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Electric Water Heaters – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

To enjoy a hot shower or warm water in your sink, you will need to purchase an electric water heater that suits your consumption needs. Always keep in mind that the products on the market, despite being designed to fulfill the same function, also have distinctive specifications that you must evaluate beforehand. Among the main options of the moment, we have the Stiebel Eltron 236739 model; an electric water heater that has low energy consumption, so as not to be too expensive to use. It has a control panel with a screen where you can determine the settings, and its design is beautiful and with good finishes. It is relatively small in size so you can install it without getting in the way and the casing is white. If you prefer an instant heater, you can turn to the Bosch TR5000R. With this model you can get hot water instantly without spending too much energy and in a compact size product.

Opinions on the best electric water heaters

Electric water heaters are equipment that are quite popular in the world of household appliances, so when you start your search you will find designs with different formats, functions and containment capacity. In order to help you, we have selected some of the leading models on the market.

Stiebel Eltron 236739

For our visitors who are looking for the best electric water heater, one of the options could be the Stiebel Eltron 236739.

This product will allow you to enjoy hot water instantly and offers various outputs, depending on the selected power, which ranges from 18 kW, 21 kW and up to 24 kW. At the same time, it provides a digital temperature selector with which you can adjust it to your liking without any setbacks.

Aesthetically, the electric water heater is elegant, attractive and modern in style. Its size is 11.6 x 46.6 x 22.5 centimeters and it has a backlit digital screen on the front face, where you can configure the equipment according to your needs.

On the other hand, you can select an Eco mode in case you want to save resources, be it water or electricity, to be able to keep it on as long as you want and it also has a blocking system, to prevent children from manipulating the heater..

Since it could be the best electric water heater of the moment, we invite you to review its most interesting qualities:


Design: The electric water heater has a robust and well-finished casing, as well as a comfortable size to install it where it suits you best.

Screen: It has an integrated LCD screen with backlight, so you can more easily control the temperature and even read it in the dark.

Management: It has a control panel that offers access to adjust the temperature, change modes or choose a preset configuration intuitively.

Economic: The energy consumption generated by the electric water heater is low and offers an A classification, making it cheap to use at home as much as you want.



Pressure: Care must be taken with the water flow, since if it varies too much, the electric heater may not be able to adjust the temperature properly.

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Bosch TR5000R

Compared to thermo-type water heaters, the Bosch TR5000R model is an instantaneous product. So with this device you only have to turn on the tap and have hot water almost immediately, practically without waiting. 

To this end, the product has an electrical power of 24 to 27 KW of heating capacity, making the equipment suitable for all types of uses. Its capacity can be regulated by means of the front selector, with which you can choose the water outlet as you want to shower, wash dishes or take a bath. Once the heater is ready, a green LED pilot lights up, indicating that you can start using it. 

A very simple approach that is also present in the installation, which is as easy to execute as other similar models and even a conventional type thermos.

We leave you some more information regarding the main characteristics of this instant heater.


Power: The equipment has a heating capacity of 24 to 27 KW, offering good performance in instant mode.

Selector: The front selector allows us to choose the level of water output that we want depending on what we are going to do.

Installation: The installation process is simple and it will not take you too long to get it assembled.

LED light: The LED light informs you when the product is ready to deliver water at the selected temperature.


Consumption: Although the consumption of the heater is adjusted, it should be used wisely so that the electricity bill does not skyrocket.

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Ariston 3100339

Ariston is a manufacturer that is characterized by using cutting-edge technology in the development of each of its products. On this occasion, a model with effective performance and practical operation is added to the market, which will surely clarify your doubts about which is the best electric water heater.

The design stands out for having a compact and light structure, suitable for being installed on top of the sink. The containment capacity is for approximately one liter of water, which will be heated instantly, so energy consumption will be reduced as well as the cost of your monthly billing.

The case has dimensions height, width, depth of 44.6 x 44.6 x 36 centimeters and weighs only 12.1 kilograms. Its white aesthetic is minimalist, the finishes denote quality and its start-up is instinctive, through a single rotary button on the front area.

The market has a wide variety of products, but not all of them are suitable for you. Therefore, deciding which electric water heater to buy may take longer than you expected. Here are the pros and cons of a team with an Ariston manufacturing seal.


Dimensions: This model of water heaters has been structured with dimensions of 44.6 x 44.6 x 36 centimeters, which will not take up much space in your kitchen.

Weight: You will be able to handle and assemble the heater without any inconvenience, since it only weighs 12.1 kilograms.

Capacity: As it is a heater for the sink, its volume is convenient for said space, thus having a tank with a capacity for one liter of water.

Design: It is a compact heater with quality finishes and a minimalist appearance in white.


Power cable: The disadvantage commented by all the people who have purchased the device is the absence of a power cable.

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AEG is a brand with a long history in the world of household appliances, which on this occasion presents us with a device considered by many to be the best value for money electric water heater. For these reasons and because it is one of the cheapest on the list, you cannot fail to verify its characteristics.

