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Extractor Hood – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

To prevent smoke and steam from food from spreading to all areas of the home or premises, it is necessary to have an extractor hood that dissipates odors and prevents the accumulation of smoke. Currently, there are many brands that present quality options and that have the approval of users. Among them, the Teka TL 6310 model stands out, which has a modern and extra-flat design in black, with an extraction capacity of 332 cubic meters per hour, being high-end. On the other hand, the Balay 3BC097EX hood is 90 cm wide, so it covers a large cooking surface. In addition, it has a lighting system to visualize the cooking area optimally.

Opinions on the best extractor hoods

An extractor hood is an essential kitchen element if you do not want the whole house to end up with the smell of food and a large cloud of smoke. Therefore, below we will review the recommended models for those who want to buy an extractor hood.

Teka extractor hood

Teak TL 6310

If you want a quality model, then you should consider the Teka extractor hood as one of your options, which stands out for having a competitive price and high-end properties. By its specifiers, it is considered the best value for money extractor hood, being one of the cheapest alternatives on the market. 

It has a simple and elegant design in black, with a removable stainless steel front, making it practical to integrate into the home. The hood is equipped with a maximum extraction capacity of 332 cubic meters per hour and works with a double turbine motor, with a power of 175W that works with 230 volts.

In addition, it has two extraction speeds and two halogen lamps. It has dimensions of 60 cm long, 28 cm wide and 18.1 cm high. During its operation it emits sounds that do not exceed 60 decibels. 

Teka TL 6310 is a high-end model at a competitive price, being one of the cheapest alternatives on the market.


Design: It has a modern and elegant design in black, in contrast to the metal.

Sound: Operating at its maximum power, it only emits about 60 decibels.

Dimensions: It has small dimensions of 60 cm long, 28 cm wide and 18.1 cm high.

Motor: It is equipped with a double turbine motor with a power of 175 watts.


Functions: Some users consider its extraction capacity and functions to be very basic.

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Balay extractor hood

Balay 3BC097EX

It is a decorative hood specially designed to be installed on the wall, with a width of 90 cm. In addition, it measures 63.5 cm high and 50 cm deep, so it is considered a large appliance, covering large cooking areas. On the other hand, it has been manufactured with high quality stainless steel for a long useful life.

This Balay extractor hood offers a maximum extraction level of 720 m³/h, thus avoiding the accumulation of grease, smoke and strong odors in the kitchen. Likewise, it incorporates an electronic control panel, with illuminated numbers to facilitate its use in the dark.

It includes multi-layer aluminum filters with a traditional design, which are efficient and can be easily washed in the dishwasher. As if that were not enough, the hood has an LED lighting system to correctly visualize the cooking zone.

If you are looking for the best extractor hood, you may be interested in this model that is functional and elegant at the same time. Let’s see its most important pros and cons.


Size: It is a large model, since it measures 63.5 x 90 x 50 cm, to cover a large cooking area.

Filters: Works with efficient, dishwasher-safe multi-layer aluminum filters.

Control: The control panel has illuminated buttons for easy access to functions, even in low light conditions.


Recirculation: Although it is possible to install it in recirculation, this model does not come with the necessary accessory kit.

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Bosch cooker hood

Bosch DWB96FM50

The Bosch brand is present in many product segments and its DWB96FM50 model frequently appears on all lists as one of the best range hoods of 2022. This model is manufactured with high quality standards. It has an elegant, sophisticated and classic design in metal color because it is made of stainless steel, with some black details. 

The Bosch extractor hood is class A, with a maximum air expulsion capacity of 580 cubic meters per hour, in three power levels that are controlled through easy-to-operate electronic buttons. 

In addition, it has an anti-grease filter made of aluminum and has internal lighting thanks to two 1.5-watt LED bulbs. Its dimensions are 90 cm wide. Although it emits sounds during its operation, this is not so high, because according to the manufacturer it is about 60 decibels at its maximum power.

Bosch is a renowned manufacturer and is often considered the best range hood brand on the market. Read the pros and cons of your model.


Design: It has a classic and elegant design that is available in stainless steel metal color with black.

Power: It works with four power levels, the largest being 580 cubic meters per hour.

Sound: At its maximum power it only emits a sound of 60 decibels.

Accessories: Includes an anti-grease filter made of aluminum, as well as two light bulbs that improve lighting.


Instructions: Although its use is simple, the manual that it incorporates is simple and not very explanatory. 

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Cata extractor hood

Cata M45966

With the availability of so many models and brands on the market, it is possible that making an analysis is not an easy task, making it difficult to decide which is the best extractor hood that can be obtained. Among the options, the Cata extractor hood is one of the favorites because it is a compact design 35.6 cm wide, 42.5 cm high, and 23.5 cm deep, weighing about five kilos. being suitable for different kitchens. 

