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Electric Broom – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Cleaning the home is an unavoidable task, which thanks to electric brooms can be done without the investment of much time and effort. Hence, models such as the Vileda Quick & Clean are highly valued by users, as they combine autonomy, manageability and efficiency, by having a flexible joint and an innovative suction system. Now, those who prefer robust designs with additional technology consider the Rowenta Air Force Extreme Silence as a good option for the hygiene of their homes, since its triangular motorized brush head allows it to reach any corner.

The 9 Best Electric Brooms – Opinions 2022


There are many qualities that should be considered when choosing a particular electric broom. Therefore, below, you can find a careful selection of the most outstanding models online, so that you make your own purchase decision based on the cleaning requirements of your home.


Vileda electric broom


1. Vileda Quick & Clean cordless electric broom and electric brush


The Vileda Quick & Clean electric broom is an appliance designed to make cleaning the home faster and easier. It has two rotating rubber brushes and a propulsion system to collect dirt from the floor, walls and other places, so its efficiency is remarkable.

Due to its affordable cost and durability, it could be classified as the best price-quality electric broom. Likewise, its cordless function and light weight give you greater maneuverability to clean dust and pet hair from difficult places such as sofas and carpets.

On the other hand, it has a removable 160 ml capacity tray, which allows you to sanitize a 250 m² space in approximately 40 minutes. Added to this, it has a striking red design provided with a 4-part mountable cane, in addition to coming with its charger.

The best electric broom of the moment is the one that offers good performance, and this model can meet this requirement. That is why we invite you to read its pros and cons.


Wireless: As it does not have a cable, it does not represent any danger of entanglement, tripping or plugs for its operation.

Ergonomic: It has a flexible base and a light weight that allows the user to clean all corners without assuming uncomfortable postures.

Maintenance: It is simple, since it is only enough to disassemble the brushes and wash them with water.


Battery: Prolonged use at full power may deplete your charge in less time than expected.

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Rowenta electric broom


2. Rowenta RH8929WO Air Force Extreme Silence Broom Vacuum


Among the best electric brooms of 2022, this Rowenta model could be the efficient companion in household chores, since being powerful and not having a cable makes it much easier to handle. In addition, its power button does not need to be held down, which provides greater freedom.

On the other hand, the Rowenta Air Force Extreme Silence electric broom has an innovative design in gray, equipped with a thin triangular head that, together with its 6,200 rpm motorized brush, adjustable to three speeds, allow you to clean corners easily. effective. In addition to this, its silent technology generates around 77 dB, being suitable for closed spaces.

Similarly, it has a 25.2 V lithium-ion battery that provides continuous operation for 55 minutes, notified through its operation indicator, a quality that is also benefited by its removable 0.5 L tank. Both of these traits would allow you to perform frequent cleaning without interruption.

Rowenta might be the best electric broom brand, thanks to its technological advances. Next, we invite you to detail your product.


Cyclonic technology: It has good suction power, so it separates the dust from the air, providing efficient results.

Practical: Its ergonomic design with a handle allows for better movement. In addition, being wireless provides greater freedom of use.

Storage: Its vertical format saves space and can be stored anywhere in the home.


Weight: Due to its weight of 3.3 kilos, it can be difficult to use for those with physical limitations. Therefore, it is recommended to handle it with caution.

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Bosch electric broom


3. Bosch BBH32551 Flexxo Series 4 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


The Bosch Flexxo electric broom has a practical, flexible and modern design, so keeping sofas, chairs, floors and even the interior of the car clean is easier and requires little effort, thanks to its easy-maintenance EasyClean system. In addition, it comes with a 25.2 V rechargeable lithium battery that provides autonomy of up to 55 min of operation.

This cordless, bagless appliance might just be the best electric broom, as it features a PowerBrush turbo motorized brush for all types of floors. In addition to this, its HighPower function develops a force of 4600 rpm to lift the most embedded dirt.

In addition, the RobustAir system ensures its efficiency, even if the tank is full, thus providing greater comfort by avoiding stopping to empty it. On the other hand, the handheld vacuum cleaner that it incorporates is light and easy to use, allowing it to reach any place with little accessibility.

We invite you to read the pros and cons that this electric broom with convenient qualities can offer you.


Versatile: This product is 2 in 1, since it integrates a handheld vacuum cleaner and an electric broom, making cleaning tasks even easier.

Accessories: For more effective results, it has a removable nozzle to clean furniture and a convenient brush for upholstery.

Filter: It comes with an easy-to-remove washable filter, so you can use it on several occasions.


Brush: This accessory requires continuous maintenance, since hair and lint may become entangled in it.

