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Electric Knife – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Both to cut bread and cakes or good slices of meat, the electric knife is a perfect companion for those who do not have a good hand with the traditional knife or do not want to leave their arm cutting. If you choose a knife with good power and a quality blade, you will be able to cut everything very comfortably and without problems. As the best knife of the moment, we find the Tefal Prep’Line 852331 model. This product has a power of 100 watts and a large, serrated blade, with which to make all kinds of cuts effortlessly and very cleanly. In addition, thanks to the distance between the handle and the blade, it is a very safe product. Also attractive is the Severin 3965 knife, which has a 46-centimeter blade, allowing you to make cuts as wide as you want to use. All this in a system that is easy to clean and store thanks to its removable nature.

The 5 Best Electric Knives – Opinions 2022

Although it may seem like an old invention, a good electric knife is an excellent ally in your kitchen, as long as you choose it correctly. So that you can make the right purchase, we present a brief comparison of items with which you can start to decide which is the best electric knife based on what you need to cut. In any case, they are quality products at a reasonable price.

1. Tefal Prep’Line 852331 Electric Knife

Main advantage:

This product has a power of 100 watts, capable of making cuts efficiently and without causing damage to the slices of those foods on which we are working.

Main disadvantage:

If you need to cut frozen foods and others with a considerable hardness, surely you should choose a different model, as this one falls short for such uses.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A product with a long tradition in the market that combines a very comfortable handle with a traditional cutting system.

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Power and cutting system

The first aspect that we verify in almost any knife of this type is the power and the cutting system of the product. Starting with that power, the motor has a level of 100 watts, located within the mid-range of the market and which performs well when it comes to making continuous cuts in foods that are not excessively hard.

Regarding the cutting system, this consists of a universal type blade and about 18 centimeters long. The toothing system of this blade allows you to cut many types of food, even white or medium type. In fact, the product is not suitable for cutting frozen foods and other especially hard foods such as meat bones or the like. At least this blade sharpens itself, to keep its cutting ability intact.

knife handle

Another important aspect when talking about electric knives is the handle. This model has a large handle, which makes it easy to hold the knife properly on food. In addition, the distance between the starting area of ​​the blade and the area where we place our fingers is considerable, which adds extra security to the product.

In this handle, we also find the product activation button. It must always be pressed during the cutting process, so that if we release it, the product stops working. An additional measure and with which to have the peace of mind that the product only cuts what we need to cut.

Cleaning and feeding of the product

To close our analysis, we take a look at both the cleaning and the food used by the product. For the cleaning part, we have a knife made of high quality materials, so cleaning is simple. The cutting blades are removable and can go through the dishwasher without problems, while a simple damp cloth is enough for the handle to leave it as good as new.

Regarding power, the knife includes a power cable that must always be plugged in. The advantage is that we have a small light in the area of ​​the handle that tells us when the knife is correctly connected and can start cutting. And as an extra, the connection cable also offers us a suitable size so that we can move the knife comfortably.

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2. Severin M 3965 Electric Knife 100 W

The Severin 3965 model stands out for having been rated as the first choice among the best electric knives of 2022 according to consumers.

Among its features we find a motor with a power of 100 watts, which together with its dual-use blade can cut both fresh and frozen products easily.

It has an ergonomic handle, which allows a simple and controlled grip to make perfect cuts in any food and with the desired thickness.

To avoid accidents, it has a safety lock that prevents its accidental activation, also incorporating a very easy-to-use blade extraction system, with which you can remove the blades from the device when it is not in use.

This system makes it easy to clean both the blades and the knife itself, which once disassembled will hardly take up any space in your kitchen.

In addition to having excellent power and physical appearance, this option can be categorized as the best electric knife for 25 euros due to its great advantages:


Power: Like the model analyzed above, the 3965 from Severin also stands out for its power. The 3965 electric knife has a built-in motor capable of producing up to 100 watts of power so you can cut and slice without problems.

Dimensions: The Severin 3965 electric knife has dimensions of 46 x 10 x 6 centimeters, so it is wide enough to be able to slice a chicken or turkey from side to side without inconvenience. This will allow you to make full cuts for a better presentation.