In addition, it is a model with a high extraction capacity that is equipped with a 185-watt motor and its function is generated by centrifugation. Its installation is simple, it only requires basic knowledge. Similarly, it is easy to clean if regular maintenance is followed. 

Due to its properties, it is considered a cheap extractor hood, which includes a mechanical filter, with a removable tray to collect fat. It is available in white with gray.

If you do not know which extractor hood to buy, it would be convenient for you to know more about this alternative.


Filters: It has a washable mechanical filter, with a removable tray to collect fat.

Measurements: It has a design with favorable measurements of 35.6 cm wide, 42.5 cm high, and 23.5 cm deep.

Installation: It has simple installation and cleaning mechanisms that require little time to execute.

Design: Its design is modern, elegant and is available in white, with gray.


Lights: Some users have commented that the lights do not work independently, only when the computer is on.

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Removable extractor hood

Zanussi ZHP60260SA

This model is recommended for those kitchens where space is very limited, since it is a removable extractor hood, so you can hide it when you are not using it. In addition, it is very easy to clean, since it has modular filters that do not require much maintenance and are dishwasher safe.

Although it measures only 4 x 59.8 x 28.4 cm, this hood has a maximum extraction capacity of 280 m³/h. In this sense, it offers three power levels, where the minimum serves to renew the air and the maximum to avoid excess smoke when frying. It also offers a very simple front control panel that you can use with one hand. 

It has been made from high-quality stainless steel, making it sturdy but at the same time very elegant. As if that were not enough, it includes a long-lasting LED lighting system.

To choose a cheap and functional extractor hood, you have to analyze in detail the benefits of each one. Let’s get to know the characteristics of the Zanussi ZHP60260SA in depth.


Removable: This model stands out because it comes with a system to easily extract and store it, thus favoring space savings.

Material: It is made of stainless steel, which provides durability and offers an elegant finish.

Lighting: It incorporates an intense LED lighting system, which allows the entire hob to be seen correctly.


Capacity: Due to its size, it is only indicated for small kitchens, since its capacity is 280 m³/h.

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60 cm extractor hood


If you want to buy an extractor hood, this model from the manufacturer Ciarra is one of those that has the most interesting attributes for being elegant and including glass in its structure, as well as stainless steel. Likewise, it is a 60 cm extractor hood that has a 100-watt motor, with a maximum capacity to extract 550 cubic meters of air per hour, which can be adjusted in three speeds according to the needs of the moment, through a control by buttons. 

Its operation is produced by suction and recirculation of the air with a carbon filter, or by evacuation to the outside. For greater illumination, it has LED technology lights and grease filters, being easy to clean. 

At its highest power, it only emits a noise of 56 decibels. It is easy to install on walls, but without breaking with the decorative style, rather it integrates with it, whether it is modern or traditional, because its appearance is sophisticated. 

An efficient purchase requires the analysis of the characteristics of the model, for this reason it is necessary to know the Ciarra CBCS6506B in depth.


Motor: It has a 100-watt motor that allows a maximum extraction of 550 cubic meters per hour. 

Speeds: According to the needs, you can select between three speeds, through access buttons.

Operation: It has a versatile mode of operation: by extraction, suction and recirculation.

Aggregates: Incorporates LED technology lights, as well as grease filters for better cleaning.


Instructions: Some users have expressed that the instructions are poor and imprecise.

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Mepamsa extractor hood

Mepamsa Mito Jet 60

The Mepamsa extractor hood has attributes that make it one of the best options on the market for its classic, elegant style and finishes that give the impression of high-end. It is made with high-grade quality and resistance materials, finished in metallic gray. 

It appears for being an integrated extractor hood that can be installed on the wall and that is easy to clean, because it incorporates anti-grease filters with metallic properties, which are also washable. 

It has dimensions of 60 cm long, 12.9 cm wide and 50 cm wide. It has a motor that works silently, emitting about 66 decibels. It has a Jet technology that draws the fumes towards the hood for extraction. Its maximum power allows the extraction of up to 430 cubic meters of air per hour, being possible to select between two speeds through the control panel. 

Some models stand out for their price and high-end features. Learn more about the Mepamsa Mito Jet 60.


Technology: It has a system known as Jet that attracts the fumes for extraction.

Sound: Although it is powerful, it does not emit annoying sounds, only a noise at about 66 decibels.

Motor: It is equipped with a powerful motor that works with two speeds.