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Dyson electric broom


4. Dyson V7 Motorhead Vacuum Cleaner


Over the years, technology has advanced and electric brooms have evolved the way of cleaning the home, leaving aside the utensils that accompany the traditional brush. For this reason, this Dyson V7 Motorhead electric broom of convenient dimensions and weight makes it a useful and versatile product for the maintenance of homes, offices and others, since it has an air filtration system that allows dust to be retained.

It should be noted that its operation is benefited by its 21.6 V lithium battery, whose performance can reach up to 30 minutes of constant work once the approximate 3.3 hours of charging have elapsed.

On the other hand, this model has a rigid stick, an extension tube, a small head and brushes made with nylon bristles and carbon fibers, for greater comfort when sanitizing different types of floors and surfaces.

If you want to leave the floors shiny, this electric broom can be a good option. Therefore, we recommend you observe its pros and cons.


Design: This gray and purple electric broom comes with an ergonomic design that is intuitive to use.

Power: It has a 100-watt motor, so its strength is greater than a traditional electric broom.

Tank: It has a removable 0.54 L container with a simple emptying system, which makes it easy to use and clean.


Cost: Its cost is a bit high compared to other models on the list, which could limit its acquisition.

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Taurus electric broom


5. Taurus Ultimate Lithium Hepa Filtration Broom Vacuum Cleaner


This Taurus Ultimate Lithium electric broom has a versatile, ergonomic and lightweight design that allows you to reach places where no other broom could. In addition, it has 3-in-1 functions, since it has a 70 cm stick to reach difficult places, special brushes to work properly on upholstery and it transforms into a handheld vacuum cleaner to sanitize small spaces.

It is also characterized by its 22.2 V lithium battery with autonomy of 40 minutes and fast charging with performance indicator. On the other hand, it has a Cyclone System filtration system and washable HEPA filters, which are responsible for separating debris from pure air to improve the performance of the equipment and guarantee 99% dust retention. 

Finally, it is important to mention that this cordless electric broom has a transparent 650 ml tank, a quality that allows you to observe the level of dirt stored. This way, you can avoid overloading it.

If you still do not know which electric broom to buy, this appliance would be of great help, due to the additional qualities that we detail below.


Lighting: It has an LED light on its brush to better visualize the dark areas where dust and lint are found.

Turbo Brush: This motorized brush provides good efficiency for any type of floor.

Accessories: It has a corner tube, multipurpose brushes for furniture, upholstery and a bracket to hang on the wall, extras that optimize its efficiency and storage.


Power: Despite being a versatile product, it may not be powerful compared to others. However, it may be the one indicated for frequent household cleaning.

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Cecotec electric broom


6. Cecotec Conga Duostick Easy Vertical Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner


The 800 Watt power of this vacuum cleaner added to its extensive 12-meter power management cable are the most outstanding features of the Cecotec Conga Duostick Easy electric broom, which is why many users consider it among their purchase options.

Continuing with the description, it has an attractive design with resistant materials, since in addition to being an appliance with good qualities, it is one of the cheap brooms on the market. Its use is simple, since it has a rotating system at its base with wheels for better mobility.

On the other hand, it could be considered the best electric broom due to its type A energy efficiency, which translates into long-term economic savings, in addition to its cyclonic technology that separates particles, its easy-to-remove 1-liter tank and its parking system, which provides stability when it is placed vertically.

If this electric broom has caught your attention, we invite you to find out about the pros and cons that this product offers you.


Power supply: Its operation is through cable, so it will not lose power, in addition to having good energy efficiency and low power consumption.

Features: This model has a vertical broom and a manual vacuum cleaner in a single product, so its versatility extends its use.

Filtration system: It has a HEPA filter, so the retention of bacteria and allergens is considered effective.


Heating: The time of use recommended by the manufacturer should not be exceeded to avoid deterioration. 

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Karcher electric broom


7. Kärcher Electric broom KB 5


The comfortable and cordless design of the Karcher KB 5 electric broom is perhaps the most outstanding thing about this model, as it has a convenient compact size to carry out cleaning tasks without involving too much physical wear and tear. In addition, its light weight of 1.21 kg and joints in its mobile points allow it to be manipulated with greater freedom.

As for its appearance, we can mention the yellow with black color that enhances the essence of the brand. In turn, it has a practical 370 ml container to remove and clean, located on the side of the brush, which facilitates the emptying of dirt and its dimensions allow it to be stored, either standing or next to the wall.

On the other hand, it has a 3.7 V lithium battery that gives it an autonomy of approximately 30 minutes, enough time for its Adaptive Cleaning system, characterized by a flexible edge brush, to efficiently remove any dirt.

If you want to find an electric broom that is suitable for cleaning any type of floor, this model would be good for you. Therefore, it would be convenient to read its pros and cons.


Indicator light: It has a red light that indicates when its battery is low and when it is fully charged.

