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Electric Blanket – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

With an electric blanket you will be able to rest better during winter nights, since these devices are designed to keep you at a comfortable temperature. If you don’t know which model to choose among all the alternatives on the market, consider the Daga 10404400 product, a product with dimensions designed especially for one person, its fabric is very soft to the touch and it is gray. It can be easily washed and has an intuitive control. Another good option could be the Ufesa CC9328 since it stands out for working with two controls, so that the temperature is controlled in two areas of the blanket in case you want to share it with your partner.

Opinions on the best electric blankets on the market


In order to help you a little more with your search, we have made a selection of good electric blankets and of different types, so that you can analyze several models and, if you are lucky, find among them the right blanket to meet your needs.

Dagger electric blanket


Dagger 10404400

Some users consider that the 10404400 could be the best electric blanket for personal use, because its size is 150 centimeters long and 100 centimeters wide, enough to cover an adult, although, if it is available, you could also buy it online. its version of 180 x 140 centimeters that is wider.

This Dagger electric blanket is made of microfiber fabric, a soft and pleasant material that will feel comfortable against your skin. It is gray in color, so it is a unisex neutral tone. In addition, it stands out because its maintenance is quite practical, since it can be washed both by hand and by machine.

Its fast heating system allows you to have the blanket ready in just five minutes regardless of which of its three temperature levels you have chosen and, in addition, it has a safety lock that will automatically turn off the blanket after 3 hours of use.

Being the best electric blanket of the moment, this Daga product must be analyzed in depth, here is more information about it:


Design: With this 150 x 100 x 1 centimeter blanket you can cover a large part of your body at night.

Materials: Its clothing fabric is durable and soft, to increase comfort when using it, in addition to being able to be washed at home.

Control: The control is simple to use and has a backlit LCD screen that shows the activated mode on the blanket.

Safety: It has an automatic shutdown function after 3 hours of continuous use to prevent overheating.



Colours: Keep in mind that this model is not available in another colour, but since it is gray and neutral, it could also be liked by many.

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Dagger FX CME

This Daga option could be one of the best electric blankets of 2022, since it has the right dimensions to be used by two people, a quality that makes it very useful for couples. It also has two separate controls, so that each one can choose the temperature they prefer on their side of the bed.

With the Daga electric blanket you can choose between three different temperature levels to adapt the heat to the thermal sensation and thus feel more comfortable when resting. Its power is 120W in total, that is, you have 60W on each side.

The fabric that makes up this electric blanket is pleasant to the touch and is also reversible. In addition, it should be noted that the controls can be disconnected from the blanket to wash it in a domestic machine, avoiding the need to spend money in a laundry. On the other hand, it also offers a fast heating system and reaches the desired temperature in approximately 15 minutes according to some buyers.

Daga could one day be the best brand of electric blankets on the market and here you can have details of its FX CME model:


Size: It is 130 centimeters wide and 150 centimeters high, enough for an adult couple.

Controls: Work with two controls for individual temperature control depending on the side of the blanket.

Security: The security system is responsible for deactivating it in case you fall asleep without turning it off.


Color: The fabric is white, so it could get dirty very easily.

Softness: It is not so pleasant to the touch for some, since it is not made of cotton or microfiber. Still, its cotton can be considered as comfortable.

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Ufesa electric blanket

Ufesa CC9328

The CC9328 is a Ufesa electric blanket that boasts a 100% cotton construction, a very soft and pleasant material so you can sleep comfortably at night and offers three temperature levels so you can choose the one you want.

It has dimensions of 150 x 130 centimeters and a weight of 1.38 kilograms so you can share it with another person. In addition, for this, two separate controls have been integrated to change the temperature of a part of the blanket if desired. On the other hand, these can be removed from the blanket for washing and its cover tolerates a maximum temperature of 40 °C so you can clean it at home, either by hand or in the washing machine.

As for safety, this Ufesa product works with an automatic shutdown system after 12 hours, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off your blanket after getting up.

