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Dolce Gusto Capsule – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

For lovers of hot drinks, Dolce Gusto capsules could be the best purchase, since, thanks to them, they can enjoy a cup of pure coffee, with milk, lactose-free or caffeine-free at any time of the day. Also, a wide variety of teas and chocolate drinks. One of the most recommended options is Central Lechera Asturiana Lactose-Free Coffee with Milk, a cartridge of coffee with milk ideal for those who are intolerant to this ingredient, which will allow you to have the drink ready in a short time. On the other hand, those who want to taste a strong drink, but one that is free of caffeine, would benefit from the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Espresso Decaffeinated model.

The 9 Best Dolce Gusto Capsules – Opinions 2022

There are many Dolce Gusto capsules on the market, so finding one that suits your needs will not be a problem. In any case, we present nine Dolce Gusto capsules that, according to users, could be the best this year.

Dolce Gusto capsules without lactose

1. Central Lechera Asturiana Coffee with Milk Capsules

For those who are lactose intolerant, but still do not want to deprive themselves of a delicious cup of coffee with milk every morning, they will be interested to know that Central Lechera Asturiana has Dolce Gusto lactose-free capsules in its product catalogue. It is a drink made up of 19.8% soluble coffee, natural aroma and 80% lactose-free milk.

About this product, we can comment that each coffee cartridge has an airtight cover, which will allow the complete preservation of the aroma. In addition, after its preparation, you will get a coffee with a mild flavor, which is why many consider it the best Dolce Gusto capsule.

For this presentation, the manufacturer provided a pack of four boxes with a content of 16 units, which gives a total of 64 cups of coffee with milk. In this way, you will enjoy a profitable product, suitable for just over two months.

This product has been repeatedly rated as the best Dolce Gusto capsule of the moment. Learn about its positive and negative aspects, below.


Lactose-free: If you are lactose intolerant, these capsules will not cause negative effects on the body, since milk does not contain this ingredient. 

Pack: You can drink a cup of coffee with milk daily for up to two months, thanks to the 64 units of its pack.

Aroma: You will enjoy a natural aroma from the soluble coffee used in the capsules.

Compatibility: You will not have compatibility problems, because the capsules are suitable for any Dolce Gusto coffee machine.


Coffee percentage: The taste could be a bit bland for some people, due to the low coffee content.

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Decaffeinated Dolce Gusto capsules

2. Nescafé Dolce Gusto Espresso Decaffeinated 3 packages

Among the best Dolce Gusto capsules of 2022 is this pack made up of three boxes of 16 units, which is equivalent to a total of 48 coffee cartridges, which could last for up to a month and a half. In this sense, you will save time and money, by not having to make such a purchase as often.

Each of these decaffeinated Dolce Gusto capsules has eight grams of ground coffee and is gluten-free. Thus, after being placed in the machine, they will result in an exquisite espresso with an intense character, which you can consume on its own, lengthen it or mix it with milk, if you wish.

In addition, it should be mentioned that each cartridge has been hermetically sealed so that it can be opened by the Dolce Gusto machine with which it is compatible. In this way, you will not have to worry about the loss of the product or its aroma.

With this model, Nescafé could become the best brand of Dolce Gusto capsules, so we present its positive and negative aspects.


Capsule: The content of eight grams of product in each capsule is adequate for a cup of coffee.

Gluten-free: These gluten-free capsules are ideal for those who cannot consume this ingredient.

Aroma: Thanks to the hermetic cover of the capsule you will preserve the intense aroma of the coffee.

Without caffeine: With these capsules you will enjoy an intense drink, but free of caffeine.


Flavor: Its flavor could be a bit intense, but you can increase the amount of water to lengthen it.

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Dolce Gusto chocolate capsules

3. Nescafé Dolce Gusto Chococino 3 packs of 16 Capsules

Defining which is the best Dolce Gusto capsule could be a complex task, due to the wide variety of flavors out there. However, when reviewing this 48-unit pack, you may be convinced that it could be the best choice to answer that question.

These are Dolce Gusto chocolate capsules, whose composition incorporates 98% cocoa powder, which will allow you to obtain a highly intense flavor, thanks to the fact that selected high-quality seeds were used for their preparation.

