs, toilets, tiles, taps and all kinds of surfaces. You just have to spray the product, let it act for a few minutes and then rinse with a clean cloth. 

Also, it is safe to use on children’s toys and other daily utensils, just remember to rinse well if babies or pets have direct contact with these objects.

Before choosing Lysol disinfectant in your search for the best home disinfectant, we invite you to read its pros and cons. 


Durability: Each bottle is 1 liter and the pack of 6 units offers a long-lasting supply of the multi-cleaner to keep your home clean.

Effectiveness: This disinfectant can kill diarrhea-causing bacteria, salmonella infections, and influenza viruses.

Toxicity: With this product you should not worry about chemical or abrasive residues that damage your skin and the surface of your furniture, as it does not contain dyes or phosphates.


Food: It is advisable to avoid its use on surfaces that are in frequent contact with food.

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surface disinfectant

6. Chemical Ecosolutions ECO-902 Hydroalcoholic surface disinfectant

In the comparison of which home disinfectant to buy, we find this product from Ecosoluciones for industrial use, which is used to clean work tools in hairdressers, for example, cleaning shoes, among others.

This surface disinfectant has a composition of 70% alcohol, supplemented by quaternary ammonium. For this reason, various precautions must be taken for its use, which are explained on the product label.

Likewise, a refill sprayer is included that will be useful for dosing the product, as it comes in a 5-liter bottle. In this way, it is easier to apply it directly on the surfaces to be disinfected, standing out for its rapid action, as well as its drying.

Consequently, its ready-to-use formula is advantageous for domestic cleaning, which is why it is widely used in homes, highlighting the fact that it does not leave stains on surfaces. 

About this product we have summarized some advantages and disadvantages that you should know if you are considering buying it.


Fast action: The disinfectant is applied and evaporates in a short time, leaving the surface dry without rinsing.

Quantity: The 5-liter presentation can be dosed in the included sprayer, so as not to waste the disinfectant during cleaning. Plus, it comes ready to use, so you don’t have to dilute it.

Utility: It is a cleaner for domestic, business and commercial spaces.


Smell: The fragrance of this disinfectant is very similar to that of diluted alcohol, so it can be an aspect to improve.

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Other products

7. Sanjoma Germitol Vir. Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner

If you want to clean your house with the same precision as in hospitals, schools and places with a lot of people, you can use the Germitol – Vir disinfectant. 

The active component of its formula is didecyldimethylammonium chloride, an antiseptic with extensive disinfection properties, which is much less toxic than bleach. Therefore, this Sanjoma disinfectant is on the list of those authorized by the Ministry of Health, for cleaning public and private spaces, due to its virucidal and bactericidal power.

It can be used with a spray, applying it neat to very dirty tools or surfaces with the help of a damp cloth. It can also be used diluted at 4% and let it act for a minimum of 5 minutes to rinse later. 

Although this is not one of the cheapest disinfectants, you should know that its highly concentrated formula offers good durability if diluted correctly. Now, we invite you to take a look at the positive and negative aspects that stand out in this cleaning product.


Regulations: The cleaner complies with virucidal, fungicidal and bactericidal certifications, so its effectiveness is backed by health authorities.

Application: You can use it pure, directly on the surfaces or diluted to favor its performance.

Efficacy: Its high disinfectant power is used in the home, industry, hospitals, schools and other public or private spaces to eliminate dirt, bad odors, as well as harmful microorganisms.


Price: Its cost is high, but the concentrated formula can be diluted to increase its durability.

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8. Bacterisan Germosan No Bp3 Triple Action Multipurpose Disinfectant

Currently, we are more aware of the need to disinfect everyday items such as mobile phones, helmets and other electronic equipment to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. In this sense, high-spectrum and effective disinfectants must be used to combat the microorganisms present in the objects that we touch on a daily basis.

A widely recommended product in this category is Germosan No Bp3, a disinfectant for surfaces and textiles certified by the Ministry of Health that acts on viruses, bacteria and fungi. This disinfectant can be applied directly to walls, doors, tables, desks, chairs, as well as electronics. 

