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Electric iron – Buying guide, Opinions and Analysis

Electric griddles provide multiple benefits when it comes to cooking, but due to the large number of models available on the market, it can be difficult to make a decision, so we will mention some of the best. The Jata GR555A is a versatile iron that has class A in energy efficiency and offers an M-shaped resistance, which favors the distribution of heat throughout the surface. On the other hand, the Royal Catering RCEG-55 is professional in operation, has 3000 W of power and a surface of 55 cm in length to provide better performance.

The 9 Best Electric Irons – Opinions 2022

Currently, concern about the food we eat and how it affects our body is common, so we are always looking for appliances that help us cook healthier and faster. For this reason, we have prepared a guide with 9 of the best electric irons of 2022, which are devices capable of reducing the consumption of saturated fats and allowing the nutrients in food to be preserved.

Jata electric iron

1. Jata GR555A Electric Grill 2500 W

It is a Jata electric griddle that has an M-shaped Magic resistance, so it can offer the same temperature across the entire cooking surface. In addition, the grilling area measures 46 x 28 cm, which allows you to place several foods at the same time.

This model facilitates the preparation of healthy meals, since it has a Super Diet system, which tilts the surface slightly, in this way, sauces and fats slide off and do not accumulate on the meat. For this reason, it is considered by many to be the best budget electric iron.

It offers high performance, since it has a power of 2500 W, enough when cooking hard foods. As if that were not enough, it does not consume too much energy, since it has an energy efficiency class A.

The best electric iron of the moment should offer versatility and functionality, as is the case with this Jata brand model.


Health: It has a practical system capable of tilting the surface so that fats do not accumulate in the food.

Cleaning: It is easy to clean, you just have to wait for it to cool down and remove the dirt with a damp cloth.

Resistance: Its resistance has an M-shaped design that favors a uniform distribution of temperature.


Temperature: It does not maintain a constant temperature indefinitely, since it has a thermostat that automatically deactivates the system when it reaches the desired level and reactivates once the temperature has dropped.

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industrial electric iron

2. Royal Catering Electric Fry Top Grill Plancha

It is an industrial electric griddle whose main characteristic is its 3000 W power, enough to cook recipes more quickly and efficiently. Its temperature can be adjusted in a wide range from 30 to 300 °C, which allows you to heat food with greater precision.

It is indicated to be used in restaurants and places where meals are served in large quantities. Also, it is worth mentioning that its surface is smooth to prevent food from sticking to it and it has a drawer to store excess fat.

On the other hand, it has a wide surface of 55 cm in length, suitable for placing meats and vegetables of different sizes simultaneously. In the same way, it is made of cast iron, so it is a resistant plate that can offer a long useful life.

If you are still wondering which is the best electric griddle to use in restaurants and other professional fields, then this Royal Catering model may interest you.


Dimensions: It has dimensions of 48 x 55 x 24 cm, which allows you to cook several foods at the same time.

Power: It has a power of 3000 W, to provide optimal performance in restaurants.

Adjustable: The temperature can be adjusted between 30 and 300 °C, thus providing greater versatility.


Cleaning: Cleaning may require more time than expected, since it is necessary to first use a degreaser and then a damp cloth.

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electric griddle

3. Cecotec Black&Water 2500 Electric Grill Pan

This is an electric griddle with healthy operation and a power of 2150 W, which will allow you to cook a large number of recipes efficiently and quickly. At the same time, it maintains the flavor of the food and saves you from having to dirty other kitchen containers.

The Daikin non-stick coating prevents food from sticking when cooking, which favors good cooking and a more practical cleaning when you finish using it. To achieve the desired cooking point, it integrates a button to regulate the temperature.

As for its design, this electric griddle for cooking measures 45 x 25 cm and incorporates a tray to collect liquids, which allows you to easily get rid of excess fat, helping to reduce the production of smoke and bad odours.

If you need a piece of equipment that offers a good cooking system and at the same time has an affordable price, then you should consider this iron, since it is one of the cheapest on the list.


Power: It has a power of 2150 W, enough to roast meats and other foods quickly.

Tray: Includes a fat collection tray that helps you maintain the hygiene of the space.

Adjustable: It offers an adjustable system to select the temperature with greater precision.


Surface: The heat of the resistances could darken the cooking surface at the time of use, however, this does not affect the functionality of the iron.