Blade: one of the most appreciated aspects of this electric knife is that its blade can be removed, this allows greater cleaning of both the knife and the blade and best of all, it can be washed in the dishwasher.

Weight: Also, so that you can perceive greater security and precision, the Severin 3965 has a weight of 875 grams, so it is not light at all. This helps to feel more secure when handling the knife.


Design: keep in mind that this knife has a design that forces the user to hold it in a certain way, which can cause discomfort when slicing if you do not have experience.

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3. Princess 492952 Electric knife with ergonomic handle

Princess is a first-rate manufacturer, something unknown, but little by little it is becoming more famous throughout Europe. His 492952 knife has a power of 180 watts, the highest of all those analyzed together with the Orbegozo model.

Its silver-colored body made of high-quality plastic material gives it a different grip and image than the traditional electric knife, guaranteeing always perfect results with little effort.

Its multipurpose blade allows you to cut all kinds of food, both fresh and frozen, with a clean cut and high cutting precision.

As usual, it has stainless steel blades that we can easily remove from the body of the knife using a release button, both for storage and for cleaning, which we can do directly in the dishwasher.

A whole compendium of functions that make it the best electric knife for quality price in 2022 according to consumers’ opinions.

One of the ways to know which electric knife to buy is by taking into account what you will mainly use it for, in this way you can decide on a practical and accessible model:


Use: First of all, the most remarkable thing about this option among electric knives is its versatility. This model has special integrated blades that will allow you to cut even frozen food, so you can prepare your meals faster.

Washable: all the blades included with this model are suitable for being washed in the dishwasher so you can not worry about cleaning them.

Covers: and so that each blade can always maintain its original sharpness as well as avoid accidents, they all have their respective protective cover.


Size: it is a slightly more voluptuous model than our first options, so it may take you a while to gain confidence in it.

Design: In addition, its design is similar to that of the previous option, so we recommend having more experience before using it.

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4. Moulinex Secanto DJAC41 Electric Knife

The Moulinex Secanto electric knife comes from a well-known and top-tier manufacturer such as Moulinex. Inside we find a 100-watt motor that moves a double blade system with which to obtain precise and quality results.

Compared to other knives, this model has two blades for two specific uses: one for normal use on raw or cooked food and another for frozen food.

This double blade system improves cutting and extends the life of both the blades and the motor itself. To change the blade, just press a button, remove the used blade and insert the new one.

Its extra long cable allows you to be able to move comfortably with the knife. And by the time you’re done using it, all you have to do is store it in its bag to protect it from dirt and dust.

It may well be that Moulinex wins the award for the best brand of electric knives thanks to its ability to offer products of excellent quality and performance. Here we present the advantages and disadvantages of this Secanto DJAC41:


Bag: as an advantageous feature of this Moulinex electric knife we ​​have the fact that it includes a practical carrying bag that will allow you to keep it stored or take it wherever you want.

Cable: also, to facilitate its use and give you more freedom, this model has an extra-long cable that will allow you greater mobility around the kitchen.

Ejection: and with the intention that you do not have to remove the blades manually at the risk of cutting yourself, the Secanto DJAC41 has a special ejection button to remove them automatically.


Power: According to what its buyers have commented, they do not recommend using this knife with frozen food because they consider that it lacks a little more power for this.

Use: In addition, due to the aforementioned, they also advise acquiring it only for basic cuts of meat, bread, chicken and other foods that do not require too much effort.

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5. Orbegozo CU 3800 Electric knife 180 W

Orbegozo is becoming a trusted manufacturer both for the adjusted price and for the quality of its products. Extremes that he demonstrates in his Orbegozo Cu3800 electric knife. An electric knife that, in addition to being the cheapest electric knife in this comparison, has one of the most powerful motors of those analyzed, along with the Princess model.

This 180-watt power motor allows us to make faster and more efficient cuts in a comfortable way. Something that its blade helps, designed both to cut frozen solid food and all kinds of cooked or raw food.

To make it easier for you to store, you can remove the sheet at the touch of a button, before passing it through the dishwasher to leave it impeccable.

All this in an electric knife made with a solid resident body, with a sword design in an elegant silver tone that guarantees a long service life.