Ignition: It has an automatic connection and disconnection system that speeds up its start-up, just by moving the control stick.

Silent: Its operation emits only 58 dB, making it a silent broom.


Cane: Due to its format and functionality, it may seem awkward to maneuver at first. However, once you become familiar with its handling, it fulfills its assigned function.

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corded electric broom


8. Meiyou Corded Handheld Vacuum Broom Vacuum Cleaner


If you want to give a practical and effective gift, you could think of the Meiyou 18000 PA corded electric broom, since it is a quality product certified by an international organization. On the other hand, this appliance has a power cable that can cover a radius of up to 6 meters, in addition to being able to wrap around the broomstick for greater comfort.

Its black design with applications in light tones make it an elegant electric broom. While on the other hand, it must be added that it is equipped with a 600 W motor for effective suction, allowing it to collect pet hair, dust and other debris from any corner of the home.

In addition, it uses a washable HEPA filter that eliminates almost 100% of mites and bacteria present in the environment, providing additional protection to the family. On the other hand, it has an automatic blocking switch when the appliance heats up, cutting off the power supply to prevent damage to it.

Analyze below the details of this electric broom that is among the cheapest.


2 in 1: It fulfills a double function, both as an electric broom and as a handheld vacuum cleaner, making it a versatile product.

Power: It has an efficient suction of 18 KPA, which provides good power to leave the environment free of particles and waste.

Nozzles: It has a set of adaptable tips for cracks, earth brush and extra brush, for efficient cleaning of the home.


Wheels: The front wheels are small, so dirt could accumulate on them, preventing them from moving. However, it can be avoided with continuous cleaning.

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cordless electric broom


9. Hikeren Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Home Cordless Broom 12000 pa


If you have wondered which is the best electric broom to buy online, it would be worth analyzing this appliance, since it stands out for having the function of collecting spilled liquids. In addition, this broom does not have a cable and in turn can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner and a floor broom.

Similarly, the Hikeren cordless electric broom has a powerful 12,000 pa motor, with two suction levels that you can choose to lift any type of residue from household surfaces. In addition, its 2500 mAh battery only requires 3 hours to complete its charge, reaching approximately 30 minutes of continuous operation.

On the other hand, it is equipped with a 0.6 L capacity waste container, easy to clean and easy to remove, which has a triple filtration system to separate particles and improve performance.

Here are the highlights and what could be improved on this cordless electric appliance, so you can decide if it’s what you need.


Brush: It has a brush with 180º movement and an independent motor, so its performance is 6000 turns per minute and it can leave surfaces cleaner.

Charging: It has two charging methods, one by removing the hand part and the other in an upright position, both of which provide comfort.

Lights: It incorporates 4 LED lights on the front of the brush, which facilitates visibility in dark places.


Maintenance: It requires continuous preventive maintenance on its filters to ensure their useful life, since the accumulation of dirt could cause clogging.

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Shopping guide


In the following guide to buying the best electric broom, we have focused on highlighting the main qualities that characterize this type of appliance. This in order to guide any user who wants to purchase an electric broom to facilitate home hygiene, or update the model they have.


The efficiency of an electric broom lies mainly in the suction power it has. This quality is expressed, either in watts or watts and the higher it is, the easier it will be to clean dirt of all kinds, especially if you have soft floors such as carpets inside the home.

On the other hand, it should preferably have several power levels and be equipped with a regulator button to decrease it when cleaning harder floors. This is an important quality, since it allows the user to adjust it according to the type of dirt and surface, guaranteeing both the durability of the battery and its energy efficiency.



This quality is determined by the presence or absence of a connection cable to an electrical network and this in turn by the duration of the charge that reaches its battery, when the electric broom works at its maximum power.

Although it is true that the cable is a limitation because a plug is required at all times for its operation, the most recognized brands have been concerned to incorporate longer cables into their most recent models to greatly benefit their use.

However, the true evolution, when it comes to autonomy, are the cordless models, because as they are equipped with a motor that gives them the possibility of operating between 30 and 60 minutes and even more, they avoid the user having to deal with a cable when cleaning the floor, just as they do with a traditional broom.

The only limitation could be the dimensions of the home, because once the charge is exhausted, it requires a considerable time to start up again. Hence, the capacity of the battery and its charging time are the aspects to consider in a comparison of cordless electric brooms.



Although the quality that differentiates an electric broom from a conventional vacuum cleaner is its lightness and small size, it is equally important to analyze these characteristics. As well as, the one that has a flexible handle that avoids, as much as possible, adopting uncomfortable postures when cleaning in areas that are difficult to access.

In general, its weight can range from one kilo to around three, which provides ease both when using it and when it is moved to store it, as well as allowing it to be handled by any member of the family group.

