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Document holder – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

With a briefcase at hand you will be able to organize yourself much more easily for day-to-day, as well as having everything you need close by, whether it is to go to class, to the office or to keep accounts at home. If you want to acquire one, we advise you to evaluate the Jakago JKG-LCA4SN-UK-GC. This document holder has good construction materials and is roomy enough to accommodate IDs, money, cards and more. Another good option could be the Tous K Mini, since its design is elegant, comfortable to use and also has internal compartments for organization.

The best document holders on the market

In the next section you will find some models of document holders of different design, capacity, materials and much more. By being able to analyze them a little more thoroughly, it may help you choose which one you could buy to store what you need.

Woman document holder


If you are looking to acquire a document holder for women, the Jakago model has a practical and very useful design for everyday use. Also, some say it could be the best document holder. Its dimensions are 25 x 35 x 3 centimeters, being comfortable to carry in your bag or backpack, since it is A4 size.

Its internal division is quite practical: it offers a support so you can place your tablet, another for the pen, a special one for your phone and other compartments to accommodate pages, notes, money or whatever you need.

The document holder is made of waterproof fabric, so you won’t have to worry about any files or devices you have in it being damaged. The printed design on the fabric is colorful, shows various types of leaves on a light background and has a handle so you can easily carry it wherever you go.

Being cataloged by some as the best document holder of the moment, it is necessary to evaluate its most important pros and cons:


Design: It is an attractive, useful and very comfortable model to use as well as striking thanks to its colors and patterns.

Compartments: It has a total of ten compartments distributed inside so you can organize your things.

Closure: Its closure is zipper so you don’t have to worry about the slots of some common briefcases.

Waterproof: It is also waterproof, offering security and peace of mind.


Soft: Keep in mind that it is soft, so you must be careful not to place anything heavy on it.

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Tous document holder

Tous K Mini

A document holder is a very useful tool for organizing everything important you need on a day-to-day basis and, on this occasion, we present you a product from the Tous brand, its K Mini document holder.

This model has dimensions of 13 x 11 x 2 centimeters and a light weight so as not to take up too much space in your bag or purse. It is light beige in color and has a TOUS logo print all over the fabric, as well as a metal teddy bear as decoration.

On the other hand, the document holder has a zipper closure from end to end to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. At the same time, the interior also has a zippered pocket, very useful for storing coins and small objects.

In addition to this, it has a series of compartments designed to place money, cards, identification cards or driving, among others.

Before deciding which document holder is the most suitable for you, we invite you to take into account all possible details:


Design: The document holder maintains the Tous style by presenting its logo all over the surface in a fresh and casual combination.

Distribution: The interior has a series of divisions with which it will be easy for you to accommodate all your documents.

Materials: It is made of synthetic materials and polyester with good sewing finishes for a long life.

Closure: It has two closures, one external to close the entire document holder and another internal for a security pocket.



Maintenance: Being light in color, the fabric of this model may be more susceptible to dirt.

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men’s briefcase

Lois 21637

To find out which is the best briefcase, you have to take into account all the possible aspects, and this briefcase for men from Lois is an attractive alternative. It has a size of 15.6″ with measurements of 40 x 28 x 8 centimeters, a capacity of 5 liters and a weight of just 998 grams so you can easily carry it.

It is made of canvas fabric and has a reinforced base that will prevent the document bag from deforming due to the weight, keeping it looking new for much longer. It has a double handle at the top and also a shoulder strap with which you can carry it as if it were a shoulder bag, although it can be removed if you wish.

Regarding its design, it is mainly black with some gray details, such as the brand in one corner along with one of its slogans, as well as the embroidered logo in the upper center.

If you want to give your partner a gift, but you don’t know what briefcase to buy, consider this alternative from Lois:


Capacity: Lois has for you a model capable of supporting a load of 5 liters thanks to its 15.6″ size and manufacturing finishes.

Materials: It is made of canvas fabric, being resistant, durable and easy to wash.

Strap: It has a shoulder strap in case you get tired of carrying the weight of the document holder with your hands.


Size: Some users consider that it should be bigger to save folders.

Waterproof: This model is not waterproof, so you must be careful.

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travel document holder

Vemingo RFID

The RFID model could be the best value for money document holder, since it has a security system designed to prevent them from stealing personal information from your cards and identifications.

The travel document holder has RFID blocking, which is basically a “shield” with a frequency of 13.56 MHz to protect your information from electronic attacks.

It has a simple but modern design with striking details. It is gray with an orange border and has a strap so you can carry it hanging from your wrist. Also, depending on availability, you could buy it in blue, gray, purple, black or pink.

Its dimensions are 25 x 14 x 2.5 centimeters and the internal distribution has been well used, as it offers five spaces for passports, eight for cards, a pocket for coins, another for bills, a pen holder and a key ring. On the outside you will find two quick access pockets.

