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Electric Pot – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


An electric or programmable pot can be a great help in the kitchen, as it will save you work and could even automate the entire cooking process. Among the recommended models on the market, the Instant Pot IP DUO60 stands out first. This option has a power of 1,000W and several programs that you can easily select for your meals. It is made of stainless steel and has enough capacity for several people. Secondly, we present the Crock-Pot CSC051X model, a multifunctional programmable pot capable of offering various types of cooking with a good capacity of 5.7 litres.

The 8 Best Electric Pots – Opinions 2022


If you are interested in equipping your kitchen with a programmable pot, to forget about cooking from time to time, we invite you to thoroughly evaluate some of those that could be among the best models of electric pots, so that you can make the most of your investment..

programmable electric cooker


1. Instant Pot IP DUO60 Programmable Pressure Cooker


Instant-Pot is a brand that has a line of electric pots where, perhaps, you can find the equipment you are looking for to use at home.

Among them, the IP DUO60 model programmable electric cooker stands out, which offers a cooking capacity of 5.7 liters, so you can make food for several diners at the same time.

It has a size of 31 x 34 x 31.7 centimeters and its weight is 5 kilograms. It’s made of stainless steel with a brushed finish, to look good wherever you place it and to offer durability. On the front you will find its control panel, as well as a digital screen, for its management.

On the other hand, the Instant-Pot electric pressure cooker works with a power of 1,000W at 220V, providing enough heat energy for cooking all kinds of food, as well as preparing recipes.

Since some users consider it to be the best electric pot of the moment, it is convenient to take into account its advantages and disadvantages:


Design: The electric pot is made of stainless steel and has a resistant finish, as well as modern, for your kitchen.

Programs: The cooking programs are varied and suitable for various recipes.

Power: Its power level is sufficient to guarantee homogeneous cooking in a short time.

Security: It has multiple security systems, responsible for providing safe and reliable handling at all times.


Language: The control panel is in English, which could confuse some users.

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electric pressure cooker


2. Crock Pot CSC051X Multicooker Express Pot


Crock-Pot has equipment that, for some, could be the best price-quality electric cooker, since it has a large capacity along with a wide variety of previously established programs.

The CSC051X electric express cooker has a 5.7 liter capacity; being useful for family use and offers 4 cooking modes: slow, fast, sear or sauté and steam, so you can make many recipes in it. Its maintenance is relatively simple and it has several automatic programs and even delayed starts.

It has a modern design, good finishes and a blue digital screen to show you the time and temperature indications. As for its size, it measures 30.8 x 34 x 34.4 centimeters with a weight of 5.8 kilograms, staying within the expected margins for this type of appliance.

Considering that Crock-Pot may become the best brand of electric pots, here you can better evaluate its CSC051X model:


Cooking: With this model you can choose between several types of cooking, depending on what you are preparing.

Yogurt: You can prepare yogurt with relative ease, thanks to the special program included.

Start: It has a delayed start system, which allows you to choose the time the pot is turned on, in case you prefer it to be activated when you are not at home.

Cleaning: Its parts are compatible with the dishwasher, to facilitate its maintenance.


Recipes: It can be difficult to find recipes specially designed to be prepared in this electric cooker.

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GM electric cooker


3. Cecotec Programmable Cooker GM Intelligent Cooking System


Cecotec offers you what could become one of the best electric pots of 2022: its H model. This equipment, in addition to being practical, is economical to use in terms of electricity consumption, since it offers an ecological operating mode, to save electricity.

This appliance is made of stainless steel, being resistant to wear and oxidation, so you can use it as much as you want without worry. It offers a convenient 6-liter capacity and measures 36.5 x 35.8 x 35.5 centimeters with a weight of 6.9 kilograms.

On the other hand, with this GM electric pot you can try up to 19 different ways of cooking, together with an intelligent pressure regulation system and a delayed start function, which can be extended for up to 24 hours, depending on your requirements.

If you don’t know which electric pot to buy, we invite you to read the pros and cons of this Cecotec model, since it has interesting qualities:


Modes: It offers 19 cooking modes, so you have freedom when preparing food.

Temperature: You can adjust its temperature up to 11 different levels.