The highlight is that it dries quickly and does not affect the shine of metal surfaces or damage fabrics. In addition, it does not need rinsing, unless it is sprayed on surfaces that come into direct contact with food. 

Here is a summary list of pros and cons that we observed in this product.


Application: The cleaner can be used to disinfect your shoes, personal items and electronic devices, as well as any surface in your home or office.

Fragrance: It has a long-lasting and pleasant eucalyptus aroma, which favors the feeling of cleanliness in the home.

Composition: The base of the formula is quaternary ammonium, a triple action element that attacks fungi, bacteria and viruses with high disinfection power, also being used for fabrics. 


Sticky: It is recommended to wipe the residue with a cloth, as a sticky texture may remain on some surfaces. 

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9. Plis-Plas HA Multipurpose Concentrated Disinfectant without bleach

The high disinfectant and stain removal power of this product is commented on in the opinions of its users, who confirm the effectiveness of the Plis-Plas multipurpose cleaner.

The high concentration of this product, whose main component is quaternary ammonium, allows it to be diluted in different percentages, depending on the application and the surface to be disinfected. 

In this sense, you can apply it on fabrics, porous surfaces, different types of floors and even on your work clothes. Many people also use it to clean sofas and car upholstery, with satisfactory results.

On the other hand, the power of this cleaner as a biocide extends its usefulness in different areas such as domestic, industrial, educational and health areas, also offering a pleasant fragrance.

To use it correctly, the manufacturer specifies the forms of dilution and the mode of use with easy-to-understand instructions. So if you are going to buy it, remember to read the product label. 

Before a hasty purchase, take a look at the pros and cons that characterize this cleaner.


Utility: You can use this product to remove stains and disinfect upholstery, surfaces or fabrics that dry quickly, preserving a pleasant aroma for several days. 

Instructions: The product label explains how to make the different dilutions to apply the disinfectant, depending on the surface. 

Action: Its triple action stands out in the effective elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi, present in our daily use objects.


Price: The presentation of a liter has a high cost, if you compare it with other products recommended by the Ministry of Health. 

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Shopping guide

Today more than ever the priority of families is to keep spaces clean, sanitized and without microorganisms, for the development of daily activities. In this sense, the home disinfectant has become an essential item in the family cupboard. Here we show you what you should know in our guide to buying the best home disinfectant, a section that will help you buy the product according to your needs. 


For centuries, bleach was the disinfectant par excellence in homes, hospitals, schools, public offices, private buildings, in short, in any space, cleaning was directly related to the use of bleach.

However, with the passage of time, adverse reactions appeared due to the disproportionate use of this chemical element, which included digestive disorders due to intoxication, respiratory infections due to the inhalation of toxic vapors that come out of the bleach, as well as skin lesions, damage to clothes and much more.

In this sense, the need arose to offer powerful and effective disinfectants without including bleach. It was from there that ingredients such as didecyldimethylammonium chloride and quaternary ammonium entered the world of disinfection, to become the active ingredients of today’s powerful disinfectants. 

Nobody denies that bleach is effective, but these active components do not represent a direct health risk because they do not expel harmful vapors and do not affect the surfaces to be cleaned, an aspect that you should also check if you make a comparison of home disinfectants.  


Today, using a disinfectant at home is part of the daily cleaning routine that includes everything from cleaning countertops and dusting, to disinfecting the soles of shoes, doorknobs, keys, general purchases and much more. 

For this reason, you should focus on finding a product that you can apply directly to objects or surfaces. Or, in case you need dilution, clearly explain how to do it.

Now, returning to the types of application that an economical and effective home disinfectant can offer, it should be noted that there is one that can be sprayed directly on the surface, let it act for several minutes and then remove the excess with a damp cloth.

There are also those that are used to clean floors of different types and that can be diluted in a large container with several liters of water, to scrub the floor vigorously and eliminate all dirt along with microorganisms. 


