The best electric water heaters

Electric water heaters – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Of all the appliances in the home, one of the most unnoticed may be the thermos or water heaters, but when winter is coming, they are the most mentioned appliances, since they are practically essential, especially on those frosty days. If you want to avoid the laborious installations that gas water heaters entail, the ideal solution is the electric models, since they offer great advantages over traditional ones. Currently, the market has a wide variety of models, among which the Fleck Duo-5 50 EU stands out for its practical LCD screen that shows the chosen temperature at all times, as well as for its soft touch buttons that facilitate handling of the device. Another good purchase option could be the Ariston 3201881, a 100-litre electric thermos and intuitive control with which you can enjoy hot water to shower, cook or clean, as needed.

Opinions on the best electric water heaters

Having hot water in winter will be something that your whole family will appreciate and it is time to prepare for this season. As we always think of you and yours, in the following article we will present you with a selection of the best electric water heaters of the year and we will make a detailed comparison of the most relevant positive and negative characteristics, so that you can make your selection according to your needs.

50 liter electric water heater

Fleck Duo-5 50 EU

To find out which is the best electric water heater, we recommend you take this model into account, since with its 50-liter capacity and fully intelligent thermostat, it provides an excellent solution to be able to enjoy hot water in winter. It integrates a practical LCD display with soft touch buttons for better programming of the desired temperature.

This versatile 50-litre electric water heater can be easily installed both vertically and horizontally thanks to its support and measures approximately 80 x 50 x 27 centimeters. The Fleck Duo-5 50 EU has a double accumulator and a titanium vitrified boiler coating.

This product integrates an innovative double accumulator internal structure, achieving both a better combination of hot and cold water and greater flexibility in heating cycles. It has a class B energy classification, efficiently using electrical energy.

Faced with so many models that the market offers, we ask ourselves over and over again which electric water heater to buy, especially if we are a little undecided. Therefore, we suggest you pay attention to the following explanation of the most outstanding features of this 50-liter electric water heater.


Display: This innovative model has a soft touch LCD display that tells you in real time the temperature level that the water has reached.

Coating: The internal boiler of this model has a durable titanium vitrified coating, which gives it a lot of durability.

Efficiency: If you are a person who cares about energy saving, we recommend this model, since it is the only electric water heater on this list that has class B energy efficiency.

Time : This model has a system that reduces waiting time thanks to the Shower Ready indicator.


Price: It can be concluded that the only negative aspect of this model is its price, since it has one of the highest costs on the list.

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100 liter electric water heater

Ariston 3201883

We are facing a 100-liter capacity electric water heater that can solve any situation of water shortage, to avoid discomfort at home. This amount is suitable for a couple or 3 people maximum, either for cooking, cleaning or showering. It has a fast heating function for 20 liters and also a monthly maintenance system, which will prevent wear and tear on the tank.

The tank has dimensions of 45 x 47 x 91.3 centimeters and weighs 27.2 kilograms, allowing it to be installed directly on the wall using a support secured with plugs.

On the outside you will find its control panel, which is accompanied by several indicators that will let you choose the temperature of the water, the operating mode and check if it is ready to use, preventing you from running out of water in the middle of a shower.

Ariston 3201883 may be the electric water heater you are looking for, but if you have doubts, here you can review it better:


Panel: The control panel of the water heater is intuitive, practical and informative, to use the equipment with confidence.

Shower: You will be able to secure water for a full shower by checking that the Shower Ready indicator is on.

Construction: The thermos has a special coating that will extend the useful life by delaying its wear.

Security: It has disconnection systems, which will be responsible for avoiding short circuits or overvoltage.



Consumption: Although it has a good rating in energy consumption, there are models that require even less electricity than this to work.

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80 liter electric water heater

Teak Ewh80

The Teka Ewh80 thermos is among the best electric thermos of 2022, since it has a large capacity of up to 80 liters and thanks to its variable temperature thermostat from 30 to 75 degrees Celsius and power regulator you can enjoy a perfectly hot shower and for much longer.

This 80-litre electric water heater is made of a quality and resistant material that guarantees greater durability. Its interior has three layers of special insulation and its resistance is made of enameled stainless steel, for which it is highly protected and manages to prevent oxidation. It integrates 30% thicker magnesium anodes that remove limescale from the water and prevent corrosion.

This company cares about your well-being, which is why this 80-litre electric water heater is equipped with a safety valve against any rise in pressure and a pressure system against overheating, so you can shower with peace of mind.

If you are looking for the best electric water heater of the moment, we recommend that you pay attention to all the positive and negative features of this model, since it is one of the cheapest on this list.


Resistant: It is made of high-quality materials and protected inside by three layers of insulation, with its resistance made of enameled stainless steel that prevents corrosion.

Efficient: It includes a power regulator and a thermostat that adjust the temperature between 30 to 75 degrees Celsius.

