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Folding doors – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

The acquisition of a folding door capable of offering resistance and an attractive design will depend solely and exclusively on you, and it is necessary that you carry out an exhaustive review of the main models that stand out in the market. To do this, you can be guided by the experiences of other buyers. Among the most outstanding models on the market we can find the Visual 085772 door, which includes an installation kit with everything necessary to assemble the door, including the upper rail and the side guides of the frame, in addition, it has a handle to open and close easily. comfortable way. Another model that stands out for its quality is the Forte Luciana, an Italian-made folding door, which has been built in white PVC and can be used in different spaces, due to its approximate measurements of 88.5 by 214 cm.


Opinions on the best folding doors

When selecting a folding door, you must keep an eye on certain quality indicators regarding its preparation and raw material used, since a large part of its durability depends on them. In the following section, we present five models belonging to highly positioned brands, positively valued in the different shopping portals.

Visual 085772

It is a folding door that measures 214 cm high and 82 cm wide, making it suitable for use in small rooms, such as kitchens, basements, closets, among others. In addition, it is made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a highly resistant and durable plastic.

On the other hand, it has an installation kit with all the necessary parts to guarantee an efficient assembly. In this sense, it includes an upper guide that works as a rail to slide the door and a pair of side guides, which go to the right and to the left to form the frame.

As for the design, it is a white door, with 3 folding areas, which allows you to easily extend and fold it. Similarly, it has a simple handle to hold easily when opening or closing.

A folding door can be a good alternative to divide some spaces in the home, so we invite you to consider the characteristics of this model.


Material: It is made of PVC plastic, so it can prevent electrical conduction and offer shock resistance.

Design: It has a white structure that can be combined with the decoration of any space.

Use: It is indicated to be placed in small places, such as closets and basements.


Instructions: The instructions may be difficult to understand, which could complicate the installation if you do not have previous experience in this type of activity.

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Fort Luciana

Italian-made, this proposal from the manufacturer Forte has attributes that make it stand out as one of the most favorable on the market, since its installation is simple and its manufacture is robust, which is why it is positioned as one of the favorites of some users. 

The model is made of a stabilized PVC body with no traces of lead, so it is non-toxic. Its measurements are 88.5 by 214 cm and it is available in at least 7 colors. One of the most sought after is usually white, due to its ease of integration with different decorative environments. 

In addition, the proposal has a design that could be described as minimalist and, at the same time, modern, with a handle that facilitates the action of opening and closing the folding door. Likewise, this alternative has been equipped with rigid-type hooking hinges, which increases its stability. 

So that you can delve deeper into the characteristics of this model, we have summarized its most relevant properties in the following pros and cons.


Construction: It has a robust and durable construction, since its body is made of PVC.

Design: It has a modern and minimalist design that includes a handle to open and close.

Colours: According to taste, it is possible to select from 7 colors to diversify the decoration.

Stability: When installed, it is stable and firm because it has been equipped with hinges for hooking.


Instructions: Its assembly is not complex, but the instructions it includes are not available in Spanish.

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Forte PKM10021214

This is a folding door made entirely of PVC plastic, so it can be used indoors and outdoors. Among the advantages of this type of material is its lightness and resistance to shocks and constant use, in addition, it is waterproof and thermal insulation, so it is capable of withstanding bad weather.

It has a reversible locking system that allows you to lock the door from the outside or inside. In this sense, the closure is made of ABS plastic to guarantee the resistance and rigidity between the union of the profiles.

It measures 83 x 214 cm, but it is possible to cut it in height to fit the dimensions of the frame. For assembly, it has a fixing system with screws, plugs and installation instructions, which allows you to easily assemble the door.

If you are looking for a folding door that you can easily install, this model can be a good option. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Closing: It has an efficient closing system that allows you to lock the door from the inside or outside.

Materials: It is made of ABS and PVC plastics, so it offers impermeability and can withstand continuous contact with the weather.

