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Although traditionally fried should be moderated in a healthy diet, modern direct heat fryers avoid problems with fat and make food much healthier. Something that traditional fryers have also achieved, which with their new frying systems offer lighter and more pleasant dishes. Do not forget to check that the fryer has the necessary power and capacity according to your specific needs. The most recommended model at the moment is the Princess Aerofryer XL fryer  which, in addition to the air frying system, also has an adjustable temperature and digital timer, so that you have the food ready at the time you want, effortlessly. Highly recommended is also the Duronic AF1 fryer, which works by means of hot air and hardly any oil, obtaining healthier and more pleasant foods. It has up to 2 liters of capacity so it is perfect for large families.

The 7 Best Deep Fryers – Opinions 2022

Leave the past behind and join the new era! Forget about food remains stuck to the pan thanks to the system offered by the best professional fryer. If you want to know a little more about models and the best prices on the market, take a look below:

1. Princess 182020 Digital Aerofryer XL Fryer

Main advantage:

The main advantage that we can find associated with the Princess Digitales Aerofryer fryer model is the possibility of being able to do all kinds of traditional frying without needing a drop of oil. Users on the web are delighted with the possibility of being able to cook their food in a healthier way.

Main disadvantage:

There aren’t too many drawbacks associated with a product that works as wonderfully well as the Princess Digital Aerofryer XL; Although it is important for us to highlight that the manual included in the model is really very basic, it is at a disadvantage compared to other market competitors that include user manuals with very complete recipes.

Verdict: 9.9/ 10

This Princess brand model is one of the best oil-free fryers of the moment, recommended for all those who are looking for a healthier way to prepare food. If you want a kind of comfortable oven, easy to use, powerful and easy to clean, this product is perfect for you.

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Among the first aspects that jump out at you when you carefully analyze the Princess Digital Aerofryer XL model, are all those details associated with the design of the product.

We especially liked that it is an article of good general dimensions; Its measurements are around 38.6 cm in width, 34.6 cm in depth and 32.4 cm in height, with a general weight of 5 kg in total.

It is a product made in a color scheme as attractive as it is modern, where black and silver predominate. In another order, the incorporation in its design of an LCD screen that allows a better handling of the product as well as a digital timer is appreciated.

Nor should you worry about having possible accidents with this article, since its developers have placed non-slip pads on the base that prevent all kinds of unexpected movements.


When looking for the best fryer on the market, it is important to observe the aspects related to the capacity of the product; Many models on the market are really effective and powerful, but their small size makes it difficult to use them for family meals or on a daily basis.

Fortunately, you won’t have this problem if you decide to take the fryer model presented in this description home, since its large volume makes it easy to cook several portions of food in one pass; For example, if it is potatoes, you can make up to five portions in one session. In its specifications we can see that the internal capacity of the model is up to 3.2 liters, in addition to being a 100% dishwasher-safe product.

Does not use oil

One of the biggest problems that arise when buying a fryer is that, as we already know, consuming fried foods is not the best option for your health. This is one of the reasons why we have given the Princess Digital Aerofryer XL fryer model such a high rating, since when compared to other items in its category, it has an undoubted advantage as it is a product that achieves the texture and the taste of fried foods but without using a single drop of oil.

This fryer model is ideal for use on a daily basis, for use with people who have cholesterol problems, or simply to be able to continue enjoying your favorite fried foods without affecting your weight.

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2. Duronic AF1 /BK 1500W Hot Oilless Fryer

This fryer is ideal for processing various types of food, achieving crispness using little or very low amounts of oil. In this sense, if you are looking to reduce the consumption of oil but do not want to stop enjoying your food as if it had been submerged in oil.

This is achieved thanks to an efficient operating method that involves the use of hot air, which circulates inside the appliance and allows food to be cooked, whether you are looking to fry, bake, roast, or grill food..

It has a capacity for 2.2 liters of content and its size is compact, so you won’t have to worry about locating it in your kitchen, and also, due to its elegant design, it will combine with the rest of the appliances.

Likewise, the level of hygiene is very high since splashes are avoided because the container remains covered, and the basket and bowl of the fryer can be placed in the dishwasher, so you will not have to work too hard to keep it clean.