Safety: This model is equipped with a safety valve against pressure surges and a system that protects the device from possible overheating.

Power: It has a great power of 1,500W and a capacity of 80 liters thanks to which you can enjoy a pleasant shower for longer.


Indicator: A user criticizes that the temperature indicator does not work since the product arrived, which suggests that it is a manufacturing defect.

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Horizontal electric water heater

Bosch ES1006H

With this Bosch brand horizontal electric water heater, you will get great results and a large amount of hot water, ideal to have at home if you have a large family, thanks to its large storage capacity with its tank of up to 100 liters of water.

This horizontal electric water heater works with 1.5 kW, making it a powerful model that allows a temperature range between 10 and 65 degrees Celsius to be reached. It is important to note that this model works with a maximum pressure of 8 bar and is designed to be installed with ½” water intakes.

You will have to wait approximately 3 hours and 55 minutes to get the shower water to reach about 50 degrees Celsius. The dimensions of this thermos are 44 x 103.1 cm and its weight when empty is 24 Kg.

In the case of having a large family, it is important to have a thermos of water that yields enough for everyone. For this reason, we recommend this 100-liter capacity model.


Power: It offers a power of 1.5 kW that provides correct operation.

Capacity: Thanks to its large tank of up to 100 liters, it is ideal for users who have a large family.

Range : You can enjoy a relaxing hot shower thanks to its temperature range from 10 to 65 degrees Celsius.


Wait: You will need to wait approximately 4 hours to heat the water to approximately 50 degrees Celsius.

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Electric water heater Fleck

Fleck DUO-5 80 EU

Among the best models of water thermos, is this Fleck electric thermos that stands out for its double accumulator, which performs a better balance of cold water with hot water and allows greater flexibility in heating cycles. It works with a power of 1,500 W and has a capacity of 80 litres.

This Fleck electric thermos offers great durability thanks to the fact that its interior is made with a titanium vitrified coating and its resistance has anti-limescale protection. Also, you can choose its installation position between vertical or horizontal.

It incorporates a practical intelligent electronic thermostat to regulate the desired temperature, which helps both to achieve a comfortable temperature and to control the electricity bill. It also incorporates a safety valve that protects the device and users and has approximate dimensions of 57 x 33.5 x 109 cm.

It is very important to look at the quality of the internal elements of the water heater, so that it provides efficient and prolonged use. This electric thermos perfectly withstands high temperatures and constant use.


Power : This model offers great efficiency and working power thanks to its 1,500W of power.

Coating : Due to its titanium vitrified coating, it resists high temperatures without problems.

Resistance : This electric heater has a practical coating that prevents the resistance from calcifying.


Location : We will have to look very carefully at the location of this thermos, since, due to its great length, it can take up more space than you think.

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instant electric water heater

Stiebel Eltron DHB21ST

The Stiebel Eltron DHB21ST is an instantaneous electric water heater without a tank and uses a hydraulic control that works electronically with a power of 2,100 watts and good energy efficiency, allowing you to save up to 20% of water and energy year-on-year, being able to adjust its temperature in three levels of 35, 45 and 55 degrees Celsius.

This model works perfectly both for calcareous water as well as for water without lime. It integrates a front control unit that facilitates use when installed, managing to efficiently maintain the selected water temperature.

It allows you to take pleasant showers without interruptions of cold water thanks to its power switching, avoiding possible fluctuations in its temperature. Thanks to its robust and protected construction, you will be able to install this device directly in the area of ​​the shower jet without any accident occurring.

Next, we present a list of the most outstanding positive and negative characteristics and functions of this model, so that you can select the model that best suits your needs.


Temperature: This model allows you to select between three temperature levels of 35, 45 and 55 degrees Celsius.

Efficiency: This electric water heater has a system that allows you to save up to 20% of water and energy annually thanks to its excellent energy efficiency.

Power : It offers a great power of up to 21,000 watts, so the water will always be at the desired temperature.

Control: It integrates a practical control unit with which you can easily adjust and select the desired temperature.


Language : The negative point of this electric water heater could be said to be the language in which the user manual comes, since it is completely in German.

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Electric water heater 150 liters

Cointra 18038

Cointra 183038 is a very practical electric water heater for the home, especially considering its 150-litre capacity, enough for up to 4 people living under the same weather conditions.

This model has a size of 45 x 127.9 x 47.2 centimeters and is designed to be installed vertically, avoiding taking up too much space around it. On the other hand, Cointra’s 150-litre electric water heater has a power of 1,500W and is capable of maintaining hot water at a temperature between 35°C and 60°C.

As for its manufacture, it offers an enameled steel boiler with a vitrified finish, which will help reduce the risk of rusting. Likewise, you can also not worry about the exterior, since it has an electrostatic paint coating that will be quite difficult to remove, to keep it looking new for longer.

