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Electric cooker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The electric stove is an appliance that gains more users every day, since it logically works with electricity, you simply plug it in. For this reason, its use is practical and simple, even avoiding the installation costs of any type of pipe. In this sense, we can mention the Alpha Zeus-60, a model with 4 cooking zones and a 7-function oven with a capacity of 61 liters, where you can comfortably prepare your food. In addition, it has an elegant appearance and is made of high-quality materials. Also electric, but designed as a mobile solution for removals, camping or caravans, is the Duronic HP2BK. A portable electric stove, equipped with two cast iron plates and compatible with most utensils.

The 9 Best Electric Ranges – Opinions 2022

Whether you’re moving into a new home, renovating your old kitchen, or simply looking for a solution for family travel, electric ranges offer a variety of options to suit your tastes and needs. For this reason, we present a comparison with 9 of the best proposals available on the market.

electric cooker with oven


1. Alpha Electric Cooker Vulcano Zeus-60 Cristal

So that you don’t limit yourself when cooking, the Alpha brand has designed this electric cooker with an oven and a ceramic hob top with 4 cooking zones, which you can easily control through its front buttons.

As for its oven, the space has a capacity of 61 liters, so it is convenient to make enough food for several people. In addition, the purchase includes a grid and two trays, which will make its use more practical and will allow you to make various recipes.

Its dimensions are 85 x 60 x 60 cm, so it is a kitchen that is within the standard size parameters and has been manufactured with high quality materials. In this sense, it has a resistant glass upper grill and oven door and a high-density metal structure.  

This could be the best electric stove of the moment, if you are looking for a high-end model with an elegant appearance. Read more about her in the next section.


Distribution: It offers 4 cooking zones, so you can prepare several recipes at the same time.

Durability: It is a high-end kitchen, made of materials resistant to use, such as stainless steel and tempered glass.

Appearance: It is an elegant model in black, with details in steel, which can combine well with the rest of your appliances.


Safety: To improve the user experience, it would be convenient to add a warning indicator when the plate is still hot after use.

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2. Zanussi ZCV550G1XA Kitchen Energy Efficiency Class A

We present this Zanussi electric cooker with oven, which stands out for its modern design in stainless steel. A multifunction appliance in which you can prepare different cooked or baked dishes. To do this, it has four radiant ceramic hob cooking zones, an oven and a grill.

Regarding its dimensions, we can say that, although they are small compared to conventional kitchens, they offer the same functionality and sufficient interior size. Quality that also facilitates its assembly anywhere in the kitchen, even in the smallest.

Among its most interesting aspects stands out the fact that both its doors and windows can be disassembled, thus allowing a deep and efficient cleaning of its parts. Also, its energy consumption is low, which benefits your pocket.

To decide which electric stove to buy, it will help you to read more about the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Duality: You will be able to take advantage of the space you have in your house, because this kitchen gives you the option of cooking and baking.

Manufacturing: It is made of stainless steel, a material resistant to oxidation and stains, as well as making it easy to clean.

Dimensions: Its design, with dimensions of 85 x 50 x 60 cm, places it as a model designed for small spaces.



Handling: At the time of cleaning you must be careful when removing the doors and windows.

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portable electric cooker

3. Duronic HP2BK Portable Electric Hob 2500W with 2 burners

This portable electric stove can be an efficient alternative when going out in a caravan, going camping, doing home renovations, and even for those who live alone and cook sporadically, since it allows cooking without gas and in small spaces.

It is a kitchen equipped with two cast iron plates of different diameters. Appearance that makes it compatible with most pots and pans. In addition, it offers a maximum power of 2500W, which is regulated independently on each burner through an integrated thermostat, so that you can adjust it according to the type of cooking to be done.

Focusing on its design, at first glance its handles stand out, making it easy to move it from place to place without risk of burns. Likewise, it has a structure composed of resistant materials and a stainless steel finish that provides resistance to corrosion.

We are going to highlight some interesting points of this product of what could be the best brand of electric kitchens.


Versatility: Because it is portable and light, you can take it on your walks, use it in offices and as a plate warmer at events and family parties.

Power: Each plate has different power levels, which allows heating quickly and then regulating according to the type of cooking.

Compatibility: Its design makes it compatible with most pots and pans.


Off: If the food is ready, you should remove it when you turn off the kitchen, as its plates keep a lot of heat and continue cooking.