It could be said that Vemingo may become the best document holder brand and here we will better analyze its RFID model:


Security: It has implemented an RFID “shield” to block any external electronic access to your personal information.

Compartments: It has a large number of compartments and pockets so you can store what you want.

Strap: The wrist strap will allow you to have your hands free without losing sight of your document holder.


Size: Not suitable for loading documents due to its size.

Cash: Despite all the slots, one was not added to store cash.

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briefcase document holder

Wedo 585501

With the Wedo briefcase document holder you can go elegantly to the office, as it has an elegant, simple and tasteful design. It is made of synthetic leather and its construction is composed of nylon, offering durability and resistance to daily use. It is black in color and has a detail with a metal logo in one corner.

The dimensions of the briefcase are 36 x 6 x 27 centimeters, offering the capacity to store folders and documents that are A4 size. Its internal distribution features a wide variety of slots and compartments to store small items and also has a zippered pocket on the back.

This synthetic leather briefcase has a security system that blocks the opening of the briefcase on two levels. To open it, you need to use a key and the purchase includes two so you have an emergency one in case you lose one.

Now, evaluate the specific advantages and disadvantages of this document holder so you know if it suits you or not:


Design: It is a briefcase with a simple, elegant design and suitable for taking to work.

Materials: It is made of good quality synthetic leather and nylon so that it does not break easily.

Security: It has a two-level lock that can only be opened using a key provided with the purchase.


Handle: You should know that it does not have a handle, being a bit awkward to carry.

Scratches: Be careful not to rub the insurance against any surface, as it scratches easily.

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Women’s briefcase

CrazyChic 281637 Noir

From the CrazyChic brand comes the 281637 Noir document holder, one of the most practical alternatives on the list thanks to its briefcase design.

This document holder has a size of 31 x 38 x 15 centimeters, so it can also be used as a handbag. Its storage space is quite large and it has a series of internal compartments of different sizes where you can store whatever you want.

Its weight is just 1.3 kilograms, keeping it light to avoid overloading your shoulders, another quality that you will appreciate on a day-to-day basis if you choose it. As for its manufacture, it is made of textured synthetic fabric in black. Its finishes make it easy to clean and give it an elegant look so you can wear it both day and night.

On the other hand, you can carry it as you prefer, since the document bag has a handle and a shoulder strap, so you can maximize your comfort when using it on a daily basis.

In case you have been interested in this model of document holder, here we present its pros and cons:


Design: This option has a striking design as it has the appropriate dimensions of a handbag, but with the internal distribution of a document holder.

Interior: Inside you will find two pockets for mobile phones and two with a zipper so you can store whatever you want.

External pocket: It offers an external zippered pocket where you can put the objects you use most frequently.

Capacity: Thanks to its size, you can store up to a maximum 15.6” laptop.


Overweight: It is advisable not to overload the document bag to prevent the seams from giving way to the weight.

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Document holder Tuc Tuc

Tuc Tuc 05771

Tuc Tuc 05771 could be one of the most practical cheap document holders for women for that price, since it is designed to file the baby’s documentation. It has a striking aesthetic design represented by a gray background dotted with stars of different colors. It has dimensions of 13 x 3 x 20 centimeters and its weight is 399 grams.

The Tuc Tuc document case, even though it is one of the cheapest, is made with an outer polyester fabric and a polyester lining has also been sewn inside, while its padding is polyurethane to offer a hard cover that will protect the documents. documents.

It has a sturdy zipper closure that will keep everything inside and, in addition, inside you will find several dividers along with compartments and pockets so you can store any important object. In addition, its buyers comment that it is easy to clean thanks to the type of material, so you will not have to worry about dirt.

This option, being one of the cheapest, is attractive to buyers who want a document holder to organize the baby’s papers:


Design: The Tuc Tuc document holder is a suitable size to store vaccination records, birth certificates, photographs, etc.

Materials: It is made of resistant, durable and easy-to-maintain materials to keep it clean all the time.

Rigid: And the hardness provided by the filling will keep the documents you have saved safe.


Zipper: It seems that the zipper is not very durable and sometimes gets stuck.

Pen: A pen holder is missing.

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document folder


The Jakago brand offers you an A4 size document folder with dimensions of 25 x 35 x 3 centimeters. It can store, in addition to documents, tablets, mobile phones, pens, money, cards and much more. It has a total of ten different compartments with which it will be easy for you to have your things organized.

The document bag is made of waterproof fabric with resistant seams that will keep your belongings protected at all times. It also has handles with which you can carry it comfortably and external pockets so you can put objects that you need to have close at hand.