Before investing your money, we recommend you take into account the positive and negative aspects of this electric water heater:


Design: The equipment has a resistant design that takes advantage of the space to provide enough water during the day.

Heating: You can heat the water directly through the resistance, generating heat immediately.

Capacity: The water content that this thermos can hold is enough for the use of approximately 4 people.

Installation: Its installation is relatively simple and it has the required hardware for it.



Thermostat: You will not be able to choose the temperature of the water precisely, since its thermostat does not offer this function.

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Electric water heater Junkers

Junkers Elacell Excellence

If you need a versatile water heater that allows it to be installed either vertically or horizontally, depending on the space you have in your home, don’t hesitate to look at this Junker electric water heater that has a large water tank of up to 150 liters.

It incorporates a sheathed resistance that gives it a great insulation capacity against water, protecting and prolonging the useful life of this electric water heater, since it helps to avoid any internal damage. With its temperature setting, you can reach up to 70 degrees Celsius.

To achieve a more precise and simple handling, it integrates its temperature control degree by degree and its temperature indicator display. Also, it offers a high water pressure of a maximum of 8 bar. It has a simple installation thanks to the fact that it includes all the mounting accessories, it is even an ideal model for replacement thanks to its installation template.

It is important to pay attention to the control and ease of handling of the device to ensure safe and efficient operation, so this model offers ease of use.


Capacity : This product provides a large water tank capacity of up to 150 liters.

Display : It incorporates a practical display that indicates the temperature level at all times.

Control: Thanks to its degree-by-degree temperature control, you can choose the level of heat you want.


Cost: If you have a limited budget, you can find alternatives with similar characteristics and more comfortable prices in the market.

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Other products

Ariston Andris RS 30/3 ERP

This model can be considered the best price-quality electric water heater, since it has the lowest cost on this list. It has a maximum water capacity of 30 liters and an electrical power of 1,200 watts, which works efficiently by heating the water and is presented in a modern and compact white design.

The Ariston Andris RS 30/3 ERP water heater is a technologically advanced model that offers excellent performance, while providing energy savings thanks to the innovative ecological system that will help you reduce energy consumption and the costs of your electricity bill..

This model has a small size that you can easily install in small spaces thanks to its approximate measurements of 44.6 x 36 x 44.6 centimeters. It has water inlets at the bottom and is very easy to assemble.

It is very important to pay attention to the most relevant characteristics of electric water heaters such as water capacity, power and energy efficiency, so that you acquire a model that suits your needs.


Size: This model has a compact size, which you can easily install in small spaces.

Power: It has a power of 1,200 watts, making it a highly efficient model with which you can quickly enjoy hot water.

Efficiency: With this model you will obtain great energy savings thanks to the innovative ecological system, which will help you reduce your electricity consumption.

Capacity: Its 30-liter capacity makes this model ideal for placing in your bathroom.


Cables: The negative point of this model is that it does not include connection cables, so you are forced to purchase them separately, running the risk of losing the warranty.

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Guide to buying an electric water heater

Relaxing with a hot shower after a day’s work is an excellent idea, but we don’t always have the time to heat up some water. For this reason, acquiring a new electric water heater is an ideal solution, since it allows us to shower with hot water automatically and without the need to resort to prehistoric procedures to heat the water. The current market is full of models to choose from, so we recommend you continue reading our guide to buying the best electric water heater of the moment.

Shopping guide


Reading any comparison of electric water heaters that we find on the web, we will realize that these appliances have a very important function in our home and yet many times we forget about their existence until the moment we need them again. For this reason, it is important to take care of the manufacturing material, since it guarantees the durability that the device will have.

It should also be remembered that, like any electrical device, constant use and preventive maintenance must be carried out, so that you can guarantee and extend the useful life of this device. As they are appliances that handle high temperatures, they tend to have special coatings that guarantee their resistance.

In the same way, you must take care of their resistance to water, since it is essential that they have a stainless steel protector or insulator that helps prevent the pieces from rusting. Thanks to the magnesium anodes, you will be able to remove limescale from the water, preventing corrosion of the internal parts of the device. The use of the best materials in manufacturing guarantees that the water will reach the desired temperature in a shorter period of time.


One of the most important characteristics of electric water heaters is their water capacity, to which we must be very attentive if we want to avoid the disappointment of running out of hot water in the middle of a shower. A thermos with a large capacity will allow your whole family to enjoy hot water, just as a smaller model will help you keep your electricity bill low.

Apart from affecting electricity consumption and the time it allows us in the shower, the content capacity or volume of an electric thermos determines the physical space that this device will occupy inside our house, so we will have to choose a space indicated above. There are more compact models but they allow you to store a very small amount of water.

