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Electric Paella Pan – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Paella is the most representative dish of Spanish gastronomy and its name comes from the pan in which it is prepared. Whether it is a Valencian paella, a seafood paella or any of its variants, the key is to have the right pan. For this reason, we present a list of the best electric paella pans, such as the Clatronic PP 3570 C, a 1500 W power pan with a diameter of 42 cm with which you can prepare this and many more dishes for the whole family. Likewise, the Jata PE550 model is suitable for cooking paella for 12-16 people thanks to its 55 cm diameter non-stick surface. 

The 9 Best Electric Paella Pans – Opinions 2022

With conventional paella pans, additional burners are usually needed to try to distribute the heat evenly, which is difficult to control and can ruin the preparation. In this sense, the electric pans designed for this recipe offer their own heat source, adjustable at several levels to better control the temperature, facilitating the preparation of paella. So if you are interested in acquiring one of these, we recommend you review our selection of the best electric paella pans of 2022. 

Large Electric Paella Pan

1. Clatronic PP 3570 C Ceramic electric skillet with lid 

Clatronic has designed this versatile pan, with which, in addition to making paellas, you can roast, defrost, steam or keep preparations warm. Due to its 42 cm diameter and 9 cm depth, it is considered a large, functional and powerful electric paella pan thanks to its 1500 watts.

This power is regulated in 5 temperature levels by means of a thermostat, to adapt the heat to the chosen function, which is distributed evenly on the ceramic surface. This coating is scratch-proof and easy to clean.

In terms of operation, the thermostat is attached to the power cable, which is quickly removed. Also, the indicator light will let you know that the pan is at the desired temperature and the handles, made of good quality thermal insulation, favor the mobility of the appliance without risk of burns. 

For all these qualities, this pan is one of the best electric paella pans of 2022, so we have summarized its pros and cons below.


Power: The pan has 1500 watts of power, adjustable in 5 temperature levels to achieve the right heat for the preparation.

Versatility: With this product you are not limited to just making paellas, you can also make pizzas, soups, stews, roasts and much more.

Lid: Includes a heat-resistant glass lid with a hole to release excess steam.


Usage Marks: After repeated use of this pan you start to notice the heating ring. 

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2. Sogo SS-10060 Paella Pan Electric Pan for Paella and Pizza

For some users, this may be the best electric paella pan of our selection, because it is capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 240°C, distributing the heat throughout the surface for even cooking of food. 

Sogo has called this appliance a multi-casserole, since it is very useful for preparing pizzas, different types of meat and, of course, the traditional paella; thanks to its depth of 4.5 cm and 46 cm in diameter. These dimensions allow it to be classified as a large electric paella pan. 

It is worth mentioning that this product has a Ceracook non-stick surface, free of toxic elements, on which food will not stick and whose cleaning is very simple. 

Regarding the operation, the built-in thermostat allows to regulate the power of 1500 W at different temperature levels, to control the heat of the preparation. 

Now we present a list of the most outstanding positive and negative aspects of this model.


Design: This electric skillet is 42 cm in diameter, making it ideal for serving up to 6 people or a little more. 

Surface: The Teflon coating has a non-stick coating free of toxic agents, such as PFOA, and is easy to clean.

Temperature: Thanks to the 1500 W power and the built-in thermostat, you can adjust the temperature of the pan in 5 levels, reaching a maximum of 240°C.


Depth: A greater depth is missing, as this way the pan could also be used as a wok or a deeper saucepan.

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Jata electric paella pan

3. Jata PE550 Nonstick Electric Paella Pan 

In the search for the best electric paella pan, we found many positive reviews about this model. This is the Jata PE550, a frying pan with a diameter of 55 cm and a depth of 5.5 cm, whose power is 1900 W, one of the highest on the market. 

The design of this Jata electric paella pan is ideal for preparing a traditional paella and feeding between 12 and 16 people. As for its use, two switches are incorporated: one to turn the pan on and off, and the other to adjust the power to level 1 or 2. 

For user safety, the handles are made from a heat-insulating material, so they stay cool to the touch. Regarding the lid, it has a robust format, since it is made of metal, keeping the glass center to better visualize the preparation. Also, it incorporates a steam outlet valve. 

About this model we have identified some pros and cons that we summarize below, taking into account that Jata is considered by some users as the best brand of electric paella pans. 


Cooking: The heat is distributed throughout the diameter and center of the pan for even cooking of the ingredients.

