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Electronic locks – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022


Electronic locks are efficient products when it comes to protecting our home or business. These locks can include alarm, remote opening and even access control, depending on what is needed. A wide variety of products that is reflected in the Remock Lockey RLK4S model, with which you can have a high-resistance invisible electronic lock, remote opening with a command and other interesting functions. Something similar to what the Tesa Assa Abloy model makes available to us, from a well-known brand and which includes different options to give greater security to your home or to any place where we place it.

Opinions on the best electronic locks


Compared to conventional locks, electronic locks add security and comfort to our home. But for this to be possible, it is essential to determine which is the best electronic lock that we can buy, depending on what we need. A task in which our list of the best electronic locks of 2022 will surely be useful to you, as it includes the most outstanding models of the moment. 

Invisible electronic lock 

Remock Lockey RLK4S

If you are looking for the best electronic lock, the Remock Lockey RLK4S model is all you need. We are talking about an invisible electronic lock, which reduces its visibility and makes it more difficult for thieves. This lock can be installed on any door, regardless of whether it is made of glass, wood or other materials, since it is placed on top of it, simply and without complications in said installation. 

Regarding the opening, it is executed with the remote controls included with the product, four in total. These controls have an adequate range, so that we do not have to be in front of the door for its opening, coming already properly configured for said opening. Anyway, it can also be opened manually from the inside, if you need it. It includes a practical alarm for the batteries, which warns you when they are close to running out.

Although there is no clear winner for the title of best electronic lock brand at the moment, this model could well belong to it.


Design: The invisible design makes it more difficult for thieves to pick the lock.

Versatile : Its overlapping design is suitable for all types of doors, such as glass, wood, etc.

Opening : You can open the door manually or with the remote, being able to connect up to 16 controls to a single lock.

Warranty : The lock has a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Battery alarm: The lock will notify you if the product’s batteries are close to running out.


Bluetooth opening: Although it is possible to open the door via Bluetooth, this requires an additional kit.

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Heaviesk Wafu

When looking for the best electronic lock of the moment, the Heaviesk Wafu model is one of those that catches our attention. We are talking about an invisible electronic lock, which is duly integrated and concealed to make it even more difficult for friends of others. This product has a totally closed system, which prevents intrusions and access to the interior of the lock, as happens with conventional locks. 

It can be opened remotely either by remote control or manually from the inside. It’s finished off with a fully self-contained, corded design, so the only maintenance it requires is changing the batteries when needed. 

And if that were not enough, it is one of the cheapest options we have found. As much as to be the best value for money electronic lock of our selection.

So that you are clear about everything you need to know about this model, we leave you below the result of our analysis.


Security: The invisible lock system is efficient in preventing intrusions.

Opening : It can be opened with any of the included controls, via Bluetooth or with the internal opening bolt.

Power : The extended antenna generates more signal and has an improved response.

Installation : The installation process is simple, including all the necessary elements for it.


Adapter: To open the door from the mobile, it is necessary to buy a Bluetooth adapter.

Battery : It is key to check the battery charge status frequently, to avoid problems if they run out.

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AYR 50002

The AYR 50002 model is another electronic lock that deserves our attention. This invisible electronic lock has a high resistance design, so that its destruction or alteration is not possible. This does not prevent the lock from being easy to open, as it has a manual opening button, as well as two opening controls via Bluetooth. 

A function that also allows you to turn your mobile into an additional control, so that you can open the door directly from your phone. A controllable function, since only authorized users, a maximum of 10, can open the door. We are talking about an independent and battery-powered model, which has another emergency battery with which it is possible to open about 20 times, to prevent you from being locked up due to lack of battery.

If you are not sure which electronic lock to buy, this model gives you the security you need.


Bluetooth: Bluetooth connectivity makes it easier to open the door with your mobile or with the included controls.

Access control : You can authorize up to 10 users, with their mobile, so they can open the door.

Design: The armored design makes it very difficult to force the lock and generates greater security.


Installation: Some users comment that the installation is more complex than expected, so be patient.

Armored doors: In case you want to mount the lock on an armored door, you will need different screws than those included.

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Tesa electronic lock

Tesa Assa Abloy

The Tesa Assa Abloy electronic lock is an efficient solution to protect your home against intrusions. This lock comes from a well-known brand in the sector, so its clarity is more than evident. Among its functions, we have the possibility of opening the lock in a traditional way, with a key, but also by means of an access code or even from a mobile phone, without having to buy anything else. 

A model that is suitable for all types of doors and that is offered in a wide variety of sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your door. To give you more security, the door automatically locks every time the door is closed, for added security. It is finished off with a fully encrypted and wireless security system, which adds extra security against more sophisticated intrusion attempts.

Maintain a high level of security in your home with this complete electronic lock.


Opening system: It can be opened with a key, with a mobile phone, with a keyboard or with keys.

Automatic locking: The lock activates the door latch every time the door is closed, automatically.