Operation: It works without requiring excessive amounts of oil, in fact in some cases you can do without this ingredient and make the food healthier, because its cooking mechanism is with hot air circulation.

Capacity: With its 2.2 liters of capacity, you can process a sufficient amount of food for several people, whether they are your family or friends.

Cleaning: You will be able to maintain the hygiene of this artifact without problems, since in the first place it does not generate splashes because it is quite airtight and because some of its parts can be placed in the dishwasher.

Control: It allows you to have a good range of control over the temperature inside it, by means of a simple selector that goes from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius.

Size: It has a compact size that will allow you to place it anywhere in the kitchen you choose or even move it to another place if you need to continue cooking with little oil in another area.

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3. Philips Oilless Fryer HD9220/20

The outstanding aspect of this fryer is its patented Rapid Air technology that will allow you to cook your food with up to 80% less fat, thus resulting in a drastic reduction in oil intake so that even your health will benefit. It has a more efficient air circulation than its competitors, so the emission of unpleasant vapors is practically zero, thus offering you a kitchen free of bad odours.

In addition, its tray is capable of being loaded with 800 grams of whatever you want and its built-in timer will keep you up to date on the status of your food so that it doesn’t overcook. Its sleek and compact design allows this fryer to take up a small space in your kitchen while being dishwasher safe making it the best fryer for you.

If you are looking for the best fryer of the moment, then the Philips AirFryer HD9220/20 may be ideal if you are looking for economy, results and healthier food. If you want to know more about it, just take a look at its pros and cons below.


Rapid Air Technology – Because this model features innovative Rapid Air technology, you don’t need a single pinch of oil to make your food ready for any opportunity. With this Rapid Air system, this Philips brand fryer cooks based on hot air, coming to be considered by users as a mini oven with the results of a fryer.

Programmable: it is easily configurable in terms of temperature and cooking time of the food, so it really does not matter what type of food you are going to prepare, rest assured that the best fryer for 150 euros designed by Philips has the estimated times of cooking, as well as the ideal temperature for them.

Cookbook: If you have no idea what you could cook with a deep fryer, don’t worry! The AirFryer HD9220/20 includes a recipe book with which you can guide yourself and follow one or another advice on how to use your fryer, what type of food to cook and, above all, how to prepare it! So you should not allow this to be a limitation when purchasing one of these pieces of equipment and, best of all, all its parts are dishwasher safe. Seize it!

Compact: This fryer has a 800 gram reservoir, making it ideal for kitchens and small places. However, users have reported that if you cook a lot of it, it may not work with excellence, so it is important not to abuse it.

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4. Russell Hobbs 20810-56 Purifry Oil Free Fryer

The latest trend in health in the kitchen is marked by fryers without oil. Products that fry through the action of heat, with hardly any fat, without discomfort and with a much lower caloric content.

As an example of this new trend, we find the Russell Hobbs 20810-56 Purifry model, which is responsible for making any food perfect with little effort or expense. Due to its high quality, it is one of the products most valued by consumers, offering a capacity of two liters of food, directly, since it does not include oil in the preparation.

To help you cook more comfortably, you have a timer of up to 60 minutes, so that everything is at its point without you having to be on top of the fryer while it works. All this without odours, without mixed flavors and with a much healthier food.


Capacity: despite its compact design, it has two liters of capacity, more than enough for families of up to four members.

Thermostat: its variable thermostat allows you to cook with temperatures of up to 200 degrees depending on the amount and type of food you are going to fry.

Double basket: as a novelty, since it does not have oil, this fryer has a double basket system so that you can have two foods cooking at the same time.

Cleaning: the basket can be cleaned directly in the dishwasher, which makes it easy to leave the fryer as good as new after use.

Recipe book: so that you can make the most of its functions, the fryer has a recipe book with the times and methods of preparation for different foods.


Learning: since we are used to frying in the traditional way, it is necessary to learn and adjust the cooking times as well as to evaluate the results obtained in frying.

