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Chest Freezer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In a large family it is convenient to have frozen food in large quantities, so a chest freezer can represent an interesting investment to preserve all that food and meet the needs of refrigerated storage. There are different models of this type of appliance, the Klarstein Iceblokk 60 standing out for its compact size, 60-litre capacity with efficient energy consumption and seven-level temperature regulator. But, if you need a larger capacity model, the Beko HSA40530N may be the one, as it is a 360-liter chest that works with cyclic cooling and an evaporation system to reduce ice accumulation.

The 9 Best Chest Freezers – Opinions 2022

There are homes in which the refrigerator space is very tight for the amount of food that must be kept frozen. For them, the chest freezer is a functional appliance, with specific characteristics to meet the needs of each family. If you are interested in buying one of these, we recommend you review our selection to see the most popular models in this category. 

Small chest freezer

1. Klarstein Iceblokk Freezer Temperature between -26° and -15° C

If you need extra storage space to free up your refrigerator a bit, the Iceblokk model with a 60-litre capacity and an A+ energy rating can be a good alternative.

This small chest freezer fits many products thanks to its internal dimensions of 35 x 48 x 35 cm. While for ice cream or portions of ready meals that are going to be consumed in a short time, the hanging basket can be used, which facilitates access to these products. 

Regarding the operation, you should know that this equipment has a rotary button to regulate the temperature. Also, we highlight the built-in lock to prevent unwanted access to your frozen food reserve.

The qualities described allow us to assess this model as the best chest freezer of the moment, according to some users, and for this reason we have made a summary of its pros and cons. 


Capacity: 60 liters of capacity can meet the needs of a small family or a couple to free up the refrigerator a bit.

Temperature: The chest freezes efficiently allowing the temperature to be regulated at 7 different levels, between -15°C and -26°C.

Design: The slim format of this product allows it to be placed in small spaces; In addition, you can choose in black or white.

Basket: The hanging basket allows easy access to small foods or those that are going to be consumed quickly.


Mobility: Wheels on the legs of the chest are missing to move it easily when it is full.

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Beko chest freezer

2. Beko Chest Freezer HSA40530N 

When we think about buying the best chest freezer, the question arises about its energy consumption, since in conventional refrigerators the production of excess frost increases electricity consumption. 

In the case of the Beko chest freezer, MinFrost technology provides an efficient evaporation system that reduces ice build-up, without compromising food preservation or increasing energy consumption. 

Similarly, it has a capacity of 360 liters and its dimensions are 129 x 86 x 67.5 cm, so it offers plenty of space to store food. On the other hand, we mention its design with a handle and lock to improve the user experience.

In this model we also highlight the temperature adjustment with a front control. Likewise, the LED signaling system indicates the chest’s operating mode for intuitive handling. 

If you are interested in this product, we recommend you review the positive and negative aspects that we distinguish in it.


Space: It offers 360 liters of capacity to preserve food in an organized way. In addition, it includes two hanging baskets that favor access to the most consumed foods. 

Lighting: The chest has a lamp inside that favors the placement of food for the user. 

Superfrost: This function is ideal for keeping food fresh and speeding up its freezing by placing it in contact with the walls of the chest.


Noise: The level of noise emitted by the chest can be uncomfortable for people with sensitive ears.

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Horizontal chest freezer

3. CHiQ Freezer FCF142D low consumption 40 db

Generally, chest freezer design takes up a lot of space. But, there are models that are committed to compact dimensions and efficient storage, as is the case with the FCF142D.

This equipment with 142 liters of capacity and low energy consumption measures just 56 x 76 x 82.5 cm and weighs 31 kg. To facilitate its mobilization, a pair of wheels are incorporated, an aspect that many users demand in the best chest freezers of 2022. 

On the other hand, this equipment has an intuitive handling, since you can adjust the temperature in 5 different levels thanks to the mechanical thermostat. Consequently, the temperature can vary from -9°C to -29°C, thus adapting to the refrigeration and storage needs of the family.

In this model we also highlight the internal aluminum lining that favors cleaning, as well as the uniform distribution of cold for efficient freezing. 

To know more about this product you can review the summary of its characteristics below.


Organization: The internal distribution of the chest allows food to be stored in an orderly manner, thanks to the spacious hanging basket with a sliding design.

Noise level: This model stands out for being quite quiet, highlighting this aspect in the opinions of its users.

Energy saving: The efficient design of the chest consumes 30% less energy than other similar models, maintaining a good capacity for fast freezing. 


Lamp: A lamp is missing to illuminate the interior of the chest when storing or removing food. 

