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Electric Dehumidifiers – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

The humidity present in the spaces of our home is a problem that, if not solved, can seriously affect health. That is why manufacturers have dedicated themselves to designing models of dehumidifiers with different specifications of size and work capacity, managing to offer various options so that you can acquire the one that best suits your home. The main thing is not to make a hasty purchase and check the respective quality indicators. In the case of the De’Longhi DNC65 electric dehumidifier, we have that its casing was made of stainless steel alloy and rigid polymer, offering resistance to moisture and low-impact shocks that may arise. Its operation is silent and the handling method is quite practical, as it incorporates an ergonomic grip handle. For its part, the Orbegozo DH 1620 is a compact and lightweight model, whose mobility is favored by the inclusion of a base with a bearing system.



Opinions on the best electric dehumidifiers

An electric dehumidifier is a device that, like many other products, requires a prior analysis of its main quality indicators. It may be a process that takes some time, but it is the only way that ensures you have the right equipment with you. That is why we decided to help you, compiling the main attributes of five models belonging to renowned manufacturers and with great positioning.

De’Longhi DNC65

With this model you will be able to eliminate a high percentage of humidity from the different spaces of your home, as well as neutralize dust particles, bacteria and other contaminating agents with the help of the built-in ionizer. It is thanks to this efficient operation that buyers position the equipment as the best electric dehumidifier.

The De’Longhi house provided for the equipment a compact, lightweight design with an ergonomic grip handle, so you can handle it comfortably. The casing was made of stainless steel together with robust white polymer, its format is 28.9 x 17 x 47 centimeters, it weighs 6.5 kilograms and the collection tank has a capacity of two liters. However, the manufacturer incorporated a connector for you to fit a plastic hose, in order to achieve continuous drainage.

Also, it has a power of 520 watts, electrical input of 230 volts and a low noise level of just 34 decibels.

There are those who consider that this model can be classified as the best electric dehumidifier of the moment, since it has high standards of elaboration and efficient operation.


Power: The work force with which this model has been equipped corresponds to 520 watts and works together with an electrical current input of 230 volts.

Fastening: An ergonomically designed handle was incorporated into the structure, which will allow you to move the device from one space to another quickly, comfortably and easily.

Noise: The noise level generated by the dehumidifier reaches a maximum of 34 decibels, being a fairly silent operation.

Casing: The casing of the equipment offers great resistance to humidity and impacts, since stainless steel and robust polymer were used for its manufacture.


Tank: In the opinion of users, the tank built into the dehumidifier should have more collection capacity.

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Orbegozo DH 1620

The shopping lists available when purchasing equipment of this type have endless designs, but not all of them have the necessary characteristics to be valued among the best electric dehumidifiers of 2022. Thus, we find this model marketed by Orbegozo among the recommendations, whose casing is made of white polymer with blue and has dimensions of 24 x 34 x 58 centimeters with a weight of 14.4 kilograms.

For its part, the tank offers a containment volume for 3.5 liters and the base includes wheels. The 320-watt work force with which the device was provided will allow you to dehumidify surfaces of up to 100 square meters, eliminating a maximum of 16 liters of moisture daily, as long as the room temperature is around 30°C.

The manufacturer incorporated a connection for you to place a drain hose, removable air filter, automatic stop mechanism and light indicators to alert you when the tank has reached its fill limit.

If you are looking for the best brand of electric dehumidifiers, you should examine the characteristics of the DH 1620 model manufactured and marketed by the prestigious Orbegozo house.


Tank: The tank built into the structure of this model of electric dehumidifier gives you a holding capacity of up to 3.5 liters.

Dimensions: It is a dehumidifier with a compact body of 24 x 34 x 58 centimeters, corresponding to its depth, width and height.

Scope: As stated by the manufacturer, the team’s workforce is capable of removing moisture from spaces no larger than 100 square meters.

Wheels: In the lower part of the structure you will find a base with a system of wheels, which is quite convenient to facilitate the process of handling the device.


Noise: Buyers have complained about the noise produced by the dehumidifier, as it is a bit annoying when falling asleep.

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The quality finishes present in the casing of this model and instinctive operation are some of the specifications for which users value it positively. So if you are still undecided about which is the best electric dehumidifier, this equipment with the TROTEC manufacturing seal could be the answer you are looking for.