Construction: The pan is robust and its non-stick surface is free of PFOA, a toxic element present in conventional Teflon. 

Connection: The network connector is removable for easy storage and transfer, without compromising the performance of the cable. 


Price: When compared to other similar models, this paella pan has a high cost. 

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Princess electric paella pan

4. Princess 162367 Multi Wonder Chef Pro Electric Multi-Purpose Casserole

A traditional paella is not that difficult to prepare, you just have to know when to add the various ingredients and cook them at the right temperature. In this sense, the Princess 162367 electric paella pan can be your ally, because it has 1800 W of power that is distributed over the entire surface of the pan and can be adjusted to 5 temperature levels. 

The dimensions of 35 cm in diameter and 7 cm in height increase the versatility of the paella pan, since it serves as a multipurpose pan in which you can prepare Chinese food, stews, grilled meats and even fry. 

Regarding the electrical connection, it is important to note that the thermostat is incorporated in the removable power cable, which favors the storage of the pan. For its part, the temperature is adjusted to a maximum of 215 ° C in a rotary knob and with different colors, depending on the degree of heat.

Although this could be the best electric paella pan of the moment, it is convenient to talk about the pros and cons that we distinguish in its characteristics.


Healthy Cooking: The non-stick coating allows for healthier, fat-free food preparation.

Accessories: In addition to the glass lid, a wooden spatula and an instruction manual are included to learn how to use the pan correctly.

Cleaning: The surface is easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher of the pan for a more thorough hygiene.


Handles: The handles do not have thermal protection to maintain a cool touch.

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40 cm electric paella pan 

5. Tristar PZ-9145 Paella Pan Electric Multifunction Casserole with Lid

In order for the paella rice not to stick together, its surface must be wide. For this reason, it is advisable to use an electric paella pan with a diameter of 40 cm, such as this Tristar model. 

The 1500W power in this appliance distributes heat evenly across the non-stick surface so all ingredients cook evenly. Meanwhile, the integrated thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature to one of 5 levels, quickly and easily thanks to the rotary button. 

In terms of depth, this model measures 7 cm, so it can also be used to make other types of recipes, increasing its usefulness in the kitchen, especially since it includes a divider accessory to prepare different foods simultaneously, separately. 

With so many options, it doesn’t seem easy to decide which electric paella pan to buy, that’s why we summarize the pros and cons of each model, like this one from Tristar, so you can make a decision based on the product’s characteristics. 


Heat: The 1500 W power evenly distributes the temperature throughout the surface, and can be regulated up to 250°C thanks to the thermostat.

Format: The resistant design of the pan defines it as a durable and very versatile product; easy to use and store.

Divider: With the divider accessory, up to 4 types of food can be cooked separately and at the same time. 


Cable: One aspect to improve is the length of the power cable, since it is short and the plug must be close by.

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Other products

6. Orbegozo PZ 8100 Electric Cooker with Glass Lid

Orbegozo appliances stand out for their functionality and safe construction, as well as an intuitive design. In the case of the Pz 8100 paella pan, these characteristics are maintained to offer a multipurpose pan thanks to its dimensions of 40 cm in diameter and 9 cm in depth.

So, in addition to using it as a paella pan, you can prepare tortillas, pizzas, fish and other foods with great efficiency, due to the 1500 W heating power that this equipment has, which can be adjusted by means of a thermostat and reach up to 280 °C

The removable connection design combined with the 4.1 kg weight and the built-in handles make it portable to take it to the campsite, on vacation or to a friend’s house.

The characteristics of this model also stand out because it is one of the cheap products in the selection, so you can take a look at its pros and cons.


Adjustment: The thermostat allows you to regulate the temperature on 5 levels, the maximum being 280°C. 

Transport: Heat-resistant handles make it easy to move the pan, even when the food is ready. 

Multipurpose: The dimensions of this model allow it to be used in the preparation of many meals and not exclusively in paellas. 


Instruction manual: An instruction manual or a recipe book is missing, to know what the appropriate temperature is for each preparation. 

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7. Family Care Multi-function electric paella pan

In the category of the best price-quality electric paella pan, many users recommend this Family Care model: a pan with a diameter of 32 cm and a depth of 5 cm in which different menus can be prepared for an average family.

This product has an efficient performance thanks to the 1500 W of power, which is regulated with a thermostat, being able to reach up to 240°C. In addition, it incorporates an on-off light and a protection system against overheating, offering greater safety during use.

