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Folding bed – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

The functionality of folding beds allows you to save space in small apartments or always have a bed for unexpected guests. These products can be found in different sizes, distinctive designs, and varied prices. For this reason, we have made a selection to present you the best folding beds on the market, led by the Invento Horizontal model, a 140 x 200 cm bed, which is very practical because it allows you to transform any room into a guest room. In addition, it is easy to assemble and can be folded on the wall when you are not using it. For its part, the SMARTBett Basic Vertikal offers us an aesthetic panel design when folded and has a very easy-to-use gas spring opening system.

Opinions on the best folding beds on the market

Currently there are numerous models and brands specialized in the manufacture of folding beds, as these continue to become increasingly popular to take advantage of spaces in small flats. If you are looking for one, we invite you to discover our selection of the best folding beds of 2022 where we summarize their main qualities. 

folding wall bed

horizontal invention

It is a folding wall bed that has a gas spring system, so you can unfold it without making too much effort. In addition, this mechanism does not make too much noise, so it does not cause inconvenience if people are resting. In this sense, it is considered by many to be the best folding bed.

It can be a good solution if you have little space at home, as the bed converts into a wardrobe, so you can place it in any room to easily transform it into a guest bedroom. Also, it works well in the children’s room, as it allows them to enjoy a larger play area. It is even an interesting option for an office, since it is a decorative piece of furniture.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that it incorporates a security system to prevent accidental opening of the cabinet. It also comes with a detailed instruction manual and includes the necessary accessories, making it very easy to install.

This could be the best folding bed of the moment, but it is preferable to review in more detail the pros and cons of the product before making the investment.


Wardrobe: The bed becomes a decorative wardrobe that you can place in any room of the home and even in an office.

Springs: It offers a gas-operated spring system, so opening the bed is smooth, silent and does not require much effort.

Installation: Comes with an instruction manual and includes accessories to facilitate assembly.


Mattress: The mattress is not included in the package, so you must take into account an additional cost.

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folding bed furniture

SMARTBett Basic Vertical

For small rooms, it is convenient to have a versatile and functional product like this folding furniture bed whose duality makes it a good purchase if you are concerned about the aesthetic design of your furniture.

This product may well be the answer to which is the best folding bed if you are looking for an additional decorative touch for your spaces, since its wooden panel design when folded completely conceals its appearance while you are not using it as a bed.

On the other hand, when unfolding it, some shelves are exposed on which you can place decorative elements to set the mood of the room and personalize your space even more.

This bed measures 140 x 200 cm, but it is available in other dimensions both in size and position, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your room.

The varied catalog of furniture that SMARTBett offers has earned it the mention as the best brand of folding beds, according to some users. So we detail more characteristics of this model, in particular, to help you corroborate that statement. 


Materials: The bed is made of plywood with a melamine coating to be more resistant to scratches.  

Design: This model has an oak design in light colours, but is also available in glossy white, matt anthracite or glossy.

Resistance: The robust structure of the bed and the legs provide resistance to the whole to support the weight of two people.

Decoration: The divisions in the panel function as shelves to place some belongings or decorative objects. 


Mattress:  This bed only accepts a mattress with a maximum height of 17 cm. 

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pouffe folding bed


This modern sofa is one of the most versatile today, since it offers different positions so that you can use it most conveniently according to the occasion. In this sense, it measures 80 cm when folded, but it can be converted into a 190 cm bed, which allows you to take advantage of the space to attend to your guests.

This folding beanbag bed is mainly made of high-density foam to promote comfort. In addition, it is covered with imitation leather, a very resistant material with a pleasant texture that is reminiscent of natural leather. Also, it is important to point out that it is made with double stitching, which guarantees a long useful life.

On the other hand, it is lighter than other products, so it is easy to move from one place to another inside the house. Likewise, it is good to mention that it has been manufactured in Spain following high European standards.

This could be the best value for money folding bed, so we invite you to thoroughly analyze some of its most relevant features.


Versatility: It can be placed in different positions, so it can be used as a pouf, sofa and bed, so you can use it according to your needs.

Comfort: It is made with high recovery foam, which is comfortable to rest on. 

Durability: It has been covered with high quality leatherette and is double stitched to increase resistance and increase its useful life.


Backrest: The backrest is not very stable, so if you want to use it as a sofa, you must support it on the wall.

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Folding double bed

Itamoby Kentaro

It is a folding double bed that has a very resistant reinforced iron structure, which has been coated with epoxy powder for greater durability. For its part, the bed base is made of sheets of beech wood. In addition, it incorporates an opening mechanism with gas pistons, which are safe and do not make too much noise.