If we are willing to remodel the house as needed, we will not have to worry about this factor, however, if we do not have the time or money to carry out a task of this magnitude, then pay close attention to its size. Although there are models that are easily installed and without any work, other water heaters do require complicated installations that involve pipes and gas hoses, so it is recommended to hire a professional for assembly.


Any purchase that is oriented towards energy efficiency is a very smart purchase, since, if we maintain an economic lifestyle, we must be attentive to the degree of energy efficiency classification offered by the electric water heater. For example, an A rating indicates that the appliance is highly efficient, so it uses the energy resource more intelligently, resulting in greater savings in your electricity consumption.

If we ask ourselves how much a new electric water heater costs, we also have to ask ourselves how much one of these devices allows us to save, so if it does not have a high energy efficiency rating, we will have to make rational use of the device, disconnecting it every time we are not using it. However, the interior of the vitrified boiler allows to keep the hot water stored for much longer even after having turned off the thermos.

The incorporation of a digital thermostat in an electric water heater allows us to be a little calmer about consumption, since it automatically turns off the water heater as soon as the water reaches the desired temperature. Systems like the ShowerReady that reduce waiting time dramatically so that you can enjoy pleasant hot water instantly.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to empty an electric water heater?

In the event of a breakdown or simply for replacement, the electric water heaters must be emptied before being uninstalled, so that you avoid damage to the internal system of the water heater or unwanted accidents to someone in your family. Once this is understood, the first thing to do is close the water stopcock of the thermos. If you do not have a direct stopcock for the thermos, it is necessary to close the main stopcock of the house. This is very important if you don’t want your house flooded. Once closed, proceed to disconnect the device from the power outlet. Then, once the water passage is closed and the current is disconnected, open one or two faucets and let it flow freely. If you want to disassemble it, simply unscrew the water tubes that connect to the thermos after it has been emptied.

Q2: How to repair a leaking electric water heater?

Before showing off as an electrician, it is advisable to know the parts of an electric water heater in detail, so that you are not going to make a mistake when trying to repair one of these devices. An electric water heater incorporates a cable connected to a fuse in the electrical panel that normally supplies a power of 40 amps and a pair of water pipes, one for cold water and the other for hot water. At first, disconnect the thermos from the electrical current and close the water stopcock, open the tap and let the water come out completely. Should be a leak, the first thing is to locate the exact place. Sometimes you will need more teflon at the pipe inlets. If the leak comes instead from the thermos tank, it is probably in an unrecoverable state due to corrosion.

Q3: What capacity of electric water heater do I need?

This is determined by the number of people who are going to use this device and the time you spend in the shower, since if it is for personal and sporadic use, you can look for a compact model that has a capacity of approximately 40 liters. If you need to install it in a residence where several people live, it is advisable to choose a model of 100 liters or more, so that no one is left without hot water. The capacity of a thermos is one of the most important characteristics to take into account before purchasing one and is completely subject to the use that you are going to give the device.

Q4: Where to place an electric water heater?

It is advisable to install these devices in open and clean spaces, usually away from bathrooms, since they can rust with water and steam. However, currently, electric water heaters have been manufactured with materials or coatings resistant to rust and with protection against short circuits, so more and more people place them inside a bathroom, without worrying. There are models that are installed horizontally and others vertically, so you must take this feature into account when you are planning the space where you will install it.

How to use an electric water heater

There is nothing better than taking a relaxing hot shower after a hot and exhausting day of work, so it is necessary to use an electric water heater to help you heat the water quickly and easily. The market offers a wide variety of models with different characteristics and a unique method of use, so we have prepared the following guide, in which we will explain briefly but in detail how to install and use an electric water heater.

open the package

First of all, you must open the package that contains the electric water heater and all the accessories, so that you can check that no part or tool is missing. It is recommended to do this on a clear and clean surface, making sure not to lose any parts.

Inside the package, a user or instruction manual is usually included that a professional can use to perform the installation. If you think you can install this device yourself, please take the time to read the instructions to ensure proper assembly.

Locate a place for installation

It is important that you previously take into account the exact place inside your house where you will install the thermos, avoiding placing it in places where the heat is highly concentrated and that the sunlight does not hit it directly, so that you can reduce the probability of damage and prolong its useful life. On the other hand, the dimensions of the device must be consistent with the space where you are going to install it and it is recommended that it have the necessary water intakes nearby.  

check the connections

As soon as you finish installing the electric heater, it is highly recommended that you check the water connections thoroughly, so that you can avoid future leaks or leaks. Many times it will even be necessary to apply plumber’s tape to properly seal the terminations and connections. Also, check that the safety valves are ready to act, ensuring correct and trouble-free operation.

Adjust the temperature

After having installed the device correctly on the wall, proceed to use its controls, whether they are manual regulators or digital panels, to choose the desired temperature. Remember that the thermos will take a period of time to reach the chosen temperature, so you must take the necessary precautions, turning on th

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