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narrow chest freezer

4. Milectric Horizontal Chest Freezer A+ 

To make better use of the spaces in your kitchen, a narrow chest freezer may be the best alternative. In this context, the model we analyzed has dimensions of 85.4 x 62.5 x 55.9 cm. Thus, it has a storage capacity of 142 liters, to help you better preserve your food for a long period of time.

In relation to its capacity, it can freeze 13 kilograms in 24 hours. However, its energy consumption is 526 kW per hour, which is why it reaches the A+ energy classification for this type of appliance. Also, you should know that the amount of noise it generates is 40 dB, so it is not a device that pollutes your environment too much with annoying sounds.

Another advantage that you might be interested in knowing is that the purchase includes a basket, in which you can place frequently used foods. In this way, you can extract them quickly, when you need it.

Although this freezer is not one of the cheapest on the list, due to its capacity and advantages, it is convenient that you know it in detail.


Energy efficiency: It is a model with good performance, which has an A+ rating on the energy consumption scale.

Capacity: Despite its narrow design, it provides a storage capacity of 142 liters, so you can make the most of it.

Ease of use: It is a device with mechanical controls, which you can easily observe and change.


No Frost: Because it does not have this type of humidity control, you will have to clean it relatively regularly to keep it free of frost.

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Chest freezer with sliding doors

5. Klarstein Pro Eispalast Sliding Glass Top Freezer

The chest freezer with sliding doors is widely used in the commercial and catering sector, especially the model with a glass lid that allows the entire content to be viewed. 

In this category, many users recommend the Klarstein Pro Eispalast which has a 100 liter capacity, a compact size and sliding glass doors. Its internal design allows you to organize food and leave desserts or ice cream within reach in the large capacity hanging baskets. 

On the other hand, we highlight the robust steel structure on the outside with powder coating, while on the inside it has an aluminum coating that favors both cooling and cleaning of the equipment. 

In addition, this model incorporates wheels to facilitate its transfer from one place to another, as well as a lock to keep the merchandise protected, especially if it is used in kiosks, convenience stores, among others. 

Some users value Klarstein as the best brand of chest freezers and the characteristics of this model make us think the same. Therefore, we have summarized its positive and negative aspects below.


Capacity: The chest offers 100 liters of volume to store a good amount of food, ice packs, desserts, among others, in a compact size.

Visibility: The glass sliders allow you to view the contents of the chest, without steam problems thanks to the condenser that prevents frost. 

Cleaning: It incorporates a drainage valve that favors the cleaning and defrosting of the chest. 


Price: It is a refrigeration unit with a high cost, compared to other cabinets in our selection. 

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200 liter chest freezer

6. Infiniton Electronic Chest Freezer CH-205AD Horizontal

There are dual system refrigeration units on the market, useful for domestic use in which you can choose the function of refrigerator or freezer. This is one of the most outstanding features in the CH-205AD 200 liter chest freezer, which is ideal for when you have a party and want to chill drinks without risking them freezing.

It also has the Super Freeze function for when you store a lot of fresh food and you don’t want the temperature that the chest had previously to be affected. 

On the other hand, the fact that this equipment has an A++ energy classification stands out, reaching an annual consumption of 172 kW that will not have a considerable impact on your pocket. So if you are looking for the best chest freezer, perhaps this quality seems attractive to you and influences your decision. 

To better evaluate the characteristics of this model, we invite you to review the positive and negative aspects that we distinguish in it.


Basket: A large basket is included to better organize the food and leave those that you are going to use quickly within reach.

Dual system: This appliance works as a refrigerator at a temperature of 6°C and decreases to a maximum of -24°C for the freezer function through a mechanical control. 

Drain valve: It has a drain plug that facilitates the outflow of water during cleaning and defrosting of the chest.


Internal light: A lamp is missing to better visualize the food when extracting it. 

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Large chest freezer

7. ChiQ Freezer FCF400D 

In case you need to store many portions of fresh or prepared food, a large chest freezer, like the one from ChiQ, could be the device that best meets your expectations. In addition to having a cheap price, its fast freezing process will allow you to preserve the texture of the food and, thanks to the design of its compressor, it does not generate too much noise.

It has a total capacity of 400 liters, with a rectangular format and dimensions of 73 x 136.5 x 83.5 cm. In addition, thanks to its lower wheels, you can move it easily.

So that you can regulate its energy consumption and configure it for the type of products it will contain, you can choose between its 5 temperature settings. In this way, you can preserve seafood, meat, vegetables and much more. As if that were not enough, its cleaning is considerably facilitated, thanks to its aluminum coating.

Due to its qualities and cost, this may be the best quality-price chest freezer. Analyze in detail its main characteristics.