Likewise, powdered milk and soy lecithin are added to enhance the creaminess of the drink, 10% sugar to balance the natural bitterness of the cocoa, aroma of vanilla and cinnamon, which will relax you and provide a warm touch to the mixture. In addition, we must highlight the absence of caffeine and the hermetic sealing of the capsules to preserve all the aroma of the product.

If you have not yet decided which Dolce Gusto capsule to buy, you will probably be interested in this Chococino pack. Here, more of its details.


Aroma: Its aroma of cinnamon is relaxing and warm for winter days.

Pack: With this product you will be able to save money, since it incorporates three boxes of 16 units for a total of 48 cups of chocolate drink.

Capsules: The capsules preserve all the flavor of the cocoa thanks to their hermetic cover.

Caffeine-free: This is a caffeine-free product, so it is suitable for those looking to reduce or eliminate the consumption of this ingredient.


Quantity: The amount of drink obtained by each capsule could be small for some people, but its flavor is quite concentrated.

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Dolce Gusto milk capsules

4. Note D’espresso Milk Capsules Compatible Nescafé coffee machines

This is a product with an Italian seal of quality that, according to the experience of many buyers worldwide, could be the best Dolce Gusto capsule for value for money.

The pack consists of a large box inside which there are 48 duly sealed cartridges, so the product will be kept fresh and in good condition until consumed. In addition, each of the Dolce Gusto milk capsules has 13 grams of content, which is adequate for the preparation of 200 milliliters of water.

On the other hand, it is important to refer to the composition of each of the cartridges. They include ingredients such as soy lecithin, powdered milk and sugar. Likewise, the mixture has been enriched with vitamin D and A. In addition, you should keep in mind that the product is only compatible with Dolce Gusto and Nescafé machines.

Let’s find out more details about some milk capsules rated as the cheapest in this list of recommended products.


Capsule: You can prepare up to 200 milliliters of milk with each capsule, thanks to its 18-gram content.

Sealing: The hermetic sealing of the capsules keeps the product fresh until consumption.

Vitamins: With the intake of the product you will be providing your body with essential vitamins such as D and A.

Sugar: You will not have to sweeten the milk, since the mixture incorporates a sufficient amount of sugar.


Lactose: If you are lactose intolerant, you should opt for another product free of this type of sugar.

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Dolce Gusto bouillon capsules

5. Note D´espresso Bacon and onion broth capsules

These are other cheap Dolce Gusto capsules with great positioning in the market, ideal to consume during cold winter nights. Its flavor and aroma, given by the combination of onion and bacon, could be to your liking.

These are capsules of Dolce Gusto broth, whose presentation consists of 30 units of the product, corresponding to the same number of preparations. The cartridges are completely sealed, to prevent the contents from being wasted or deteriorated due to contact with air or moisture. In addition, they offer a quick and easy preparation when incorporating them into your coffee machine. Thus, you will obtain a delicious broth in a few minutes.

You will be interested to know that the capsules incorporate various nutritional ingredients inside and that provide good flavor. Said tablet yields 120 milliliters of water, an amount of broth suitable for one person. Also, its preparation is practical.

If you are looking for easy-to-prepare broth capsules in your coffee machine, you may be interested in this product. Next, more details.


Presentation: The product incorporates 30 units that yield the same number of preparations.

Capsule: The capsules have a hermetically sealed cover to preserve the good condition of the product.

Preparation: You will only have to place the capsule in your Dolce Gusto machine with 120 milliliters of water and you will obtain a good broth in a few minutes.

Aroma: Its aroma, product of the combination of bacon and onion, is soft and pleasant.


Taste: The taste of these bouillon capsules could be a bit bitter for some people.

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Starbucks Dolce Gusto Capsules

6. Starbucks By Nescafe Dolce Gusto Variety Pack White Cup

With the Starbucks Dolce Gusto capsules you can prepare three different types of coffee, since the pack includes three boxes of cappuccino, two of latte macchiato and one of caramel macchiato. Each of them integrates 12 cartridges inside, which will give you six preparations for each package, since a couple of capsules are required for each cup of coffee.

