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Electric towel rails – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Having an electric towel rail in your bathroom is more than a luxury, it is a necessity, as it will help you dry your towels, your bathrobe and even heat the space. But for this to be possible, you will need to have a team that adapts to your needs, both in terms of space, for assembly purposes, and use. So take your time to make the selection process, examining in detail the main specifications of each model. Fabinstore 920 x 480 mm is an electric towel rail that will capture your attention, as its attractive design is spacious and easy to mount on any wall. In addition, it has been equipped with high-end power and incorporates a practical regulating thermostat, with which you can quickly adjust the temperature. Another recommended model isOrbegozo TH 8002, with intuitive operation by means of a single on/off button and light indicator, to monitor said actions.



Opinions on the best electric towel rails

If you are planning to buy an electric towel rail, you will need to keep an eye on the specifications of each model that captures your attention, so that you acquire the one that suits you best. For our part, we have carried out a review of the main shopping lists, resulting in five teams that today enjoy great popularity. Below are more details about them.

Fabinstore 920 x 480mm

This model patented by Fabinstore has become a mandatory reference for those who are looking for the best electric towel rail, as it has a compact, lightweight design and effective operation.

The format of the equipment corresponds to a height – width of 92 x 48 centimeters, the white design is minimalist and its mounting method on the wall is simple. The structure has two sections of five horizontal rails and a last one of eight, making it easier for you to place the towels for drying.

It is important to highlight its dual operation, since due to its high-end power equivalent to 500 watts you can also use it as a radiator. In this way, you will warm up your bathroom a little, while also enjoying low power consumption. We cannot fail to mention the incorporation of an external regulating thermostat, for the safe and rapid programming of the temperature.

This model has managed to stand out among its competitors due to its multifunction design and high-end power, being considered by many as the best electric towel rail of the moment.


Design: The structure of this towel rack is white, has quality finishes and three sections of rails.

Size: The equipment has dimensions of 92 x 48 centimeters, thus offering you a spacious area for you to place up to a couple of towels.

Assembly: The assembly process will not take much of your time, since it has been designed to be quick and intuitive by only having to fix it on the wall.

Power: With 500 watts of power, the device offers you a double function, by being able to use it to dry the towels and heat the bathroom.


Thermostat: The thermostat is a bit large and has caused some people discomfort when handling it and installing it on the wall.

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Orbegozo TH8002

Orbegozo, on this occasion, presents to the market a product that could be the best value for money electric towel rail, according to the evaluations of the buyers. This is due to its smooth operation, attractive design and compact structure. Also, it is one of the cheapest.

The device has been made with a format of 4.2 x 54.5 x 60 centimeters, weighs 2.53 kilograms and incorporates a total of five resistance rails to hang towels. In the lower part of one of its vertical bars it incorporates a red light indicator, with which you can monitor its operation. The maximum working power offered is 90 watts and the electrical output of the power cord is 230 volts.

Additionally, the manufacturer attached to the purchase package an installation kit made up of some aluminum screws and four fixing pieces, thus allowing you to minimize costs by not having to purchase them separately.

By buying this towel rack, you will take home a product with high quality standards, a compact design and one of the cheapest models.


Power: The working force of the towel rail is 90 watts and it has an electrical input of 230 volts.

Dimensions: The structure of the towel rail has a compact format with dimensions height width of 54.5 x 60 centimeters and each of its five rails is 4.2 centimeters thick.

Weight: The equipment offers a weight of only 2.53 kilograms, thus facilitating the handling process at the time of assembly.

Accessories: For the purposes of carrying out the assembly, some fastening pieces and screws have been attached to the purchase package so that you can fix it to the wall.


Use: The equipment is suitable for drying towels, but it does not generate a sufficient level of heat to heat the bathroom, which is why it has received some negative reviews on the portals.

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KUDOX Arctic White

This model from the manufacturer KUDOX has managed to position itself among the best electric towel rails of 2022, offering its buyers a resistant, powerful and easy-to-install equipment. The structure design has a total of 14 liquid-filled rails, which have been sealed with an anti-leakage technique and provided with electrical technology.