Non-stick: The pot has a non-stick coating to prevent food from sticking.

Recipe book: You will have access to a recipe book and an online community that will help you get the most out of the equipment.


Closure: Be careful when handling the closures of the electric pot, since they are delicate.

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Orbegozo electric cooker


4. Orbegozo PZ 8100 Electric Pot with Glass Lid


One of the cheapest models on the list is the Orbegozo PZ 8100, an option in electric pots that offers more than you imagine, since you can easily apply various cooking methods.

This Orbegozo electric pot is 40 centimeters in diameter and 16.5 high, offering enough space to cook for more than 10 people at the same time. It has a power of 1,500W and an adjustable thermostat, with which you can change the temperature according to your needs.

Its aesthetic design is simple, but resistant, and it offers a tempered glass lid, to close the electric pot during the cooking process. It also has a support structure, in charge of keeping it in place when you are using it, to prevent it from sliding off the base.

To help you choose which electric pot to take home, we will now present you with some important details regarding this Orbegozo model:


Uses: The capacity of this electric pot will allow you to fry, roast or stew the recipe you want with ease.

Power: Its high power is adjustable, for the correct cooking of food.

Coating: The internal non-stick coating facilitates cleaning and low-fat cooking.

Lid: The lid, being transparent, will allow you to easily monitor the cooking process.


Distribution: Heat distribution could be improved, since it accumulates in the area near the resistance.

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Bosch electric pot


5. Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12 Electric Pressure Cooker


If you have come this far without being able to decide which is the best electric cooker, you may want to consider the Bosch AutoCook MUC11W12, a device with a comfortable capacity and high power, for cooking your food.

The Bosch electric pot has a 5-liter capacity and 940W of power, with which it can work at temperatures between 40 °C and 160 °C, depending on your convenience. It also offers various cooking modes and even the ability to set time and temperature parameters.

It has a relatively compact size of 38 x 28 x 26 centimeters and its weight is 5.48 kilograms, avoiding taking up too much space in the kitchen or countertop, as well as facilitating its handling, in case you want to store it.

Considering the pros and cons of this model of electric pot will probably be useful when deciding whether to buy it or not:


Design: It has a modern design with a digital control panel and good manufacturing finishes.

Tray: The steam cooking tray will help you make better use of the capacity of the pot.

Dishwasher: Its maintenance will be simple, thanks to the fact that its trays are compatible with the dishwasher.

Lock: It offers a security lock system to prevent children from manipulating it.


Application: Although you have access to a mobile application to make recipes, these are not very varied and are not updated very frequently.

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Moulinex electric pot


6. Moulinex MK812121 Maxichef Advance Food Processor


Before making your decision about which could be the best electric pot, we want you to know the Moulinex MK812121 model.

This electric pot is 5 liters and is made of aluminum, to offer a long life and easy maintenance. On the other hand, with the Moulinex electric pot you can also cook many recipes, since it is suitable for making stews, creams, cereals, rice, pasta, yogurt and much more.

It has a practical design and dimensions that are comfortable to handle, since it measures 32.5 x 28.2 x 44.5 centimeters and weighs 5.5 kilograms. It has a retractable lid with a viewer, a handle to load the pot and a screen with a digital control panel, where you can activate or configure the functions that you are going to need.

If you want to clear up doubts about which electric pot you should buy, now you can evaluate in more detail what the Moulinex product offers you:


Practical: It is a practical electric pot, as it allows you to prepare recipes for baked, fried, stewed, pasta, rice dishes and more.

Capacity: The capacity of the internal bowl allows you to make food for up to 4 people with a single charge.

Coating: It has incorporated several layers of coating, to guarantee the non-stick quality.

Accessories: Your purchase includes useful accessories such as a spatula and a recipe book, among others.


Instructions: The instructions provided for handling the electric pot should be more explicit, to avoid confusion.

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electric rice cooker


7. Tristar RK 6126 Rice cooker Keep-warm function


A good tool if you want to avoid making rice every day could be the Tristar RK 6126 electric cooker.

This electric rice cooker is specially designed, as its name suggests, to prepare rice and has a capacity of 1 liter, together with a sufficient power of 400W. With this capacity, you will be able to enjoy your dinner in less time and without worries, especially considering the security systems integrated in the equipment.