With respect to the previous section, the presentation of the disinfectant can directly affect the usefulness of the product, since those that come in a spray format are easier to apply. In addition, many of them have a nozzle in which the expulsion of the disinfectant can be regulated to avoid waste. Generally, these spray bottles have a minimum capacity of 500 ml up to 1 liter content.

On the other hand, there are the efficient presentations of 1.5 liters, 2 and up to 5 liters that offer a long durability if you use them diluted for household cleaning.

However, do not think that the presentation affects how much the product costs, because sometimes what has the most weight in this element is the brand and the history of the manufacturer. In such a way that you can buy an excellent quality product with a large presentation and its cost is much lower than that of traditional disinfectants. 


To use the disinfectant correctly, and avoid any type of accident, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s instructions a couple of times, which are usually specified on the product label.

It is there where you can see the recommended proportion to dilute the product without losing its effectiveness, if it is necessary to use gloves or if it is advisable to avoid combining it with other cleaning products.

So, do not forget to check the manufacturer’s instructions in detail to use the disinfectant correctly, without wasting it.

Efficacy and certificates 

Today, families are more concerned about sanitizing their spaces, so they look for multi-cleaners capable of offering optimal performance to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi that cause common diseases and infections.

For this reason, it is important to ensure that the chosen cleaning product is certified by the Ministry of Health and that its active components are on the list of disinfectants recommended by the health authorities. In this way, you can be sure to use a validated product for domestic cleaning and disinfection with satisfactory results to eliminate allergens, bacteria and other microorganisms that cause digestive and respiratory disorders. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a disinfectant with bleach?

Bleach is powerful and effective at killing microorganisms. However, its domestic use must be carried out with great caution to avoid cases of poisoning. For starters, you can make your own sanitizer, using a 1:50 ratio of bleach to water. 

One way to make it easier is to pour 20ml of regular bleach or chlorine into a one liter plastic bottle. Then, you must complete with water until you fill the entire capacity of the bottle. Finally, close the container well and shake it vigorously.

This mixture must be prepared for immediate use, as it is not recommended to store it overnight. 

Q2: How to make homemade disinfectant?

With few ingredients you can prepare an effective homemade disinfectant, without using chemical and abrasive products for your furniture or floors. To do so you will need: a container of 2.5 liters of water, 60 ml of vinegar, 100 g of baking soda and a few drops of lemon essential oil, which you can replace with the extract of your choice.

Now, you just have to mix all the ingredients until they dissolve very well. Afterwards, and with the help of a cloth dipped in the solution, you can clean all the surfaces in your home, and even scrub the floor, without the risk of staining it if it is made of wood. 

Q3: How does a disinfectant work?

A disinfectant is a substance with antiseptic and bactericidal ingredients that attack the membranes of microorganisms through a physical or chemical process. Also, it acts by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi on inanimate surfaces. The action of each disinfectant cleaner will depend on the concentration of the ingredients. Therefore, it is the manufacturer who indicates the best way to use the product, whether pure or diluted, to apply it to the surfaces to be disinfected.

Q4: Who invented the disinfectant?

If you like curious facts, you may find it interesting to know who invented the disinfectant for the home. In the first place we must mention that since ancient times the need for disinfection of wounds with hot water and wine began to be observed. From then on, the concept of disinfection evolved along with humanity and various historical periods passed that contributed to the knowledge of microorganisms and bacteria.

Even in the Bible there are episodes that tell about the disinfection of clothes and objects that were submerged in boiling water for cleaning. Now, the concept of disinfectant as such dates back to 1785, when Claude Louis Berthollet synthesized an aqueous solution with whitening and disinfectant properties that he called Javel water. Years later, when Louis Pasteur made the discovery about the origin of diseases from microorganisms, lye gained a recognized place as an antiseptic agent.  

Thus, its use in different areas spread over the years and new antiseptic formulas were discovered for the disinfection of surfaces, tissues, objects and even the body itself, reaching the present day where there is a wide range of disinfectants for the home and other spaces.

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