One of the advantages of this model is that it can be quickly transformed into a rectangular piece of furniture that goes unnoticed, so you do not need an additional room to receive your guests, since you can install this folding bed in the living room. It is worth noting that the box spring measures 163 x 190 cm, so you can fit a mattress big enough for a couple. 

It has two straps that help keep the mattress upright. As if that were not enough, it incorporates a practical handle to facilitate opening and increase safety.

If you still don’t know which folding bed to buy, we invite you to review in detail the main features of this model before making a decision.


Resistance: It has an epoxy powder-coated iron structure, making it a very resistant and durable product.

Size: Thanks to the 163 x 190 cm bed base, it can function as a double bed for greater comfort.

Load: The bed supports a maximum load of 250 kg, so it can be used by people of different sizes.


Installation: This product has a high level of complexity for installation. However, it includes the necessary accessories.

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Folding extra bed

Beautissu Monaco

Among the cheap options in our selection stands out this folding extra bed made in Italy, whose structure combines metal and wood to offer a robust and durable base. 

On this aspect, this cheap folding bed can support up to 100 kg of weight, being appropriate for its measures of 90 x 200 cm for individual use. As for the dimensions when folded, this bed reaches 90 x 35 x 113 cm and weighs 21 kg, so for storage it incorporates wheels that facilitate its transfer.

Also, a carrying case is included to disguise its appearance for storage in the guest room or attic. 

One of the most outstanding aspects of this product is that it includes the foam rubber mattress, so it will not be necessary to spend more money because it is a complete investment.

Although this is one of the cheapest beds, it has numerous benefits that make it a wise purchase. If you want to know more, we invite you to read the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Assembly: The bed comes ready to mount the wheels and it is not necessary to invest too much effort in the task of setting it up. 

Transfer: The built-in wheels help to move the bed from one place to another, since it weighs more than 20 kg.

Resistance: The wood of the bed base is attached to the metal structure and the whole has a total resistance of 100 kg.

Mattress: A foam rubber mattress is included which, although not very thick, is comfortable for guests and occasional use.


Coverage: A user states that the cover can be improved so that it covers completely and the wheels are not seen when storing the bed. 

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single folding bed

Evergreenweb Save space 80 X 190

Preparing a room for an unexpected guest is much easier if you have a single folding bed like this model from Evergreenweb, whose construction includes beech wood for its strength and durability. This material also has a natural coating to protect it from external agents. 

For its part, the metal structure has anti-noise supports in which the wood is fixed and that favor a peaceful rest even when the guest moves during the night.

This bed includes a memory foam mattress and a pillow to complete everything you need in a single purchase. In addition, users state that it is very comfortable to sleep in, as well as easy to fold and unfold.

Thinking about the storage of the product, two pairs of central wheels have been incorporated that help to move the folded bed from one place to another, without making much effort. 

Buying this bed offers many benefits, so we list some of its pros and cons in the next section.


Structure: The steel structure is varnished with epoxy to increase its resistance and durability, in addition to the treatment that the wood has to protect it from external agents, offering a robust structure. 

Pack: This bed includes a viscoelastic mattress and a pillow, that is, a very complete pack to prepare the guest room without spending a lot of money. 

Fastening: The model has an elastic net that holds the ends of the bed when folded to maintain its shape. 

Wheels: The built-in wheels help in moving the folded bed, they are also easy to assemble. 


Cover: The cover is missing to protect the folded bed from dust, however it can be purchased separately. 

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horizontal folding bed

SMARTBett Basic horizontal

The design concept used by SMARTBett to manufacture this horizontal folding bed goes beyond the need for rest, as it is presented as a decorative piece that can turn any space into a room.

Minimalism and organization are characteristics of this model, a completely white bed, made of wood and with a storage space that can be used as a shelf to place decorative elements and personalize the improvised room.

The usefulness of this bed is well used by students and young people who live in studios or studio flats where every inch of space must be well used. 

As for the dimensions, the bed measures 90 x 200 cm and admits a mattress up to 17 cm high to be able to close well. 

We cannot fail to mention how beautiful and functional this model is, so we summarize its characteristics in the following list of pros and cons.


Materials: It is made of plywood and a melamine coating that makes it resistant to scratches and scratches, to maintain its appearance. 

Design: It has a very decorative and stylish appearance, both folded and unfolded, in addition to allowing decorations or other elements to be placed on the internal shelves.

Size: It is a single bed that measures 90 x 200 cm, and the mattress to be used must not exceed 17 cm in height. 