Design: It has a modern design in metallic gray, capable of extracting a maximum of 430 cubic meters per hour.


Speed: It only has two speeds and some users consider that it should include a lower intensity level.

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90cm extractor hood

Orbegozo DS 56190 B IN

It is a decorative hood, which not only provides a touch of elegance to the kitchen, but also incorporates a 190 W motor, which provides an extraction capacity of 630 m³/h, making it suitable for medium and large kitchens.. Likewise, it is good to mention that it offers three power levels to adapt it to the needs of the moment.

In this sense, it includes an easy-to-use control panel with just 5 buttons: one for power, three to vary the power and another to turn on the 2 2.5 W LED bulbs. In addition, it is one of the quietest, with just 69 dB.

It is a 90 cm extractor hood that is 50 cm deep and has an adjustable height from 74 to 112 cm. On the other hand, it should be mentioned that it allows easy cleaning thanks to its removable aluminum filters.

If you want to buy the best extractor hood of the moment, this may be a good purchase option, but it is important to review its most relevant features in detail.


Motor: It has a 190 W motor, so it is capable of extracting up to 630 m³/h, for a kitchen free of fat, vapor and smoke.

Control: The control panel located on the front allows comfortable and easy access to the functions of the hood.

Filters: Includes aluminum filters that are easy to remove and clean, to facilitate maintenance of the device.


Weight: It has an approximate weight of 16 kg, so you must take this characteristic into account for its assembly.

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Island extractor hood

Ciarra CBCS4820

The CBCS4820 model from the manufacturer Ciarra is a powerful and silent extractor hood that is among the most demanded designs by the user community, for having attributes that make it a high-end alternative. It is made of stainless steel, which gives it an elegant and avant-garde aesthetic appearance. 

Due to its design, it is an island extractor hood that serves to evacuate smoke and decorate, in addition to lighting because it has light bulbs. On the other hand, it has a recirculation extraction mode of operation with a separate filter. 

It has a touch control panel to adjust the fan speeds in three levels, the highest being 550 m3/h, in which it emits about 63 decibels of noise. It has a 100-watt motor, timer and remote control from five meters. It has a class C energy classification and its dimension is 40.5 cm wide.

Ciarra CBCS4820 is a model with attributes that denote high range and functionality, so it is worth getting to know it in depth.


Controller: It can be controlled through a touch panel or by means of an infrared remote control.

Speeds: It has three extraction speeds with a timer, as well as a maximum of 550 m3/h. 

Lighting: Its lid works as a complete lamp, with adequate lighting through LED technology. 

Design: It has an elegant and sophisticated design for kitchens that falls, being an island extractor hood. 


Instructions: Although easy to install, the included instructions are not accurate.

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Accessories for extractor hood

extractor hood filter

Servi-Hogar Tarraco 3742

An extractor fan is an important piece of equipment in the kitchen, but to be functional it requires a range hood filter. Otherwise, it won’t do much good.

This model marketed by Servi-Hogar Tarraco is one of the best available on the market, because it is manufactured to high quality standards and measures 32.5 cm wide by 26.5 cm wide, weighing of 141 grams. 

The model is compatible with different hoods and gives the kitchen a renewed and sophisticated aesthetic look. The package includes only one unit for the range hood.

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extractor hood pipe

Hon&Guan Black

Some elements are necessary for the installation and proper functioning of the equipment, such is the case of the extractor hood tube, an element that, among other brands, is provided by Hon&Guan.

It is a hose for air ventilation that has flexible properties, being made of aluminum and PVC, which is available in different colors: white, gray and black, according to requirements. 

It has a diameter of 10 cm and its maximum length is 5 meters. Due to its properties, it is a tube that is suitable for any device that works with a range between -30 and 150 degrees Celsius.

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Guide to buying an extractor hood

Extractor hoods are necessary elements in kitchens to prevent smoke from dissipating and the smell of food from reaching all areas. Due to its growing popularity, there are many models in which attributes that denote efficiency and functionality, as well as modern design, have been incorporated, making it necessary to be able to analyze them. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best extractor hood, a section where we explain the characteristics that stand out in these kitchen equipment.

Shopping guide 


When buying an extractor hood, an analysis of the type of hood and the use that will be given to it should be made, because according to this, the choice may have to change. There are different types of these products on the market, so if you want to make a comparison of extractor hoods, this is a factor to consider. Although there are many models, they can be separated into two main categories: hoods with a smoke outlet and those without. 

In the first case, they are high-performance hoods that are designed to be installed in food establishments or in homes where cooking is done constantly and there is a high amount of smoke, which must be ventilated outside. This type of model does not filter or recirculate the air, but expels it, but requires ducts to the outside. 

