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Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Keeping our home clean and dust-free is easier if we have the help of an Electrolux vacuum cleaner, because it is a brand with more than 100 years in the market, providing quality, innovative and high-performance appliances. One of the most practical models in this category is the Electrolux ZB5104WDB, a handheld vacuum cleaner with a range of up to 8 minutes and which is suitable for both liquids and solids. Another interesting vacuum cleaner is the Electrolux Ergorápido EER75STM, a bagless broom-type model that converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner and has a range of up to 35 minutes of operation.

The 8 Best Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022

If you want to choose the best Electrolux vacuum cleaner, we present you with 8 different options of innovative and functional models of this brand, which are widely accepted by Amazon buyers, thanks to their effectiveness, performance, comfort and autonomy, so that when comparing their features you can make a good purchase decision.

Electrolux handheld vacuum

1. Electrolux ZB5104WDB Rapid Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for a multifunctional handheld vacuum cleaner, the Electrolux ZB5104WDB model can be a good alternative, because it is a portable vacuum cleaner, easy to use and suitable if you live in a small house or apartment to clean quickly every day.

This Electrolux handheld vacuum cleaner has an intelligent and ergonomic design, with great suction power, since it has an innovative aerodynamic technology, repowered with a modern fan capable of providing high cleaning performance. Additionally, it incorporates a washable filter that improves its use.

Another aspect to highlight is its 4.8 V battery, which provides autonomy of up to 8 minutes of operation. In addition, this model has the ability to vacuum solid and liquid substances, thanks to the built-in Wet&Dry technology.

Among the cheapest vacuum cleaners in this selection, we highlight this model that offers good performance to maintain hygiene in your home. 


Design: It has a minimalist design and an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to handle the vacuum cleaner on any surface.

Wheels: It incorporates soft wheels that protect fabrics and delicate surfaces from scratches, facilitating the vacuuming process.

Accessories: Includes a multi-angle charging stand, furniture brush, crevice tool and a special liquid attachment.


Autonomy: The battery operating time of 8 minutes may not be enough, although this does not affect the performance of the vacuum cleaner.

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Electrolux broom vacuum cleaner 

2. Electrolux Ergorapido Bagless Broom Vacuum Cleaner 

This Electrolux broom vacuum cleaner has a casing made of resistant plastic and in a titanium blue color that gives it a touch of elegance. Likewise, we can highlight that it has a fairly light weight for its displacement and is totally autonomous, thanks to its built-in TurboPower lithium battery that offers up to 35 minutes of operation. 

With the Electrolux Ergorapido vacuum cleaner you can easily remove dirt from carpets or any hard floor without major complications, because it has a multipurpose brush suitable for different surfaces, which has 180º maneuverability, which is why many users consider it to be the best Electrolux vacuum cleaner on the market. 

Additionally, this broom vacuum cleaner becomes a handheld one at the touch of a button, which highlights its versatility, since you can use it to clean smaller places, such as the car, for example.

Many consider this to be the best Electrolux vacuum cleaner of the moment, thanks to its advantages and functionalities. Here are its pros and cons.


2 in 1: It can be used as a broom vacuum cleaner to clean your home or, if you prefer, you can turn it into a handheld one for greater comfort.

Filter: It has a cyclonic air filter that separates dirt and is fully washable.

Led: The brush incorporates LED lights that allow you to see the dirt in any corner. In addition, they indicate the available battery time.


Weight: Its weight of 4.4 kg makes this broom vacuum cleaner feel somewhat heavy compared to other models.

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Electrolux corded broom vacuum cleaner 

3. Electrolux Bagless Corded Broom

If we trust the cost of these appliances, we consider this EENL52IW model to be the best value for money Electrolux vacuum cleaner, because it is among the cheap equipment in our selection as it is quite affordable for many users.

This Electrolux corded broom vacuum cleaner works without a bag and incorporates a 1.5 liter capacity tank. It also has a couple of different brushes, one called Dust Pro which is suitable for vacuuming carpets and hard floors, as well as a second brush, designed for cleaning delicate or wooden floors.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this vacuum cleaner has an effective cyclonic system that allows it to maintain the suction force constantly during the vacuuming process, reaching up to 600 watts of power. 

To learn more about the features of this model, we recommend you take a look at the pros and cons that we show below.


Filtering: It incorporates the Hygiene Filter 11 filtering system, which is made up of 3 outlet grilles that expel fully sanitized air.

Brushes: It has two types of brushes, the Dust Pro designed to vacuum carpets or hard floors and a brush for delicate or wooden floors.

Cable: The length of the cable is quite efficient, since it has a range of action that reaches a distance between 5 and 7 meters.