Cleaning: It is possible to clean it with cleaning products that are not very aggressive, which facilitates maintenance.


Thickness: The surface of the door is not very resistant to impacts, since the structure has little thickness.

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Forte PKM100008214

Featured in a walnut color, this folding door can match your wall decor and ornaments very easily. In addition to this, it is made of PVC and the knob is made of good quality ABS plastic, which positions it as a durable and resistant product. In addition, it has dimensions of 83 x 214 centimeters, so you can adjust the height according to the frame in which you are going to install it using a saw or any tool that can make precise cuts.

On the other hand, the hinges of this folding door provide stability and its structure is waterproof, so you can place it in damp rooms without any problem. Additionally, it is reversible and easy to clean, which will allow you to wipe it with a damp cloth or use any detergent to clean that does not have aggressive components. 

It also includes an instruction manual and all the necessary parts for installation.


Materials: It is made of PVC with an ABS plastic knob, which provides durability.

Cleaning: You can easily clean the dirt on the door with any damp cloth or non-aggressive cleaning product.

Warranty: The manufacturer provides a warranty of up to 10 years.


Installation: The installation process can become inconvenient for users who do not have experience.

Adjustments: If you are going to reduce the height, you must be careful not to exceed the measurements to avoid incompatibility with the frame.

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AG 770127611

If you are determined to opt for a folding door, one of the most important characteristics that you will have to look at are the color and dimensions of the product. Since, to avoid incompatibility with the frame in which you are going to install the door, you will have to take a tool to cut wood and adjust its dimensions. This AG model has standard measurements that are close to 190 x 90 centimeters (height by width), so you can install it in your home very easily.

On the other hand, this folding door also stands out for its color and this is due to the fact that it is made in a type of pure white tone that has an oak effect, which will allow it to adapt to the decoration of any room in your home in a very easy. That is, it will not interfere with the ornaments of the environment.

When trying to select a folding door to install it in the home, there are several important aspects to consider. Therefore, here we present you the pros and cons of the AG model 770127611.


Colour: Its white oak tone will allow it to easily combine with the decoration of the environment in the place where you install it.

System: The folding system is a good alternative to save space in the home. 

Adjustments: You can adjust the height of this door by cutting it at the bottom so you can install it in any frame.


Measurements: The manufacturer did not provide exact details regarding the measurements of the product.

Flimsy: You will have to be careful when cutting its dimensions to adapt it, since it is made of a flimsy material.

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Standom 203 x 85 cm

For this model of folding doors developed by Standom, the well-known PVC or polyvinyl chloride plastic was used, which gives the door resistance, stability and lightness. Its height, width, thickness ratio format corresponds to 203 x 85 x 1 centimeter, but when fully extended it can reach a maximum of 145 centimeters.

The design is made up of several PVC panels, connected by means of a system of rigid hinges, which allow an adequate folding mode. In addition, it incorporates some areas in translucent polymer, thus providing greater elegance to its finish.

On the other hand, we have the adjustment mechanism, for which a lock with its respective key and ergonomic grip handle was used. We cannot fail to mention that the manufacturer attached an instruction manual with the purchase together with some tools, designed to facilitate the installation process.

If you want to enjoy a folding door made of high-end polymer, elegant design and secure fit, then you cannot miss this model with the Standom quality seal.


Design: The door made of polymer resembles the appearance of a series of wooden slats with some translucent areas that give elegance to the design.

Lock: The door incorporates a practical lock with quick and safe adjustment by means of a key.

Dimensions: The door has a height, width, thickness with measurements corresponding to 203 x 85 x 1 centimeter, being specifications that suggest easy handling.

Assembly kit: You will not have to worry about making an extra investment acquiring the necessary tools to carry out the assembly, since the manufacturer incorporated some of them to facilitate this process.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual included in this model of doors does not have a translation into Spanish, being a limitation for those who do not speak English.