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electric cooktop

4. WMF Lono Griddle/tabletop grill 2300 W Non-stick

It is an electric kitchen griddle divided into two practical surfaces, one that works as a basic griddle and a grill surface, which allows you to obtain better finishes. Likewise, the temperature can be adjusted through the control panel with 5 different levels.

It has a power of 2300 W, which favors optimal cooking in the shortest possible time, in addition, it has lights to indicate its operation, which provides greater attractiveness and visibility to its structure. Likewise, it incorporates an anti-drip tray to store food fats, thus maintaining the cleanliness of the space.

It’s made from 18/10 stainless steel alloy, which is a robust material known for durability and easy cleaning. For this reason, it helps you keep the structure in good condition for a long time.

If you are looking for the best brand of electric griddles, then this versatile model from WMF can be a good option, since it has a surface for the griddle and one for grill.


Power: Its power is 2300 W, which allows good performance when cooking.

Thermostat: It has a thermostat to adjust the temperature in 5 levels, which allows greater versatility.

Material: Its structure is made of stainless steel to thus extend the useful life of the product.


Attachment: The plate may not be easy to fit to the base at first, so caution is advised for first few uses.

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Princess electric iron

5. Princess Table Chef Premium 103110

It is a Princess electric iron that has a power of 2500 W and is capable of keeping the heat on the surface even after it is turned off. As for its capacity, it has dimensions of 46 x 26 cm, making it large enough to serve meals to groups of 4 to 6 people, but it is also available in other sizes, from 23 x 43 cm to 36 x 60 cm. cm.

It has a cast aluminum coating, which provides a non-stick and resistant surface, indicated not to deform when reaching very high temperatures. Also, it has a removable cable thermostat with a length of 1.5 m, suitable for moving the equipment more freely.

It integrates large handles, cool to the touch and located far from the cooking area, which reduces the risk of burns. Likewise, its base does not transmit heat, so it can be used to serve appetizers and even place it directly on the table.

The best value for money electric iron must offer good performance and an affordable cost, like this model from the Princess brand.


Size: It measures 26 x 46 cm, but it is also available in more presentations if you need a smaller or larger cooking surface.

Handles: It incorporates cold-touch side handles, which allow you to take the tray directly to the table.

Power: It has a power of 2500 W, which can maintain the temperature for longer in the cooking zone.


Legs: The legs could slide quite easily, so it is recommended to place the iron on a rustic surface to increase its stability.

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stone electric iron

6. Severin RG 2343 Raclette Partygrill with Natural Stone

This is a natural stone electric griddle, capable of maintaining heat and distributing it correctly across its entire surface to guarantee optimal performance. Likewise, it has dimensions of 50 x 25 cm, which make it suitable for cooking recipes for groups of up to 8 people.

It is important to note that in addition to the main surface, it includes 8 mini pans, also called raclettes, measuring 10 x 10 cm, suitable for preparing other recipes in parallel. Similarly, all surfaces have non-stick properties to facilitate cleaning and increase the practicality of the product.

It allows you to regulate the temperature, thanks to its thermostat with 5 power levels and incorporates non-slip feet for greater safety. In addition, it has been made under strict safety regulations in Germany, in this way, you make sure you get a high quality product.

In the event that you are still wondering which electric iron to buy, it is recommended that you know the pros and cons of this equipment before making a decision.


Accessories: It incorporates 8 mini side pans that complement the functionality of the griddle, allowing you to make other types of recipes simultaneously.

Non-stick: It has a non-stick stone surface for easy cleaning.

Settings: You can choose the temperature that best suits the recipe, since it offers 5 power levels.


Preheat: This model may take 20-30 minutes to reach its maximum temperature, which may be too long for some recipes.

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electric grill plate

7. H.Koenig RP320 Natural Stone Grill 1300 W

It is an electric grill plate made of natural stone, which allows you to prepare different recipes in a faster and healthier way. Additionally, it has wooden handles that provide protection and provide a rustic look to its design.

Regarding its operation, it incorporates a thermostat that is responsible for regulating the temperature and avoiding fluctuations. In the same way, it has a security system that prevents overheating and lowers the power in case of detecting inconveniences in its cooking zone.

Its dimensions are 49 x 23 x 9.5 cm, which allows you to easily transport the iron, however, the measurements of the stone are 37 x 23 cm, in this way, you can cook fish, vegetables and meats. simultaneously for convenience.

Natural stone slabs are not only very attractive to the eye, but they can also provide a better finish to meals, so it is recommended that you get to know this model in more detail.