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4. Cecotec 2000W Full Glass Portable Induction Hob

With an elegant black design, this portable electric stove has a highly resistant enameled glass surface, which ensures its durability despite continuous use. Likewise, it is made up of a 2000W Full-glass digital induction hob, with which you can cook quickly and easily while saving energy through its induction system.

Despite the fact that due to its cost it is among the most economical electric stoves, it offers us several benefits, among which its touch control with ten power levels and four pre-configured programs that allow you to keep warm common dishes such as soup, rice and coffee stand out.

On the other hand, it is a device that, thanks to its autonomy, allows you to carry out other tasks, since it can be programmed for up to twenty-four hours with automatic disconnection, and its protection against overheating prevents burnt foods.

This kitchen is not only one of the cheapest, but also one of the most efficient. Therefore, he continues to read more details.


Savings: The induction system results in energy savings, since it does not heat by resistance but by the heat generated by the electromagnetic field.

Portable: Being small and light in size, you can use it in various places such as student rooms, offices and even outdoors.

Programmable: You can program the cooking time or temperature maintenance and enjoy doing another activity or resting.


Utensils: Being induction, you must have appropriate metal containers compatible with its operation.

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Teak electric cooker


5. Teka TB6310 Integrated Ceramic Plate

If you are still wondering which is the best electric cooker, it is worth taking into account the design, power and ease of handling of this appliance, as it is a product that has been designed with user comfort in mind. In this sense, it has a Fast-Click system, for a practical installation, and due to its finishes it is easy to clean.

On the other hand, it is an integrated ceramic and glass plate, designed in an elegant black color. In addition, its dimensions do not exceed 60 centimeters. Because of that, it conveniently fits in any space or office. In addition, it has beveled edges that give it greater resistance.

Likewise, this Teka electric cooker has three burners of different diameters, which stand out for their fast, precise and automated heating. In addition, they can be used simultaneously activated through its Touch Control, which is very intuitive.

For the moment, we leave some additional information about this model, which will guide you when choosing.


Maintenance: Due to the materials used in its manufacture, it is a kitchen that is quick and easy to clean.

Protection: Thinking about the safety of children, it has a blocking function, which does not allow its operation while it is activated.

Efficiency: Its plates heat up quickly, which gives you greater efficiency in the kitchen, and with its timer you can program them to dedicate yourself to another activity.


Cooling: Once you turn off the burners, you should wait a reasonable time for cleaning, since they take a while to cool down.

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Ceramic hob electric cooker


6. Ikohs Pro–Pirax Induction ceramic hob

With an elegant and futuristic design, this electric glass-ceramic stove offers several benefits, among which we can mention low-temperature cooking without interruption of heat, thanks to the SmartPirox induction system. It also has precision touch sensors on its digital display. With them you can control cooking with its ten speeds.

If we refer to its resistance, it is made of A+GRADE induction glass-ceramic glass, which in addition to its quality is easy to clean and withstands scratches, scratches and continuous use. In addition, because it is compact and light, you can take it wherever you need it, on your trips, work or anywhere in your home.

Another remarkable quality is that it turns off automatically when a spill occurs during cooking. For all these qualities, it could well be classified as the best electric cooker.

Next you will be able to find out in detail the outstanding characteristics of this electric kitchen.


Heating: The speed with which the plate heats up gives you the possibility of better controlling cooking times.

Continuity: The SmartPIROX induction system makes the temperature constant, even at low power, so you can prepare dishes at low temperatures.

Control: Thanks to its precision touch sensors you can control all the cooking phases with precision.


Programming: Initially it could be difficult to program. But, once you become familiar with its operation, all cooking parameters are easily controlled.

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Beko electric cooker


7. Beko CSS 48100 GW Freestanding hob B Conventional Cooking

The Beko electric stove has among its features a large capacity electric oven. It has four convenient functions to prepare all kinds of dishes that require a crispy texture.

Likewise, it contains inside an enameled tray and a chrome grill to place the preparations to be made. And to be aware of the cooking process, it has lighting, as well as a door with glass.

For its part, the countertop has three cooking zones with enough space to place different pots at the same time. While for its operation it has a timer and controls with mechanical control in an appropriate position and height.

Finally, its cleaning is very practical thanks to the non-stick coating of the crystals, which prevents the accumulation of grease. In addition, they are easy to disassemble for internal cleaning. For all the reasons mentioned, this model is among the best electric kitchens of 2022.

This electric stove offers the possibility of preparing cooked and baked recipes. Next, we invite you to assess its pros and cons.


Hygiene: With this kitchen you will achieve a quick and thorough cleaning thanks to the ceramic hob and the non-stick coating on its doors.