Silent : It only generates a noise level of 40 dB, so it is considered within the parameters of a silent freezer.

Portability: The wheels that it has on its base give it the possibility of moving it from one place to another easily.

Energy efficiency: It has an efficient compressor, which allows you to optimize your electricity consumption. 


No Frost: This model does not have a humidity controller, so it can generate frost inside.

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Ignis Chest Freezer

8. Ignis CE210EG Chest Freezer

With a useful capacity of 204 litres, the Ignis chest freezer is one of the cheap units in our selection, representing a good investment due to its A+ energy rating.

Of the qualities of this model we mention that it reaches temperatures of -18°C and its freezing capacity is 15 kg in 24 hours. Likewise, the fast freezing function with automatic disconnection maintains the lowest temperature when introducing fresh food into the chest, distributing the cold air evenly. Similarly, this equipment has a range of 36 hours in case there is a power failure to keep your food in good condition. 

Regarding the installation of this appliance, its design is free-standing and its measurements are 86.5 x 80.6 x 64.2 cm. These allow you to take advantage of a small space in the kitchen, basement or any other room in which you decide to place it.

Now we invite you to review the section on the pros and cons of this equipment that could be the best value for money chest freezer, where we summarize its main characteristics.


4 stars: The 4-star classification of this chest indicates that it reaches -24°C, being able to preserve fish for 6 months and other foods, such as vegetables, for a year. 

Cyclic system: The cyclic technology allows fresh air to flow inside the chest, favoring the natural humidity of the stored food.

Noise level: This equipment emits 40 dB of noise during normal operation, being considered a silent cabinet.


Light: This model does not incorporate lighting inside. But, this does not affect its functionality and efficiency.

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Zanussi chest freezer

9. Zanussi ZCAN20FW1 Chest Freezer Inverter Compressor

Before deciding which chest freezer to buy, you should review the characteristics of the ZCAN20FW1 model, whose capacity is 198 liters. 

This Zanussi chest freezer stands out for its interior LED lighting that consumes little energy and improves visibility when storing or removing food. In terms of mobility, the design with wheels and legs makes it easy to transport, without much effort. 

Regarding its operation, this equipment can freeze up to 15.5 kg in 24 hours and the temperature adjustment is made intuitively on the LCD panel that it incorporates on the front. Also, the quick freeze function is very useful to speed up the preservation of fresh food without affecting the temperature of the chest.

For the location of this appliance you should know that its design is free-standing and its measurements are 90.5 x 84.5 x 70 cm, reaching 139 cm when the lid is opened.

In the following section we show a summary of the most outstanding qualities in the Zanussi chest.


Opening: The door always opens easily thanks to the discharge valve that does not allow the formation of a vacuum inside the chest.

Silent: With 42 dB of noise, this appliance maintains a quiet and acceptable operation for home use.

Power cable: The cable is 2 meters long, which is a positive aspect if you do not have a plug so close to the chest.


Cost: To be a freezer with less than 200 liters of capacity, we can say that its price is high. 

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Chest Freezer Accessories

Freezer baskets

Sanno Basket Bases Organizer with Handles

One way to keep food organized is to use chest freezer baskets, like this Sanno model with two units, in which you can separate food by category for easy access.

Its dimensions of 26 x 28 x 16 cm and 28 liters capacity allow you to store beverage cans, food boxes, ice cream containers, meat, poultry and much more, to maintain order inside the chest. For its part, the construction of these polyethylene-coated steel baskets offers good resistance to cold, humidity and freezing, also favoring cleaning.

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Shopping guide

Chest freezers are those trunk or chest-type devices that are found in bars, restaurants and also in the homes of large families, where space is needed to store many frozen foods. If you are looking for one of these options, we recommend you review our guide to buying the best chest freezer where we briefly explain the main aspects to take into account when investing your money in an appliance in this category.

Capacity and energy efficiency

First of all, any comparison of chest freezers must be delimited by the storage needs of the family in question in order to choose the corresponding capacity.

In this sense, the market offers from compact 50 or 60-litre models, ideal for couples or small families who do not want to clutter the fridge, to 360-litre models, which offer ample storage space, but also need a large place for placement. 

So, before reviewing how much the chest costs, you should clearly assess which capacity is the most appropriate for your needs, as well as the space you have to place the chest in your kitchen, basement or garage. 

However, with regard to the energy consumption of the equipment, it is important to review the manufacturer’s label and data sheet to know its classification, it being advisable to choose products classified A, A+ or A++ which, initially, may be more expensive when buying them., but over time they will allow you to save on electricity bills.