Opening: It works with gas pistons that facilitate the closing and opening of the bed. 


Mattress: This model does not include a mattress, so you must invest in the purchase of this necessary element to enjoy the bed. 

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How to choose the best folding beds?

Whether you live alone in a small apartment or frequently receive visitors, having a folding bed can be the solution to space and the availability of a comfortable place to rest. Currently, there are different models and designs, but there are several aspects that must be taken into account before making a hasty purchase, which is why we designed this guide to buy the best folding bed and give you useful information for your investment.

Shopping guide

bed types

In any comparison of folding beds you will realize that the designs are already far from the classic metal bed bases that our parents used to have in the garage or the attic for when the cousins ​​​​come to visit. Now, there is a fusion of design, functionality and style that allows us to have a different range of models to choose from. Here we summarize the main ones:

Horizontal folding: They are arranged horizontally and when unfolded they take up less space in the room. This model can be obtained in individual or matrimonial size.

Vertical folding: Unlike the previous model, this type of bed folds up, taking up more space when open, and is also available in a single or double presentation.

Puff-bed: This model has become popular because it offers the functionality of a piece of furniture that you can have in the living room or in your bedroom and that quickly becomes an emergency bed for any unexpected visit. Generally, you get very aesthetic designs to stand out in the room. 


In the previous section we already mentioned that you can get beds from single to double size. In other words, they are available in different sizes to meet the needs of users. 

In this sense, it is very important to identify the measurements of the beds when they are fully unfolded and when they are closed, in this way you will define if you have the necessary space for their placement. On the other hand, it is convenient to know what is the maximum height of the mattress that the design of the bed admits, especially if it is one of those that close vertically or horizontally.

On the contrary, the classic folding beds that are transportable from one place to another, generally do not have limitations regarding the size of the mattress, since in many of these inflatable mattresses or those of Japanese design with futon format are used, being an aspect related to the type of bed chosen. 

Aesthetics and functionality

Currently, due to issues of space, organization and simplicity, many people prefer to opt for a folding bed for their room, as there are designs that make up very nice furniture where they have a desk, wardrobe and bed in one place.

In this way, the folding function of the bed allows to keep the space more organized and minimalist, very useful for studio apartments or small flats. 

In this sense, the aesthetics of the product is a factor that determines how much it costs, as well as the materials and other functions included in the design of the furniture. Some of the most popular models are those with a wardrobe bed that, when folded, look like a sideboard, attached to the wall and when unfolded, the bed is shown with some shelves to store and decorate. 

In these products, the quality of the coating and the color are very important to determine a good finish on the bed, as well as the quality of the materials to know their durability and resistance. 

opening system

A good and cheap folding bed should have an efficient and easy-to-use opening system that requires as little effort as possible on your part. For this reason, many manufacturers have opted for the use of hydraulic or gas pistons, which allow a much simpler and more careful opening, reducing the risk of abrupt falls that could damage the bed or cause accidents. 

In the case of traditional bed bases that only fold, it is advisable to choose a model that includes a safety lock or a strap that joins both folded parts and prevents them from opening accidentally. 

In any of the cases, it is advisable to review the opinions and comments of other users about whether or not it is easy for them to fold the bed. The evaluation of other buyers, precisely, will help you to know the brand of the bed, if it has a guarantee and the quality of the technical support in case of any doubt. In the same way, you will be able to know if the bed has a complicated assembly or, on the contrary, if you can do it yourself without having a Master’s degree like “Handyman”. 

Frequently asked questions

 Q1: How to make a folding bed to the wall?

The truth is that for a project like this you need to have tools, various materials and a lot of DIY skills to make the design of your folding bed. The good thing is that there are stores where you can custom order all the pieces of wood, screws and fittings necessary to assemble your bed. On the internet, you can find many “Do it yourself” type links where you can study the complete project with a step-by-step guide and even videos demonstrating the process. In addition, you can adapt the project to your personal needs and preferences. 

One of the most attractive may be the one that converts into a desk and a bed. To give you a basic idea, the furniture will be made up of a horizontal frame attached to the wall in which the bed frame will be fixed, as this will be the mobile element of the set, while the desk will remain horizontal. All these pieces will be joined by an arm and a window latch on the frame that will prevent the bed from going back when folded. 

Q2: What mattress to buy for a folding bed?

To buy the right mattress, it is advisable to measure the frame that holds this element in the folding area to know the maximum height it supports. You also have to measure the length and width so that the size of the mattress does not exceed this space. In general, if the folding bed is single, it should admit mattresses of this same format, the same applies to double beds.