Likewise, you will be interested to know that each of the flavors requires a different amount of milk. For example, if you plan to make a latte macchiato you will need 230 milliliters, while for a cappuccino it is 220 milliliters and for the caramel macchiato, only 200 milliliters. In this way, you will obtain balanced, creamy drinks with a delicate flavor of roasted coffee.

In addition, after using them you can recycle them, since Nescafé Dolce Gusto puts at your disposal a collection center so that you can take the cartridges and thus help protect the environment.

Learn the good and bad about buying these Starbucks coffee pods below.


Capsules: You will enjoy all the aroma of well-preserved coffee, due to the hermetic cover of the capsules.

Pack: With the purchase you will enjoy assorted preparations, since it includes cappuccino, latte macchiato and caramel macchiato.

Coffee: You will obtain a drink with character and a delicate flavor, thanks to the high quality of the roasted coffee used.

Recyclable: You can take care of the environment by recycling the capsules at the Nescafé Dolce Gusto collection center.


Aroma: Its aroma may be a bit soft, if you are used to more intense drinks.

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Dolce Gusto capsules of coffee with milk

7. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Magnum Latte

Thanks to the Dolce Gusto Coffee with Milk Capsules you can enjoy a delicious hot drink, elongated and with a creamy body, ideal to start the morning with energy. In the same way, its flavor could be so pleasant that you can consume this coffee at any time of the day without any inconvenience.

It is a convenient pack that can last up to three months, if you drink a cup of coffee daily. This is because each of the three boxes that make up the offered product have 30 capsules, for a total of 90 cartridges.

Also, you will be interested to know that for the manufacture of this Nescafé Dolce Gusto in capsules, previously selected high-quality gourmet coffee beans and powdered milk were used. On the other hand, the capsules are plastic and have been hermetically sealed, which will allow you to enjoy a fresh mixture with a highly intense aroma at all times.

To make a successful purchase, you should review the advantages and disadvantages of these coffee with milk capsules.


Body: When preparing the capsules you will enjoy a very creamy coffee for the taste of your palate.

Coffee: You will enjoy quality coffee with a pleasant flavor thanks to the previous selection made to the grains.

Capsules: Each capsule was hermetically sealed to prevent loss of the product and its aroma.

Pack: Thanks to its pack of 90 capsules you will have coffee for a period of three months, according to the frequency of consumption of one unit per day.


Caffeine: If you are looking for caffeine-free capsules, you will probably have to opt for another product with that specification.

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Nesquik Dolce Gusto Capsules

8. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Nesquik Pack of 3 x 16

With these Dolce Gusto Nesquik capsules you can add a chocolate touch to your breakfasts or snacks. You will only have to place the cartridge in the machine, add water or liquid milk and wait a few seconds to start enjoying a delicious hot or cold drink.

Each of the capsules contains ground cocoa and milk, and they are free of caffeine and gluten, so they are suitable for the little ones in the house or people intolerant to both components.

The product has been contained in small plastic containers with an airtight cover, which does not allow a single gram of mixture to be wasted and maintains the aroma until it is prepared. In addition, with the purchase a convenient pack of three boxes is offered. Each of them has 16 units, for a total of 48 capsules or what is the same, 48 cups of a creamy drink with all the flavor of Nesquik.

These are some chocolate capsules with pros and cons that could be attractive.


Caffeine-free: Because these capsules do not contain caffeine, they are suitable to be consumed by the little ones in the house.

Preparation: You can prepare these capsules hot or cold, depending on your taste.

Presentation: It is a performance pack for just over a month, since it includes 48 capsules.

Gluten-free: If you are intolerant to gluten, you will have no problem drinking this drink, because it is free of said component. 


Taste: Its flavor could be very mild, but if you fill only half a cup, you will be able to intensify it.

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Dolce Gusto tea capsules

9. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Marrakesh Style Tea Pack of 3

On this occasion, Nescafé offers us a pack made up of three boxes of 16 Dolce Gusto tea capsules, ideal for vegetarians or people who do not consume coffee or who simply want to enjoy a hot drink with a refreshing touch.

Each of these cheap Dolce Gusto capsules contain green tea, which is a natural detoxifier, a pleasant aroma of mint, palm and coconut oil, whose properties are associated with improving the digestive process. In addition, this product is free of gluten and sugar.