If you have in your intentions to acquire one of the cheapest, in this selection we also have an option for you, yes, taking care that it is still a quality product capable of offering you excellent results:


Blades: one of the most appreciated aspects of the Orbegozo Cu 3800 electric knife is that it has two special blades to offer you different types of cuts.

Safety: Taking into account the safety of its users, the Orbegozo team decided to integrate an emergency button that will automatically stop the activity of the knife if it is pressed.

Noise – Buyers who have purchased this model say they love how little noise it makes, so you can use it in the mornings without disturbing anyone.


Vibration – Based on reviews, some people find that this model can vibrate a lot during use.

Crusts: In addition, they also indicate that it can be a bit difficult to cut crusts of bread that are too crispy.

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Buying Guide – What is the best electric knife on the market?

Some of us have thought that the electric knife is not essential, that we can do without it, but then they give us one of these knives and it becomes our perfect ally; then yes, it becomes a utensil that cannot be missing in our kitchen. Whether the one you had has finally stopped working or you are buying one for the first time, this guide to buying the best electric knife may help you a lot. Our goal is that you manage to choose a good one and, at the same time, economical.

What is an electric knife for?

If you have tried to cut a piece of frozen meat, chicken or fish, if you need to cut a ham bone or simply need to slice a ham for a special dinner, you do not have to suffer anymore.

An electric knife can pretty much do the job without you having to put in too much effort. These are the main advantages of an electric knife: on the one hand, it helps you cut very hard things, without having to make strong movements or pressure and, on the other hand, the presentation of your meals will be the best of all because everything will be cut with precision.

Electric knives are not much of a mystery. They are tools that fit in one hand and have blades and a motor that move them quickly, so that when you bring them close to a good piece of meat, they cut evenly, according to the thickness you want.

But you can also use them to cut bread and it leaves a very clean cut, perfectly cut pieces of bread that look great served on the table. With this we want to clarify that it is not a device only for cutting hard foods, but also works with very soft foods and vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, etc.

In terms of use, it’s not a big deal either. They usually have a button near the handle to activate the knife and in reality, instead of being complicated, you will see that it is easier than using the traditional knife, but it is all a matter of practice. You can forget about all that energy you spend making the turkey cuts. This time you can do it effortlessly and in much less time.

But when we make a comparison of electric knives, we see that there are too many models and brands, all quite similar to each other, so how can we know which one is the best? Before asking how much an electric knife costs, join us to review the most important characteristics that we must take into account before buying one, but while we analyze them, do not lose sight of your own needs, so you can later discard models that do not meet your expectations.


This greatly influences the knife’s ability to cut through hard foods. You should choose one from 100 W of power, but you can also find models that have about 200 W, however, so much power is not always necessary. The most professional cooks can take advantage of very powerful electric knives, but for a housewife who uses the electric knife sporadically, between 100 and 120 W will be more than enough.


Stainless steel serrated blades are recommended for their strength and durability. The measure of the blade can be between 20 and 22 cm long. If you want ease of cleaning and maintenance, try to choose an electric knife with removable blades.

There are specialized knives for cutting meat and others that are designed to cut bread. Of course, the best would be a knife that can have all the uses you need, but those that cut various types of food can be a little more expensive.

Wireless or long cable

To help you move comfortably, you can choose a cordless knife, but these are usually less powerful and smaller. If you choose a cord, then make sure that its cable is long enough so that you can use it at ease.


It is better to prefer ergonomic handles or handles, which adapt to the shape of your hand so that you can hold and manipulate them without any inconvenience. Usually on the handle or very close you will have the on/off button so you can do everything with one hand. It is worth remembering that it is an artifact of delicate use, so absolute concentration on what we are cutting is necessary and, of course, it must be out of the reach of children.

How to use an electric knife

Kitchen helper appliances make the task of cooking much easier to do and therefore more enjoyable. Especially when you have to cut hard food or food with bones, a task in which the electric knives that we will talk about in this article help you a lot to explain how to use it.

