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Fruit Bowl – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Maintaining the organization of food in the kitchen can help fruits and vegetables retain their properties for longer, while allowing better control and management of quantities, as well as access to them. For fruits, it is convenient to have a fruit bowl. There are simple and avant-garde models. Among them, the Koziol Babell 3180525 has a minimalist design, available in various colors and is made up of three removable floors, so it saves space. Similarly, the Mueble Gestion Y824009 is an alternative with greater capacity because it is a vegetable cart, with four baskets and swivel wheels that facilitate its movement.

The 9 Best Fruit Bowls – Opinions 2022

Just like meats and vegetables, fruits can also be arranged in a space that makes them easy to organize and ensures access to them, while providing a nice decoration. To do this, you can resort to a fruit bowl, a decorative and functional piece that can have different sizes and designs according to the brand. Although the models are varied, only a few stand out among the best fruit bowls of 2022, alternatives that we will review one by one below. 

3-tier fruit bowl

1. Koziol Babell 3-tier fruit bowl, removable

To ensure the organization of fruits on high surfaces such as countertops, this 3-tier fruit bowl from the manufacturer Koziol Babell can be a favorable option, because its design is elegant and it is available in various colors, so that it can be combined with the decoration. 

The specifications of this model make it recognized by many users as the best fruit bowl on the market. This is because it has been made of resistant materials. Although its structure is made of plastic, it is strong and capable of supporting the weight of the fruits on each of the levels. 

In addition, the pieces of this option are removable, which facilitates cleaning and allows greater versatility when it comes to decorating and organizing, because two levels can be placed in the kitchen and the rest on the dining table. The structure is stable and its dimensions are compact, but functional for various fruits.

This Koziol Babell model may be the best fruit bowl of the moment, so it is convenient to know its positive and negative aspects.


Construction: It has a construction made of plastic, a robust material that has been delicately worked.

Design: Its design is minimalist and functional, suitable for decorating any kitchen because it is offered in different colors.

Levels: The structure is made up of a total of three removable and easy-to-wash levels.

Use: It can be used as a single piece or separately and can hold a large number of fruits. 


Price: Although there are several colors, the price of this item varies significantly depending on the tone. 

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2. Nonmon Chromed Metal 3 Tier Fruit Bowl

This Nonmon 3-tier fruit bowl is one of the most recommended on the market, because it is built with a strong structure that supports the weight of several fruits on each of its levels. 

It has a hammock design that is used to display fruits in a modern way in the kitchen, dining room or living room, which is why it is recognized as one of the best fruit bowls of 2022. The model has a construction made of lightweight, but resistant metal., with chrome finishes and a structure that favors air circulation. 

Each of the levels of the main structure is removable. In total, the fruit bowl has dimensions of 35 cm wide by 56 cm high by 23 cm long. It weighs 980 grams and is made to hold any type of fruit, from apples to bananas to oranges. Its installation is simple.

Nonmon is frequently listed as the best fruit bowl brand on the market and the pros and cons of this model could give you an idea of ​​why.


Design: It has a sophisticated design, with hammock-shaped levels, practical for decoration.

Levels: It has three levels with different sizes, which can be disassembled for greater versatility.

Construction: Its construction is light and metallic, with a delicate chrome finish.

Ventilation: The hammock shape ensures air circulation between the fruits. 


Fragility: The structure is a bit flimsy, so a strong wind can blow it to the ground. 

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fruit cart

3. Lisbon Kitchen Cart Greengrocer Management Furniture

There are users who wonder which is the best fruit bowl on the market. For them, this Management Furniture proposal can be convenient because it is functional and wide, to organize from fruits to vegetables. 

It is a fruit cart that has been built with strong materials, in a structure that incorporates wood, white tiles and even a closed drawer. In addition, it is useful for preserving different foods because it has 4 metal baskets, which provide adequate air intake. 

Its design is portable because it is equipped with four swivel wheels, which make it easy to move the cart from one place to another. Its weight is about 10 kilos and the fruit bowl has a high capacity. Its measurements are 85 cm high by 37 cm wide by 37 cm deep, which allows it to be placed in any corner of the kitchen and fulfill a practical and decorative function at the same time. 

Deciding which fruit bowl to buy can be complex, so we invite you to learn more about the pros and cons of this model.


Assembly: Its assembly is simple and fast because it comes half assembled.

Design: It has a practical design with wheels, which includes a closed drawer and four baskets. 

Ventilation: The entry of air to preserve the freshness of the fruits is ensured in each of the levels. 

Construction: Its structure is made of wood, with metal baskets and a tiled surface. 


Accessories: A fifth replacement basket is missing in case one breaks.