Security : In addition to not having cables, it also includes an encrypted system, even more secure.


Controls: The door does not have opening controls, although the mobile opening makes up for it considerably.

Rotation : Once the cylinder is rotated manually, it must return to the initial position manually. If not, the lock does not close, worth the redundancy.

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Wi-Fi electronic lock

YA Eva Black

The YA Eva Black electronic lock is one of the most complete models on the market, in all aspects. On the one hand, this product can be opened using all kinds of options, ranging from the use of a code to a card, the included app, a bracelet or a traditional key. 

This WiFi electronic lock also has a wide range of control options through the aforementioned app, which allow users to be created with passwords and properly record all access to the door, even remotely. Therefore, it is ideal for mounting in public places or in those where it is convenient to keep said accesses under control. 

A product that is also particularly elegant, with a beautiful brushed aluminum finish that gives a special touch to the product and the environment in which it is installed.

Although it is not among the cheap models in our selection, it is one of the most complete electronic locks.


Versatile: The lock can be opened with a card, with the app, with an access code, a bracelet or a traditional key.

Encryption: The key has 128-bit encryption, encrypted and secure against intrusions.

Event log: The opening app allows you to record the opening and closing events of the door.


Dimensions: It is not a small model, and it is also striking due to its characteristics.

App : The app is only available in English, which can make it difficult to use.

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Lynx electronic lock

Lynx SupraTronik

The Lince SupraTronik electronic lock belongs to the new product line of this manufacturer, with a design and an improved security approach for any environment. In part, because this lock can be installed on wooden, metal, PVC or any other material doors, thanks to its overlapping design. 

A product that works like a conventional lock, also having an alert against possible intrusions. This jumps when you try to force the lock, warning you of the fact with a 90 decibel siren, which also helps to scare the assailant.  

A model that can be opened in the traditional way but also with the included remote control, if you prefer. Its safety is finished off with a battery alert, so that it does not run out of power during operation.

Let’s know more details about this advanced lock, with which to maintain greater security in any environment.


Alarm: The lock includes a 90-decibel intrusion alarm.

Versatile : It can be installed on all types of doors, such as wood, metal, PVC, etc.

Energy : It can be connected to the mains or used with batteries, including an alert when they run out.


Antenna: The external antenna is quite visible, although it is somewhat visual, which does not affect its efficiency.

Controls : The lock is only accompanied by 3 controls, although according to users, they are easy to find.

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Guide to buying an electronic lock

The security of our home, business or any other place is something in which we should not stop investing. A task where having an electronic lock is a good idea. These products improve security wherever we place them, while simplifying opening and even access control. To do this, you can count on this guide to buy the best electronic lock, in which we give you some guidance on what you should consider before your purchase.

Shopping guide

lock type

In any comparison of electronic locks, it is easy to find different models, depending on the corresponding application or the method of installation on the door. Although it is also possible to find different models depending on the type of lock and the utility that it offers us.

Starting with the installation, here we have two main options. One of them is rim locks. These locks are placed and mounted directly on the surface of the door and the frame, so the assembly is quite simple. The other most common model is the mortise lock, which in this case is placed inside the door. Something for which it is convenient to be clear about the measurements of the door, being necessary to verify that it has the corresponding holes for assembly.

Regarding the type of lock in general, it is distributed in several approaches. One of them is that of invisible locks, which are not perceived from the outside and prevent intrusions, as they are not accessible from the outside. We also have latch locks, or handles, suitable for different uses and that usually give more functions to the product. Finally, we have the bolt-type models, which do not open from the outside, except with a remote control, but they can be opened manually from the inside, depending on what is convenient. So it is easy to choose the model that most interests us to protect our environment.

Lock opening system

Almost as varied as the type of lock that we can access are the methods available to open the door. Among these systems there is no lack of traditional opening with a key, so if you need a door with this system you will have no problem finding it.

In any case, the most common system to open this type of lock is the remote control. Controls similar to those of a car, although much smaller in size. With these controls we can open and close the door at a distance of approximately 10 meters from the lock, obviously being possible to open to the outside. There are also models that change the controls for smart cards, using a similar NFC system for opening. And we cannot forget the models that are opened from the mobile.

However, there are more complex options that also influence how much the lock costs. As proof, we have the models that are opened by fingerprint or using codes. These models include a fingerprint reader or a keyboard and a system that allows you to create these codes. Something very simple in locks that use mobile apps, with which the management process of the people authorized to access said area, as well as the control of the rest of the lock’s functions, are much easier.

Other issues of interest

When looking for a good and cheap lock, there are other elements that should be checked. One of them is the feeding system of it. This can be battery-powered or by power adapter. In all cases, it is key to verify that the product includes warning alarms, for when the lock runs out of power. Some models even have an emergency battery, for when the original runs out.

Also interesting are the locks that include alert functions. These models detect possible attempts to violate the lock, triggering a high intensity sound alarm. This alert notifies the user that there are problems, while also serving as a deterrent to thieves.