Regarding the cooking surface, it is a double non-stick coating on a stainless steel base that is easy to clean, since it is dishwasher-safe. For its part, the glass lid with steam valve allows you to visualize the preparation, while helping to maintain heat and release excess steam. 

Because it is one of the cheapest electric paella pans, it is convenient to review the positive and negative aspects that we find in it. 


Performance: The adjustable power allows you to cook various recipes in this pan, whose size is appropriate to satisfy a family of 4 or 5 members.

Stability: The non-slip feet favor the stability of the paella pan while cooking food.

Surface: The double non-stick coating prevents food from sticking to the surface and also helps to clean the pan.


Variation: The temperature variation is not easily controlled in the first uses of the paella pan, but later the heat levels are known and they are better regulated. 

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8. Maxell Power Ce Electric Paella Pan

Ideal for use in the summer and preparing meals for family and friends, the MP-42XL pan can be very convenient due to its features. First of all, we must mention the power of 1500 W and the non-stick surface in which the heat is evenly distributed.

Secondly, we highlight its measurements of 40 cm in diameter and 7 cm deep, which make it suitable for making pizzas, bread, stews, barbecues and, of course, paella. 

The design of the paella pan with the handles and leveling feet contribute to the transport and stability of the pan, respectively. So you can cook safely and take it to the table to present the dish and facilitate the service to diners.

Without a doubt, this utensil is very useful for preparing various recipes. Plus, it’s easy to clean because food doesn’t stick to the surface. 

If you are interested in purchasing this product, we recommend you review our summary of pros and cons first. 


Thermostat: The temperature setting depends on the built-in thermostat to regulate the heat in 5 levels.

Depth: The pan is 7 cm deep, which favors the preparation of paella for several people, without the cooking liquids overflowing.

Versatility: With this product you can prepare breads, pizzas, hamburgers and many different recipes other than paella.


Lid knob: You must be careful not to squeeze the glass lid knob too hard because it can break. 

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9. Natura Stone Electric Grill with Coating

A safe alternative to Teflon pans is this paella pan from Natural Stone, whose surface is free of PFOA and PTFE, and has a non-stick capacity widely recognized by its users.

Among other things, this pan stands out because it is made of high-quality aluminium, which favors the distribution of heat over the entire surface. Said heat is adjusted in the temperature control with 5 levels, coupled to the power cable, the highest being 200°C.

Thus, this pan is suitable for making paellas, stews, stews and many healthy recipes, in which it will not be necessary to add oil, since the food will not stick to the surface. 

In terms of size, this model measures 40 cm in diameter and 7 cm deep, providing a large pan to prepare meals for several people.

We have identified some positive and negative aspects of this product that will be useful to know if it suits your purchasing needs.


Coating: The natural surface is free of toxic agents, with a great non-stick and antibacterial capacity.

Handles: The handles are made of a material that insulates heat and keeps them cool to the touch, so the pan with hot food is safe to transport.

Cleaning: The stone cladding is easily cleaned using napkins to absorb grease from food or any cloth, without the need to rub the surface.


Plug: In some plugs you must force the plug in, because the connectors do not match the holes. 

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Shopping guide

If you are thinking of acquiring a new gadget for your kitchen, we recommend an electric paella pan, a pan with many possibilities of use and very simple operation. But, first, we recommend you read the information that we summarize in our guide to buying the best electric paella pan, which will be very useful for you to make a successful purchase. 


Rarely, a Valencian or marine paella is prepared for two or four people. In general, this typical dish is served at family or friends gatherings to share with 10 or 12 other guests.

But using a conventional paella pan at home is a bit complicated due to the size of the stove and the lack of burners that allow it to maintain even heat across the entire surface. 

In this sense, electric paella pans offer a reliable solution in the preparation of this traditional dish, since they have their own heat source through an electrical resistance, which can maintain a stable temperature throughout the cooking surface and allow all the ingredients are cooked correctly, being very useful for other types of recipes.

For this reason, when making a comparison of electric paella pans, we can see that they are also used to make pizzas, cook meat and fish on the grill, make stews, bread, tortillas and other meals, resulting in an appliance frequently used in any kitchen. 

size and capacity

Regarding the previous point, we must take into account that the electric paella pan must have a large size and low edges, so that the amount of rice to be cooked is sufficient for the guests and the heat is distributed evenly. 

Consequently, we can find paella pans ranging from 32 cm in diameter, for small families, to 55 cm for more than 10 people. As for depth, this can vary between 4.5 to 9 cm, depending on the versatility and multifunction design of the pot. 