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fruit cabinet

4. Kitchen Trolley Closet Kit

To preserve legumes, fruits and vegetables, it is best to have a fruit trolley that allows the organization of food, through a functional and versatile structure. This is what you can get by opting for this model from the manufacturer Kit Closet.

This fruit cabinet is multipurpose, because it has been designed with a stainless metal surface, which serves as a lid where decorations, fruits or bags can be placed when arriving from the market. In addition, its vintage-style design is available in bench color and is equipped with two metal baskets and a handle, so that food ventilation is ensured. 

Likewise, its structure is made up of a third level or bottle rack, with capacity for three bottles of wine. Similarly, in the upper part it has a drawer to store bills or other objects. Likewise, it has four wheels that facilitate its transport.

To ensure the purchase, it is convenient that you review the pros and cons of this model.


Wheels: For its transfer and portability, it includes four wheels, two of them with brakes.

Baskets: It incorporates a total of three baskets, two for fruit and a third for bottles, making it versatile.

Design: It has a vintage-style design, which is available in white and has a drawer and surface.

Assembly: Its assembly is easy and fast, and it includes a key to complete the installation.


Wood: The parts made of wood look flimsy and not very resistant.

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wooden fruit bowl

5. Inter Link Fruit Bowl 60100400

Simple but functional, this is how this wooden fruit bowl has been described, which is presented by the manufacturer Inter Link as its proposal to organize and preserve fruits and vegetables in a comfortable and practical way. 

It is a set of stackable solid wood boxes, with three levels for storage, in which fruits, vegetables and greens can be stored in an organized and fresh way, since, being an open model, air circulation is constant, which maintains the freshness of the fruits and prevents bruising, while slowing down the natural deterioration process. 

The dimensions of this fruit bowl are 37 cm by 30 cm by 80 cm. It is practical to place in the kitchen area of ​​the home or restaurant because it does not take up much space. In addition, its manufacturer has added a base with four swivel wheels that facilitate its movement.

If this alternative seemed interesting to you, now you just have to take a look at its pros and cons.


Levels: The fruit bowl consists of three large levels, in which fruits or vegetables can be stored

Wheels: For ease of movement, it includes a base with four swivel wheels.

Design: It has a classic design of solid wooden boxes that have been stacked one on top of the other.

Versatility: It is convenient to be used in home or restaurant kitchens, thanks to its size. 


Cleaning: Being made of wood, cleaning is difficult and it is necessary to place a cloth on each level.

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hanging fruit bowl

6. Mack Hanging Basket, 3-Piece Set

Frequently, this model appears as the best value for money fruit bowl, because it is one of the cheapest on the market and in our selection. It is a decorative element to keep the fruits organized. 

The structure of this hanging fruit bowl is made of chromed metal. Its design is for the ceiling, since there are three trays connected by a chain, which fall in size ascending. 

Due to its aerial design, space is saved in the kitchen and fruits can be taken one by one comfortably, without having to bend down or bend your back. In addition, the preservation and freshness of food are guaranteed because there is a constant circulation of air. The height of this piece is 75 cm and the baskets have a diameter of 27 cm for the largest, 25 for the medium and 22.5 for the small basket. 

Before making a purchase, review the positive and negative aspects of this model, which is one of the cheapest.


Baskets: The structure has three baskets of different sizes, ranging from the smallest to the largest.  

Design: It has a practical design to save space, because it is a chain that hangs from the ceiling.

Construction: It has a strong construction, made with chromed and stainless metal that is highly resistant.

Capacity: It has three levels of storage in the form of a basket, with a capacity for more than 4 kilos. 


Installation: Although it includes a hook, its installation on the ceiling can be a bit complex.

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fruit bowl with wheels

7. Kitchen Craft Four Tier Storage Cart

This fruit bowl with wheels marketed by Kitchen Craft is one of the best of its kind, because it is comfortable and functional, with a large capacity for organizing fruits and vegetables on four levels. 

It is a cart for storage and saving space in the kitchen, because it is made up of four baskets, each one of them spacious, in which you can organize fruits and vegetables. 

This piece is made of chromed metal and its baskets are removable, which facilitates its use and favors cleaning. In addition, it is easy to install, you just have to place the baskets on the structure, which has been equipped with a base with swivel wheels to make it easier to move the fruit bowl, whether it is full or empty. Likewise, its weight is light, only 1.8 kilos and its measurements are 43 cm by 28 cm by 66 cm.

Kitchen Craft is a quality manufacturer and this model is proof of that. Here are its pros and cons.


Weight: Its weight is only 1.8 kilos, so it is light, but with a high load capacity.

Structure: Its structure is made up of a total of four levels or large baskets.

Construction: It has a strong construction, made with chromed metal that favors durability and robustness.