If you still haven’t been able to decide which electric blanket to buy, perhaps the functions of the Ufesa model will catch your attention:


Wide: It is a wide blanket of 150 x 137 centimeters that you can place under the cover of your bed or on top of you.

Materials: It is made of cotton to be more comfortable and feel soft when resting.

Controls: Its controls control individual areas of the blanket, so that everyone can choose their preferred temperature.


Cost: It is the most expensive model among those mentioned in this list.

Connectors: One buyer mentioned that they found the placement of the controller connectors awkward.

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Ufesa MT2321

Ufesa electric blankets are synonymous with quality, good performance and long life. Proof of this is the present model that has a power corresponding to 150 watts, electrical input from 230 to 240 volts and three adjustable heating levels.

It is a product with high safety standards, as it incorporates thermal protection to prevent the resistors from overheating. Similarly, it has an automatic disconnection mechanism through a programmable thermostat for up to 12 hours of continuous operation, so you can use the blanket throughout the night.

The dimensions of this Ufesa electric blanket are 170 x 200 centimeters, being suitable for any large format bed. The textile is cream-colored, fluffy, anti-allergic and can be machine washed in short cycles, with a temperature not exceeding 40 °C. This is possible thanks to the fact that the 6.3 meter connection cables and the pair of controls are separable.

MT2321 is a model of electric blankets developed by Ufesa with a spacious format and pleasant appearance. Its power is high-end, adjustable to three levels and safe, as it incorporates a practical disconnection mechanism.


Power: This blanket has a working power of 150 watts and a corresponding electrical current input of up to 240 volts, being positioned as a high-end product.

Disconnection: You can enjoy a maximum of 12 hours of continuous heating, since the blanket has a programmable disconnection mechanism.

Dimensions: The textile has an area of ​​170 x 200 centimeters, being suitable for large beds.

Cables: The blanket incorporates a cable for the electrical connection of approximately 6.3 meters subject to a pair of controls.


Usage: As stated, this blanket is not suitable to be placed over your bed sheets, but to be used as a cover for your body.

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large electric blanket

Klarstein Dr Watson 

If you are looking for a large electric blanket, take a look at this model from Klarstein. Its dimensions are 200 centimeters wide by 180 centimeters long, being useful for a two-seater bed. It has a power of 120W and a temperature controller with three heat levels, so that you can adjust the operation of the blanket according to the ambient temperature or how cold you feel at night.

In addition, others say that it could be the answer to the question of which is the best electric blanket, because it has a timer so that the blanket turns itself off after a few hours of use. While also, it should be noted that the electrical connector and the control can be removed from the product, allowing it to be washed without inconvenience to always keep it looking good and smelling pleasant. On the other hand, it is an advantage that it is dark brown, since this will hide stains and dirt.

If you want to know more about this good product from Dr. Watson, we invite you to continue reading:


Size: The Dr. Watson blanket has ample dimensions to cover the space of a double bed.

Power: Its power is 120W, with which you can enjoy rapid heating.

Materials: The fabric of the blanket is brown microfiber, which is comfortable to wear and pleasant to sleep on.

Therapeutic: It is also highlighted that it has therapeutic and relaxing effects on the muscles for a better rest.


Distribution: The heating could be more uniform, as some consider that it tends to concentrate in the center.

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AEG WZD 5648

This model from the AEG house has been valued by some of the buyers as the best electric blanket, since it has significant qualities such as the quality of its materials, power and safety.

The product has been made with synthetic, spongy fabric, with a fairly soft touch and suitable for machine washing, but being careful not to exceed 40°C, to avoid deterioration of the fiber and cables. Its format of 130 x 180 centimeters is large, the working power corresponds to a maximum of 180 watts and it requires an electrical input of 230 volts at 50Hz.

Also noteworthy in this large electric blanket is a protection system against overheating, an adjustable timer from one to nine hours of operation, with an auto-off mechanism after said time has elapsed. We cannot fail to mention its intuitive control to program the 10 heat levels, LED type screen and backlight.

