The best electric ovens

Electric oven – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Among so many appliances available on the market, electric ovens are always a good option to have a practical and efficient product in your kitchen, suitable for cooking some foods while maintaining control of the temperature you want at all times. Thus, we present some models, such as the Moulinex OX464810 with 6 cooking modes and a temperature regulator from 100 to 240 degrees. Also, its capacity is 33 litres. For its part, the Cecotec Bake&Toast 650 Gyro model offers 1500 W of power and has a roaster that can rotate 360° for a professional result.

Opinions on the best electric ovens

Electric ovens have always been considered an essential appliance in the kitchen, since they are a very efficient device with which to cook different meals in a comfortable and simple way. In this sense, there are many options available on the market, each with totally different characteristics capable of adapting to the requirements of each person. Thus, we invite you, below, to learn about some models that could well meet your needs and those of your family.

small electric oven

Moulinex OX464810

If you are looking for the best price-quality electric oven, this could be a good option for you. It is an electric oven with a modern design ideal for desktop with dimensions of 53.6 x 33.4 x 37.7 centimeters.

It should be noted that it includes 6 cooking modes, including pastry mode, traditional cooking, grill, defrost function, convection and bain-marie with which to prepare the richest recipes at home.

As for its power, it is 1600w, therefore, this small electric oven will provide you with the functionality you need to cook your recipes. In addition, its total capacity is 33 liters while its temperature can be regulated from 100 to 240 degrees Celsius.

This model has a 120-minute timer, a light connected to the thermostat that will activate when the oven reaches the indicated temperature. In addition, it is supplied with reversible grids and a baking tray.

If you are not sure which electric oven to buy, you could look at the details that this model sponsored by the Moulinex brand has to offer you.


Dimensions: This electric oven has dimensions of 53.6 x 33.4 x 37.7 centimeters that could easily fit into any space.

Cooking modes: Regarding its operation, this oven includes 6 cooking modes that will allow you to prepare different recipes.

Practical: A very practical model thanks to its 1600w of power and 33 liters of capacity, which offers you quality performance when preparing each recipe.


Interior light: This oven does not have an interior light, therefore, for some users it is difficult to see the food cooking process.

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tabletop electric oven

Cecotec Bake&Toast 650 Gyro

It is an electric tabletop oven with a 30-litre capacity, capable of generating a flow of hot air inside to break down the fatty tissues of the food, which allows you to make healthier recipes. Plus, it can distribute heat evenly to provide optimal cooking.

For best results, it includes a rotisserie that rotates 360° to roast chickens more evenly. Also, it has an interior light to easily visualize the state in which the food is, thus helping to achieve the exact cooking point.

Also, it allows you to carry out other tasks while the food is heating, since it has a 60-minute timer and has an adjustable temperature system of up to 230 ° C, which gives you greater versatility for making pizzas, cookies, cakes, etc. among others.

If you are wondering which is the best electric oven, you should know that this model includes multiple accessories for greater functionality. Also, it is a cheap product. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Convection: It is capable of heating by convection to provide a more uniform cooking.

Power: It offers a power of 1500 W to reach up to 230°C of temperature, which favors good performance.

Accessories: Among its accessories, it includes a roaster, a baking tray and a grill for greater functionality.


Casing: The casing may heat up quickly while the computer is running, so wear protection when touching it.

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Teak electric oven

Teak HSC 635

It is a Teka electric oven that has 2500 W of power and 8 cooking functions for greater versatility, including a fast heating mode, which is very practical in case you are in a hurry, since it can provide the temperature you want in a few seconds, which increases its functionality.

In addition, you can control it through its Touch Control panel and its two rotary buttons, which allow you to adjust the power and the operating mode. In this way, it is possible to adapt the oven to the type of recipe you are preparing.

It is important to mention that it has a capacity of 44 liters and has a stainless steel casing resistant to constant use. Likewise, it offers a 3-glass door that can insulate the heat and keep it inside the oven for better performance.

Teka is considered by many to be the best brand of electric ovens, so if you want practical, high-tech equipment, we invite you to learn about the pros and cons of the HSC 635 model.