Tank capacity

As good and economical as an electric broom is, it should also have a large deposit that allows the dirt of a conventional home to be collected, in order to avoid stopping during cleaning to empty it.

In the same way, it is recommended that said system be easy to use; that is to say, that by simply pressing a button the extraction of said deposit is comfortable to empty it and incorporate it again in its place. Commercially, this capacity can be between 0.5 liters and 0.9 liters depending on the dimensions of the broom.

Additional features

When we talk about extras, we refer to all those accessories that can further facilitate the hygiene of the different types of floors in the home. For this reason, it is important that it admits the replacement of both brushes and rollers, and that these in turn are available online or in specialized stores, so that their functionality is guaranteed for longer.

Likewise, we can mention the filter which should be washable so that it lasts longer and if it is of the HEPA type much better, since its fibers, being tiny, trap dust particles more effectively, reducing the presence of allergens. Favorable condition for people with asthma and allergies or who suffer from respiratory conditions.

On the other hand, having a handheld vacuum cleaner is a highly valued addition, since it allows you to sanitize cars, cabinets, shelves and other places where, due to the dimensions of the electric broom, it is difficult to reach. As well as cleaning furniture, beds to remove annoying hair, either from pets or from the users themselves. Hence, to make a good choice, it is advisable not to worry too much about how much the electric broom costs, as long as it meets these qualities.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use an electric broom?

The electric broom is a device that is used intuitively like any appliance of this type. Simply connect to the plug, if it is cabled, select the power level, pass through the different surfaces and at the end empty your tank and store.

For its part, the cordless broom must be fully charged to proceed to place it vertically on the surface to be cleaned, turn it on and select the power level. In the same way, as the work is carried out, the brushes or rollers are alternated according to the difficulty of the surface. Once the work is finished, the tank is emptied and it is located in its loading port so that it is ready for its next use.


 Q2: Which is better: vacuum cleaner or electric broom?

The electric broom, being light, small in size and presenting a vertical format, allows cleaning not only the floor but also ceilings, stairs, walls, curtains and even different types of upholstery. In addition, by counting or transforming into a handheld vacuum cleaner, it expands the number of surfaces to be sanitized.

However, its battery limits its use. While the vacuum cleaner offers greater power and therefore suction capacity, benefiting the hygiene of large surfaces and the most difficult residues. Its disadvantage lies in its weight and the dimensions of its design, which makes it difficult to clean in high places or places that are difficult to access.


Q3: How does an electric broom work?

Each model has its own operating system, although in general all electric brooms start from the same principle. A mechanical system equipped with a fan that enhances the suction and circulation of air, this together with one or several brushes allow to collect particles of different sizes such as pet hair, dust and others from the different surfaces through which this appliance is passed and from There, said dirt is taken to the tank, where the air passes through the filter to the outside, remaining trapped inside it.


Q4: How to empty an electric broom? 

It is advisable, first of all, to consult the instruction manual in order to know how the extraction system of the tank works and therefore of the filter, since it is not the same for all models, since there are 2 electric brooms in 1 whose deposit is shared.

In addition, care must be taken not to force the plastic tabs or fasteners to re-secure the unit mount. Once identified, the next step is to remove the deposit, carefully empty it into the garbage container, wash if necessary and dry properly.

Q5: Why my electric broom doesn’t work?

There are several reasons why an electric broom can stop working. First of all, it must be verified that it is loaded, if this is not the case, it is important to check that the filter is not completely full, since this can affect the suction system of the electric broom and therefore not lift the dirt.

Similarly, check that the brushes do not contain lint, hair or particles that limit or obstruct their mobility. If the damage persists, it is advisable to go to a technical specialist, as it could be due to mechanical damage, overheating or overload due to being left in its charging port for a long time.


Q6: How to clean an electric broom? 

To do this, it is advisable to perform regular maintenance following the manufacturer’s recommendations issued in the instruction manual. These indications can be, for example, cleaning the dirt from each of the parts that make up the structure of the electric broom with a damp cloth.

As for the tank, it must be removed from the unit by pressing its ejection system, to later empty and wash, as well as the filter for which it must first be verified if it is washable. And finally, the rollers or brushes must be thoroughly cleaned to remove hair and lint.

Q7: Which is better, corded or battery powered electric broom?

Both models are advantageous and functional. However, corded electric brooms are convenient for those users who like to clean at their own pace without time limits.

On the other hand, battery-powered brooms provide additional autonomy, since as they lack a cable, a nearby plug is not required, nor do they deal with the complications that this brings with it, such as entanglements, disconnection from the electrical source and winding it up at the moment to store the broom. The important thing is to make your choice based on the dimensions of the home and the type of surfaces to be sanitized.

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