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Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are thinking of purchasing a coffee machine that works through capsules, the Dolce Gusto may be one of the most attractive options today, so we mention some of the most outstanding of this brand, so that you can be sure of acquiring a quality product. The Dolce Gusto Stelia EDG635.W is a saving coffee machine that has an ECO function and is compatible with all kinds of cups. On the other hand, the Dolce Gusto Lumio KP1301 has a Play & Select function, which allows you to easily select a drink and works with hot and cold water for greater versatility.

The 8 Best Dolce Gusto Coffee Makers – Opinions 2022

These types of appliances are so versatile that some models allow you to prepare chocolates and teas as well as different types of coffee, whether they are made with hot or cold water. As a consequence, the world of coffee machines that work with capsules is very wide, which can make it difficult to choose a model that suits your needs. For this reason, we have prepared a list with 8 of the best Dolce Gusto coffee machines of 2022.

Automatic Dolce Gusto coffee machine

1. De’Longhi Dolce Gusto Stelia EDG635.W Capsule coffee machine

It is an automatic Dolce Gusto coffee machine that combines Play & Select and Touch & Play technologies with a touch screen to easily select the type of drink according to your tastes, be it coffee, chocolate or tea. In addition, it has 15 bars of pressure, which guarantees the best results.

For greater versatility, it is a model that is compatible with any type of cup and can make hot or cold drinks, which is why it is considered by many to be the best Dolce Gusto coffee maker. In addition, it has an Eco Mode function indicated to save energy.

As for its design, it has a 1-liter water tank that can be removed for easy cleaning. Also, it has a transparent structure that gives it a more modern and attractive appearance, making it a piece of equipment that can attract attention in the kitchen.

If you are looking for an efficient and technological appliance to prepare different drinks, it may be convenient for you to learn more about this machine, considered by some users to be the best Dolce Gusto coffee machine of the moment.


Eco: It has the Eco Mode function, which turns off the equipment after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Versatility: It is capable of preparing hot and cold drinks and is compatible with any type of cup.

Technology: Offers Touch & Play technology, which provides touch operation for added convenience.


Capsules: Does not include capsules for immediate use, which implies greater expense and increases its total price.

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Krups Dolce Gusto coffee maker

2. Krups Dolce Gusto Lumio KP1301 Capsule Coffee Machine

This Dolce Gusto Krups coffee machine uses an innovative system of intelligent capsules, capable of preserving the freshness and flavor of the beans. You just have to place a capsule inside the machine and turn it on, guaranteeing the preparation of all kinds of drinks with professional quality.

As far as its pressure is concerned, it has 15 bars to give coffees a denser and creamier finish. It has multi-temperature technology, which allows you to prepare the same drinks but with hot or cold water according to your tastes, making it more versatile.

It has an innovative and aesthetically attractive design, in addition, it is available in white, black or dark red to choose according to your tastes. As if that were not enough, you can find it in its presentation with 3 boxes of 16 coffee capsules, which allows you to use it immediately after purchase.

The best value for money Dolce Gusto coffee machine must have a competitive cost and enough versatility to make drinks of all kinds, such as the KP1301 model.


Beverages: It is indicated for making coffees, chocolates or teas with soft, creamy, sweet or intense flavors.

Compatible: It is compatible with any type of cups you have in the house.

Design: You can get it in its presentation in white, black or red, to adapt it to the decoration of your kitchen.


Closing: The accessory for inserting the capsules may have a delicate closing system, so it is recommended to use it with due care.

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Dolce Gusto Piccolo coffee maker

3. De’Longhi Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS EDG210.R Pod Coffee Machine

It is a Dolce Gusto Piccolo coffee maker that has 15 bars of pressure to guarantee good results when preparing coffee, allowing the release of an optimal flow of water so that the chosen drink obtains a smooth and delicate texture.

As for its consumption, it is a product that stops working after 1 minute of inactivity, thus favoring energy savings. In addition, this cheap Dolce Gusto coffee maker offers hot or cold drinks, to adapt them to your tastes.

It has a compact and attractive design, available in the colors red, silver, white and black, so you can select it according to the color palette you have in your kitchen decoration. As if that were not enough, the base for collecting drops is made of stainless steel, which favors its resistance and durability.

If you need a powerful and affordable coffee maker, then you should know that this is one of the cheapest and offers good power. Therefore, it is advisable to learn more about its main characteristics.


Speed: It has the Thermoblock system, which favors faster heating of the water.

