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Archiver – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

If there is something important in your office, it is to have all the papers in order. It doesn’t matter if your activity is more or less intensive in the use of documents, because if you have to spend minutes searching when you need to find something, you are losing money. Luckily, the current range of file cabinets is wide enough for you to have the model that suits you best, both for the space available inside and for its organization. And it is not only important to have space, but also to access it comfortably. Among these quality models we find the Grupo Julio Diaz Metallic filing cabinet, which has a traditional design, four drawers for documents or A3 hanging folders and a lock for greater security. If you prefer something smaller, the modelSongmics OFC60WT has a typical filing cabinet design, making it an efficient solution for your desk.

The best file cabinets on the market

Maintaining order is essential in any office or company. And without proper document management, you will surely waste time looking for papers and documents that you do not know where they are. That is why it is worth spending some time deciding which is the best file cabinet to equip your office with and solving these problems. Products that you will be able to know in depth thanks to our selection of the best filing cabinets of 2022, which includes the most used styles of the moment.

Julio Diaz Metallic Group

The Grupo Julio Diaz Metallic filing cabinet is a traditional solution with which you have enough space to store and organize your documents. A model made of highly resistant white lacquered metal, which has a four-drawer structure with which it is easy to have ample space. This space is easily accessible, since its drawers include metal slides and an anti-tip system that prevents accidents. The model can also be locked, giving you extra security when it comes to storing important documentation.

In addition, you will be able to organize yourself better thanks to the space for labels that each drawer includes on its front. And so you don’t waste time, the product comes fully assembled, all you have to do is unpack it to use it. Functions typical of what some users consider to be the best archiver of the moment.

If you want to know more about this model, highlighted among the best filing cabinets of 2022, take a look at its functions and features.


Space: Thanks to its four A4-format metal drawers, it will be easy for you to file a large number of documents and access them easily.

Finish : The white lacquered finish is of a high quality and requires hardly any cleaning, other than wiping it with a damp cloth.

Drawer rails: The drawer rails are highly resistant and have an anti-tip system that prevents accidents.

Security lock: The security lock prevents unwanted access to the interior by people who should not have it.

Assembly : This model does not require any assembly, all you have to do is unpack it to start using it immediately.


Size : Among the few “buts” that this product has, it is true that its size is somewhat bulky, although you have more compact models if you do not have enough space.

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Songmics OFC60WT

Compared to the traditional filing cabinet, for many users the best filing cabinet is in the form of a chest of drawers. And just this is what we find in the Songmics OFC60WT model. This file cabinet with drawers has two separate spaces in which to better organize your documents and your office objects. In the two upper drawers we have space to store everything you need while the lower filing drawer offers you the usual space to store hanging folders in A4 size.

A complete design in which other details are not lacking, such as the lock that blocks the drawers or the wheels with which to move the furniture to where you need it. And to make it look better in any office, thanks to its beautiful white finish you can give a special touch to any work environment.

Although there is no clear winner for the title of best file cabinet brand of the moment, this model is worthy of Songmics getting close to that honor.


Distribution: If you don’t have great storage needs, this product combines two conventional drawers with a file drawer, which gives you greater versatility.

Lock with key: The included lock allows you to block the opening of the chest of drawers and access to its contents.

Materials: Since the chest of drawers has been made of steel you will not have problems with its resistance or durability.

Removable tray: The chest of drawers includes a removable tray, ideal for keeping small office supplies such as pencils, pens, etc. in place.


Height: The height of the chest of drawers is 60 centimeters, enough to put it under any desk, although it should always be checked to avoid inconveniences.

Drawer guides: Without being a serious problem, if there is any comment that indicates that the drawer guides could be somewhat better.

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Leitz 60460001

Our selection has a space reserved for cheap filing cabinets, such as the Leitz 60460001 model. In this case, we are talking about a storage box for hanging files with an adjusted size and an adjusted cost. This box is removable and mounts with brackets, so it will not take you more than a minute to have it ready.

Once assembled, the box offers space to use A4 size hanging folders and conveniently store them by simply closing the box with the included lid. An efficient solution for both temporary archiving and daily use, which also stands out as the best value for money filing cabinet that we have analyzed. Among other things for details such as its reinforced corners, the metal handle or the space to label the box with its content and be able to identify them efficiently.

A proposal located among the cheapest office filing cabinets in our selection that does not disappoint in quality and gives you greater versatility in your day to day life, as we will see below.


Resistance: Despite its appearance, the box is highly resistant thanks to its polypropylene construction with interesting details such as its reinforced corners.

Closure : The flip closure makes it even easier to see what you store in the box at a glance.

Dismountable : The box can be disassembled when you don’t need it, taking up minimal space in your warehouse.


Humidity: Due to their manufacture, these boxes should be kept away from humidity, to avoid premature deterioration.

Finishes : For some users the finishes can be improved, although in general the opinions on the matter are positive.

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Cathedral A4BK

When it comes to storing documents but our needs are not excessive, having a filing box like the Cathedral A4BK model is an effective alternative. This model has a compact design with measurements suitable for storing hanging folders in conventional A4 format. An interesting product that has a metal structure that adequately protects your documents so that they do not suffer the effects of dust or dirt.

It also has a lock that, in part, prevents unauthorized access to these documents. And given its format, you won’t have too many problems hiding the box in your office or moving it if necessary. A file cabinet with an approximate weight of about 2 kilos and measures 37 centimeters wide by 30 centimeters high and approximately 22 centimeters deep.

For those who are not sure which file cabinet to buy but need tight space solutions, this file cabinet can be an interesting proposal.


Structure : The metal structure adds extra protection to your documents compared to filing boxes made of cardboard.

Weight : The box has an approximate weight of about 2 kilos, so it is not too difficult to move it, if you need it.

Folders included: The file cabinet is accompanied by five hanging folders, so you can start using it right away.


Security : Although this filing box includes a key, the truth is that being a portable device is of little use if friends of other people take the entire box.

Box handle: The box handle does not have all the resistance it should to facilitate its use, deteriorating easily according to some users.

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Pierre Henry GR 095155

Within the traditional metal filing cabinets, the Pierre Henry GR 095155 model is located within those of intermediate capacity. This file cabinet has three drawers with a good capacity, with the usual measurements of models based on hanging folders in A4 format. Each of these drawers has a load capacity of about 10 kilos, with space to house about 40 of these folders.

The slide is fluid thanks to its guides with bearings, which make the movement quieter and safer. A quality that is also reflected in its metal structure, with a gray-toned finish that hardly requires cleaning. And so you don’t have to worry about the assembly either, the product arrives ready to use, just by removing the protective packaging with which the product is shipped.

This metal filing cabinet is in the mid-range of the market in terms of capacity, being suitable for environments where many documents are not stored.


Guides with bearings: The drawer guides use bearings, which offers an efficient and smooth operation of the same.

Construction : Thanks to its metal construction and the quality of its finishes, we are talking about a resistant product that supports the most intensive uses.

Integrated handles: The integrated handles fit perfectly on the drawers and do not pose a danger when passing in front of the filing cabinet.


Available space: Due to its characteristics, the model is suitable for those who have an intermediate file need, but it may fall short for those who need something more.

Double lock: This model does not include a single lock but two separate locks, so you must be careful not to forget to close the product completely.

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