Cleaning: Provides the HydroClean function, which can loosen embedded dirt to help you clean your structure.

Trays: Includes an enamel tray and a grill adjustable to 3 heights for greater versatility.

Efficiency: It offers energy efficiency class A+, so it does not consume too much energy.


Installation: It is a built-in model, so it could be at a disadvantage compared to other ovens on the list that offer free installation.

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mini electric oven

Orbegozo HO 980

This mini electric oven is one of the cheapest in this selection and has a power of 650 W, which allows you to heat and roast small foods quickly and efficiently. In this sense, it has resistances in the upper and lower part to provide a more uniform cooking. In addition, it offers an adjustable temperature system that can provide up to 230°C, enough to cook any type of food.

Also, it has a 60-minute timer, so you can leave the food cooking while you do other activities. Likewise, it emits an acoustic signal when the food is ready for greater practicality.

On the other hand, it has a capacity of 10 liters and has a hinged door made up of a double glass structure. In this way, it helps to keep the heat inside the oven. As if that were not enough, it incorporates an indicator light that lets you know if the equipment is working.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest electric ovens, you should know that this model offers an affordable price and has a compact design.


Settings: It has two rotary buttons, one to adjust the temperature between 100 and 230 ° C and another to program the timer.

Door: The door is made up of double glass to adequately isolate the heat from the outside.

Accessories: It has a tray, a grid and a hook to pull it more comfortably and safely.


Height: The internal compartment is low, so it is not an appropriate oven for cooking foods that grow during cooking.

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Built-in electric oven


Beko BIE22301X

Beko has for you what could be the best electric oven available on the market, it is the BIE22301X model, which offers you conventional cooking due to the simultaneous heat fusion that is generated in the oven once it is turned on. This allows you to carry out the preparation of different cakes, as well as cookies and other recipes that you need to have a crispy surface.

Likewise, it is a built-in electric oven with a power of 9500w, ideal for preparing the recipes you prefer to pamper your family. In addition, its capacity is 65 liters in total, which can be enough to make multi-portion dishes.

If we talk about its design, this oven is available in black with silver, while in its structure you will find a small LED screen where you can see its programming. Likewise, its dimensions are 56.7 centimeters wide, 59.4 centimeters long and 59.5 centimeters high.

For those looking for a built-in oven, this option could be the one. Thus, below, you will be able to learn about some of the advantages offered by the Beko brand BIE22301X model.



Power: This model offers you a power of 9500w with which you can enjoy the best operation of the oven while cooking the food you need.

Capacity: The total capacity of this electric oven is 65 liters, therefore, you can prepare the number of meals you want without inconvenience.

Dimensions: The dimensions of this built-in oven are 56.7 x 59.4 x 59.5 centimeters capable of adapting to the space available in your kitchen.


Accessories: It may be that some user misses some special device to prepare roasted chickensº.

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Pyrolytic electric oven


Among the best electric ovens of 2022 is the EOC3430FOX model sponsored by the Electrolux brand. This same is characterized by the practicality and functionality that it offers you by being able to carry out the cooking of different foods, at the same time that it facilitates the cleaning process inside for greater comfort.

It is a pyrolytic electric oven that offers two cleaning cycles to leave its interior like new and ready for the next use. In this sense, you could start the function by pressing a key, in this way the residues will turn into ashes that you can then easily remove.

Likewise, thanks to its advanced technology, the oven will even tell you when cleaning inside is necessary. On the other hand, this model offers you a total of 72 liters of capacity while its energy classification is type A+.

Among so many options available on the market, this model could be the best electric oven of the moment, therefore, we invite you to learn about some of its most relevant features.


Cleaning: As it is a pyrolytic model, you can enjoy two very useful cleaning cycles to keep the oven always in excellent condition.

Advanced technology: This oven will tell you when it is necessary to clean its interior so that you can activate the cleaning cycle.

Capacity: The capacity of this oven is 72 liters. Therefore, you can prepare enough food for the whole family.


Instructions for use: According to the comments of some users, the instructions for use of the oven can be a bit complex in terms of programming it.