How to make the cuts

After buying an electric knife you will no longer worry if you have to cut chicken, ham, turkey, roast or frozen meat. To start making cuts in food, you must turn on the knife and adjust the power according to the hardness of what you are going to chop. The next thing is to bring the knife closer to the food; you can do it with a little angle or straight. Lightly press the knife against the food, the blades will cut as you push. When you have to cut a bone or frozen food, you need to apply a little more force to increase the power of the knife.

Wireless or wired

If you are a practical person, you may have decided to buy a cordless electric knife because of the freedom of movement it offers, but this means that you have to be careful to always keep it charged so that it does not run out of battery in the middle of cutting. To always have power after having used the knife at least twice and depending on how long it has been on, put it on charge, either on its base if it has one or by connecting it to an electrical outlet with the cable. Make sure it fully charges.

But if you preferred the traditional use with cable, you should always have an electrical outlet near where you work in the kitchen.

clean it properly

As the blades of the knife rotate at high speed while cutting, there is inevitably food waste that will embed itself in the internal parts of the knife and, of course, stick to it and the blades, so it is very important that you clean it carefully and properly.

Some models of knives allow the blades to be removed from the body of the device; if this is your case, free them and wash them with a mild detergent or put them in the dishwasher. Unfortunately, the electrical components of the knife will not allow you to put them in the water, so after each use, clean the small holes where food remains can adhere with a damp cloth.

use it carefully

As it is a device that can easily cause cuts, it is very important that you use it with due care. Don’t leave it on if you have another task to attend to; when you are making the cut, do not get distracted and take care of the position of your fingers with respect to the blade.

If the knife does not have an ejector for the blades, when disassembling them manually, do so with great care. If the sheets have protective sleeves, be sure to put them on before putting them away. It is also very important that you keep it away from children.

The most popular brands

Electric knives are very useful accessories that should not be missing in your kitchen. However, the offer of these devices in the current market is so wide that it could be difficult to choose the best one for us. We have done a review of the best selling products and we have chosen some of the best brands. These are Moulinex, Orbegozo and AEG.

This brand today belongs to the French company Groupe SEB, which acquired it in 2001. However, its origin dates back to 1956, when it was founded by Jean Mantelet in Alencon, France as a manufacturer of household products. Little by little, the French market gained acceptance with the introduction of cutting-edge equipment, such as its famous kitchen robots in the 1960s.

The company had various problems and management changes until it was acquired by the SEB Group. Today the brand is one of the leaders in small advanced technology appliances, which facilitate the preparation and cooking of food, as well as other household appliances.

Among the products marketed by the brand today we can highlight kitchen robots, fryers, bread makers, waffle makers, blenders, irons, coffee machines, juicers, slicers, among many other devices. In particular, its electric knife models stand out for their ergonomic design, practicality, and great cutting power, as well as their ease of cleaning.

Orbegozo appliances is a brand of the General Spanish Household Appliances Foundation, created in 1977 after the death of the founder of Orbegozo, Faustino Orbegozo. From that time to the present, the company has been in charge of the design, conception and manufacture of specialized high-tech equipment for domestic use.

Its main factory is in the city of Madrid, and today the brand has a commercial presence not only in Spain, but also in a large part of the European market, and thanks to the specialized Internet sales pages, its presence is global. The initial conception of the brand continues, in the aspect of technological innovation and advanced design of small household appliances and specific solutions for household tasks.

Among the best-selling and best-valued products of the brand, we can mention microwave ovens, coffee makers, stoves, toasters, paella pans, blenders, portable refrigerators, hobs, electric knives, as well as fans, vacuum cleaners, thermometers, dryers, irons, among many other items. Particularly its electric knives provide great efficiency, thanks to its ergonomic design, great power and low noise level.

This German company was founded in 1883 by Emil Rathenau, for the commercialization of Thomas Edison’s patents in Germany. The initials of the company are the initials of Compañía General de Electricidad, in German language, and in its beginnings it was dedicated to the manufacture of the most innovative electrical devices of the time, such as heaters, electric irons, kettles, among others.

During the following decades it gained prestige both in Germany and in the rest of Europe for its technological innovations and cutting-edge designs, until in the 1990s the brand was acquired by the Electrolux company, which continues to use it as a line of products that maintains the initial conception of AEG, establishing itself as one of the oldest and most prestigious electrical appliance brands in the world, with a global commercial presence, above all thanks to the boom in Internet sales.