Design: It has a compact and modern design, in addition, it is available in red, silver, black and white.

Saving: Automatically turns off after 1 minute of inactivity to save power.


Tank: It has only 0.8 liters of capacity in its water tank, which places it at a disadvantage compared to other larger coffee machines.

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Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine

4. Nescafé Dolce Gusto Automatic Capsule Coffee Machine 

It is a Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine with a circular design, which can become the center of attention in any kitchen, cafeteria or commercial premises where you want to use it. In this sense, it has a black and red casing with silver details, which can be easily adapted to the decoration of the space.

Its water tank provides 1.8 liters, which allows you to make up to 18 small cups of coffee approximately before having to fill it again. Likewise, it allows you to prepare hot or cold drinks and has an ECO function, which turns off the equipment after 5 minutes without using it.

Among its main features is the upper touch screen with interactive operation, which is practical when selecting the drink you want. In addition, it has WiFi connectivity to check for updates and ensure optimal performance.

If you are wondering which is the best Dolce Gusto coffee maker, then it may be convenient for you to know in detail the characteristics of this model before deciding.


Screen: It incorporates an interactive touch screen that gives you many options to choose drinks.

Design: It has a compact circular design that does not take up much space.

Reservoir: The reservoir provides 1.8 liters of capacity, which is enough to brew several cups of coffee before needing to be refilled.


Drip: The lower tray may have a slight drip, so it is necessary to adjust it correctly before using the machine.

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De’Longhi Dolce Gusto coffee maker

5. Dolce Gusto Krups Piccolo KP1A08 Capsule coffee machine 15 bars

This is a small and modern Dolce Gusto De’Longhi coffee maker that does not take up much space and fits easily into your kitchen decor. It offers 30 different options to make drinks of all kinds, be it lungo, espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, teas, latte macchiato, among others.

It has a versatile operation that allows you to prepare both hot and cold drinks, in this way, you can take them according to the occasion. In addition, it offers compatibility with any type of cups you have in the house, so it is not necessary to purchase additional containers to use it.

The pressure of the water flow for the preparation of the drinks is 15 bars, in this way, it guarantees a more practical preparation and with more professional results, offering a creamy and dense layer in any type of coffee.

If you are still not sure which Dolce Gusto coffee maker to buy, it might be a good idea to know in detail the pros and cons of this model before making a decision.


Drinks: Allows you to prepare more than 30 drinks, including different types of coffees, chocolates and teas.

Anti-drip: Includes a large anti-drip tray that helps maintain the hygiene of the space.

Capsules: Includes 48 intense coffee capsules for immediate use.


Materials: It is possible that the manufacturing material is less resistant compared to other models, so it is important to use it with due care.

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Dolce Gusto Infinissima coffee maker

6. Krups Dolce Gusto Infinissima KP1705 Capsule Coffee Maker

It is a Dolce Gusto Infinissima coffee maker, indicated to prepare different types of drinks with cold or hot temperature according to your tastes. In addition, it is capable of making professional quality coffee in the shortest possible time, providing the temperature you want from the first cup. In this sense, it has a system called Thermoblock that heats the water quickly.

On the other hand, it has a multifunctional on and off button, which incorporates a practical function capable of turning on an orange light to indicate that it is necessary to descale your coffee maker. In this way, you can guarantee the quality of the coffee and keep the coffee maker in the best possible condition.

It has 15 bars of pressure, to obtain a coffee with a good body and to create a dense layer of cream. As if that were not enough, its design is compact and elegant, suitable for placing in any kitchen without taking up too much space.

The best brand of coffee machines can provide you with high-tech equipment for an affordable price. This is the case of this Nescafé Dolce Gusto product.


Tank: Its water tank has 1.2 liters, so you do not have to recharge it too often.

Drinks: You can prepare from long coffees to creamier drinks.

Technology: It has Thermoblock technology, which heats the water at high speed for greater practicality.


Cable: The power connection cable is red, so it could clash with the decoration of the kitchen.

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Dolce Gusto Mini Me coffee maker

7. De’Longhi Dolce Gusto Mini Me EDG155.BG

It is a Dolce Gusto Mini Me coffee maker that has one of the most compact designs in the selection, but at the same time offers multiple features. In this sense, it is an automatic equipment that integrates advanced technology capable of preparing more than 35 varieties of coffee and other drinks, such as chocolates and aromatic teas.

