The best electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Winter is just around the corner and for those cold days there is nothing better than having a heating system that provides us with a comfortable temperature in our home. In recent years, the great trend is to have a new electric fireplace, which is a perfect combination of decoration and functionality, looking great in our living room, while providing the necessary heat to cope with this season. Among the favorite models of users, the Endeavors Fires and Fireplaces Castleton Suite stands out, which presents LED lighting with a realistic flame effect that is very pleasant to appreciate and has a remote control with which you can turn the model on and off as you wish. Now, if you want a model that has a power of 2,000 W, that can heat the room very quickly and has an elegant and retro appearance thanks to its black metal casing with details, we recommend the Klarstein Grenoble.



Opinions on the best electric fireplaces

In the following section we want to present a selection of the best electric fireplaces of 2022 that can be found on the current market, so that you can make a comparison between the most outstanding positive and negative characteristics of each model and thus be able to choose the fireplace that best suits your needs.

Endeavor Fires and Fireplaces Castleton Suite

This model can be considered the best wall-mounted electric fireplace, since it manages to efficiently heat spaces of about 40 square meters thanks to its variable power between 1,000W and 2,000W, being able to adjust the temperature you require for your room. This product is designed to use the energy resource efficiently and optimally.

The design of this product is very elegant, fitting very well in any space in your room. It is made of matte light cream colored MDF and its installation is very easy and comfortable to carry out. It integrates a useful room temperature detection function and open windows, as well as the possibility of programming it for seven continuous days.

The Endeavor Fires and Fireplaces Castleton Suite fireplace has approximate dimensions of 100 x 27.9 x 83 centimeters. It integrates a 13 color mood lighting dimmer function, and can be set to a single stationary color if required. It includes a useful remote control with which you can control the product from a distance.

To choose the best electric fireplace of the moment, you have to pay close attention to its main characteristics, such as its power, since it determines the speed and size of the space that it manages to heat efficiently.


Power: The power of this electric fireplace is variable, being able to adjust it between 1,000W to 2,000W as needed.

Control: This model allows you to control the temperature manually directly on the fireplace or through its practical remote control.

Programmable: It has a useful programmable multifunctional thermostat for seven days of use.

Lighting: Integrates a beautiful mood lighting function of thirteen colors with five different brightness levels.


Weight: A user comments that the only problem with this model is its great weight, so it is necessary to attach it to the wall to avoid accidents.

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Klarstein Grenoble

If, faced with so many options offered by the market, you wonder which is the best electric fireplace, we recommend you pay attention to this model. This silent and high performance fireplace with classic furniture has a heating power of 2,000W, being efficient and fast when heating the space where it is installed.

This model has a beautiful and very real fire simulation that, when in operation, gives a lively look to the room or environment where you have it connected, thus generating a warm and pleasant light. It integrates an on and off switch in its front part. The heating element is hidden behind a small metal grill to prevent burns.

As for its design, the Klarstein Grenoble fireplace has a completely elegant and retro look that, even when it is turned off, manages to look spectacular in your home. It is made with a black metallic casing with arabesque details that give it the appearance of an ancient relic. It has approximate dimensions of 61 x 67.5 x 24.5 centimeters and weighs around 18 kilograms.

When we want to decide on one of these new models, we must ask ourselves which is the best brand of electric fireplaces on the market, as well as take a good look at the design of the device so that it fits perfectly with the decoration or style of our home.


Power: This electric fireplace has a heating power of 2,000W, helping you to achieve a comfortable temperature in your room or office.

Design: This model has a retro and elegant design, with details that give it an antique and quality appearance.

Realism: When lit, this fireplace presents perfectly simulated flames, which fill the space where it is installed with light and life just as if you had a real one.

Convenient: On/Off and dimming controls are located discreetly, but within easy reach, on the front of the unit.


Consumption : A negative characteristic of this electric fireplace is that it can consume a lot of energy, thus generating high consumption.

Space: According to a user, this product is recommended for use in spaces of 25 to 30 square meters.