Liquids: This model is not designed for vacuuming liquid substances, as it could cause damage to the engine.

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Electrolux Ultrasilencer vacuum cleaner 

4. Electrolux UltraSilencer Zen Vacuum Cleaner 

If you are interested in knowing which is the best Electrolux vacuum cleaner in our selection, we present the UltraSilencer Zen sledge-type model of this brand, considered by many users to be the quietest vacuum cleaner on the market, because it reaches 58 dB (a) of sound power. 

This low noise level is due to the Silent Zen System technology of this model, which incorporates acoustic insulation to minimize the sound of the motor, providing a pleasant Zen experience during the home cleaning process. 

The Electrolux Ultrasilencer vacuum cleaner has a brush designed for cleaning hard floors and carpets, another brush for cleaning delicate surfaces such as parquet floors, as well as a 3-in-1 brush for narrow spaces, furniture and upholstery. Additionally, its power is 650 W and it has an anti-allergic bag with a capacity of 3.5 liters.

You probably still don’t know which Electrolux vacuum cleaner to buy, but if you review the advantages of this silent model we may be able to help you in your choice. 


Intuitive: It has a fairly intuitive control panel to regulate the operating power electronically.

Filters: This model has Allergy Plus Filter filters for air filtration, fully washable and reusable.

Cable: Another advantage of this model is that its cable has a range of up to 12 meters to clean your entire home comfortably.


Heavy: Its weight of 6 kilograms can be somewhat uncomfortable if you have to climb stairs during the cleaning process, not standing out for being light.

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Electrolux Ultraflex vacuum cleaner 

5. Electrolux Zufparkett UltraFlex Bagless Vacuum Cleaner AAA

This device has Turbo Cyclonic technology, which allows you to trap a larger amount of dust for better results. In addition, it can separate the dust from the air and place it on the sides of the container for later disposal, which is why many think that it is one of the best Electrolux vacuum cleaners of 2022.

In this sense, it has a 1.6-liter tank with an easy-open lid at the bottom. This way, you can drop dirt into the trash without coming into contact with it.

It is important to note that this Electrolux Ultraflex vacuum cleaner offers 800 W of power for optimal performance and has an A energy rating, making it a low power consumption device. As if that were not enough, the power cable is 12 m long, allowing you to move through the space comfortably.

Electrolux is considered by many to be the best brand of vacuum cleaners, so if you are looking for a quality device, then you should know the pros and cons of this model.


Technology: It offers Turbo Cyclonic technology, capable of separating dust from the air to obtain better finishes.

Filter: It works with a reusable E12 filter, which can trap microparticles, including dust mites and allergens.

Design: It offers a compact and lightweight design that allows you to transport it with ease.


Accessory: The upholstery nozzle could be made of a delicate plastic, so it is recommended not to drop the piece for greater durability.

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Other products

6. Electrolux EAPC51IS Aeroperformer Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Another interesting model is the Electrolux EAPC51IS, a sled vacuum cleaner that has a bagless tank with a capacity of 1.1 liters that is easy to empty, it is low cost and its performance is quite optimal, taking into account that it has the Cyclonic technology, which consists of the effective and rapid separation of the dust from the sucked air.

Its structure has a diameter of 40 cm wide, 29 cm long and 26 cm high, with dimensions that facilitate its storage in a closet, without taking up much space. In addition, it has a weight of 4.5 kilograms.

It incorporates a pair of soft wheels to facilitate the transfer of the vacuum cleaner, without damaging sensitive surfaces. We can also highlight that this model has the Hygiene Filter 10 to provide high filtering efficiency.

Choosing a quality vacuum cleaner can be a difficult decision. Therefore, we show you the pros and cons of this interesting Electrolux model.


Adjustment: This vacuum cleaner incorporates a power adjustment device to have control of the cleaning at all times. 

Brush: This vacuum’s DustPro combo brush is designed for carpets and hard floors, incorporating a crevice nozzle, 2-in-1 furniture brush and upholstery nozzle. 

Power: It has a suction power that reaches 600 W, being highly efficient in its performance.


Noise: Its sound power reaches 78 dB (a), which could be quite high for some users.

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7. Electrolux ePF62IS Power Force Bag Vacuum 

The Electrolux EPF62IS vacuum cleaner is a bag model that has Power Pro System technology, which is an optimal combination of motor power and brush movement, to provide maximum performance.

Additionally, it has swivel wheels with a 360º rotation and it has the Motion Technology system for better maneuverability during the vacuuming process. It also incorporates a padded Ergoshock band to prevent the device from rubbing against the skirting board and furniture.