Design and technology

The cabinets are refrigeration equipment with an intuitive design and do not require technical knowledge to start up. By carefully reviewing the manufacturer’s instruction manual and recommendations, you can make proper use of the chest.

However, many models are differentiated by their dimensions and practicality aspects that improve the user experience. For this reason, some incorporate an LCD display to make temperature adjustments, others have a rotary button to choose the cooling level. Also, it is possible to observe that some equipments incorporate luminous indicators to understand the operation of the cabinet, activate functions and know if there is any error that needs immediate attention. 

Regardless of the design, we know you can get a chest that’s affordable, easy to use, and has temperature settings that let you adjust the thermostat with ease.

Organization and storage

The idea of ​​having a chest freezer is to be able to store more food and keep it in good condition for later consumption. But, a huge trunk in which you are piling up food and then not knowing where the lasagna or the turkey you want to heat is will be of no use to you. 

Consequently, the organization inside the chest is a point that you should assess when making your purchase, verifying if it includes storage baskets, divisions or trays so that it is easier for you to take advantage of the space inside. 

The smaller capacity models usually come with a basket, while the 200 and 300 liter models can include up to two spacious hanging baskets to store food neatly.

In any of these cases, you must create your own organization system by separating food by category, as well as maintaining a label every time you save new products to use those that have been stored the longest. This will allow you to make efficient use of your chest, regardless of its capacity.

Mobility and openness

Chest freezers are made of sturdy steel frames, so they are heavy and when full, moving them can be difficult. For this reason it is very important to choose the right place for the installation of the equipment. 

But, knowing that there are always situations in which it is necessary to move the chest temporarily or permanently, we recognize the advantage of models that incorporate wheels on their legs. So don’t forget to check if the chest you like includes this item.

As for the opening, we already mentioned that these devices have a trunk design, therefore the doors usually open upwards. In this regard, it is convenient to check that the manufacturer has incorporated a discharge valve to prevent the formation of a vacuum that often affects the easy opening of the chest. 

On the other hand, we must mention that some models have sliding doors that offer a mechanism for easy access to food. In general, this design is more common in commercial chests. 

lighting and cleaning

Currently, many chests incorporate lamps inside to improve the user’s visibility when inserting or removing food, so you can see where you are going to place the products or get what you are looking for more easily.

Another aspect that improves the user experience has to do with the cleaning of the equipment, specifically when manual defrosting is performed. In these cases, it is convenient for the chest to include a drain valve that helps to eliminate the residual water from the defrost, thus favoring the cleaning of the equipment. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a chest freezer inside?

After the chest has thawed well and all the water has drained out of it, you can use a damp cloth to clean the walls and bottom. If you notice a particular musty smell or unpleasant aroma, you can make a solution with a cup of water, two tablespoons of baking soda, and a splash of vinegar. Clean the entire chest inside with the cloth and then rinse well before drying with a towel. 

It is recommended to leave the freezer door open for several hours before connecting it again so that the air can circulate and there are no traces of water inside.

Q2: How to organize a chest freezer?

Containers with lids are a good way to separate foods you want to freeze, especially ready meals. On the other hand, there are many storage solutions such as stackable baskets, pull-out drawers and dividers that will help you separate food by category for easy access when you take it out of the chest.

Likewise, airtight bags also represent an efficient solution for organizing food by separating it into portions, also taking advantage of space. In any case, it is very important to label the food with the date of storage, as well as the name to know for sure what it is once it is frozen.

Q3: How to line a chest freezer?

There are currently different products on the market designed to decorate or renew the appearance of domestic refrigeration appliances. In the case of the chest freezer, you can use the self-adhesive vinyl sold to give it a colorful touch or you can choose a printed design to make it look totally different and add decorative value to the kitchen.

It is important that when lining the chest you do not cover the ventilation grille, as this can affect its operation. On the other hand, if you don’t want to risk doing a bad job, you can hire some specialized services that offer you the design of personalized vinyl and its assembly. 

Q4: How to repair a chest freezer?

Some of these teams explain in the instruction manual how to solve simple faults. The important thing is to read carefully and know how to identify what is wrong with the chest. 

However, our recommendation is that you consult the manufacturer’s technical support first so that you don’t risk losing the guarantee of the appliance if you try to fix it yourself.  

Q5: How much does a chest freezer consume?

To find out how much energy a particular chest freezer consumes, it is necessary to review the manufacturer’s technical sheet where the energy classification of the appliance is specified, as well as the consumption of KWh/year that it makes.

When reviewing the models available on the market, we find chests that have an A++ or A energy rating, as well as other equipment that has an F rating. The former are usually more expensive, but the investment is compensated in a short time, since the impact on the electricity bill will not be as high as the chests labeled D, E or F.

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