If you want to take home the best electric blanket of the moment, then you cannot leave this model out of your purchase options. Its design is fluffy, it has high-end power, it is safe and easy to clean.


Format: This model of blankets has been made with favorable measurements of 130 x 180 centimeters, corresponding to its width – height.

Remote: The remote has a backlit screen, an on-off button and another to select the temperature level.

Washing: The blanket is suitable for being put in the washing machine, using a gentle cycle with a temperature not exceeding 40°C to avoid deterioration.

Power: The work force of the blanket belongs to the high end of its line, providing a power of 180 watts, with an electrical input of 230 volts.


Padding: Due to the thinness of the padding provided for the blanket, it is possible to feel the resistance when using it, causing discomfort in some people.

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small electric blanket

AEG WUB 5647

This small electric blanket is one of the cheapest models on the list, so it could be a good option if you have a tight budget. It has dimensions of 70 x 150 centimeters, being useful for one person or a single bed. It could also be the best electric blanket in its price range, given that it has 60W of power and a system that makes it safer, avoiding overheating problems.

As for its temperature, the control will allow you to choose between three permitted heat levels, so that you can adjust it to your personal preferences and, thanks to its fastening straps, the blanket will stay in place throughout the night. Finally, it is highlighted that it has an automatic deactivation function after eight hours of continuous use have elapsed, this will prevent the system from suffering an overvoltage and burning a component or causing an accident.

If you want to buy one of the cheapest blankets, consider everything that this affordable AEG model offers you:


Installation: This model has four fixing straps to secure it to the edges of your bed so that it does not move.

Control: Its control is ergonomic and has a light indicator, so you know when it is on.

Power: It works with a power of 60W and offers you three different temperatures to meet your needs.


Color: It is available in white, so you must be careful not to dirty it, since it will be noticed immediately.

Size: It is a small model and for individual use, being uncomfortable to share.

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Electric thermal blanket

Beurer HD 75

Faced with the big question of which is the best electric blanket, you should check the specifications of this model made by the Beurer house, suitable to be used even as a layer.

The textile used is microfiber and hypoallergenic, it offers a pleasant touch and quality finishes in all its seams. In addition, its grayish color is quite discreet.

Its maximum working power is 100 watts and corresponds to a medium range, the temperature can be regulated at six levels, it has an automated shutdown mode and it incorporates a safety system against overheating, developed with technology patented by the manufacturer.

The operation of this electric thermal blanket is intuitive by means of a small control with an ergonomic design, with LCD screen with backlight and light indicator. The cables are removable for greater practicality when washing the garment, either manually or by inserting it into the washing machine, being careful not to exceed 30 °C.

Do not let indecision take over you when selecting the product. So if you still don’t know which electric blanket to buy, the invitation is to review the pros and cons of the following model.


Security: The manufacturer incorporated a security system with Beurer technology, so you won’t have to worry about the resistors overheating.

Power: The heating system has been provided with 100 watts of power and a regulating thermostat for the enjoyment of six heat levels.

Control: The control of the blanket is small, its operation is intuitive and it has a screen with backlight, for a quick reading of the temperature.

Washing: You can wash the blanket by hand or machine, as long as you use water with a temperature not exceeding 30°C, as it could deteriorate it.


Instruction manual: The equipment does not include an instruction manual, so you will need to consult the manufacturer’s website, in case of any doubt.

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How to choose the best electric blankets?


In the winter time it is very useful to have a good electric blanket on hand to help you fight the cold and feel much more comfortable when you go to rest. If you do not know what aspects to evaluate before choosing one in order to enjoy a good purchase decision, perhaps if you take into account the following characteristics, the entire process will be simplified.

Shopping guide

electric blanket design

An electric blanket is capable of providing you with heat, because it works with an internal system that heats the surface in order to dissipate a bit of the cold and help you feel more comfortable. In this guide to buying the best electric blanket, the first thing we will study is the general design.

You should choose a blanket that you find both attractive and practical to use, and by this we mean that you take into consideration the dimensions of the blanket, especially if you plan to share it with your partner in the room.