It is made of stainless steel and the cooking tray is easy to remove, so you can handle it without inconvenience when you need to wash it. In addition, it stands out that it is non-stick, avoiding the remains of food stuck to its surface.

On the other hand, you may be convinced by the fact that your purchase includes a spoon, a measuring cup and a spatula, with which you can make your rice easily and with the correct quantities.

This electric pot from Tristar, being one of the cheapest, could become the appliance you need and here are some pros and cons:


Design: The Tristar model is simple, providing quite easy and intuitive handling.

Lid: Its lid, in addition to being resistant, is transparent and has a steam outlet.

Functions: You can activate the function to keep the rice warm, even after the cooking time has finished.

Accessories: You will have at your disposal useful tools to easily prepare all kinds of rice in the pot.


Thermostat: It does not have a thermostat to regulate the temperature.

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Crock Pot Electric Cooker


8. Crock Pot SCCPBPP605-050 Digital Slow Cooker


From the Crock-Pot brand we present the SCCPBPP605-050 model, since it has distinctive characteristics that could attract your attention.

The main quality of this electric cooker is that it is slow-cooking, so it could be one of the best options for making stews or soups. It has a capacity of 5.7 liters and its size is 30.5 x 38.1 x 20.3 centimeters.

In this sense, with the Crock-Pot electric cooker it will be possible to follow recipes for meat, fish, vegetables, desserts and more, thanks to the versatility of the space and the temperatures reached.

In addition to this, the pot itself has several layers of non-stick coating, which will avoid complications when wanting to clean it and, in addition, it can be disassembled to be washed in the dishwasher.

In case you have come this far without being able to choose an electric pot model, the one offered by Crock-Pot can probably catch your attention:


Capacity: This electric cooker is spacious and allows you to make food for a total of 6 people at the same time.

Materials: It is made of stainless steel, so you can use it without fear of premature wear.

Maintenance: It can be disassembled for cleaning, as well as being dishwasher compatible.

Recipes: With your purchase you will get a very useful recipe book to help you start your electric pot.


Slow: Do not forget that it is slow cooking and will take longer than other electric models.

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Electric pot accessories


Recipes for electric cooker


Cooking with the Gem Kindle Edition


If you are not familiar with the use of an electric pot, the digital version of the book “Cooking with the GeMa” may be of interest to you.

It is a compilation of recipes for electric pot, where you can find a wide variety of combinations in ingredients, time and cooking power, which will be very useful to you, to get the most out of your appliance.

It comes in a Kindle version, for the Amazon reading tablet and has a weight of 9,670 KB, with a total of 197 pages full of instructions, photographs and advice, to make the most of your programmable pot.

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Shopping guide


With so many options available to purchase, you may find a guide to buying the best electric cooker useful, where we will help you identify its different types, as well as its relevant aspects, so that you can buy the most useful and suitable one to meet your needs..

Type of electric pot

Before entering a comparison of electric pots, you should know that they exist in different types, standing out among them the programmable models, to make rice and electric frying pans.

Programmable electric pots are those that have a container inside a device capable of offering multiple cooking modes, either by varying the heat used or the time.

Reviewing the rice cooker models, we can define that they are the simplest electric cookers, since, as indicated, they are designed to make rice. However, some may include quite practical steamer grids.

In the case of electric skillets, these can also function as pots depending on their design and capacity, but they are more used to prepare stews and stir-fries.

team design

You may also be interested in considering the design of the electric cooker, in order to choose an equipment that has the right size, to fit it without problems in your kitchen.

Keep in mind that, due to the functions of the pot, it is likely that you will need to keep it on your counter, which is why its technical specifications are even more important.

Among the types of electric cookers considered, if you are looking for a compact and simple model, rice cookers may be the ones indicated. However, they are not as practical as the programmable ones, which, although larger, offer a greater variety of functions and, in general, are more useful.