Forte PKCS100009214

Forte is a renowned Italian manufacturer that has been characterized by the manufacture of products with high quality standards, being the case of this model that currently achieves a good position among the best folding doors of 2022.

For its preparation, 100% polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC plastic, was used. In this way, it provides the design with water resistance, stability, lightness, durability and a pleasant touch when handling it. In addition, a rigid thermoplastic polymer such as ABS is incorporated for the area of ​​the handle and the closure system.

Among other specifications, its width-height dimensions of 83 x 214 centimeters, pleasant aesthetics in a light walnut tone and ease of cleaning, being necessary to use a soft cloth and bleach-free detergent stand out. As an annex, you will find in the purchase package an instruction manual along with a set of screws and some plugs for fixing.

Forte could well be the best brand of folding doors, as its PKCS100009214 model is proof of this, made of high-end polymer and with dimensions that adapt to any room or closet.


Manufacturing: The door is made of a soft-touch polymer that is easy to clean, such as PVC.

Dimensions: The structure of the door offers easy handling measures that correspond to a width – height of 83 x 214 centimeters.

Fixation: The manufacturer attached to the purchase a small set of screws and some plugs necessary to install the door without problems.

Instruction manual: The product includes a practical instruction manual with illustrations of the steps to follow to correctly assemble the door.


Color: The color of the door may vary in relation to what is detailed by the manufacturer, since the configuration of the screen of your device or computer increases or decreases the intensity of the tone.

Bostonian 26BIBT

After checking the specifications of this Bostonian patented model, you will have no more doubts about which is the best folding door. It is a product made with high-end raw materials, quality finishes and a suitable format to be installed in any cupboard inside your home.

The structure is 75 x 195 x 3.5 centimeters, with the measurements corresponding to its width, height and thickness. The weight does not exceed 16 kilograms, so you can handle it very easily when opening and closing.

In addition, it incorporates a safe folding system, made up of three galvanized aluminum hinges included with the purchase. In this way, you will be able to join the two sections of molded wood and varnished with white paint. This door has great attributes and a pleasant aesthetic capable of providing a touch of distinction in any space where you place it.

So that you do not waste time making the decision of which folding door to buy, we present below the pros and cons of a model with great appeal.


Manufacture: For the elaboration of the door, sheets of molded wood and varnished in white were used, offering resistance and a pleasant aesthetic.

Folding: The folding system of this model is made up of three aluminum hinges, responsible for joining the two sections or panels that make up the door.

Dimensions: The door has a width-height format of 75 x 195 centimeters and a thickness corresponding to 3.5 centimeters, thus being a robust structure.

Assembly: This folding door is intended for use indoors, so its assembly is suitable for closets or rooms in your home.


Weight: The weight of the door could be a bit high when handling it for assembly, being necessary to have the help of another person during the process.

Soddyenergy White

With an aesthetically pleasing design that fits into different elegant and sophisticated decorative styles, this folding door from Soddyenergy is the recommended alternative for those who are looking for a quality model. 

The door is available in white and has a classic and minimalist design made up of six decorative panels. In addition, it folds in two parts and has been manufactured with high-grade quality and resistance materials, with a careful painting process and primer effect to prevent it from being damaged and achieve a regular color effect. 

On the other hand, it has dimensions of 76.2 cm wide, 3.5 cm thick and 198.1 cm high. It is suitable for separating spaces such as main rooms, because it has a closing mechanism through a chrome handle like that of conventional doors and it is easy to install.

There are some attributes that denote quality and that it is important to know before buying. Here the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Construction: It has a resistant and quality construction, with robust materials, but which are delicately integrated.

Design: It has a minimalist and elegant design that is available in white, with six decorative panels.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 76.2 cm wide, 3.5 cm thick and 198.1 cm high.

Closing: It has a closing mechanism through a delicate and chrome handle that seems resistant. 


Instructions: Some users have expressed that the model does not include precise instructions.