Wheels: The structure incorporates four swivel wheels that make it easy to slide around the kitchen.


Disassembly: When the baskets are removed to disassemble, putting them back can be a bit complex. 

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glass fruit bowl

8. RCR 25125020006 Curved Glass Decorative Centerpiece or fruit bowl

Variety is taste and this glass fruit bowl from the Italian manufacturer RCR has an elegant and sophisticated design, which adapts to different decorative environments because it has a luminous effect that reflects light and favors brightness. 

Unlike other options, this fruit bowl is made up of a single piece. So it is a transparent bowl made of glass, with dimensions of 24 cm in diameter, by 9 cm in height. 

In addition, its design is accompanied by textured sides and a curved base that allows the piece to rise above the table and elegantly display the fruits in the center of a table. 

It weighs 1 kilo with 41 grams and has been created to support the weight of at least 8 apples and keep them fresh in the container. In addition, it can also be used decoratively by adding pearls or other stones.

If you liked this model, it is convenient that you keep in mind its positive and negative aspects. 


Construction: Its Italian construction is resistant, made of glass for a crystal appearance. 

Design: It has an elegant bowl design, with a curved base that fits different sophisticated styles. 

Capacity: Although its weight is just over a kilo, it has the capacity to hold twice as much content.

Finishes: It has delicate finishes, a luminous effect that reflects light and a textured base.


Space: It is not recommended to house a large number of fruits, because it does not have much space for it. 

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wall fruit bowl

9. Fruitwall White Metal Wall Hanging Fruit and Vegetable Bowl 

Those who want to display their fruits and keep them fresh with constant air circulation, can review the properties that stand out in this model marketed by Fruitwall, which is one of the most sought after and efficient on the market. 

It is a wall-mounted fruit bowl that has been made of white metal and in which the fruits can be placed in an organized and separate way, so that they do not hit each other or get crushed. 

Its installation is simple: it is only necessary to mount with three screws and it has capacity for at least 36 oranges, apples or pears. In addition, they can be placed according to consumer preference to save time and money. 

On the other hand, its design is conducive to cleaning. It is only necessary to pass a damp cloth over the surface which, although it is painted, is suitable for contact with fruit and food.

Before selecting this model, it may be worth reviewing its positive and negative specifications:


Capacity: It has a capacity for 12 kilos, distributed in each of the 6 shelves of the fruit bowl.

Weight: Its weight is light, only 2.49 kilos and its installation is simple, so it does not take time.

Design: It has a practical design to display the fruits and keep them organized as well as ventilated.

Construction: Its construction is resistant, made of white painted metal, suitable for contact with food.


Organization: To make it look decorative and elegant, you have to maintain the rotation of the fruits.

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Shopping guide

Fruit bowls are decorative elements that also help keep fruits and vegetables organized and in a suitable state of freshness. According to convenience, there is a design that fits the needs and varies in relation to materials and capacity. So that you have more knowledge about these pieces, we have prepared a guide to buy the best fruit bowl, a device that could be of interest to you, because it includes everything you need to know to make the purchase efficient.


To have an estimate of how much a fruit bowl costs, it would be beneficial to know the materials that the manufacturer has incorporated in the construction of the piece, since, in addition to the cost, the raw material included in its pieces is a benchmark for the quality and durability of the product. product. 

The fruit bowls can be made of three basic materials that are plastic, metal and wood. In addition, some may be made with a combination of them, thus achieving wooden structures, metal baskets and plastic inserts. 

Likewise, it is also possible to find some alternatives that are made of glass or crystal. These are usually more delicate, but have an imposing decorative style, which provides elegant and sophisticated touches to the place where they are placed. 

Similarly, the most conventional fruit bowls are those made of chromed metal, a light material, but at the same time resistant, which allows discreet storage of large quantities of fruits and vegetables. In the same order of ideas, wooden structures tend to be sought after for their high resistance and capacity. Although they are usually heavier than metal ones, they are also versatile and have a decorative impact. 

weight and capacity 

Before making a purchase decision, the most sensible thing is to make a comparison of fruit bowls that includes an analysis of the weight and the capacity that the piece is capable of supporting. The vast majority of models available on the market follow the same pattern: they are light and delicate, but with a high load capacity. 

In this way, you can find alternatives with a capacity of one kilo, as well as other options that have resistant structures and are capable of holding up to 15 kilos of fruit and vegetables. In general, the fruit bowls with the greatest capacity are those made of metal and wood. The weights of these elements are usually light, between 1.5 kilos and 10 kilos. It all depends on the style and design. 


An economical fruit bowl with a functional design is a piece that should be part of any kitchen, to improve the organization of food and preserve the fresh properties of the fruit. However, styles and types vary by make and model. 