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Classic Fire 54211

This is the best value for money fireplace that you can find in this section, being one of the cheapest on this list, so it may be the model you are looking for. Mainly, you must know its caloric power, which allows you to select between two levels, 900W and 1,800W, as well as three temperature levels: minimum, economic and maximum.

This model, exclusively for modern use, can be easily installed anywhere, since it uses only one power outlet and thanks to its elegant black design, it is highly combinable with any space, looking suitable for classic or modern style environments. modern.

The Classic Fire 54211 electric fireplace has approximate measurements of 67 x 23 x 62 centimeters. It has a series of hidden and easy-to-operate controls, with which you can adjust the temperature and intensity of LED lighting. It has a very realistic flame effect thanks to the patented fire simulation system with real wood.

Faced with so many options offered by the current market, the same question continues to haunt our minds: what electric fireplace to buy? We can clarify this doubt more easily if we know the most outstanding positive and negative characteristics of each model.


Power: This product has a variable heating power, being able to choose between 900W and 1,800W.

Controls: The temperature and lighting controls are very easy to operate and are completely hidden to maintain the aesthetics of the design.

Design: This fireplace has a design suitable for any space in your home, looking fabulous in a modern or classic style living room.


Thermostat: The only fault that this model has is the lack of a thermostat that helps regulate consumption and heat generation, remaining continuously on when it is put into operation.

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EWT 205131

This beautiful and versatile electric fireplace has a four-level adjustable heating power, allowing you to select between 0, flame, 750 W and 1,500 W, so you can enjoy a comfortable temperature and to your liking. It includes a useful heating function with 70W power, in case you don’t want a high level of heat in the room.

This modern fireplace EWT 205131 has a new design with glass surface and white color. It is specially designed so that the switch is not visible and thus maintains the aesthetic line. It includes a useful overheat protection function that will take care of the system and prolong the life of the device.

This elegant model has approximate dimensions of 58 x 17 x 80 centimeters and weighs 21 kilograms. The power supply cable has a length of 1.5 meters. It includes a practical remote control with which you can control this fireplace comfortably from the sofa.

Sometimes we opt for the cheapest electric fireplaces and other times we prefer to be guided by functional characteristics such as the integration of overheating protection systems that take care of the state of our model.


Power: This electric fireplace has a variable and adjustable power of four levels: 0, flame, 750 W and 1,500 W, so that you can customize the desired temperature.

Design: The design of this model is very elegant and modern, which includes a glass surface, looking great anywhere you install it.

Effect: This device has a very well achieved flame effect, quite real and 100% optimal.

Control : With the useful remote control included in this fireplace you can remotely control the functions of this model.


Thermostat: This model lacks a thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature of the room.

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Kenley hff-03b-001

The Kenley hff-03b-001 electric fireplace has an adjustable power of 1,000 W and 2,000 W, allowing you to heat your environment according to your need. In the same way, you will be able to use only the effect of the flame without using the heating function, so that you will be able to enjoy pleasant lighting at night and providing a warm and welcoming appearance to the interior of your home.

This practical model integrates a useful thermostat that helps maintain the desired temperature regulated, while integrating a fan heater that continuously blows hot air into the room, perfectly distributing the heat. This model is tested, ensuring that in just fifteen minutes it can heat a room of 20 square meters.

The Kenley hff-03b-001 has approximate dimensions of 53.5 x 37 x 24 centimeters and has a retro design, which makes it look just like a classic model, but with the advantage that you will not need real firewood, nor you will have to clean up ash residue from the floor.

The varied designs that the electric fireplace market presents make our selection easier, since it allows us to choose between the model that best suits the style of our home.


Power: This model has a variable power, which you can adjust between 1,000 W and 2,000 W for better air conditioning in your environment.

Thermostat : This fireplace includes a practical thermostat that regulates the temperature so that the desired temperature is maintained in your room.

Thermofan: The thermoventilation system included in this model is very useful, since it perfectly distributes the heat in the environment.

Design: This model has a classic and retro design, giving the appearance of a real fireplace but without the hassle of smoke and cleaning.


Noise: When adjusting the power of the flames, the device generates an annoying noise that becomes uncomfortable.

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