Its design is colorful and striking but, if you wish, you may be able to purchase this model in single-color versions or with another color combination for its leaf print. It could also be very useful as a car document holder, since you can keep all your vehicle documents in it in case you are stopped by an officer.

If you are interested in investing in this product, do not forget to analyze its details and everything it offers you beforehand:


Capacity: It is a document holder with a large capacity and a large number of compartments that will be very practical on a daily basis.

Waterproof: It is made with waterproof fabric to prevent water from damaging any object inside.

Versions: If available, you could purchase this product in various colors to suit your taste.


Handle: It is said that the handle may be a bit small for some people.

Zipper: Others consider that the zipper to close it should be of better quality.

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Document holder Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful WOA08924EN

If you need a briefcase to take to school or university, the Mr. Wonderful brand product might be of interest to you. Its model WOA08924ES has as its main advantage its internal distribution, designed to carry a notebook and other documents.

It has dimensions of 21 x 2.5 x 24.5 centimeters, being a little smaller than an A4 sheet, but enough for daily use. It is light in weight and blue in color so it can be worn by both men and women.

Regarding its manufacture, it was made of synthetic leather, so it has a pleasant texture to the touch. It also offers long-lasting durability thanks to its strong stitching and if cared for properly by wiping with a damp cloth, you can keep it looking like new for a long time.

Inside you will find a series of pockets where you can accommodate your bank cards, identification or driving licenses, tickets, notes and even photographs thanks to its mesh compartment.

The Mr. Wonderful document holder could be a good purchase option if you carefully evaluate its advantages and disadvantages:


Design: This document holder is comfortable to use and will help you keep all your class notes in order.

Materials: It is made of leatherette to be durable and easy to clean in case it gets stained.

Compartments: It has a total of 7 slots for cards of all kinds, being more than enough for regular use.

Notepad: The purchase includes a notepad that you can place inside the same document holder and thus have a place to write down.



Closure: Keep in mind that this model does not have any type of closure or lock integrated.

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Document holder Anekke

Anekke 29894-13EGY

If you want to acquire a different and striking document holder, Anekke’s could well catch your attention, since it has a vintage design that emulates the Egyptian style by having earth colors and hieroglyphs printed on it.

Another advantage of this document holder is its capacity, which is also recognizable, given that it has dimensions of 40 x 9 x 29.5 centimeters, being able to hold documents, personal belongings and even a 17” laptop without drawbacks.

Inside the product you will have access to several pockets sewn to the sides to accommodate your documents and also one on the outside of the bag with its respective zipper closure.

To carry it you can choose between the handles or the shoulder strap as you prefer. In addition, a small decorative hanger is included that gives the document holder a special touch and blends seamlessly with its Egyptian style.

Anekke offers you a document holder option that can be very useful, so we advise you to review it carefully:


Design: It is a handbag type document holder that stands out for having an Egyptian design with different seams and details.

Capacity: Its size makes it suitable for carrying a large laptop without any problem.

Portability: It offers both handles and a shoulder strap so you can choose how to take it wherever you want.

Colour: Its neutral and dark colors hide dirt so that it is not necessary to wash it as often.



Childish: The external design with a message in English could be too childish for the taste of some buyers.

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Men’s briefcase

Leathario 4335251825

The Leathario men’s briefcase stands out for being made from genuine leather, making it an investment you could enjoy for years to come. It has a very elegant and professional style as it is unicolor and, in addition, you could buy it, in addition to black, in brown or reddish brown.

The measurements it presents are 30 centimeters high with 40 centimeters long and 8 centimeters wide and its weight is 1.3 kilograms. It has rings for you to attach the shoulder strap in case you don’t want to carry it by the handle. And, on the back there is a pocket with a zipper closure that is very useful and accessible.

A total of seven compartments have been distributed inside, where a padded one stands out, designed so that you can carry your laptop there and it is protected in the event of a fall, since the padding will absorb the impact.

If you want to know the most influential advantages and disadvantages regarding this Leathario document holder, continue reading:


Design: It is a model with an elegant and sober appearance, being suitable for any meeting in the office.

Materials: It is made of leather, which guarantees a long useful life, as well as good finishes and wear resistance.

Compartments: Its compartments will allow you to store a laptop, documents, money, keys, etc.


Price: It is the most expensive alternative among those mentioned, probably due to its materials.

Closing: It seems that the closing system is a bit cumbersome to use for some.

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Guide to buying document holders

If you want to have all the information possible to be able to choose a good document holder and thus take advantage of your money, in addition to obtaining a good quality product, we invite you to take a look at what has been compiled in the following buying guide.

Shopping guide

Product design

As expected, one of the main and most important features is the design. In any guide to buying the best briefcase, you’ll likely find design to be the most important.