Among the products offered by the brand, we can highlight ovens, microwaves, hoods, packaging machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, electric knives, among other advanced technology products. Its model of electric knives is among the most powerful and efficient on the market, with high-quality blades and low vibration for greater comfort during handling.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Moulinex Secalio DJAA42 Cuchillo Eléctrico Acero Inoxidable

Si tu intención es adquirir uno de los mejores cuchillos eléctricos del momento, has llegado al rincón adecuado. En esta ocasión, te presentamos un excelente modelo fabricado por Moulinex, su DJ AA42 Secalio.

Este cuchillo eléctrico es merecedor de la primera posición en nuestro listado debido a que presenta una potencia de corte de 100 watts, más que suficiente para rebanar cualquier tipo de alimento. Estos cuchillos son especialmente utilizados en fiestas familiares para poder servir los platos con mayor facilidad y rapidez.

Los usuarios de este producto indican que es muy sencillo de utilizar, muy fácil de limpiar y bastante compacto por lo que esto les ha facilitado enormemente el trabajo en la cocina.

Su diseño permite que sea utilizado con seguridad tanto por derechos como por zurdos, por lo que no deberás preocuparte si lo adquieres como un obsequio. Además, su fabricante cuenta con una excelente reputación en durabilidad y calidad.

Considerado por algunos como el mejor cuchillo eléctrico del momento, el DJAA42 Secalio de Moulinex cuenta con ciertas características que pueden convertirlo en una excelente opción para ti. Conócelo un poco más a fondo a continuación:


Potencia: una de las características principales que más queremos alabar respecto al cuchillo eléctrico DJAA42 Secalio de Moulinex es su potencia. Este producto cuenta con un mecanismo con un motor interno capaz de otorgarle hasta 100 watts de potencia, por lo que es considerado uno de los más capaces. Esto te permitirá rebanar con rapidez y precisión cualquier tipo de alimento que desees.

Diseño: ya que un cuchillo eléctrico se maneja igualmente de forma manual, es importante tener en cuenta la ergonomía de éste para poder garantizar un manejo seguro. Esta opción que traemos de parte de Moulinex cuenta con un diseño ergonómico lo que permite un firme agarre y según sus usuarios, es bastante cómodo de sostener.

Adaptabilidad: gracias al hecho de que el cuchillo eléctrico DJAA42 Secalio de Moulinex cuenta con un diseño bastante bueno, también se ha tenido en cuenta el uso por parte de diestros y zurdos ya que la forma de su mango permite que éste sea utilizado por ambos tipos de agarre, lo que te permitirá regalarlo sin preocupaciones.

Uso: se ha podido conocer a lo largo de las reseñas publicadas por los compradores que adquirieron este modelo de cuchillo eléctrico que encuentran que la herramienta es bastante fácil de utilizar. Especialmente al momento de instalar la cuchilla y esto es muy apreciado ya que hace que sea bastante sencillo el limpiarlo.

Reputación: además de contar con excelentes acabados, una gran potencia de trabajo, un diseño sobrio y ergonómico, el hecho de que este modelo sea fabricado por una empresa de renombre como Moulinex hace que sea más fácil el confiar en que se está realizando una buena inversión.

Bestron DEK2

Cerramos nuestra comparativa con un producto tradicional como el modelo Bestron DEK2. Este cuchillo eléctrico recupera el diseño de los cuchillos eléctricos tradicionales, con un cuerpo ergonómico en plástico que apenas ocupa espacio en tu cocina.

No obstante eso no impide que cuente con un motor de 100 vatios con el que poder cortar todo tipo de alimentos crudos o congelados.

Gracias a su cuchilla universal obtendrás resultados perfectos con poco esfuerzo mientras sobre alimentos crudos o cocinados, mientras que su cuchilla  específica para alimentos congelados permite alargar la vida del equipo y obtener mejores resultados en los productos más duros.

Ambas cuchillas son lavables en lavavajillas, mientras que el cuerpo puede limpiarse con tan solo un paño húmedo. Un cuchillo de precio ajustado y fácil de limpiar con un elegante toque vintage.

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