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5. Clatronic FR 3195 Fryer 3 removable baskets 2000 W

If you usually have many people at the table at mealtimes or it bothers you greatly that when you finish frying the potatoes the rest of the fried foods are cold, then the Clatronic FR 3195 fryer is just what you were looking for.

It is one of the fryers with the largest capacity on the market, no less than four liters, which allows you to have a large capacity basket or two independent baskets that are almost equal to the size of a traditional basket, so that you can fry two kinds of food at once without one getting cold.

Its high power and its submerged resistance system make the fryer ready to start working in no time, while extending the life of the oil and preventing flavors from leaking or mixing. When you finish using it, you can clean it easily thanks to its completely removable design.


Submerged resistance: the resistance immersed directly in the oil allows us to heat it directly to obtain more efficient results.

Completely removable: all the parts are removable from the main body to make cleaning much easier.

Double tray: the double tray system allows two frying at the same time so you don’t have to wait to prepare complete dishes.

Heating: although its tank holds up to four liters of oil, the heating time is about five minutes, thanks to its 2000 watts of power.

Large basket: if you decide to use the individual basket, you will have a large enough frying capacity for four or more people.


Oil consumption: due to its characteristics, this fryer tends to consume more oil than other similar models, although not much more than a three-liter one, for example.

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6. Tefal Actifry YV960120 2-in-1 fryer for healthy cooking

The Tefal Actifry YV9601 is a strong candidate for the position of best fryer of 2022, according to users. This 2-in-1 fryer allows you to cook two different types of food that can weigh up to 1 kg with just one tablespoon of oil.

This thought by the Tefal family whose purpose is to take care of its customers. It also includes a recipe book so that you can cook the best dishes in a short period of time, given that its 1550 W make it a powerful appliance, thus saving electricity usage time.

Its glass lid allows you to see the status of your meals, avoiding annoying splashes on the countertop, and its healthy cooking plate allows you to cook full portions of meat, fish, chicken, whatever you choose! And it will always be as you wish and to the point.

When thinking about which fryer to buy, it is necessary to take into account the size of your kitchen, how many people make up your family and, of course, how much you are willing to invest for an appliance like this. Well, if your kitchen is large, your family is large and you are not worried about investing more than necessary in a fryer, then the Actifry YV9601, Tefal brand may be what you need. If so, find out below.


Compartments: This equipment has not only one compartment to prepare any type of food, but two ready for action! Forget about wasting time preparing food little by little, you will be able to do it more quickly thanks to the two departments that this fryer includes, in which you will be able to have an area for fragile foods and another for others.

Quantity: thanks to the aforementioned compartments, you will be able to cook up to 1,200 grams of food at the same time! So you will have a meal in a single cooking and ready with just a little oil, being healthy and economical at the same time.

Dishwasher safe: so you don’t have to worry about its washing and cleaning, since it is extremely simple.


Size and price: you must take into consideration that this model is very large, given the opinions of the users, so if you acquire it you must make sure you have the required space, and, of course, it is much more expensive compared to other models.

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7. Taurus Professional 2 Professional fryer 1700 W

If you are not willing to invest too much and are looking for the best cheap fryers, this is the one for you. This compact model of the Taurus brand offers you 1700 W of power which will help you cook your food quickly and homogeneously, and its spectacular design with stainless steel finishes will combine perfectly with your kitchen, in addition to being able to be placed in the dishwasher.

This fryer is ideal for small families since its capacity allows cooking a complete meal and its illustrated indicators on the thermostat will help you know what temperature is appropriate for the type of food you want to cook so that it is always cooked at The perfection.

This Taurus brand model is the cheapest fryer on this list, and it is because it fulfills the basic functions, which are frying and leaving your food with a good taste. However, reviewing its main features is a good idea before purchasing it:


Size: The great thing about this Taurus deep fryer is that it is small, so you can fit it anywhere in your kitchen.

Dishwasher safe: With stainless steel materials and being completely removable, you can put this fryer in the dishwasher without fear of damage.

Automatic disconnection: It does not matter if you forgot to turn off or disconnect the fryer, this equipment after a certain time of inactivity automatically disconnects-turns off to avoid accidents.