Finally, we cannot ignore the decorative aspect of these locks. Many of them have elegant designs in different colors and shades. They also offer quality construction, with finials in brushed steel, plastic, or even brass. So fitting them into any environment is not difficult, as long as we spend time looking for the right model.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How does an electronic lock work?

The electronic lock works in the same way as a conventional lock. The only difference is that this lock includes an electronic system for opening, as long as it is correct and executed with the system supported by the lock. Once the opening is authorized, the lock activates the system and opens the latch, to clear the way for the user. Some models close the key directly once the lock detects that the opening has occurred and returns to its initial position.


Q2: How to install an electronic lock?

The assembly process depends on the type of lock we are using. In the case of rim locks, these are placed directly on the door, fastened by means of the corresponding screws. In the case of embedded locks, the lock is embedded inside the door, being the usual process to replace locks already installed in different types of doors. In all cases, compliance with the instructions is key to a safe installation of the product.


Q3: How to open an electronic lock without a key?

The truth is that most electronic locks do not open with a key. Among the opening options that we have at our disposal are wireless controls, mobile apps and other similar options, such as access codes or even fingerprint readers, of the most advanced models. So we have a wide range of possibilities to open this lock without the need for a key.

Q4: How to reset an electronic lock?

To reset an electronic lock, generally we only have to disconnect it from the electrical current, so that it loses the data stored in memory. Something that should always be done from inside the house, in order to avoid problems. In WiFi models or with apps, it is usual for the reset to be carried out through these remote options, through the procedures indicated in said application or in its instructions.

Q5: How to open an electronic lock without light?

If we are inside where the lock is, we will not have a problem, since electronic locks usually include a manual opening system, to open the lock from the inside. The problem arises when we are away from home. If the lock has no power, then we will not be able to open it. That is why it is key to take into account the level of battery charge, in order to avoid problems. Many locks include warning systems, which prevent the lock from being out of service while we are not at home.

Q6: How to assemble an electronic lock?

The assembly process of an electronic lock varies according to the different models. The usual thing is that the process is indicated in the instructions, although from the moment the lock is installed and has power, it is armed. Only in those models in which an app or similar is used to access the interior, it may be necessary to execute the assembly process from the aforementioned application. Something that we can verify with the instructions of the product that we are handling.


Q7: How to make an electronic lock with arduino?

The creation of an electronic lock with arduino can be easily executed with an Arduino 1 kit. In addition to the kit, we will need the lock, cables for the connection of the different elements, as well as a screen and a keyboard kit for access. All this without forgetting the box to store everything. All these elements are properly connected, proceeding to load the programming, whose code we can easily find on the Internet. Once everything is assembled, all we have to do is place the lock on the wall and start using it, testing it beforehand to verify that everything works as it should.

Q8: How to program an electronic lock?

The programming process of an electronic lock is applied to those that have keyboards, apps and other similar systems. In these cases, it is necessary to activate the app and the users who are going to proceed to access the interior, with the corresponding access codes. In all these cases, we must activate the programming mode, as indicated by the instructions, and create the user and access codes. Something that is much easier in the case of apps, which simplify the process and make it more bearable.

How to use an electronic lock

The electronic lock is an interesting solution when it comes to giving our home or any other place extra security. These locks are based on a classic opening system, but activated by an electronic system and usually open without the need for a key. In any case, for this lock to be efficient, it is key to install and use it correctly.

lock installation

The first thing we must do is install the lock according to the instructions included with it. These locks are offered in rim and mortise models, so it is key that we choose the model that best suits us. In the event that the product is mortise, we must hold it correctly with the included screws, as well as verify that the latch fits correctly. Even more important is mounting and securing on rim models. In this case, if the screws are not correctly placed, a simple kick would suffice to pop the lock and open the door.

Electrical power supply

We have separated from this installation everything that has to do with the electrical supply, as it is key to the use of the lock. Many of these electronic locks have a system to connect them to the current, so that they have a continuous supply of energy. In the event that we use batteries, it is key that we verify their status periodically, to prevent the lock from running out of power. Many products include buzzers and alarms, which help you know when the battery is low and needs to be replaced. Messages that, obviously, should not be ignored.

Aperture Settings

Configuring the opening of the door is another aspect that we must comply with during the process of installing and using the lock. A process that varies depending on what the lock offers us. Many models include remote controls, already configured, that make this access easy. Therefore, this process is only necessary for locks that have more complex systems such as those that use codes, smart cards or fingerprints. These products usually have mobile apps, from which it is easy to proceed to create users, their access codes and the rest of the elements necessary to ensure access to different users safely.


In general, an electronic lock does not need more maintenance than what we have already mentioned in relation to batteries. In any case, it is advisable to verify that the hardware and fastening of the lock to the door is adequate, especially in the rim models. The latter are more prone to loosening than those for stuffing. It is also necessary to carry out user maintenance on those locks that include advanced opening systems, in order to prevent users who have access to opening the lock that they should not have.

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