In this category, the type of document holder should be analyzed. There are different designs and for different purposes, so they also vary in size and weight and this affects portability. Therefore, you should consider if you want a model to carry the necessary documentation to travel, to store files or transport them, to carry your identification cards and extras or to also carry your laptop.


The next aspect is portability. In the comparison of document cases, it was observed that, depending on their size and weight, portability is affected, since some are easier to load than others.

In this case, it could be said that both characteristics are combined (design and portability), since, if the document holder has, for example, a handle, it can be easily carried by hand. But if you want to go a little further, you can also choose a model that has rings to insert a long strap with which you can carry the loaded document bag from your shoulder to relieve your hands.

Document holder capacity

Now we will look at the capacity of the document holder, a very important feature for some buyers. When you go to consider its capacity, you should also take into consideration what objects you need to carry with you on a daily basis. If it’s just IDs, money, and a little something extra, small models may be more practical.

If you need to transport papers and your laptop, there is also a category of document holders for that. Most of them have very practical designs, they are resistant and you can find them in different sizes to adapt to the size of your computer.

In addition to this, other users interested in acquiring one also take into consideration the capacity, but based on the liters that it can carry, either due to the amount of papers or the weight of the electronic devices that they usually transport.

Distribution and number of compartments

The distribution and number of compartments is extremely important to analyze before purchasing a document holder. If the model you choose does not have enough pockets or dividers, it is likely that you will not be able to organize it properly, making it uncomfortable to use.

The distribution of the compartments should also be considered based on whether they protect the equipment that may be transported in the product, such as electronic tablets, documents, computers, etc. Just as they should offer easy access to your belongings so you don’t waste time searching through the different spaces for what you need.

Manufacturing materials

If you want to enjoy your document holder for a long time, the manufacturing materials must be carefully studied. These will determine the durability of the product, as well as its resistance to daily use. We advise you that, when considering how much it costs in order to acquire the cheapest one, you know how to make a good balance in the value for money of the document holder, since it is worthless to save a couple of euros, but to end up with a poor quality product and that will last very little.

Cleaning and care options

And, finally, we will see what is the most important of the cleaning possibilities of the document holder. Normally, these types of products are used on a day-to-day basis, either to go to class, to the office or directly to work. Therefore, they tend to get dirty easily, especially those that are made with cotton and polyester fabrics or that are light in color.

If you want to keep your document bag looking good and free of dirt, you should consider whether its manufacturing materials or its particular design allow you to clean it properly, either with a damp cloth, washing it, or with a special cleaner. This will prevent you from having to store or dispose of your briefcase too quickly because of a stain that cannot be removed.

Also, another tip to extend the life of your next acquisition is not to overload it. Generally, manufacturers notify what is the maximum load that the document holder can support and it is advisable to respect the limit so as not to damage it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to prepare baby document bag?

If you have purchased a document holder to organize your baby’s papers, you can start by choosing where the most important documents will go, such as the birth certificate, vaccination record, medical history, etc.

In addition, you can also choose to store your medical prescriptions in the document holder in case you need to comply with any treatment, as well as photographs, identifications, registration documents, among many other things.

If you prepare it well, every time you go out with your child, you will be able to have everything you need at hand, either to travel with him or to visit the pediatrician in a routine consultation.

Q2: Which is better, plastic or leather document case?

It could be said that each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. For one thing, plastic document holders are lightweight, flexible, and depending on their model, you might even be able to check where the file you need is before you open it.

In the case of document holders that are made of leather, we find ourselves with a slightly more elegant option and, probably, much more expensive than the first. These models are usually used to work or study, since they are more serious and presentable than the plastic ones. Likewise, they also tend to have more discreet designs and according to their utility.

Q3: What is a document holder with wheels for?

Document cases that are equipped with wheels are usually used to, in addition to carrying papers, carry a change of clothes. It is common to see aircraft pilots, cabin crew or frequent travelers use this type of model for quick trips, since they allow you to carry what you need comfortably.

In addition, being compact in size, this type of document holder is not usually registered as checked baggage, which allows you to carry it in the cabin saving you time by not having to wait after getting off the plane.

Q4: How to make cardboard document holder?

You will need two pieces of cardboard for the covers and one for the spine of the document holder, as well as two Kraft papers. Place the cardboard pieces in place on the paper and cover it like a book, sealing the paper with tape. Also line the interior. To add compartments, you can use paper to create small pockets and glue them, as well as add any design or decorative element to your homemade document bag.

Q5: What are the measurements of a legal size briefcase?

If what you need is a document holder large enough to store legal-size files, that is, with measurements of 21.6 x 35.6 centimeters, you should consider models that exceed these measurements, at least by a couple of extra centimeters both in length and width. This will be useful for when you want to keep legal size fold

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