Capacity: Being compact, it includes an oil tank for only 2 liters, limiting the amount of food that you can fry at the same time, these being only 800 grams.

Danger when frying: Despite being the cheapest model, it has a big problem, which is that it does not have a lid when frying, causing the oil to jump out and stain both the equipment and your kitchen and yourself, being able to burn you

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Buying guide – What is the best fryer on the market?

Without a doubt, we all find fried potatoes more attractive than cooked ones. The same happens with other foods, which after passing through hot oil gain in flavor and appearance. The problem is that this process is not very healthy and, therefore, fried foods should be restricted. The good news is that, compared to the usual models, the new air fryers offer a healthier alternative to prepare these dishes. Be that as it may, with the advice in our guide to buying the best fryer on the market according to what you prefer, it will be easier for you to find a good and economical fryer, adapted to your needs and those of your family.

fryer type

Although traditionally fryers have been products that have used oil tanks to prepare our food, if we see a comparison of current fryers, with the featured models, it is possible that we will find models that fry with air. A pleasant alternative that maintains the flavor, but helps make the food much healthier by reducing the level of fat present in these products.

Traditional fryers are still present in this market. These are products with a resistance of good power, with which to heat and maintain the temperature of the oil according to what you need, with a basket that helps to submerge the food and fry in a traditional way. Although the flavor is more traditional, it has the drawback of the cost of the oil itself and the usual moderation that we must have with fried foods.

Both of these problems go away with air models, which use a stream of hot air to cook food. In this case, the amount of oil is reduced to a minimum, although it is true that the textures and flavor of the food varies depending on the fryer that we use. It is also true that, in some cases, it is necessary to spend more time cooking, especially if we want to cook in large quantities. And if you are concerned about cost, there is a small difference in how much a model costs by air, it is getting smaller and smaller.

power and capacity

One of the things that both products share is the need for good potency. In the case of the oil models, the power is used precisely to heat it, while in the air models, this power is responsible for generating the flow of hot air that cooks the food. Therefore, it is necessary to look for high-power systems, also adapted to the capacity of the product, so as to reduce food preparation time.

Something in which it is also necessary to have an adjustable power, either in temperatures as in traditional models or in programs according to food, as is the case with some air models. In any case, it is convenient that the controls are simple to use so that you do not have problems to find the perfect temperature. Something that the instruction manuals that accompany these teams also help with.

Regarding the capacity, the way to calculate it varies depending on whether the fryer is traditional or air. In the case of oil models, the approach is maintained by the capacity of liters of oil, it being advisable to choose a product with a capacity of 1 or 1.5 liters to cook in small quantities and increasing to 2 or 3 liters for families. big. In the case of air models, the largest capacity is around 4 or 5 liters, while other models adjust to 1 or 2 liters for people who have less need. The good news is that there is so much to choose from, that it is easy to find the model that best suits what you need.

security and cleanliness

To conclude, we take a look at both the safety and cleanliness of the product, which we must not neglect in order to obtain a quality product. Because, if the product is not safe or we are going to spend more time cleaning than cooking, in the end we will probably not use the product other than to take up space in the kitchen.

On the safety side, it is necessary that the equipment has cool-touch surfaces, so that if we touch the outer surface of the fryer, even in operation, we do not have to worry about burns. It is also advisable that the equipment has protection against overheating, so that the operating temperature is not exceeded with the risk of damage to the equipment and fire that this may entail.

Regarding cleaning, it is another key issue in both types of products, since, after all, we are talking about products used for cooking. This cleaning requires a non-stick material basket that we can easily clean. The good news is that many times these items can go through the dishwasher, which makes the process easier. Regarding the rest of the elements, they should be of quality, so that with a simple cloth with degreaser they are in good condition without much effort.

How to use a deep fryer

A practical appliance where they exist, it is not very common to find the fryer in family homes, although it is widely used in restaurants, hotels and, even more so, in school canteens and industrial kitchens. Of course: once you incorporate it into your kitchen, you will not want to stop using it.