Although pans with low edges are suitable for paellas, if we consider that the amount of liquid must be triple the amount of rice, a little more depth is needed so that the broth does not overflow. 

It is from the size that you can identify the capacity of the paella pan, a feature that many manufacturers highlight from their products. This aspect can also determine how much the model costs, but this is not always the case.

non-stick surface

The coating on an electric paella pan is another extremely important element, as it must be of excellent quality, free of toxic elements and completely non-stick, so that the ingredients do not stick together and damage the preparation. Currently, Teflon coating has been relegated to stone or titanium, although we cannot deny that the first material is still selling very well. Especially those that claim to be free of PFOA and other toxic agents present in some coatings. 

In the market you can get a good and cheap electric paella pan with a stone coating, but the cheapest ones are still the Teflon ones. Even so, the durability of the non-stick surface will also depend on the care and cleaning you give the utensil. 

Power and temperature adjustment

As we already mentioned, the operation of the electric paella pan depends on an electrical resistance, which must have a high power to offer efficient performance.

That is why the best paella pans have 1500 to 2000 W of power, this heat force being adjustable at various levels thanks to the included thermostat. This element allows the user to control the temperature level with great precision to cook food to the desired point, especially in detailed recipes such as paella. 

As for the temperature adjustment, this can be of levels listed in increasing order or with the inscription of the degrees Celsius to which the resistance is heated at each level, to know the exact cooking temperature. On some models it is a rotary button, others have a switch to choose only two temperature levels: high and low.

Transport and accessories

Now, a paella pan needs to have two strong, resistant and safe handles to be able to stir the rice when necessary and transport the pan from one place to another.

For this reason, the handles should be lined with a material that insulates heat and stays cool to the touch. In this way, you will be able to hold the paella pan without the risk of burning yourself.

Likewise, some models complement their usefulness by incorporating accessories such as a lid with a pressure valve, a wooden spatula or recipe books to show users the correct way to use the pan and how useful it can be in the preparation of various meals. 

In addition to these, there are other aspects to consider such as brand, price and guarantee, which you must take into consideration so that your purchase is totally successful.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make paella in an electric paella pan?

To start you must select all the ingredients taking into account if you are going to make a Valencian, seafood or mixed paella. Rice is the protagonist of this recipe, the most suitable being the bomba type. As for the other ingredients, there is usually chicken broth, canned pods and beans, rabbit and chicken meat, tomato, garlic, saffron, oil and salt. 

Now, it is recommended to calculate 100 gr of rice per diner and triple the liquid, which will be made up of chicken broth and water. When starting the preparation of the recipe, it is advisable to place a low-medium temperature to heat the oil and make the sauce. 

The garlic is the first to go to the fire, so that its aromas and flavors permeate the oil, then the chicken cubes are added and left to brown. At that moment the tomatoes are added, stirring the preparation. Now it’s time to add the rice, stir a little and let it fry for a few minutes, before adding the liquid. 

With the water and the chicken broth, the pods and beans, the saffron, are included, and the preparation is seasoned, adjusting the temperature control to the level before the maximum to allow the rice to cook evenly. Avoid stirring excessively so that the grain does not break, because we want the rice to absorb as much liquid as possible. 

Finally, you can cover the paella pan and let it cook for 20 minutes. After this time, turn off the pan and keep it for 5 more minutes, before taking it to the table to serve. 

Q2: How to clean the electric paella pan?

Cleaning electric paella pans is very easy because food and residues do not stick to the plate. However, on some occasions it is necessary to use a soft sponge or cloth to remove any dirt from the surface, and it is advisable to rinse with water. 

Other models can be cleaned with a napkin to collect excess fat or oil released by some foods and dry the surface with a soft cloth until the next use. Remember that this must be done with the device unplugged and cold. Likewise, it is convenient to review the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning methods, since some models allow the use of a dishwasher.


Q3: How to use an electric paella pan?

When using an electric paella pan, the same care should be taken as with any electric pan, starting by placing it on a flat, heat-resistant and stable surface.

It is advisable to use wooden or silicone spatulas, so as not to damage the non-stick coating. Likewise, you must make sure that the outlet to which you will connect the paella pan works correctly, because if it has a defect it can put the appliance and the electrical installations of the place at risk. 

With these simple steps, you will be able to get the most out of your electric paella pan, as it is a very versatile product in any kitchen, because you can take it on your trips, friends’ or family’s houses to prepare delicious dishes in a short time.

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