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Balay electric oven


Balay 3HB4331X0

Balay offers you an electric oven with a comfortable, fast and ecological operating method. In this sense, you will be able to keep it in good condition thanks to the cleaning function that it includes called aqualysis.

As for its design, it is a steel model that could easily combine with your modern and dynamic kitchen, taking into account that the dimensions of the oven are 59.4 x 59.5 x 54.8 cm. Also, the oven has two controls and a touch screen for programming.

It should be noted that this model has special guides with an innovative brake mechanism, which will allow you to easily position the trays without burning yourself. In addition, thanks to the folding door of this Balay electric oven, you can position it where you prefer, since said opening system adapts easily to any type of kitchen.

Considering each of the characteristics that an electric oven can offer you will help you choose the most suitable one for your kitchen among all of them. Therefore, do not let any detail go unnoticed.


Aqualysis: Thanks to the cleaning function called aqualysis available in this oven, you can enjoy an easy cleaning process.

Design: This oven has a special design for modern kitchens thanks to its steel finish that implies quality and resistance.

Guides: The guides that this electric oven has will allow you to carry out an easy positioning of the trays in the oven every time you go to use it.


Rotisserie: To mention a drawback about this product, it should be noted that the oven does not have a rotisserie unlike other models available on the market.

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Bosch electric oven


Bosch HBA512ER0

Among a wide variety of electric ovens available on the market, a model sponsored by the Bosch brand could not be missing, since it offers a large line of special appliances to meet your needs, and this is no exception.

This time, this Bosch electric oven offers you a capacity of 71 liters, while its 7 cooking modes will allow you to easily prepare a variety of recipes.

Also, as for the telescopic guides that this model has, they will let you easily insert and remove the tray from inside the oven, therefore, you will be able to enjoy a much more comfortable and safe operation.

On the other hand, it is essential that you know that thanks to the smooth and crevice-free surface available inside the oven, you will be able to enjoy a much easier and simpler level of cleaning. Likewise, for greater safety, this product is equipped with a child lock.

If you want to buy a good electric oven, you should look at all the details that the model that most attracts your attention can offer you.



Capacity: The capacity of this oven is 71 liters, therefore, you will have the opportunity to prepare the amount of food you want.

Cooking modes: There are 7 cooking modes available in this electric oven so that you can easily make different recipes.

Telescopic guides: Thanks to the telescopic guides available in this oven, it will be much easier to insert and remove the trays.


Cost: To mention a drawback about this model, it should be noted that its price is a bit high.

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Guide to buying an electric oven


Ovens have always been an essential appliance in the kitchen to carry out the preparation of the family’s favorite recipes. It should be noted that today there are many types of them, among which those that are electric and capable of providing you with the functionality you need to have the food ready and with the flavor you are looking for stand out. Thus, if you are looking for a specific model, then we will show you a guide to buy the best electric oven, where you can learn about each of the aspects that you must take into account to achieve a successful purchase.

Shopping guide

Types of electric ovens

When carrying out the creation of a comparison of electric ovens, you must take into account each of the types available in the market, to corroborate which one suits your needs.

In this sense, there are those electric ovens ideal for small families or couples, it is that desktop model characterized by facilitating the task of heating a meal, as well as cooking simple but rich and nutritious recipes. These generally have small measurements so they usually adapt to any space where you decide to place them.

For their part, there are also multifunction ovens that stand out for the practicality they offer for each use. Well, as its name suggests, they include a variety of functions in their system that will allow you to prepare different types of recipes in the easiest and most comfortable way possible. These are considered mid-range in the market and have a fan in the back, special to distribute the heat evenly to each space in the oven. In this way, you could always enjoy uniform cooking in all your foods.

The pyrolytic type could not be missing, so named for their cleaning system included among the variety of functions they have to offer. In this sense, it is a special oven that facilitates cleaning by being able to reach a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Celsius, in this way all food residues are burned so that they can be cleaned more easily later.

power and capacity

In addition to looking at a good and cheap electric oven, you should take into account such important details as, for example, the power and capacity offered by the model that most attracts your attention.