It is important to mention that each capsule is enough for a cup of tea, so with this pack you can enjoy a total of 48 servings, which you can last for just over a month. Likewise, care for the environment is promoted, since the cartridges are made of polymer and you can recycle them. To do this, Nescafé has several collection centers.

Here you can read more details about a pack of tea capsules with the Dolce Gusto quality seal.


Sealing: You will not have to worry about the loss of aroma, because the capsules were hermetically sealed.

Pack: You will save time and money on the purchase, since this pack has 48 capsules, which last a little over a month.

Usage: You can drink this tea at any time to refresh, relax and detoxify your body.

Recycling: The brand has recycling centers to encourage care for the environment.


Caffeine: If you are looking for a decaffeinated drink, you should know that this does not have this quality.

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Accessories for Dolce Gusto capsules

Dolce Gusto capsule holder

Peak Coffee Dolce Gusto D48 Holder for 48 capsules

This is a Dolce Gusto capsule holder with a simple and functional design, which will allow you to save space in the kitchen, since you will not have to store the boxes with the coffee cartridges in the cupboard.

The product has a format of 18 centimeters, cylindrical shape and has been made of chromed aluminum.

It incorporates six vertical rows with room for eight coffee cartridges. Likewise, the base area offers a 360° swivel mechanism and non-slip coating.

Thus, you will enjoy quick access and the necessary stability to place the equipment on any surface without tipping over.

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Shopping guide

If your time is limited to make your daily hot drinks in a traditional way, you should bet on the Dolce Gusto capsules. These are cartridges that you only have to place in your coffee maker and, in a few minutes, you will have a delicious drink. Here is a guide to buying the best Dolce Gusto capsule.


The coffee, chocolate, milk or tea cartridges to be purchased cannot be selected lightly. Therefore, you should take a few minutes to review some specific aspects regarding its design and closing system. In fact, these characteristics are usually incorporated in any comparison of Dolce Gusto capsules. Thus, you guarantee part of the success of the purchase.

Generally, the cartridges are made of recyclable type polymer and incorporate a top cover of thin aluminum or a special paper. In this sense, the important thing is to confirm that said seals have been placed hermetically. Thus, you will not have to worry about the loss of aroma or deterioration of the product due to humidity or air.

On the other hand, it is necessary that each of the cartridges has a series of measurement lines marked on its exterior, since, thanks to them, you will be able to know how much water or milk to use for each preparation. In this way, the drink will have the right concentrate and body.


There are those who have developed a fascination for coffee capsules or other beverages of this type, so, when purchasing them, they try to get offers in which they can carry at least three packages with them. In this way, they not only save money, but also time, by not having to place order after order.

In this sense, Dolce Gusto capsules are a good alternative with which you will not have to continually question how much the product costs, since they are generally incorporated into the market in convenient packs for your greater economy. Each one of them has an average of 16 units per package, which means that, if you carry a pack of four boxes, you will have 64 capsules. 

Also, there are manufacturers that offer you a pack of six boxes of 12 units for a total of 72 capsules. However, they are short or have two stripes, so for each cup you will need to use two cartridges.

As you can see, the options are varied, so you will not have problems when making the purchase. Also, some products vary the flavors, so in the same purchase you can take, for example, cappuccino, latte macchiato and caramel macchiato.

Flavor and smell

When selecting the type of Dolce Gusto capsules that you are going to acquire, it is important that you focus your attention on the flavor and aroma that they offer, which could be intense or mild. Everything will depend on the concentrate of ingredients used, as well as the additional spices incorporated such as cinnamon, vanilla, among others.

In the case of coffee, cocoa and tea cartridges, check that they are selected grains and plants, from crops of natural origin. In this way, you guarantee the purity and quality of the raw material used in the product, which means that its aroma will be fresher and more concentrated, while the flavor will offer greater character.

Remember that it will not matter if it is a good and cheap capsule. If it does not meet the aforementioned requirements, when preparing it you will obtain a low-quality drink that is not very pleasant to the taste.


Although by using Dolce Gusto capsules we are enjoying high-quality and easy-to-prepare hot or cold drinks, it is also true that we generate a significant volume of garbage. Remember that the cartridges are made of plastic that, although it is usually recyclable, if it does not receive the proper treatment it will end up polluting the environment.