Also, keep in mind the pattern of drawings or the color to avoid choosing a model that gets dirty very quickly and you have to be cleaning at all times, which is not recommended with this type of product. On the other hand, checking that the manufacturing finishes are resistant and robust will help you obtain an electric blanket that can last a long time.

clothing materials

Being a product designed for comfort and rest, any comparison of electric blankets would focus on the manufacturing materials. In these cases, it is important to choose a blanket that is made of a fabric that is pleasant to the touch. After all, you will use it to sleep and when you want to rest, you must always be comfortable in order to guarantee a restful sleep. 

On the other hand, if you are sensitive to allergens, it is important that you make sure that the fabric that makes up your electric blanket is hypoallergenic to avoid any unpleasant or dangerous reaction during use.

power and settings

Many buyers look at the power of an electric blanket before buying it and this is because it usually greatly affects how much it costs and everyone would like to find a good and cheap option. However, if you really want to enjoy the benefits of an electric blanket, you should consider the power with which it works and take it into account according to the ambient temperature that usually exists during the winter.

In addition to this, it is very useful if the blanket includes controls to control the thermostat, since this way you can adjust the heat it emits depending on the temperature of the room and your preferences. And, if you look carefully, you could find electric blankets with separate controls, which allow you to adjust the heat in specific areas.

special functions

Depending on the manufacturer and type of electric blanket, you may be able to enjoy some special features that will be more useful to you than you think. After studying several models, we can recommend that you take into account those that work with automatic shutdown functions or that have a timer, since they will allow you to rest easy without having to be aware that the blanket stays on.

Security systems

Additionally, consider that although they are designed for sleeping, you should know that some experts recommend avoiding falling asleep with an electric blanket on, to avoid any inconvenience or accident due to overheating, for this reason, it is also important to evaluate the security systems of the electric blanket. The market for this product is wide and you can find models that work connected to an outlet, as well as those that only need batteries. 

Be that as it may, it is necessary that the blanket you choose is equipped with deactivation systems in case of an emergency, such as an unexpected increase in voltage or instability in the electrical service. This could prevent your blanket from getting damaged or not working properly.

Maintenance and care of the blanket

And finally, don’t forget to consider how you might keep your electric blanket clean. In winter, you may use it daily, which is why it is very important to be able to wash it regularly to prevent it from accumulating dirt or bad odours. Therefore, if it is within your possibilities to acquire a blanket that you can wash in a machine, either by removing the heating system or disconnecting the thermostats, do it, since it will be much simpler and cheaper to always have it as new and ready to use.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to fix the regulator of an electric blanket?

In order to fix a damaged thermostat on an electric blanket, you need to have advanced knowledge of electronics and electricity, along with the proper tools to monitor power and know which components to change. However, it is not a recommended task to do at home and, if it is possible, it is better to contact the manufacturer in case the blanket is still under warranty.


Q2: How many watts does an electric blanket consume?

To determine exactly how much energy your electric blanket is consuming, you should look at the power that you have activated, since this way you can make a small calculation to know how many watts your blanket will consume during the night. For example, if your electric blanket has 100W of power and works with a 12V power adapter like most models, you would only have to divide the power by the voltage to obtain the amps consumed per hour, which, in this case, it would be 8.3 amps, and multiply that result by the hours you keep the blanket on and heating.

On a typical night, it will likely run for about six hours, so multiply 8.3 x 6 and the result will be the approximate wattage consumption for the night.

Q3: How does an electric blanket work?

An electric blanket works with a series of nodes that, connected to a thermostat and an electrical system, heat up in order to increase the temperature of the fabric which, whether placed on the bed or on top of the user, can help them feel more comfortable in a cold environment.

Some models are connected directly to the current and others can use simple rechargeable batteries, you can freely choose which one to buy, but keep in mind that its capacity can vary as well as its price.


Q4: What temperature does an electric blanket reach?