On the other hand, there are the hoods without smoke outlet, which are usually more versatile because they can be installed anywhere. These models, instead of expelling the air, filter and recirculate it, being their installation less complex, but on the contrary, they are generally noisier and raise the humidity in the kitchen. 

Extraction speed

If you want to know how much an extractor hood costs, there are some indications that could give an idea of ​​its price. One of them is the amount of air that the equipment is capable of expelling or recycling per cubic meter and per hour, that is, the working speed of the fan. For example, depending on the brand and model there are some alternatives that are equipped with two extraction speeds. 

Other models with higher power are equipped with up to four levels. In this sense, users direct their tastes towards prototypes with higher levels, because they can select one according to the needs of the moment. Similarly, it is also important to analyze the maximum power. There are alternatives that have a maximum extraction capacity of 750 cubic meters of air per hour, while others reach a maximum of 332 cubic meters of air per hour.    


An extractor hood should be good and cheap, but it should also be easy to select the functions and speeds you want. To do this, it requires an intuitive control system. Most models include a push-button or touch-style control center. 

Likewise, there are alternatives that include options to control the operation of the equipment through auto shutdown, timer and others. Similarly, some alternatives have a double control system: from the hood and through a remote control. 


There are different designs of range hoods. In the market, you can get from simple models to pieces that look aesthetically elegant and sophisticated. Likewise, it is possible to achieve integrated, recessed and many other designs that fall through steel ropes and remain suspended. Each one of them can be installed in various spaces in the kitchen and, in general, selecting one or the other will depend on the dimensions and the space available. 

In relation to colors, most models have a design with stainless steel finishes and most use black, white, as well as glass details.


While it is true that you do not want to have your entire house filled with smoke and steam from your meals, you also do not want to have noise pollution. When the smoke extractor hoods are in operation they emit a noise that is generated by the motor and the fans. Sometimes these constant sound emissions can be annoying. Therefore, it is necessary to consider this specification and select models with low noise emission. 

It is almost impossible to find alternatives for smoke extractor hoods that are totally silent, but you can get options that at maximum power do not emit an annoying noise. The average decibels in these devices are between 45 and 65. If the range produced is greater than this, it will be a noisy device.  

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a range hood?

Its use is simple, because once installed it is only necessary to turn it on through the control area and adjust values ​​in the extraction speed. Most have several speeds, so one must be pressed and if they have a non-return valve, it is also necessary to activate it, so that the effect lasts after turning off the hood. There are those who advise activating the motor before starting to cook the food, to reduce overheating and facilitate the elimination of odours. 

Q2: How to seal the range hood pipe? 

First of all, it is necessary that the tube is suitable in relation to the diameter, shape and size, for the type and level of extraction of the hood. Otherwise, leaks will be significant. The sealing in these cases can be done with an aluminum tape, which is capable of withstanding high temperatures, works as an insulator and is a heat conductor. This tape is available in aluminum color and white, to adapt to different needs. It must be placed on clean surfaces and to apply it is rolled around the duct with the tape, until it is completely sealed. 

Q3: How to change the light bulb of an extractor hood?

The change of bulbs will depend on the type of hood and lighting system used. However, the first thing is to remove the electricity to avoid current contacts. Next, the part must be carefully removed and the bulb removed. It is necessary to be clear about the voltage and power to replace it with the same one. Take the lamp, put the bulb back where it came from, embed it in the hood, put on the trim accessory, connect the electricity and check that the lighting is correct.

Q4: Why does the cooker hood leak oil?

There are many reasons that can lead to an extractor hood leaking oil, but one of the most frequent is the lack of maintenance on the equipment. Before calling a technician, you can try a thorough cleaning, including the filters. Remember that many of these are removable and washable, as well as replaceable. Therefore, frequent cleaning is necessary so that the grease does not accumulate.

Q5: How to clean the stainless steel range hood outside?

Cleaning the hood is a simple activity that should not be ignored. On the contrary, it must be done regularly to prevent grease from accumulating and sticking to the internal and external walls of the hood, making it more difficult to remove later. In stainless steel models, it is not recommended to use chemical or abrasive products. A soft cloth with detergent should be used, pass it over the hood and rub in a horizontal direction, so that scratches are not produced on the structure. 

Q6: How to clean filters of an extractor hood?

The filters should be cleaned with a damp cloth after using the hood. In the case of a carbon filter, the correct thing is to replace it at least twice a year, regular cleaning being a way to extend its useful life. For deep cleaning, the filter must be removed, apply special products, let it act and then rub to remove. Next, it must be dried and repositioned.

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