It has the exclusive Play & Select technology, which allows you to choose the drinks to your liking and always obtain the same result, since it is a quality product. In addition, it incorporates a new Flow Stop interface with LEDs to select the amount of coffee and choose between hot or cold drinks, offering you greater versatility.

For greater practicality, its water tank is removable and has a capacity of 0.8 liters to prepare approximately 8 cups of coffee before having to refill it again.

If you need to buy a versatile Dolce Gusto coffee machine, you may be interested in this model, suitable for making aromatic coffees, chocolates and teas.


Temperature: It is capable of providing hot or cold water, which allows you to prepare drinks according to your tastes.

Savings: It has an automatic disconnection system, which favors energy saving and durability of the equipment.

Drinks: You can make more than 35 different types of drinks for greater versatility.


Noise: It could be a bit noisier than expected and cause vibrations if you don’t place it on a stable surface.

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Krups Oblo Dolce Gusto coffee maker

8. Krups Dolce Gusto Oblo KP1108 Capsule Coffee Maker 

This is a Dolce Gusto Krups Oblo coffee machine with a 15-bar high-pressure system, which allows you to enjoy a layer of foamy and smooth crema, whether for your espresso, latte macchiato or cappuccino, in addition, with this machine you can prepare other drinks such as chocolates or teas.

As for its design, this elegant coffee maker has a black structure and is also available in red, so it can become the focal point of your kitchen. Likewise, it has dimensions of 25 x 32 x 18 cm, in this way, it does not take up too much space.

On the other hand, it has a manual selection system, which allows you to adjust the types of drink to your liking, it is only necessary to insert the capsule and activate the upper lever.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest Dolce Gusto coffee machines, but one that can offer you quality coffee, then you should learn more about the characteristics of this model.


Design: It has a compact and attractive design, available in black or red, to choose according to your tastes.

Compatibility: It is compatible with cups of various sizes for greater practicality.

Use: It offers a simple use, in which you only have to activate the upper lever to make the drink.


Cleaning: It is possible that this coffee maker accumulates more lime in the deposit than expected, so it may be necessary to clean it continuously.

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Shopping guide

Dolce Gusto coffee machines are generally very intuitive equipment, but there are a series of characteristics that we must take into account to obtain a product that best suits our needs. Therefore, we have created a guide to buying the best Dolce Gusto coffee machine, with relevant information that can help us select a good model.


The first thing we ask ourselves when thinking about buying a Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine is how much it costs, so if you are looking for one that is good and cheap, the most appropriate thing is that you pay attention to its operation. In this case, you should know that there are automatic and manual Dolce Gusto coffee machines, the first has an innovative bar system that provides the right amount of pressure and flow of water to the coffee, so it is capable of always providing the same quality. On the other hand, a manual coffee maker is more versatile, but it also requires our attention to make the coffee correctly, since you must stop its operation manually.

Some models also have intelligent systems that are more practical when it comes to putting them into operation, for example Play & Select and Touch & Play technology, the first allows you to prepare the drink according to your tastes and the second is made up of a touch panel, indicated to provide a simpler, more modern and entertaining operation.

If you care about saving on services, then a coffee machine with ECO mode may be the most appropriate, since it is an innovative function capable of automatically turning off the equipment after a certain period of inactivity. In general, we can find models with automatic shutdowns from 1 to 5 minutes.

For greater versatility, the most modern coffee maker models have an operation that allows you to choose between hot and cold water to make the drink. In this way, it is possible to adapt it to your tastes and requirements. It is only necessary to move the operating lever at the top to the left or to the right, depending on the side on which the desired temperature is indicated.

Types of drinks and preparation

We previously mentioned that some Dolce Gusto coffee machines have a bar system that guarantees the quality of the coffee, but this must be in accordance with the number of bars indicated by the capsules. These include a code on the top of the packaging with the exact number of bars that we must place in the coffee maker, favoring the pressure and amount of water.

In manual coffee machines, the barcode indicates the recommended preparation time for each capsule. For example, a 6-bar capsule needs to maintain constant water pressure for approximately 30 seconds, while a 1-bar capsule needs approximately 10 seconds of pressure.

Similarly, you should know that these days the capsules come in a large number of flavors and drink options. Among the different types of coffees we find cappuccino, decaffeinated, latte macchiato, with milk, intense espresso, caramel macchiato, vanilla latte, among others. In addition, we can find special tea capsules, such as milk, chai and citrus honey, as well as mocha coffee and caramel chococino for chocolates.