Regarding the filtering system, we highlight that it includes a washable filter for the engine that works as a microfilter, as well as an outlet filter known as Hygiene Filter 12. Additionally, it is worth noting that it is a very efficient device, since its consumption annual average energy is 27.5 kWh/year.

Having a vacuum cleaner at home makes it much easier to clean the different surfaces in the home, so we invite you to learn a little more about this model.


Design: This model is designed in a sled format with an attractive Sky iris color and a compact structure for easy storage.

Parking: It has two parking positions, both horizontally and vertically.

Bag: The bag used by this model is the S-bag Classic Long Performance of this brand, which can be easily changed.


Cable: The length of the cable of this vacuum cleaner may be insufficient if your house is very large, since its radius of action only reaches up to 9 meters.

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8. Electrolux EEG41IW Easygo Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

This Electrolux vacuum cleaner has a power of 650W, enough to clean any surface to keep your home free of dust and dirt, being adjustable through a fairly intuitive control panel to save energy.

It incorporates three accessories that allow you to reach any corner of the house, because if you want to clean in depth you must use the DustPro connection nozzle and thus remove all the dirt, lint or crumbs on the floor or carpets. While the Mini Turbo brush is suitable for picking up hair from fabrics and fibers. In addition, this model has the Hygiene Filter 12 filter system, which is capable of almost completely eliminating impurities from the air.

Another advantage of this bag vacuum cleaner is that its design is compact and its ergonomic handling makes it practical to use.

This model has a maximum capacity of 3.5 litres, which is enough for deep vacuuming and making all the dirt in your home disappear. Therefore, we invite you to know its pros and cons. 


Compact: Its compact design allows easy maneuverability and movement during operation.

Filter: It incorporates the E12 filter, which is highly efficient in trapping dust particles, mites, allergens, among others. 

Brushes: Includes the AeroPro Extreme brush for hard floors and carpets, as well as the Mini Turbo brush to collect hair, ideal for those who have pets at home.


Sound: The sound level of this vacuum cleaner reaches 80 dB, being very high for some users, so it is recommended not to keep it on for a long time.

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Electrolux vacuum cleaner accessories

Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags  

Electrolux E201SM Mega Pack of 12 S-Bag Classic Bags

If you are looking for Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags, this pack of 12 S-Bag Classic bags is a difficult offer to refuse, because in addition to serving the models of that brand, they can also be used in AEG, Philips, Zanussi vacuum cleaners, among others, because they are fully compatible.

They are made with top quality materials and in white, offering maximum durability performance, since they can last up to 50% longer than a traditional paper bag for vacuum cleaners. In addition, these bags come with a special fold that gives them greater capacity, being more flexible and easy to place in the vacuum cleaner.

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Electrolux vacuum cleaner battery

Electrolux Ergo Fast Battery Kit For Vacuum Cleaners

For those cases when your Electrolux vacuum cleaner begins to fail as a result of its battery depletion, the most appropriate thing to do is to purchase the power kit compatible with it. In this case, we present this Electrolux vacuum cleaner battery, a kit designed for the Ergo Rapid model with reference number 4055132304, suitable for these cordless vacuum cleaners.

These are nickel metal-hydride (Ni-MH) batteries, which are rechargeable and their assembly requires some knowledge of electricity, since first you must disassemble the old ones that are soldered to the device and then tin the cables of the batteries. new for proper operation.

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Shopping guide 

When we talk about Electrolux, we are referring to a brand that has been in the household appliance market since 1919, originally from Sweden, but with branches all over the world, including several factories in Spain. This company is the manufacturer of a wide range of vacuum cleaners designed to help clean the home in a new way and without much effort. 

That is why, in this article, we want to share our guide to buying the best Electrolux vacuum cleaner on the market, because by analyzing its main characteristics it will be easier for you to make an informed decision regarding the most convenient vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Types of vacuum cleaner

Before choosing any model, the first thing we should do when looking for a sales platform like Amazon is a comparison of Electrolux vacuum cleaners, since this brand adapts to different needs and, therefore, offers vertical models, known as broom vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, the traditional sled-shaped vacuum cleaner, handheld vacuum cleaners or models that suck water. Of course, depending on this format and the functionalities of the model, its cost will be higher or cheaper.

But in any case, Electrolux offers a wide range of options from which you can choose and that have been very successful in the market, for example, bagless or dust bag vacuum cleaners, the latter being the most common and their main function is to suck the dust on different surfaces. The difference in this model is that the bag is the classic element for storing waste and dirt, while the bagless models have a plastic tank that acts as a container.