It is a device with a structure of 24.5 x 35 x 51 centimeters and a weight of 16.2 kilograms. Despite being robust, you will not have problems moving it, since it has lower wheels that will facilitate the task.

Its energy consumption in both dehumidifier and ionizer modes is 0.44 kilowatts and it will offer you an air flow of 170 cubic meters per hour, recommended to eliminate a volume of up to 24 liters of moisture per day in spaces from 50 to 125 square meters. The power cord is 1.6 meters long, the air cleaning filters are removable and the three-liter tank has a fill indicator.

Making the decision of which electric dehumidifier to buy is not easy, since there are many attractive offers on the market. Next, we present the pros and cons of a powerful, functional and easy-to-handle model.


Power cable: Due to the 1.6 meter length of the device’s power cable, you can plug it into the nearest power outlet with total comfort.

Indicators: The dehumidifier’s containment tank incorporates a light indicator, which will alert you when it has reached its limit of three liters of humidity.

Dimensions: The casing of the device has a compact format, which is evidenced by its height, width, depth of 24.5 x 35 x 51 centimeters respectively.

Power: The nominal working power of the dehumidifier is 0.44 kilowatts and it is capable of providing an airflow of 170 cubic meters for each hour of operation.


Ionizer: When programming the equipment in its ionizer mode, the efficiency of operation is a bit low, as commented by a buyer.

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Comfee MDDF-20DEN3

Comfee electric dehumidifiers have been designed with a format of 35 x 24.5 x 51 centimeters, with a robust, resistant and soft-touch casing. Its weight of 14 kilograms, although it seems a bit high, is easy to handle, due to the fact that the manufacturer incorporated an ergonomic upper handle and a base with pivoting wheels.

The energy consumption generated in normal mode is equal to 250 W and increases to 400 W when selecting the turbo function. In this way, you can dehumidify a maximum of 20 liters per day in spaces of 100 square meters.

Among the equipment’s functions, a 24-hour programmable timer, a practical humidity detection sensor, a washable filter and a removable tank with a capacity of up to three liters stand out. We cannot fail to mention the incorporation of a warranty card valid for a period of three years, which you must activate directly on the manufacturer’s website.

Comfee model MDDF-20DEN3 electric dehumidifiers have been incorporated into the market to offer efficient and instinctive operation. In addition, they have a quality guarantee for three years. Know its pros and cons.


Tank: The tank design of this dehumidifier is removable and has a maximum capacity of three liters of liquid.

Timer: You can program the dehumidifier for a period of up to 24 hours, since it has been provided with a timer for instinctive use.

Mobility: Thanks to the incorporation of a base with a wheel and an ergonomic handle, you can easily move the equipment from one place to another.

Warranty: In the purchase package and along with the documentation you will find a warranty card valid for 36 months, which you will have to activate via the web.


Weight: The weight of 14 kilograms that the body of the dehumidifier has is still a commented disadvantage, despite incorporating wheels for mobilization.

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Houzetek Mini

This model has quickly become the best price-quality dehumidifier, valued by customers as a compact, lightweight, resistant device with outstanding performance. Also, it is one of the cheapest.

Its casing has been made of ABS polymer and has portable dimensions that offer great practicality both when moving the device and when mounting it on any surface, since it only weighs 1.26 kilograms and measures 15.5 x 13 x 22 centimeters.

The design is minimalist, intuitive and secure. On the front you will find a single power button and a pair of LED indicators, while the base incorporates a non-slip rubber.

Among its functions, the automatic disconnection stands out when the tank fill limit is reached. In this way, you will avoid any type of overheating. On the other hand, there is the power of 213 watts that generates low power consumption and 30 decibels of noise.

Among the cheapest electric dehumidifiers is this model developed by Houzetek, which has a safe, silent design and is made with high-end raw materials.


Noise: This model can be used comfortably at night, since it will go unnoticed by generating only 30 decibels of sound.

Base: You won’t have to worry about unexpected slipping when placing the dehumidifier on smooth surfaces, since it incorporates safety rubber bands.

Resistance: The casing offers stability and resistance to moisture and unexpected impacts, due to its robust ABS polymer construction.

Disconnection: For greater safety, the manufacturer incorporated an automatic disconnection mechanism, which is activated when the tank reaches its fill level.


Instruction manual: The only complaint found for this model of dehumidifiers is that its instruction manual is printed in English, causing limitations to Spanish-speaking people.

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