Also, you should take into account that some models include boxes or samples of capsules, so they provide more functionality to use the machine immediately after receiving it. However, this may increase your final cost.


When making a comparison of Dolce Gusto coffee machines, we can see that among the most striking aspects are their different designs, which stand out among other coffee machines because they generally have modern and innovative structures, made up of delicate lines and rounded edges.

Therefore, Dolce Gusto coffee machines are appliances that can easily attract attention in the kitchen or wherever you decide to place them. It is possible to get models with a presentation in black, white or silver, which are neutral and sober tones, selected in this way so that you can combine them with the decoration, although there are also other more striking colors.

It is important to take into account the capacity of the water tank, which is usually between 0.8 and 1.8 liters. In general, 1.8 liter coffee makers can be used in professional environments, such as a small cafeteria, while 0.8 liter coffee makers are more appropriate in a domestic environment. Similarly, it is important to mention that a small coffee cup has a capacity of 100 ml, so a coffee maker with a 1-liter water tank is enough to serve approximately 10 cups of coffee.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a Dolce Gusto coffee maker?

The first thing we must take into account is whether the water tank is full, then we turn on the coffee maker so that the water begins to heat up and place the glass or cup on the anti-drip base. Next, it is time to place the capsules.

Usually two capsules are used, one for coffee and one for milk. The milk goes first. We open the capsule compartment at the top of the coffee maker, insert it and close it. We set the number of bars on the control panel according to the indications previously seen on the capsule and finally, we activate the lever to start the flow of hot water.

Once the milk is ready, we open the coffee maker, take out the capsule and insert the coffee capsule. We set the coffee maker according to the number of bars in the capsule and turn it on again. When the drink is ready, the water will stop flowing and we only have to taste it.

Q2: How to descale a Dolce Gusto coffee machine?

To descale we will need a descaling kit with a special solution. We must pour the entire content into 400 ml of drinking water and fill the tank with the mixture made. Now, we take the rinsing accessory included in the kit and place it in the capsule compartment. If possible, we remove the drip tray and put a glass in its place.

Depending on the model, we must press the power button or move the activation lever for approximately 5 seconds. Once the light flashes, the equipment will automatically set itself to start descaling, which will take approximately 2 minutes.

For the next step, we move the lever to the hot side and wait for the water tank to begin to empty and reach halfway, then we repeat by moving the lever to the cold side and wait for the tank to empty completely. We discard the water, introduce drinking water and repeat the process, in this way, we will be cleaning the coffee maker. At the end of this step it will be ready for use.

Q3: Which coffee machine is better, Tassimo or Dolce Gusto?

It is necessary to mention that the Dolce Gusto coffee machines have more modern and varied designs compared to the Tassimo ones, however, when it comes to the capsules, Tassimo offers a more affordable price, while the Dolce Gusto ones usually have a higher cost. In addition, they are only compatible with Nestlé capsules. On the other hand, the Dolce Gusto are more technological, so they are more precise when it comes to preparing coffee just the way we like it. Therefore, we could lean towards Dolce Gusto coffee machines when choosing an avant-garde and professional equipment.

Q4: How to disassemble a Dolce Gusto coffee machine?

The removable parts in the structure of a Dolce Gusto coffee machine are the drip tray, the water tank and the compartment to insert the capsules. In this sense, almost all the parts are placed and disassembled under pressure, which facilitates cleaning and use. However, in some cases the capsule compartment includes a latch that you just have to slide open or a locking system for added security.

Q5: How to clean a Dolce Gusto coffee maker?

We must make sure that it is not connected to the electrical current. We remove the tank and the tray to wash them with tap water, then dry them well and put them back in their position. Next, we carefully slide a damp cloth over the internal compartment of the capsules and the external structure of the coffee maker. It is recommended to carry out this cleaning once a month to extend the useful life of the product.

Q6: Which Dolce Gusto coffee maker is better, Krups or De’Longhi?

De’Longhi coffee machines may be above the Krups, thanks to the fact that most of these products work through a bar selection system, which gives them automatic technology, while the Krups models work manually usually. However, while De’Longhi’s designs are more attractive and modern, they are also more delicate and must be used with greater care.

Q7: Why is there an orange light on my Dolce Gusto coffee machine?

Some high-tech Dolce Gusto coffee machines usually have a light indicator that turns orange when the coffee machine needs to be descaled. Similarly, you should take into account that this procedure should be performed every 2 or 3 months, depending mainly on the use you have given it in that period.

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