In this sense, the higher the power level available in an oven, the greater the chances of being able to cook your dishes in a short time. Therefore, do not overlook this feature, since some models offer you from 800, 1600 and up to 9500w of power. The same happens with the capacity of the oven, the larger it is, the greater the possibility of cooking a considerable amount of food to please the palate of the entire family.


Easy to use

Like any user, you will surely want to acquire an oven that is capable of providing you with the ease of use you need, to enjoy a pleasant experience with each use. That is why you should consider this detail before making the purchase.

It should be noted that there are many brands of electric ovens on the market and each of them puts at your disposal an appliance with truly functional characteristics, however, some models are always more complex than others, so paying attention to every detail will not hurt..

In this sense, you could consider an electric oven with digital controls, these, in addition to being the most modern today, are capable of giving you an excellent appearance while carrying out comfortable and simple programming to cook your food easily.


When looking for an electric oven, in addition to looking at how much a specific model costs, it would also be appropriate for you to measure the level of practicality that it can offer you for each use. In this sense, the most appropriate thing would be to check if it has a timer and temperature control.

Thus, having an electric oven that has a timer will allow you to carry out the preparation of your favorite recipes, being able to control the cooking time you want for each meal. In this way, you could even take advantage of your time on other tasks, being sure that you will not run the risk of food burning.

Likewise, in terms of temperature control, without a doubt this feature is usually one of the most important when deciding on an electric oven, since only then can you adjust the level of heat you need inside the oven, to provide your meals the level of cooking they deserve to leave them at their point.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to make homemade bread in electric oven?

To prepare some delicious homemade baked breads you must make the corresponding mixture using water, sugar, salt, flour and finally yeast. Once you manage to achieve a spongy consistency in the dough, you will have to let it rest for a few minutes in a large bowl, covering it with a dry and clean kitchen cloth. In this way, it is time to preheat the electric oven by placing its temperature at about 250 degrees Celsius. Subsequently, put the dough in the oven and let it cook for about 25 or 30 minutes, observing through the glass from time to time that the dough is not toasting much. If so, lower the temperature a bit until the bread is finally ready.

Q2: How to roast suckling lamb in electric oven?

After having chosen the piece of suckling lamb that you want to roast in the electric oven, you must prepare it but not before heating the oven to a temperature of 220 degrees Celsius. In this way, proceed to put water on the lamb, at least one or two glasses. Then, add salt to taste and then put it in the oven. The cooking will last approximately one hour and a half, therefore, at the end of the hour and ten minutes it would be ideal to turn the lamb so that the other side of it can be toasted, thus achieving uniform cooking.

Q3: How to clean the electric oven?

There are different ways to clean your electric oven after each use or even when you have neglected your toilet for days. Some people recommend cleaning it with baking soda. To do this, you would first have to pour a few tablespoons of baking soda into a container accompanied by a little water, in this way you will have to mix until you obtain a paste, the same that you will have to spread throughout the interior of the electric oven. Now, let it rest for 15 minutes and then proceed to remove the entire mixture together with the dirt with the help of a damp cloth and that’s it, you can once again enjoy an electric oven in excellent condition.

Q4: How to use an electric oven?

According to the recommendations of some users, if you are going to use the electric oven for the first time, the most appropriate thing to do would be to read the instruction manual where you can find the most relevant information about the functions included in the model you have purchased. Likewise, you should position it in a safe place where the ventilation is not cold, since even the temperature that may exist outside could influence the operation of the oven before each use. If you are going to prepare a meal, you should define what type of use you will give it, therefore, do not exceed its maximum capacity, so that you can enjoy excellent food cooking. In this way, every time you finish using the oven, open the door slightly and let it rest for a few minutes until the oven cools down,

Q5: How to connect  an electric oven and a vitro to the same socket?

Given the connection of these two appliances such as the electric oven and the vitro in the same plug, many users wonder if an electrical problem could occur. The truth is that as long as a good connection of the electrical appliances is carried out, there will be no risk. In this sense, the only thing you should check is that the plug has a capacity in watts compatible with the connection of these two products and that’s it. You could leave the rest in charge of a professional who can carry out the complete installation, verifying that everything works perfectly.