In addition to this, we have the 150-watt power with which the towel rail has been provided and a 240-volt power outlet, being able to generate the necessary heat to dry up to two towels. The format of the device is 3 x 40 x 70 centimeters, its weight is 7.6 kilograms and the power supply cable is one meter long.

It is necessary to emphasize its fast assembly method, since four cylindrical fixing brackets for the wall have been incorporated together with some screws for its correct adjustment.

This model developed by KUDOX hits the market to offer you a robust, resistant and attractive design, suitable for those who want to acquire the best brand of electric towel rails.


Format: The towel rack offers you spacious dimensions of 3 x 40 x 70 centimeters, to which is added a weight of 7.6 kilograms.

Power cable: The power cable with which the towel rail has been equipped is one meter long, so you will not have limitations when plugging it in.

Accessories: The manufacturer attached with the purchase four cylindrical supports and a series of screws for its adjustment on the wall.

Rails: The equipment has an innovative design made up of 14 rails filled with liquid, provided with electrical technology and sealed using an anti-leak technique.


Plug: When checking the power cable of the device, you will immediately notice the absence of the power adapter, so you will have to purchase it separately and install it.

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BETEC Eco Heaters

To get the best electric towel rail, you will have to review the main specifications of a device that is generating a large number of positive comments in the market. It is about this model developed by BETEC, suitable for any type of bathroom or room.

The design of the device weighs 3.3 kilograms, measures 88 x 55 x 35 centimeters, has integrated feet, has six bars and was made entirely of chromed aluminum. Its working power corresponds to 100 watts, the voltage output is 240 volts and the power cord is 135 centimeters long. Its operation is intuitive and it incorporates a switch with a light indicator, which will allow you to be aware of the process of turning it on and off.

It is important that you know that the temperature level reached is between 50 and 55 °C, as well as that you can mount the towel rail on the wall or stand it up, with the help of a base and built-in accessories.

If you are still wondering which electric towel rail to buy, it is because you have not reviewed the specifications of this model. Its design is attractive, functional and has been made with high quality aluminum. Next, we leave you its pros and cons.


Base: The design of the towel rack incorporates a pair of feet-type bases, which you can adjust when you want to place it on the floor.

Resistance: For greater durability and lightness, the manufacturer used chromed aluminum in the elaboration of the towel rack.

Temperature: The level of heat generated by the towel rail to dry and warm the towels is equivalent to a maximum of 55 °C.

Accessories: Among the built-in accessories you will find a pair of foot-type bases, as well as a series of screws and supports for you to mount on the wall.


Power: There are those who comment that the power of the device is a bit deficient, being necessary to wait up to 20 minutes for the bars to heat up.

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Fishtec EH1584EU

Fishtec’s patented electric towel rails have been designed to offer efficient operation, which has earned them a great position in the different categories of purchase portals.

This model, in particular, stands out for how functional its structure can be, since it incorporates a couple of removable bases that will allow you to stand it up. In addition, if you wish, you can mount the equipment on the wall with the help of the set of screws and fixing pieces included.

The design has six resistance bars, a pleasant aesthetic that adapts to the bathroom or any room, a format of 55 x 91 x 35 centimeters, a weight of 2.54 kilograms and incorporates a single switch for intuitive use. On the other hand, we have the issue of the workforce with which the equipment has been provided, thus highlighting a power of 90 watts for the enjoyment of a heat level between 50 and 55 °C.

Fishtec EH1584EU is a six-bar electric towel rail with a spacious format, light and easy to mount on the wall or floor, which can clear up your doubts about which is the best electric towel rail.


Dimensions: The structure of the towel rail has been designed with measurements of 55 x 91 x 35 centimeters and a weight of 2.54 kilograms, being an easy-to-handle format that will not take up much space.

Power: The manufacturer had a mid-range workforce for this equipment, which corresponds to 90 watts.

Bars: The towel rack has a total of six resistance bars, on which you can comfortably place the towel or bathrobe to dry them after the shower.

Temperature: The temperature range acquired by the equipment during its operation is between 50 and 55 °C maximum.


Base: The pair of adjustable bases are a bit flimsy and do not provide the right level of stability when standing the towel rack up, according to some reviews found on the web.

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