What to use a fryer for

One of its greatest advantages is being able to fry quickly and easily, ensuring that the different foods are at the right point of cooking. Potatoes, for example, and fried chicken are just a couple of menu items that work perfectly in the air fryer.

As a quite specific counterpart, battered squid and fish in general can be fried in this kitchen assistant, except that they leave obvious traces of their characteristic smell, forcing us to immediately change the oil and clean thoroughly to banish them from our premises. that marine “fragrance”.

optimum temperature

Electric fryers are equipped with a thermostat, an essential element to control the cooking temperature of food which, in any case, should never be allowed to exceed 180 degrees, as it subjects them to an undesirable overheating process that distorts their texture and flavor..

160 degrees is the most suitable temperature for frying the vast majority of food, with very specific exceptions. The other elements that make up the fryer are the aluminum bucket (which incorporates the thermostat and the electric resistance) and the removable basket.

General recommendations

You must always use the required amount of oil recommended for each model (never more and never less). This guarantees proper operation of this appliance when cooking food.

A fundamental element is the choice of the oil that we are going to use: in this sense, we must not skimp on the priority use of olive oil or, secondly, of sunflower oil. Both oils withstand high temperatures, due to their stability, delaying oxidation, with the advantage of preserving the natural flavor of the ingredients, generating less foam and less waste.

Another relevant suggestion is to avoid mixing different types of oil. New oil should also not be added to previously used oil to refill the fryer. To the extent that you do not want to use new oil each time, it is then recommended to sift the oil that has already been used (using a colander with a paper coffee filter or, failing that, paper napkins that collect residue, especially of the battered ones). In any case, the oil should not be reused more than a couple of times.

When introducing the food in the fryer, check that they are “dry”. Any trace of moisture immediately alters the stability of the oil, breaks it down, spoils the flavor of the food and causes dangerous splashes that can cause burns.

Cleaning and maintenance

A great way to keep this appliance spotless is to regularly clean it thoroughly. It is a fairly simple process: once the fryer is cold, it is disconnected from the power source and we proceed to empty the oil tank. There are models where the tray can be removed, which offers greater comfort and freedom of action.

In any case, it is recommended to wash with dishwashing liquid mixed with vinegar. This helps remove residual odors from food. The removable basket is washed like any other kitchen container. Excess grease and residue can be removed using a common degreasing product on the market.

The most popular brands

In case you have doubts about which fryer model to decide on, perhaps knowing which are the most recommended brands will help you make the decision easily, so we leave you a selection of the three most promoted by buyers, which are: Philips, Tefal and Movilfrit.

In the year 1891 the brothers Gerard and Anton Philips developed, with the help of their father, a factory of electric lamps that revolutionized the lighting market at that time and represented the first step for what we know today as the Philips brand, which is one of the commercial references of quality most mentioned by users when it comes to electrical appliances.

Its line of electrical appliances is valued positively by customers, since it is not only very varied, but also has certain characteristics that other equipment does not offer. One of them is power, since they have motors and configurations to make the most of electricity, and make the processes and activities with the device in question as short as possible, obtaining optimized use and performance.

Its catalog consists of fryers, kettles, juicers, and a series of equipment that simplify routine kitchen tasks. It does not matter if you are looking for an electric fryer, with a capacity of 1 liter, or less, because Philips will always have an option that is right for you. They also offer equipment for personal care, baby health and breastfeeding, and another range of products that are very useful in our daily lives.

Since 1968, this French brand began to make important contributions to the kitchen utensils market in general, as well as electrical appliances used in this space in particular, achieving important milestones and notable growth as a company in different countries around the world..

The brand holds the title as one of the pioneers of non-stick pans, as well as other utensils, which have various applications in our daily lives. The name Tefal comes from the combination of the words Teflon and aluminium, one of the most used materials for the manufacture of its products, although nowadays more refined materials are used, always seeking to obtain models whose efficiency and operation have an important range. warranty.

In the Tefal catalog you can find fryers that work without oil, and that require water for their correct operation, as well as toasters, cookers, sandwich makers, yogurt makers, kitchen and dessert robots, frying pans, pressure cookers, saucepans, scales of kitchen. However, they have ventured into the field of personal care with ba

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