The answer to this question is quite relative, given that electric blankets can work with different powers, which allows them to reach different temperatures, although they generally work between 20°C and 40°C. It will depend on this capacity to determine what the maximum temperature is, but since the human body is normally between 36° and 37° C, the blanket should not exceed these levels to be comfortable.


Q5: How to make a homemade electric blanket?

In the opinion of many experts and even consumers, it is absolutely not recommended to try to build a homemade electric blanket. This type of product uses a complex electrical wiring and heat dispersion system, as well as the assembly of thermostats and component coverage, to avoid any type of accident.

In addition, since an electric blanket must generally remain connected to electricity, it is very important to know how to regulate the input power so that it does not overheat or stress the internal system of the blanket.

Therefore, the best advice is that if you want to enjoy a good and safe electric blanket to use, it is better to buy one in the store or online, especially one that complies with the corresponding safety regulations.


Q6: How to put an electric blanket on the bed?

There are several ways to place an electric blanket in bed and everything will depend on your preferences. There are those who decide to place it under the bedding to spread the heat a little and warm the sheets, the mattress, the pillows, etc. in general. To do this correctly, make sure none of the blanket’s wires are bent or in awkward positions to prevent internal breakage.

Others choose to simply wrap themselves directly in the electric blanket, as this provides them with direct heat and can be very good for combating cold winter nights.


Q7: How to wash an electric blanket?

To be able to wash an electric blanket without problems, all the electronic components with which it works must be removed. Some have a simple system, but with others you may have to read the instruction manual. After you have done this, you can simply send it to the dry cleaners or machine wash it at home depending on the material it is made of. Also, always try to use a gentle wash cycle and avoid putting it in the washing machine with other clothes or bedding.


Q8: Is it safe to use an electric blanket?

Yes, the opinions of the buyers consider that it is quite safe to use an electric blanket, but yes, taking into account important aspects such as that it is of good quality, of a reputable brand and that it has security systems such as automatic shutdown, deactivation by inactivity, timer or protection against overheating and overvoltage, since these equipment work directly with electricity.

Q9: How long does the electric blanket need to be kept?

This type of blankets have an electrical system for the generation of heat, which if it is running consecutively for many hours, could end up causing a short circuit and breaking down. For this reason, it is advisable to turn on the blanket about 15 minutes before going to sleep, being prudent during that time to place our pajamas on it so that it warms up a bit. Also, once you are in bed you can program the blanket through the remote control, so that it stops working after two or three hours. In this way, you will achieve greater comfort when resting, save energy and take care of the product’s useful life.

Q10: What happens if I spend the whole night with the electric blanket in the contracture?

Contractures, better known as knots, are a small injury that is generated by a bad movement in one of our muscles, nerve irritation, increased muscle tone, among others. In this sense, you will need to relax said muscle and for this, you can use a heat therapy. So, there will be no problem for you to spend the night with your electric blanket on the affected area, since the next morning you will feel much better.

How to use an electric blanket

If you have acquired a good electric blanket, but it is the first time you use one and you do not know exactly what to do, do not worry. In this small guide we will show you some of the basic steps you can take to ensure that you are taking advantage of it as it should be.

wash the blanket

Many buyers advise that the first thing to do when buying a new blanket for the home, whether it is electric or not, is to wash it. This product may have been in storage and may have accumulated dust, making it uncomfortable to sleep on. Therefore, have a little patience and wash the blanket first, wait for it to dry well, and then you can try it on. Of course, do not forget to remove the heat equipment before.

To accomplish this, you may need to read your instruction manual and find out what items you need to remove in order to safely wash your blanket. Follow all the steps to the letter and then proceed to clean it.


spread out on the bed

When everything is ready and you have reconnected the thermostat or the system, we advise you to extend it completely on your bed. In this way, it will be easier for you to check if it is really heating as it should be and without having points of heat concentration, since this would be uncomfortable during the night.


Connect to the power outlet

Now that the blanket is spread out, you can find a nearby outlet and plug it in. Be careful to secure the plug well to prevent it from being loose and thi

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