TecTake Maple

On this occasion, the manufacturer TecTake has managed to position this model in its catalog as the best price-quality folding door, as it is one of the cheapest, being a good option to consider for those who are looking for a quality product. this type.

The structure has an accordion-type format with width-height dimensions of 80 x 203 centimeters, weighs only 2.4 kilograms and is made of robust, soft-touch PVC. In addition, it incorporates a practical adjustment method by means of a magnetic lock and a small handle.

The door is suitable to be installed in wet rooms, closets, kitchen area or other spaces, being possible to open and close it with ease. It is important to mention that some assembly tools are included in the purchase package, as well as an instruction manual with illustrations explaining the steps to follow for said process.

This folding door is characterized by its light structure, practical closing and simple assembly. But in addition, it stands out for being one of the cheapest doors.


Dimensions: The structure of the door has been provided with measurements of 80 x 203 centimeters, corresponding to its width and height, respectively.

Weight: The door has a fairly light weight of 2.4 kilograms, which will allow you to handle it easily.

Closing: The door adjustment method is by means of a lock with a magnetic mechanism, incorporated to offer practicality when opening and closing.

Instruction manual: An instruction manual is included with the purchase in which you can review how to carry out its correct assembly, as well as the care to be taken into account to avoid deterioration of the door.


Flimsy: The polymer used for this door has been valued in some portals as flimsy, being an opinion that will depend on each person’s experience of use.

Jago FLTR02-Nussbaum

If you are looking for a practical and functional model to separate the rooms of the home, then pay attention to the attributes that this Jago folding door has. It is a model that has been manufactured with high-grade quality and resistance materials, with a dense PVC structure, which has been treated taking care of the details to look aesthetically pleasing in walnut color. 

This is an easy-to-install alternative that is 1/4″ thick. In addition, it includes a C-shaped handle, to facilitate its holding and the action of opening or closing, as well as a magnetic closure and a silent system. It is water resistant and can be washed without its properties deteriorating. The measurements of this door are 203 cm high, by 82 cm wide and it has a relatively light weight of 6.3 kilos and includes the accessories and manual.

Different models compete to be the best, but if you want a suitable folding door, it is worth knowing its details. Read those corresponding to this model.


Handle: The door is equipped with a C-shaped handle that makes it easy to hold to open and close.

Closing: It has a closing mechanism through a magnetic system from the inside.

Installation: Its weight is light and it includes all mounting accessories, so its installation is simple.

Manufacturing: It is made of resistant materials, with a waterproof and washable PVC structure.


Size: Some users have had to cut it, because they have been confused with the measurements.

White Oak 770045422

With so many models on the market, getting the best folding door can become a bit of a complex task, so you might want to check out this model from White Oak.

The door is white and has a double accordion-type design with opening from the center to the sides, which will give a distinctive touch to any room or closet in your home. Its format is 198 x 200 centimeters, corresponding to its height and width. In addition, it has a weight of only 9.7 kilograms.

On the other hand, we have the issue of the manufacturing material, for which polyvinyl chloride or PVC plastic 0.6 centimeters thick was implemented, thus offering softness to the touch and great resistance to both water and light impacts. We must also highlight the pair of easy-grip handles and the lock with magnetic polarities for a secure fit.

Its innovative design, elegant finishes, resistant structure and easy adaptation when installed in different rooms are some of the characteristics that make this model the best folding door of the moment.


Design: The door design is double panel and you can open it by folding it from the center to the sides.

Format: The door has dimensions of 198 x 200 centimeters and 9.7 kilograms of weight, being a light format that you can easily manipulate.

Resistance: The structure of the door was made of 0.6 centimeter PVC plastic, being a material that provides stability, resistance to water and light impacts.

Closing: You will be able to adjust the door safely, since it incorporates a practical lock with a magnetic mechanism.


Instruction manual: A disadvantage of the product at the time of installation is that the instruction manual has been printed in English and does not have a translation.

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