The case only weighs 1.41 kilograms and measures 8.2 x 19 x 14.3 centimeters, making it a fairly compact device that you can install in less than five minutes. In addition, it will go unnoticed because it does not take up much space. Also, it is important to mention that the equipment heats the water instantly, so you will only need to activate it when you want.

Its operation is quite silent with a noise level of 15 decibels, the maximum power acquired is 3.5 kilowatts and it requires an AC input of 230 volts. Likewise, it has a type A efficiency consumption that generates energy savings of up to 66%.

With a compact, silent and low energy consumption design, you will find this model of electric water heaters, which currently stands out among its competitors as one of the cheapest.


Energy efficiency: The energy classification label of the heater corresponds to a low consumption type A, which is respectful for the environment.

Dimensions: The size of 8.2 x 19 x 14.3 centimeters that the heater housing has will help you save space in the site selected for its installation.

Noise: The noise level generated by the device is only 15 decibels, so it will not cause any kind of disturbance.

Power cable: The heater incorporates a power cable for plugs with a 230 volt outlet.


Temperature: The level of heat generated by the device is a bit low to be used in the shower, but it is adequate to be used in the sink.

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Fleck DUO

Electric water heaters with the Fleck quality seal have great attributes that are revealed in this model. Its white design is elegant and you can install it horizontally or vertically with the help of some supports, which you must anchor on the wall.

The casing is 115 x 56 x 33 centimeters, weighs 30.7 kilograms and incorporates a vitrified material coating for greater durability. On the front it has an easy-to-read and programming LCD screen, with which you will control the operation of the device.

The power of 1.5 kilowatts is also an important feature, since through it you can heat the 80 liters of water contained in the tank, in approximately two hours, keeping it at a temperature of 80°C. Among other specifications, we have its type B energy efficiency and the output pressure is equivalent to eight bars.

Fleck DUO is an electric water heater with a robust format, resistant casing, elegant appearance and intuitive operation. Here are some of its features.


Energy efficiency: The energy consumption of 1.5 kilowatts exerted by the heater will allow you to have an electrical efficiency of classification B.

Capacity: The containment capacity of the thermos corresponds to a maximum of 80 liters of water, being an adequate volume for families of up to three members.

Screen: An LCD screen is incorporated into the structure, where you can monitor the temperature acquired by the water and the elapsed time.

Design: The design of the case is robust and elegant, but it also has the particularity of being able to be installed both horizontally and vertically.


Instruction manual: The steps to follow printed in the instruction manual to program the temperature are a bit imprecise, so it is recommended to review a tutorial beforehand.

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To get a quality thermos, you have to make your selection among the best electric water heaters of 2022. Among them, this model made by FORCALI stands out, which has a horizontal design with a containment level for 50 liters of liquid.

Its structure has been elaborated under a compact format of 39 x 77 x 39 centimeters and 20 kilograms of weight, thus dealing with easy-to-handle specifications. In addition, you will be able to install the device safely on any surface, since it incorporates some supports and adjustment screws.

It is important to mention that the energy consumption of the equipment is 1500 watts, capable of offering a pressure of up to seven bars of operation, as well as a type C classification of electrical efficiency. Finally, an advantage of this heater that pleases buyers is the fact that it has a five-year warranty.

FORCALI is a mandatory reference that you should consult if you are looking for the best brand of electric water heaters. Their products are of high quality and easy to handle, as is this model.


Format: The tank has a horizontal format with measurements of 39 x 77 x 39 centimeters and a weight of 20 kilograms.

Energy consumption: The consumption generated by the heater is 1500 watts, belonging to the type C energy classification.

Capacity: The water container offered by this model of heaters has a maximum capacity of 50 liters.

Warranty: When purchasing this equipment, you can enjoy a warranty valid for five years, being necessary to activate the card code that the manufacturer included in the purchase package.


Connector: As mentioned on the web, the tank connector is a bit flimsy and easily damaged.

Thermomate ELEX9.6

Presented in a minimalist design with a rectangular shape and dimensions of 34.5 x 20 x 12 centimeters and with a light weight of only 3.15 kilograms, this product will allow you to install it in any bathroom and save space compared to the other models of water heaters. Additionally, it works with 240 volts and has a power of 9600 watts, so you will have the right water temperature in a very short time.

On the other hand, its use is very easy, since it has an orange backlit LCD screen that will allow you to view it without bothering your eyes and, with its 3 quick access buttons, you can raise, lower the temperature or turn on/off the equipment. 

In addition to this, it has a type A energy efficiency range, so you can save up to 30% of water and electricity compared to conventional heaters. 

This model stands out among the other products on the list due to its good features, which is why Thermomate may possibly be the best brand of water heaters.


Temperature: You will have at your disposal a temperature adjustment from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius.

Use: It has only 3 buttons, which will allow you to use it very easily.

Savings: Due to its energy efficiency class of range A, you will have the possibility of saving up to 30% of water and electricity.


Manual: The instruction manual may not be in Spanish.

Wiring: You will need to purchase a double pole switch to prevent damage to the electrical system.

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