Handles: It has a pair of cold-touch wooden handles that also give the surface a rustic look.

Material: It is made of stainless steel to favor a long useful life.

Safety: It has overheat protection to prevent the iron from reaching too high a temperature.


Power: Its power is 1300 W, which may be little if we compare this model with others on the list.

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electric stone iron

8. Tristar RA-2990 Stone Grill and Griddle

It is an electric stone griddle that has integrated handles and non-slip feet, which makes it easy to move and favors its stability on the table. Likewise, it has a cooking surface of 19 x 49 cm, enough to place a couple of pieces of meat and some vegetables at the same time.

In this sense, it offers a power of 500 W, so it can be useful to use during camping or small family gatherings. In this sense, it is important to mention that it is suitable for cooking food for approximately 4 people.

Its operation is simple, you just have to press the on/off button and in a few minutes it will reach the desired temperature. As if that were not enough, it includes 4 lower pans with a non-stick surface, indicated to increase the capacity of the griddle and allow the preparation of gourmet recipes and other special dishes.

If you plan to use the iron occasionally, then one of the cheaper options may be more appropriate. Let’s see the pros and cons of this model before making the purchase.


Size: It has a compact size, suitable for camping or small meetings.

Accessories: Offers 4 complementary raclettes for greater functionality.

Practicality: To activate it, you only need to press the on/off button, so it is easy to use.


Thermostat: It does not have a thermostat to regulate the temperature, which can put it at a disadvantage compared to other models on the list.

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professional electric iron

9. Festnight Electric Kitchen Griddle Power of 3000 W

This is a professional electric griddle that measures 54 x 41 x 24 cm and has a power of 3000 W, making it suitable for efficiently cooking eggs, pancakes, vegetables, chicken, steak, hamburgers, among other foods..

For greater versatility and to offer better finishes, this griddle has a rotary button that allows you to regulate the temperature from 50 °C to 300 °C according to the settings you decide, whether to cook at low, medium or high power.

As if that were not enough, it is made of stainless steel, which improves its appearance, makes it easy to clean and increases its resistance, in this way, it can provide a long service life. It is indicated to function as a main or complementary cooking system in restaurants, cafes and any place where meals are prepared in large quantities.

If you need an industrial type electric iron that has an affordable price, then this model from Festnight may be the most appropriate option.


Power: It has a power of 3000 W that allows you to achieve the desired temperature in the shortest possible time.

Materials: It is made of stainless steel and has a chrome finish, so it provides elegance and durability.

Settings: The temperature can be adjusted in a range between 50 and 300 °C for greater versatility.


Handles: It does not incorporate handles or cold areas to hold its structure, so it cannot be moved hot and must be used with due care.

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Shopping guide

An electric griddle can be a great ally in your kitchen, as it allows you to prepare low-fat foods without much effort. However, there are too many options in the current market, for this reason, we have prepared this guide to buy the best electric iron, where we explain what are the most important features that you should consider to choose a good product.


If you are doing a comparison of electric irons, you have probably noticed that they all share a basic characteristic; use electricity to generate heat on a surface and in this way cook food, but there are different types and each one has specific functions, so it is important to define the needs to make it easier to choose one model or another.

A basic way to classify electric irons is between those that are for home use and those that are intended for professional use. The first ones generally have a moderate power, from 500 to 2000 W approximately, while the industrial ones offer greater capacity, not only to heat up quickly and work at high temperatures, but they are also prepared to withstand more frequent use. These have a power of around 3000 W, so they can be used in restaurants.

Also, you have to take into account the difference between smooth plates and those with gril, since the latter are grooved, therefore, the food is marked with lines, as if you had prepared it on a barbecue, in this way, the finish can be more appetizing, but it also requires some skill on the part of the user, especially in delicate foods such as fish.

In this sense, we can say that a smooth griddle is easier to use and allows for easy cleaning, since it does not have slots and there are no food remains between them, as is the case with a grill griddle. However, there are irons that incorporate both options.


The manufacturing materials can define how much an electric iron costs, but they also directly influence the operation of the appliance. In this case, the most used by brands are cast iron, steel and aluminum, so it is worth analyzing the properties of these materials to select a good and economical one at the same time. It is important to note that regardless of the material, many models incorporate a non-stick coating so that food does not stick.

Cast iron is a metal widely used in the industry for the manufacture of kitchen plates, since it heats up quickly, offers good heat transmission, withstands very high temperatures and retains heat for longer. In the same way, stainless steel is a good option, since it allows a good distribution of heat throughout the surface and is very durable. These two materials are generally used in professional irons. 