For their part, the dual models are those that are used to vacuum dust and wet surfaces, being very innovative and advanced, as they are designed to clean wet environments, as well as to remove dirt. 

Likewise, the Electrolux vacuum cleaners with vertical format have a double functionality, since they can be used in a conventional way or transformed into a manual vacuum cleaner to reach smaller places. You can even see that there are models with cable and those that use batteries, being totally portable and easy to transport.  

Power and technologies

The suction force of these appliances depends directly on the power of their motor and, in this sense, Electrolux has remained at the forefront to offer high performance with its powerful vacuum cleaners. 

In this regard, we can limit that small models or handheld vacuum cleaners have less force, because they are designed for less demanding jobs. But the sled vacuum cleaners reflect a higher number of watts that translate into more power to vacuum and high performance in heavy cleaning tasks. In this way, you get models that range from 500 to 950 W.

On the other hand, the technological design of Electrolux vacuum cleaners favors performance and optimizes suction efficiency. Such is the case of Cyclone technology that uses centrifugal force to separate the air from the dust particles and deposit them in the compartment that will later be emptied. 

Likewise, the Wet and Dry technology in some devices increases their functionality by being able to vacuum solids and liquids with the same efficiency. Also, we can mention the silent technology of some models that are below 80 dB, avoiding the annoying noises of traditional vacuum cleaners.

bag and filters

As we have already mentioned, Electrolux offers models with a bag or without a bag. The former are recommended for those who prefer a deep vacuum to remove dirt, since these can better filter the air during the cleaning process and you are not exposed to dust particles when emptying.

On the other hand, in the case of Electrolux filter vacuum cleaners, most of their models have HEPA filters, which are responsible for trapping dust microparticles, sanitizing the air and purifying the environment, being the most appropriate for people. allergic.


One aspect that probably affects how much an Electrolux vacuum cleaner costs has to do with the accessories incorporated into the model. Many of these vacuum cleaners include small brushes to clean furniture and upholstery, brushes for pet hair, to clean the corners, elements to avoid rubbing the skirting board, extendable tubes, among others, which is beneficial to keep all areas of our home free. of dirt and dust. 

In other words, the accessories allow you to make the most of the power of the vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean your home and protect your family.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to repair an Electrolux vacuum cleaner?

If your Electrolux vacuum cleaner has a fault and is still within the warranty limit, it is best to take it to the company’s technical service for repair. But if your vacuum cleaner’s warranty has expired and you have a problem that you need to repair, then it’s a good idea to read the instruction manual to determine what the possible fault is with the equipment. Many times what is needed is a cleaning of the filters to optimize their performance. To do this, the manual tells you how to clean them properly.

Q2: How to change the battery of an Electrolux vacuum cleaner?

If you notice that your Electrolux vacuum cleaner is losing suction power as a result of the exhaustion of the batteries after charging them, it is time for a replacement, since with new ones the power in the vacuum is recovered. To make this change, it is necessary for the person to have some knowledge of electricity or, on the contrary, it is convenient to take your vacuum cleaner to an Electrolux technical service.

For example, if your vacuum cleaner is Ergorapido and you are going to change the battery yourself, you should have a soldering iron at hand to fix the cables. The first thing is to remove the old battery, for which it is necessary to remove the welding points that hold the cables of this battery and, later, the cables of the new battery must be welded at the specific points inside the panel. Once the battery is fixed, it is placed in the charging base to be able to put it into operation.

Q3: Where does the charger for the Electrolux Ergorapido Plus vacuum cleaner plug in?

The Electrolux Ergorapido Plus vacuum cleaner has a charging station or floor stand that incorporates a power adapter, which must be plugged into a compatible power supply and connected to the base to charge the vacuum cleaner. It is recommended, before the first use, to charge the vacuum cleaner for a maximum time of 24 hours. 

After the charger is properly connected to the charging station and the adapter is plugged into the wall outlet, the display lights turn on in sequence, one after the other, during the battery charging process, which can take approximately 4 hours.

Q4: How to change the Electrolux vacuum cleaner bag?

To change this bag, it is advisable to carefully read the instruction manual of the model you have at home, because it details precisely how you can carry out this replacement. But, in any case, if you plan to do it yourself, the main thing is to buy the replacement bag compatible with your vacuum cleaner.

Subsequently, it is recommended to unplug the cable from the outlet to open the lid of the device, reach inside and remove the bag. This should be removed gently and carefully sliding towards you, trying not to spill the powder inside the bag, it is recommended to keep the opening upwards.

Now, the new bag must be inserted in the internal end, in such a way that the opening coincides with the suction tube and that it is perfectly fixed. Next, close the vacuum cleaner panel and you can start it up.

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