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Garbage Bags – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Garbage bags have evolved a lot in recent times with very diverse proposals in size, resistance and materials. In fact, the latest trend is organic, compostable and non-polluting products. Among these models, we have the BioArk Ecogreen bags, with an 8-liter capacity, made with corn starch and which are fully compostable, thus reducing the consumption of plastics that are harmful to the environment. Approach similar to that of the Greener Walker EN 13432 model, with a 10-liter capacity and that meets all the necessary certifications to be classified as biodegradable and ecological.

The 9 Best Garbage Bags – Opinions 2022

If we take a look at the best garbage bags of 2022, we will see how much this world has changed over time. If before the best garbage bag was the thickest and most resistant, today we have other issues to assess this product, such as its ecological nature or the growing range of capacities and existing designs. To make it easier for you to decide which bin bag to buy and to better understand this offer, just take a look at our review, where we cover all kinds of options.

biodegradable garbage bags

1. BioArk 100% Biodegradable Garbage Bags

If you are an environmentally conscious user, you will surely consider biodegradable garbage bags as the best garbage bags of the moment. We are talking about products like the one offered by BioArk, which, thanks to its manufacture in corn starch, is completely destroyed over time and does not generate waste in organic waste landfills, as happens with classic bags. 

This model has a nominal capacity for 7 or 8 liters of garbage, coming in a roll format with nothing else. Their resistance is adequate for their intended use and they do not deteriorate over time, as long as they are stored in a cool, dry space away from sunlight. 

A design that even supports the spilling of liquids, although always trying not to pierce the bag. If you are not sure which is the best garbage bag to use in your home, perhaps the following information will clarify your ideas.


Materials: The bags are made from corn starch and other fully biodegradable ingredients.

Resistance: The material is resistant to conventional use and even supports the storage of liquids.

Presentation: The 55-unit roll presentation is very compact and hardly takes up space in the drawers.

Certificate: We are talking about a certified product, which guarantees the safety and ecological nature of the bags.

Tied: Although it does not include ribbon, they are easy to tie due to their dimensions and the quality of the aforementioned material.


Capacity: The capacity is somewhat reduced even when used only for organic waste, remaining at 8 liters in total.

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compostable garbage bags

2. Greener Walker 100% compostable Biodegradable 

Compostable garbage bags are those that can be thrown in organic waste landfills and are destroyed over time. This is precisely what happens with these from Greener Walker, which, thanks to their manufacture in corn starch and vegetable oils, barely need 3 months to be history. Something that is worth compliance with the EN 13432 composting standard established by the European Union. 

As for its dimensions, we are talking about bags 86 centimeters long by 46 wide and with a capacity of 10 liters, somewhat larger than other models for organic waste that we have analysed. It comes in a batch of 150 units, which makes it somewhat cheaper than other similar products. 

So we are facing a firm candidate to be the best garbage bag of the moment within its category.

Helping the environment and better managing our waste is as easy as getting quality bags.


Manufacturing : The product is manufactured with vegetable oils and corn cotton, fully compostable.

Measurements : The measurements of the bag offer a good space for the most voluminous waste.

Capacity : Its 10-liter capacity is more than other similar models of this type.

Certificate : We are talking about a certified product under the demanding EN 13432 composting standard.


Box: The bags are shipped in a somewhat bulky cardboard box, which we must conveniently recycle.

Deployment : It is important to be careful when deploying them, so as not to accidentally break them.

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industrial garbage bags

3. Vileda Pack of 10 Garbage Bags 

Vileda Ecobag reinforced industrial garbage bags are the optimal solution for those who have great needs to dispose of waste. These bags have a nominal capacity of 150 litres, making them suitable for even the largest bins. In fact, its measurements are 90 centimeters wide by 110 long, so you don’t have problems with the volume of waste. 

Its triple-layer structure has been reinforced to generate greater durability of use, even withstanding the collection of cleaning debris from the garden inside, without deteriorating. They also adequately withstand the presence of liquids, through a reinforced seam on the sides designed to prevent leaks. 

A complete design that is presented in roll format and with a price that is also interesting, within the segment we are referring to.

We give you more information about a product created by the best garbage bag brand of the moment, for numerous users.


Capacity: It is one of the largest bags on the market, with a capacity for 150 liters of waste inside.

Resistance: Its reinforced structure is even capable of withstanding the spilling of garden debris inside.

Welds: Its lateral welds reinforce the structure and prevent the escape of liquids from the interior.


Closing: The bag lacks a closing strip, and it must be done using the traditional knot, which is not very comfortable.

Opening: Due to its characteristics, we must spend some time opening the bags properly before using them.

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Large garbage bags

4. Elke garbage bags 100 liters

Although the size is relative, the truth is that when we talk about large garbage bags it is necessary to choose models with a high storage capacity such as this proposal from Elke. These bags have a capacity for 100 liters of waste, being designed for both domestic and professional uses. 

Something to which its high resistance construction and measures of 105 centimeters long by 85 thick contribute, in line with other similar proposals. An approach that allows its use independently or in a compatible garbage can. 

Among its advantages, we find a material from recycled plastic, so that they are somewhat more respectful of the environment than conventional options. As for its presentation, the lot includes a total of 10 rolls of 13 bags each, which also allows you to save some money on your purchase.