For this reason, before finalizing the purchase of your pack of coffee, chocolate, milk, tea or broth capsules, it is important to verify that the manufacturing company offers a collection service for discarded cartridges.

In the case of Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsules, this recycling alternative is possible. You just have to visit its official website to document yourself on the subject. Thus, you will be able to know the exact collection points present in your city.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use Dolce Gusto capsules?

To use your Dolce Gusto capsules, you only have to select the flavor that you like the most, be it pure coffee, long coffee, with milk, lactose-free, decaffeinated, chocolate or some variety of tea. Then, place it in your coffee machine, which must be compatible with the purchased cartridge. In this way, you can add water or milk to the coffee maker, as the case may be. Next, press the power button and you only have to wait a few minutes until the preparation is ready. Thus, you can enjoy a delicious hot or cold drink, with character, a creamy body and an attractive aroma.

Q2: How to use Dolce Gusto refillable capsules?

The refillable capsules are structures with the same format as any other Dolce Gusto cartridge, but the difference is that they are designed to be used, washed, refilled and reused for a long time.

You just have to take the refillable capsule, open the top lid and add the mixture of your choice to it. Then, carefully close said lid and pay attention that the silicone tab is directed towards the outer area. In this way, you will be able to place the cartridge in the coffee maker, lower the lever and activate the operation of the equipment, as you would when using a disposable capsule.

Q3: What do the stripes on the Dolce Gusto capsules mean?

The lines on the Dolce Gusto capsules indicate the milliliters of drink that we can prepare. For example, if your cartridge has six lines, you will get 180 milliliters, while three lines are adequate for 80 milliliters. Also, the more stripes the capsules have, it means that you have to keep the lever activated for a longer amount of time. Following the previous example, for six lines, the action time is 28 seconds, and for three lines, 15 seconds is enough.

Q4: How to store Dolce Gusto capsules?

To store your Dolce Gusto capsules, you only need to select a space in your cupboard, cabinet, shelf or kitchen cupboard that is cool and free of moisture. In this way, you will be able to place the box of capsules safely and without fear of the product deteriorating.

Likewise, there are those who bet on a capsule holder. It is a structure in which you can directly insert the cartridges and access them quickly. In addition, this structure can be placed on the countertop or side table in the kitchen, even serving as decoration.

Q5: How to recycle Dolce Gusto capsules?

After the use of Dolce Gusto capsules, a considerable volume of garbage is generated which, if we are not consistent, would end up generating a significant source of contamination when we get rid of it.

For this reason, Nescafé Dolce Gusto has created a series of special collection centers for those who use any of its specialties in coffee, chocolate, tea or broth capsules. In this way, you will only have to take the used cartridges to said headquarters and they will take care of giving the plastic the proper treatment to reuse it and preserve the environment. For more information, you can access the official website of the brand.

Q6: How to fill Dolce Gusto capsules?

To fill your Dolce Gusto capsules you need to completely cut off the excess cap. To do this, you will need the help of a cutter. Remember to be careful not to damage the cartridge or hurt your fingers unexpectedly.

Then, you must remove the remains of the previous product that are still in the capsule. You can wash the structure with plenty of water and dry with a cotton cloth. In this way, you can proceed to refill the cartridge with your favorite mixture.

To finish, you will have to use aluminum foil, cut a piece with the same format as the mouth of the capsule and fix it, folding it over the upper flange of said structure. It only remains to make some small incisions on the aluminum and place the cartridge in the coffee machine.

Q7: When do Dolce Gusto capsules expire?

The expiration time of the Dolce Gusto capsules will depend on each manufacturer, so you should pay attention to the date of issue and expiration printed on the package and on the respective cartridge.

Q8: What type of milk are in Dolce Gusto capsules?

Dolce Gusto capsules contain a powder mixture made up of coffee, chocolate or tea, sugar and other spices. In addition, there are preparations with milk, which add a percentage of this powdered ingredient.

However, it is important that you be careful in your selection because, depending on the mixture purchased, the cartridges could add whole, skim or lactose-free milk. The latter is suitable for those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

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