Functions: You have a kitchen and oven in an appliance with an appropriate size for small spaces.

Utility: You will be able to cook in a short time in its cooking zones of various sizes, which adapt to each need.


Safety: Once you turn off the stove, allow a reasonable time to pass to proceed with its cleaning, as its material takes a while to cool down.

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Other products

8. Dido 2500W Double Electric Cooker 

It is not possible to predict when a couple of more fires will be needed, to prepare more food than we ordinarily prepare. Or, well, when will it be useful to have a portable hob at hand, which allows us to cook in a different place. In these circumstances, the Dido kitchen is a practical proposal, but at the same time efficient.

Its resistant structure stands out, made of stainless steel with cast iron burners, making it a device that will withstand use and transport without inconvenience. However, it should also be mentioned that it offers two different diameters and powers for the cooking zones. Thus, you can use the one that is most appropriate according to the size of your pan, and save energy.

On the other hand, it is a safe hob, which includes a thermostat and automatic shutdown in case of overheating and, due to the materials it is made of, it is also very easy to clean.

If you are looking for a portable board, you might be interested in knowing more about this model. 


Power: It has a burner of 1500W and another of 1000W, to prepare your food quickly and efficiently.

Durability: The manufacturing materials of this model are resistant, so you do not have to worry about its premature deterioration.

Stability: Thanks to its non-slip feet, it is a plate that does not move while you cook, which translates into comfort.


Heat generation: You should avoid placing the hob on delicate and heat-susceptible surfaces, as it heats up considerably while in use.

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9. Jata V142 Vitroceramic Electric Cooker with Two Plates

This kitchen model, thanks to the type of material, size, weight, functionality and cost, is considered by its users as the best value for money electric kitchen. In addition, its practicality in design is convenient for activities outside the home, since it is portable and easy to clean.

Some aspects that we must highlight is that each plate has a thermostat to regulate the temperature independently and a protection to prevent overheating. Likewise, it has lighting pilots to indicate which plate is on and each one has a power of 1200 watts, generating low electricity consumption.

As for its physical qualities, it has small dimensions and a low weight, despite having a metallic structure, which facilitates its portability and placement. Regardless of whether it is outside or inside the home.

We invite you to read and analyze the main qualities and some disadvantages of this electric stove before purchasing it.


Portable: Due to its size and weight, it is recommended to take it by any means of transport to the place where you need it.

Practical: For its installation you only need an electricity source to connect it to and a flat surface, it is also easy to clean.

Useful: Due to its dimensions it occupies little space, which makes it perfect for walks where you are going to carry out culinary activities.


Power : It may take a while to heat up, but this will depend on the voltage level where it is connected.

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Shopping guide

The decision to acquire an electric stove may seem simple, but it is very important, since it will be an item that you will use continuously, which is why it is necessary for you to know fundamental aspects so that you can make a successful purchase tailored to your needs. For this reason, we recommend you analyze our guide to buying the best electric stove.


The electric stove has earned a prominent place in modern homes, perhaps because of the fuel savings and the safety that they can transmit to the user. In addition, they are the best option when it comes to home automation. Although, as it is an appliance that generates high temperatures to cook food, you must be respectful with its use.

Now, like conventional kitchens, electric ones can be found both fixed and portable. With the difference that you save the installation of pipes for the supply of fuel in the home and, therefore, its periodic purchase or having to load in your camping trips or events with a gas container.


heating system

When making a comparison of electric stoves you will notice that they are similar in appearance. However, these differ in the system that produces the heat. Currently, there are two types: ceramic hobs and induction hobs. Based on this aspect, you should base your purchase, in order to choose the most appropriate according to your requirements.

The glass-ceramic plate has an electrical resistance that generates heat through radiation and conduction. This process is controlled through a thermostat. For its part, the induction plate has an electromagnetic field that attracts any ferromagnetic material; when activated the metal is stirred and generates heat; therefore, with this system not all types of pots or pans can be used, only those that have at least ferromagnetic material on the base. Also, the bottom of the container should be flat and thick.

Now, in immediate financial terms, the glass-ceramic hob is currently the most commercial because it is good and economical in relation to the induction hob. In addition, due to its heat emission system, it is convenient to use any type of container (pot or pan) that is designed to withstand high temperatures. However, due to its power and lower energy consumption, the induction hob could benefit the domestic economy.

Power and energy efficiency

The operating power must also be one of the aspects to take into account, since not only the cooking time of the food depends on it, but also the energy expenditure. In this sense, commercial electric stoves range between 1500 watts (W) and 2500W of power.