For its part, aluminum sheets are lighter, have good heat conduction and can be cheaper. Also, these do not rust, so they are very durable. However, it is also true that they are less resistant, so they are recommended for occasional domestic use. 

Now, there is another option that is the stone. This material is not only resistant and has a long useful life, but it also allows the flavors and nutrients of the food to be preserved, while offering a unique aroma when grilling meat, fish, poultry and shellfish. In this sense, it is healthier, heats up quickly and is easy to clean. 


Although most electric irons have similar aesthetic characteristics, it is good to pay attention to certain details of the product before making the purchase. For example, size is essential, since a small griddle can be very practical to store in any corner of the kitchen, but it also offers less space to grill several foods at the same time.

In contrast, a large cooking surface allows you to cook for a larger number of people, but takes up more storage space. In this case, we can say that the most common measurements are 40 to 50 cm long and 20 to 30 cm wide, however, those for professional use can offer more useful space for cooking.

Another design feature that is important is the handles to hold the appliance, which can be made of metal or wood, but the most important thing is that they provide a cool touch to be able to move the iron even when it is hot.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an electric iron?

Using an electric griddle is easier than using a traditional one, so all you have to do is plug it in, set the thermostat to the temperature you want, and wait a couple of minutes for the griddle to be hot enough to cook food. When finished, you should unplug it, wait for the surface temperature to drop and remove any food debris before storing it.

Q2: How to clean an electric iron?

The first thing you should do is unplug it and before it cools completely you can add a couple of drops of degreasing detergent to its surface, especially in the area where there is more grease. It is very important that the surface is still a little warm so that it is easier to remove the fat.

Now, with the soft part of a sponge you must make circular movements on the iron, being very careful at all times not to burn yourself. Afterwards, you can remove the soap residue using a damp cloth and when finished, you just have to dry the entire surface with a dry towel.

Q3: Which is better, an electric griddle or a gas griddle?

It is important to note that both offer benefits, so the choice between one or the other will depend on your needs. Gas griddles allow you to accurately regulate the magnitude of the flame to prepare different types of recipes with greater precision, while domestic electric griddles provide only between 2 and 5 temperature levels.

Additionally, gas products work as external fuel, so these irons can be used even if there is no electricity at home. However, electric irons tend to be more portable, allowing you to move them around more easily.

Q4: How to make a ribeye on an electric griddle?

Before placing the steaks on the grill, it is advisable to remove them from the freezer and place them in the refrigerator 1 day in advance, in this way, you can avoid the proliferation of bacteria and better preserve the nutrients of the meat. For the next step, you need to turn on the griddle and add a couple of drops of olive oil to lightly grease it.

When the surface is hot, it is time to place the steaks to cook. After 3 minutes, it is necessary to turn them so that they are toasted on the outside and juicy on the inside. It is important to repeat this step until you get a darker than natural pink color. Before taking them out, you can add a pinch of salt and pepper to give it more flavor.

Q5: How to repair an electric iron?

Electric irons usually stop working due to an internal fault that limits the transit of heat through the resistances. Therefore, it is a procedure that requires professional knowledge in the repair of cooking products, in this sense, it is advisable to take the iron to a specialized agent who can carry out a more detailed diagnosis, unless you are an expert in the field.

Q6: Why does food stick to my electric griddle?

The most recommended when buying any type of kitchen product is that they have a non-stick surface, which is resistant, easy to clean and is specially designed so that food does not stick to the surface.

If it happens in any way, then you must take into account the temperature and heating time of the griddle, since it is very important that the surface and the fat are hot enough when cooking any type of food. Finally, it is necessary to consider the state of the iron, because if it has bumps and scratches on the surface, then it is possible that it will begin to lose its non-stick capacity, so it is recommended to use and clean it carefully to avoid scratching the surface.

Q7: How much does an electric iron consume?

The best electric irons today have a class A and A+ energy efficiency classification, so if you use the iron occasionally it is very difficult for its consumption to be reflected in your electricity bills. Similarly, it is important to know that the voltage of these devices is around 230 V.

Q8: Why doesn’t my electric iron heat up?

When the iron stops heating, it is possible that the thermal fuse has been damaged or burned, so the most logical option is to change it, but for a better diagnosis, it is advisable to take the iron to a specialized technician who has greater security at the time of repair it.

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