Q6: How to install an electric oven?

Installing an electric oven is easy and simple as long as you take into account every detail available in the instruction manual. In this sense, the first thing you should check is that the space where you are going to mount it is in optimal conditions and that, of course, it has the appropriate measures to fit the oven without problems. Now, regarding the electrical connection, you should check if the electrical network is prepared to receive its power and if it has a special grounding to avoid inconveniences. Generally, the manufacturers of these products recommend leaving this job to a professional, certified electrician.

Q7: How to roast a suckling pig in an electric oven?

To roast a suckling pig in the oven in your kitchen, you must clean it beforehand and remove the entrails, then open it in half from the head to the spine and, with the help of some small boards, place it with the ribs facing up on the sheet metal of the tray, avoiding the crust sticks to it and then sprinkle the coarse salt and add half a liter of water right on the tray and between your ribs. While the suckling pig is getting ready, preheat the electric oven to about 180 degrees Celsius and then introduce it for 1 hour 30 minutes. As time passes, verify that the piglet does not run out of water, and once the aforementioned time has elapsed, turn the animal over,


Q8: How to roast peppers in the electric oven?

The first thing you should do is place aluminum foil on the oven tray. Then turn it on and set it to about 200 degrees Celsius so that it heats up. Now, place the peppers on the tray and sprinkle olive oil and a little salt on each one. Put the tray in the oven and lower its temperature to 180 degrees Celsius. Let them cook for 50 minutes and that’s it.

» Review information from previous years

Los hornos eléctricos más destacados de la cocina actual

El horno es uno de los artefactos indispensables en la cocina para quienes disfrutan de experimentar nuevas recetas, ya sea de manera profesional o para compartir con seres queridos. No obstante, existe una amplia gama de modelos disponibles en el mercado, que incorporan diferentes características, por lo que debes seleccionar el que mejor se adapte a tus necesidades.

La tecnología ha permitido la evolución de los aparatos para hornear alimentos en casa, por esta razón, si decides cambiar el viejo horno por uno moderno, es bueno prestar atención a las funciones novedosas que ofrece cada uno. Según las opiniones de muchos usuarios, entre los mejores hornos eléctricos del 2022 se encuentran el horno de convección eléctrica independiente y el horno eléctrico de convección verdadera, pero también hay hornos a gas con tecnología de convección y otros que son de inducción.

Horno doble de convección eléctrica independiente

La reconocida marca GE cuenta con el JB860SJSS Range, un horno doble de convección eléctrica independiente que está pensado para quienes estén incursionando en el arte de cocinar sin contar con mucho tiempo para ello, pero que tienen la ambición de preparar platos especiales. Por esta razón, este modelo ofrece una amplia gama de funciones y características que te permitirán obtener el máximo provecho.

Su principal característica es la división del horno en dos cavidades de diferentes tamaños, donde el nivel superior tiene una capacidad de 0,06 m3 y el inferior tiene 0,12 m3, para un total de 0,18 m3. De esta forma, puedes usar el compartimento más adecuado según las dimensiones, cantidad y el plato que quieras preparar, por lo que puedes ahorrar tiempo y energía. Por ejemplo, el horno superior puede funcionar efectivamente para cocinar pizzas, lasañas, pasteles o cualquier otra preparación de poca altura. Por otro lado, el horno inferior es apropiado para cocinar recetas más grandes, como pollo al horno, pavo, cerdo, entre otros.

Su método de cocción se basa en la convección europea, capaz de irradiar el calor a partir de la circulación de aire caliente en todas las áreas del horno. Por consiguiente, dará como resultado una cocción uniforme de los alimentos y sin necesidad de rotar la posición de la bandeja.

Como complemento, este horno también cuenta con una zona de calentamiento en su parte superior, donde dispone de 5 hornillas de cocción con capacidad para usar ollas de 22 a 30 cm de diámetro. En este sentido, no solamente podrás hornear, sino que también cocinar y calentar tus alimentos con el uso de un solo electrodoméstico. Por otra parte, incorpora temporizador y reloj electrónico para programar su uso. Además, es de limpieza rápida, gracias a que su superficie i

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