However, in the case of a box spring folding bed, the mattress needs to be flexible. For this reason, viscoelastic or foam rubber types that can be folded without damaging their structure are recommended. 

Q3: How to open the folding bed?

Depending on the design of your folding bed, the opening system may vary. If it is a classic bed base model, it will only be enough to remove the protective cover and slide the fastening strap, if it has one, that joins the two ends of the bed. This way it will be fully open. 

In the case of a folding wall bed, regardless of its position, you must pull it to open it and the hydraulic pistons do all the work. 

Q4: How to cover a folding bed?

There are models that include a cover that hides the appearance of the bed while protecting it from dust. This cover is also sold separately.

But, if the bed is foldable and is attached to the wall or the floor, you can cover the bed base with plywood, a sheet of cork or EVA foam to create a large and functional billboard where you can organize your daily activities, write reminders, etc. place photos or a nice work of art with graffiti that allows you to decorate the room with color and style.  

Q5: How to build a folding bed desk?

The folding bed base can be used to fix a wooden sheet and turn it into a desk. To do this you will need a hinged hardware system that you must screw to the bed base, preferably using three units to give the table more stability if it is going to occupy the entire length of the bed base. 

If you like DIY, you should know specialized stores where you can buy MDF sheets, preferably coated with melamine for a better appearance. Also, in these stores you will get the hardware and screws necessary to do the assembly. You can see the video with photos of the step by step of this shared project on the page Todoencarpinteria.es.

Q6: How to fold the folding bed?

Due to the hydraulic piston system that includes most folding beds, it is only enough to lift the bed base by the handle or handle designed for it and raise it gently. At this time the legs of the bed should be folded and make sure that the whole assembly has been closed properly. 

Q7: How do you clean a folding bed?

Considering that the folding bed is for occasional use by a guest or visitor, it should be cleaned after each use and before storage, as well as using a protective cover to prevent dust accumulation. In the same way, before using it, it should also be shaken with a damp cloth, to remove any dirt before placing the sheets.

But, if it is a folding bed for daily use, there is no greater complication in cleaning it, it will only be necessary to clean with a damp cloth to remove dust. 

Q8: Is a folding bed safe?

The innovative folding beds include a fixing and anchoring system to the wall or the floor, and their safety is backed by the piston system that prevents the bed base from lowering abruptly and ending up hurting the user. On the other hand, these beds are built with a robust design to support a maximum weight depending on whether it is single or double size, so it can be said that they are very safe. 

How to use a folding bed

You may be well informed about the usefulness of folding beds, either for occasional use or if you have decided to buy a more resistant and comfortable model for your room. In any of the cases, we bring you summarized information on how to use a folding bed to make the most of its design.

Choose the right model

If you want to have more than a folding bed base and you hope to take advantage of your spaces, you have to choose the best folding bed for your home. An aesthetic model with a horizontal design can look great, even in the living room, and by placing some plants or photos on the top shelf it will go completely unnoticed.

But, if you like multifunctional furniture, you can choose the folding beds with a desk included that will help you to use it during the day to study or work and then turn it into a comfortable bedroom. 

how blackboard

For those who buy a pull-down bed with a vertical design and a fixed structure, sometimes they do not find an aesthetic solution for the room in which the bed is placed. A creative way to take advantage of its size is to use it as a chalkboard, by covering the bottom of the bed base with a sheet of wood and painting it matt black or using a specialist chalkboard paint. In this way, the surface will be ready to make notes, study with the children, practice exercises or for children and adults to give free rein to their imagination creating works of art with chalk. 


If your room is small, a horizontal folding bed can be used to solve the problem of space. But, you can also make it part of a multipurpose piece of furniture, including a wardrobe, using the bed frame as a reference. You can seek help from a carpenter who specializes in modular furniture or look in Murphy-type bed stores to get an idea of ​​all the designs you can create from a simple folding bed, and take the opportunity to join a closet, shelves, desk and even add another bed for when you receive more than one visit. 

main bed

Currently folding designs have spread in the manufacture of high-end furniture, betting on more robust, safe and beautiful models. For this reason, people who live in small spaces have opted for choosing this type of bed to live as a couple and even for the children’s room, as they allow a simpler organization in smaller houses.

For the guests

There is no doubt that the concept of folding beds arose from the need to offer a comfortable place for visitors, which is why its main use is in guest rooms. However, they are also very useful for when there is no such extra room, and that is why there are models such as pouf-beds or sofa beds that allow you to have a piece of furniture or a seat for daily use in the room, capable of becoming a bed. when needed.

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