Electric frying pans, on the other hand, can be compact and easy to handle, being considered as the intermediate between the other types mentioned. In addition, they are also usually lighter and easier to clean.

power and capacity

The power with which an electric cooker works is crucial to guarantee good performance, as well as a short cooking time, becoming a very relevant detail to choose the best model. In addition, you should also thoroughly review the details of its capacity, as this could be important, when determining how much it costs.

In this sense, a good programmable pressure cooker, regardless of its type, must have an adequate power level, capable of completing the preparation processes in the expected time and offering flavor, texture and a consistent level of cooking. Considering this, it is also practical to have absolute control over the temperature and cooking time, in case the equipment does not have a special programming incorporated for a particular recipe.

Reviewing the capacity section, you must take into consideration that, if you are looking for a programmable pot for family use, it must exceed at least 4 liters of capacity. This way you can make enough food for several people at once.

Manufacturing materials

As it is a piece of equipment for cooking, we advise you to pay close attention to the manufacturing materials that make up the pot. In this case, you should choose options that offer easy maintenance, as well as coatings that provide overall durability.

One of the most recommended materials for electric pots is stainless steel. This, in addition to presenting attractive and elegant finishes, is also resistant and easy to wash. Therefore, the more stainless steel the model of your interest has, the more durable it can be.

However, keep in mind that steel is often combined with plastic in this type of equipment. Due to this, you cannot ignore making sure that it is resistant and reliable, in order to buy an electric pot capable of lasting a long time.

Built-in features

Since we are talking about electric pots, it is imperative to thoroughly review the functions incorporated in the equipment. Depending on its type, these can vary considerably, so you must take into account what it was made for, before choosing which one to buy.

If you want to buy a good and cheap programmable cooker, you can check if it has automatic settings for the dishes that you most often prepare, whether they are stews, soups, stir-fries, fried foods, etc.

If you are more interested in a model to make rice, you will be pleased to know that you can find electric pots to prepare different types of rice or for special recipes, automatically adjusting the time and temperature.

In the case of frying pans, the available models are usually simple to handle and offer tools such as thermostats or timers, with which to automate their handling as much as possible.


Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use an electric rice cooker?

Electric rice cookers have 2 internal trays: one sealed and one for steaming food. To use it and prepare rice, you must remove both trays from the equipment and fill the first one with water up to the indicated mark. Place it carefully inside the rice cooker and proceed to pour the rice into the tray that goes on top, to also put it inside the equipment.

Close the lid and select the proper cooking mode for the rice, which should automatically adjust both the temperature and the required time. Press the start button and simply wait for the process to finish, to check how your rice was made in an electric rice cooker.

Q2: How to make rotisserie chicken in a crock pot?

To cook a roast chicken in an electric pot, you must first prepare a marinade where you will let the chicken rest for a minimum of one hour, trying to absorb all the flavors.

Before putting it in the electric pot, apply a layer of melted butter with a brush, to brown it on the outside. Pour enough water to steam into the bottom rack and place the chicken on the rack, then arrange it on top of the rack.

Program a cooking time of 50 minutes at 140 ° C in your electric pot and, every 15 minutes, check the level of water, in order to add more, if necessary. Once the time has elapsed, remove the tray with water and activate another 15 minutes at 200 °C with the chicken inside, to brown the skin and enjoy a delicious roast chicken in an electric pot.


Q3: How to make pizza in an electric cooker?

Preparing pizza in a crockpot is quick and easy, as long as you have your dough prepared along with all the ingredients you want to add. To cook it, you must make it the same diameter as the inner base of the pot, so that it fits without problems when you put it in. 

Arrange the pizza dough with the sauce, cheese and other ingredients on the floor of the electric pot and cover it. Turn on the temperature at medium level and set a cooking time of 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the power of the model you are using.

You can check every 3 minutes that the cheese has melted and the dough is turning golden, before taking it out to eat.


Q4: How to make rice in an electric cooker?

If you want to prepare rice in a programmable electric pot, we advise you to activate the sauté option first, to sauté minced garlic with a little oil so that your rice acquires that rich flavor.

Now, without changing the current setting, pour in the granulated rice to stir for one minute, then add the salted water. Once mixed, cancel the sauté function and add the lid instead. Select in the option menu the function to cook rice, which should last approximately 12 minutes at a temperature of 110 ° C and wait for it to finish.

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