In this sense, depending on the convenience of the user and the amount of fruit that is bought weekly, there is a design that fits. For example, there are table models that are made up of three levels, each with shelves to place the fruit. Instead, some proposals are a kind of bowl, with a single bowl-style level, which can hold 5 kilos of content. 

On the other hand, some more versatile models are fruit and vegetable carts, which are placed somewhere in the kitchen and have a high storage capacity. These carts may include baskets, a top plate, a drawer and even a bottle holder, while others only have the baskets. They can be made of metal or wood structures. 

Also, other designs usually have a chain structure to hang from the ceiling or a wall shelf. Both types of fruit bowl are made of metal and facilitate access to the fruit, as well as its visibility. 

Ventilation and wheels

A suitable fruit bowl is one that allows a constant entry of air for the constant ventilation of the fruits. This provides added freshness and prevents oxidation. For this reason, the most recommended alternatives are those that incorporate baskets in which air can circulate and that also have convenient dimensions so that the fruits do not crush each other, but rather so that they remain in an optimal state for a longer time. 

Similarly, in addition to ventilation, it is important that the baskets or levels are removable. This will ensure greater versatility in the use, decoration and even cleaning of the parts, which in turn will affect the conservation of the fruit.

In addition, in the case of fruit trolleys, the most convenient thing for a comfort issue is that their structures have swivel wheels at the base, since these will facilitate the movement of the element in the kitchen. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a fruit bowl?

Depending on the model, it is likely that the first thing to do when removing from the packaging is to assemble the parts. To do this, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer together with the part. 

The most common is that all the parts are incorporated to complete the assembly (screws and keys). In general, it is only necessary to add the baskets or levels to the structure, as well as the wheels (on the cart type) and the assembly is ready.

Then, if it is for a table, it must be placed on a flat surface and each level must be filled with fruit, without exceeding the weight limit. 

Q2: How to make a three-tier fruit bowl?

One of the easiest ways to make a three-tiered fruit bowl is with a central wooden frame that will support each of the tiers. This should have the shape of a thick rod with a rounded tip, which should be divided into three parts (respect the space between each of the divisions). Indentations must be added to this piece of wood, which is where the plates or levels will fit. 

Then, it is necessary to make plates (they can be made of wood or plastic), with a hole in the center (the diameter of the stick) and incorporate them into this wooden structure until they fit into the slit.

Q3: How to eliminate mosquitoes from the fruit bowl?

The hygiene of the structure must be maintained and the freshness of the fruits must be preserved. Therefore, before placing the fruit, it is best to wash it with cold water and let it dry. Once dry, the fruits should be placed in the fruit bowl and consumed regularly.

In addition, a home remedy can be used. In a spray bottle, add half a cup of water, a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar and citronella essence. This mixture should be sprayed around the fruit to repel mosquitoes. 

Q4: Why do tomatoes germinate in the fruit bowl?

This can occur for various reasons, but one of the main ones is the time the tomatoes remain in the fruit bowl, the external conditions of the fruit and the internal conditions of the seed, as well as the properties of temperature and humidity. Also, if the fruit bowl is in a dark place, it is likely that the tomato will sprout and germination will occur inadvertently. 

Q5: How to decorate a fruit bowl?

To the models that are made of glass or crystal, some striking pearls that can be seen from the outside can be added to give more style. In the case of fruit bowls that are made of wood, they can be decorated with paint to make it look more colorful. Likewise, in the table models that have levels, only two can be used and one left to place decorations that combine with the fruits. The same in the case of tiled carts: this surface can be used to put decorative objects. 

Q6: How to assemble a fruit cabinet?

These pieces usually come from the factory half-assembled, so you only need to add a few parts to your frame, such as baskets (they require a bit of pressure and some the addition of a nut), as well as the wheels to the base (in case you have them). This step can be the most complex because the wheels may not fit, so you will have to put more pressure on them and give them a few bumps until they square up satisfactorily. If the furniture is wall mounted, then the holes must be made with the help of a drill and then the structure must be assembled.

Q7: How to disinfect a fruit bowl?

Hygiene is essential if you want to enjoy a clean and mosquito-free fruit bowl. To do this, the dishes or baskets that are part of the levels must be washed frequently. Most alternatives allow the use of a damp cloth on the structure. This can be done on a regular basis. In addition, the removable properties of the element can be used to remove the baskets and wash them with water and liquid soap. 

Q8: How to fix a hanging fruit bowl?

To fix a hanging fruit bowl it will be necessary to install it on the ceiling. To do this, select the place where it is going to be fixed and, with the help of a drill, create a hole in which a hook or ring must be adjusted, which is where the fruit bowl will be hung.

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