As for the energy efficiency class certificate, the higher its classification (A+, A++ and A+++), the less energy consumption it will require to achieve its goal. However, this quality usually affects its acquisition cost. But, before worrying about how much it costs, remember that in the long run the savings are greater, which will benefit your choice.

size and design

Before purchasing an electric stove, you must take into account the characteristics of the space where it is going to be installed, since the choice of its size will depend on it. Similarly, this aspect will also depend on the number of plates you have. In this sense, it can range from just one to four or five depending on its design. Also, electric ranges have been manufactured to fit conveniently on almost any surface that is flat, making them easy to install.

Electric kitchens with four or five plates are used to embed, either on granite, formica, marble, ceramic, concrete base or any other surface that is suitable for installation. In general, its size is standard in the market (approximately 60 centimeters wide by 50 centimeters deep); and they are the most recommended to install in a house or apartment. Due to the number of plates that this kitchen has, it makes it easy to cook several foods at the same time. In addition, some have an oven increasing their functionality.

With regard to electric stoves with a plate, their size is approximately 35 centimeters, and their format is generally square; while those with two plates measure approximately 50 centimeters wide by 30 centimeters deep. The benefit of these models, in short, is their practicality by facilitating the transfer because they are portable. 

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to cook on an electric stove?

First, you must know what type of electric stove you use and the type of food to prepare. Now, whatever you install, for its operation it is advisable to follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual before making a meal. In this way, food can be cooked safely, simply by placing the pan on top of the burners and once the grid turns an intense red color, the temperature must be adjusted appropriately until the desired point of heat is reached.

Q2: How to make a home electric cooker?

The best answer is that you should not play with your safety and that of those in your house. Manufacturers use many resources to ensure proper operation and prevent accidents. But, if you find yourself in the need to make an electric stove to use sporadically, a simple way is with a block of clay. To do this, leave it in water for about ten minutes to loosen the material, then draw a kind of burner-shaped path 1.5 cm deep on it and introduce a resistance. Finally, you can adapt a power cable that allows you to connect it to electricity.

Q3: How to clean an electric stove?

You should consider the type of electric stove and the area you are going to clean. Always wait until it is cold and do not expose cables or plugs directly to the water. Safety is the most important thing before performing proper maintenance. Next, proceed to remove the most embedded fat with a kitchen sponge and dishwashing detergent in the affected areas, so that it can be easily removed and then lifted with a damp cloth. If the dirt is light, simply use a piece of paper with a little vinegar or disinfectant.


Q4: How to use an electric cooker?

Like any appliance, the electric stove has its rules of operation. Knowing how to use your electric stove correctly you can save time and improve the quality of your meals. The first thing is to turn it on and set the temperature depending on the type of preparation (cooked, soup, stew, etc.). Next, place the container with the ingredients on the selected heat source, taking care to stir from time to time until it reaches the desired doneness. finally, it is removed, it turns off the kitchen and it is waited for it to cool down for its respective cleaning.

Q5: Which is better, a gas cooker or an electric cooker?

Each one has its advantages. In energy efficiency, each country should be considered, although gas would be more efficient. But, among the electric ones, the induction one is the most convenient. According to the needs, for the cooks, the gas one allows them to better manage the heat, in addition to a more natural flavor; now, if you have a small space or little kitchen, the electric is a good option.

As for cleaning the electric dots, they are easy and practical to clean. While, from the point of view of safety, the gas one, by producing a flame, leads to more risks of burns; however, electric ranges have their own precautions.

Q6: How many watts does an electric stove consume?

To answer we must consider three important factors: The heat generating system, the size and number of burners, as well as the frequency of use. In this sense, it can go from 1,500 watts to 11,000 watts with the oven included in its maximum power. The highest energy consumption is carried by the glass-ceramic cookers, followed by the pure resistance cookers and lastly the induction cookers. It should be noted that acquiring a lower watt appliance could provide energy and financial savings.

Q7: How to install an electric cooker?

First, check that it has the necessary cables, if not, use a 6 mm cable. In the case of being built-in, you must have some tools such as a tape measure, screwdrivers, cutters, gloves and silicone. With the meter, check the measurements of both the kitchen and the place where it will be. Next, check what voltage the kitchen supports before connecting it and based on this, proceed to make the respective electrical installations. Now, if it is portable there is nothing to do, you plug it in and that’s it. However, you should keep in mind that it is convenient to have a precautionary fuse or exclusive switch for the kitchen.

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