Littering in a big way is much easier with resistant and quality products like this one.


Measurements : Its measurements help to store all kinds of waste inside, regardless of its size.

Versatile : They are suitable for domestic or professional use, including demanding gardening.

Ecological : The bags are entirely made of recycled plastic, to help the environment.


Presentation : The lot includes a total of 130 bags, which may be too many for those who use them occasionally.

Closure : The closure must be done by knots, since they do not include the closure strip of modern bags.

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red garbage bags

5. Hinrichs Trash Bags 

Whether you prefer them for aesthetic reasons or use them to better classify your waste, Hinrichs red bin bags are a good help in these tasks. We are talking about a product made entirely of recycled material, so that they help the environment. 

They have a bag format, with a 120-litre capacity and measures 110 centimeters long by 70 wide, so that the size of your waste is not a problem. The product has been reinforced so that it does not deteriorate with the weight or with the friction of the waste you pour, as corresponds to large models like this one. That is why they are also efficient in preventing liquid spills or the like. 

They come in a roll of 25 units, easy to separate and unfold when you need to use them.

Give your waste a splash of color with these oversized red bin bags, which we discuss below.


Size : Its measurements and capacity are ideal for the tasks that generate the most garbage.

Compatibility : This product is suitable for use in containers and all types of garbage bag holders.

Origin : Its manufacture in high quality recycled material reduces polluting emissions when incinerated.


Cost : The unit cost of each bag is quite high, even within bag-type products.

Weight : Although the thickness of the product offers good resistance, it should not be overloaded, to avoid breakage.

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small garbage bags

6. Kerl 4003450030036 Garbage bags 

When it comes to disposing of our waste, it is also possible to find cheap options. Among them, we have the Kerl 4003450030036 small garbage bags, with a capacity of 16 liters and measures 55 centimeters long by 45 wide. These dimensions are suitable for small sized cubes such as those in the bathroom or more compact kitchen ones. 

Its small size does not imply that the product does not have adequate resistance, thanks to a plastic sheet that supports both the load of the waste and the friction with it. This reduces the risk of product breakage during use and handling.

Combining so many advantages, in addition to being among the cheapest options in its sector, it is not surprising that we are facing the best value for money garbage bags in its category.

Let us know some outstanding details of these bags, ideal for managing small amounts of waste comfortably.


Dimensions: The measurements are suitable for use in all types of small bins.

Presentation: The roll presentation makes it easy to separate the bags, as well as open them later.

Cost: They are one of the cheapest options within their segment, without sacrificing quality.


Closing strip: The product does not include a closing strip for the bag, which you must make by means of a knot.

Material: The material has adequate resistance, although it does not support excessive handling.

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white garbage bags

7. Cadine Drawstring Trash Bags 

The Cadine Rintalen white garbage bags are a good solution for those looking for a small proposal with a traditional character. This design has a capacity of 10 liters, suitable for bathroom buckets and other specific options where we do not need to use larger products. 

The product is made of traditional white plastic, which maintains adequate opacity so that the interior content cannot be seen. It also includes the classic upper closure strip, which avoids having to tie knots and lose capacity. A solution that is just as convenient as its presentation in roll form, easy to remove and saves space in the drawers. 

A complete proposal that can be easily placed and removed from wherever we have placed it, in order to keep our hands clean while handling the bag.

To solve small garbage disposals, we also have specific solutions such as these small bags.


Capacity : Its 10-litre capacity is suitable for small buckets and bins. Closing strip: This strip helps you close the bag comfortably, without the need to tie knots.

Presentation : It comes in a roll of 120 units, very easy to separate from each other.


Ecology : We are talking about traditional plastic bags, so they are not the most ecological option.

Thickness : The thickness of the material is low, so you must be careful with residues with sharp edges or edges.

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paper garbage bags

8. All-Green Biodegradable and Compostable Garbage Bags

Paper garbage bags have become an interesting alternative when it comes to disposing of organic waste in a more ecological way. Thanks to products such as All-Green bags, it is easy to dispose of all kinds of food waste without using plastic and using a biodegradable and compostable material. 

In return, this model is made of high quality paper and with a special coating that prevents it from breaking during use. This allows organic type waste to be stored without much difficulty, offering a total capacity for 10 liters of waste. 

The material has also been waterproofed, so that it does not disintegrate in contact with liquids. As for its presentation, it is sent in a batch of 100 bags, so that you do not have to reorder them for a long time.

Change the way you dispose of your organic waste with these practical paper bags from All-Green.


Ecological : It is one of the best solutions to take care of the environment, thanks to its manufacture in paper of controlled origin.

Waterproofing : The internal waterproofing system reduces the risk of the bag breaking.

Capacity : Its 10-liter capacity is suitable for disposing of the remains of organic food from day to day.


Price: The cost of the product is somewhat higher than that of others that we have previously evaluated.

Closing : These bags cannot be closed or tied, since they do not have any element for it.

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green garbage bags

9. Relay 100% Recycled Extra resistant garbage bags 

When it comes to green garbage bags, we may be referring to their color. But in the case of Relevo 22CREL002 bags, this product is not only green because of its color but also because of its approach. 

We are talking about garbage bags with a 30-litre capacity, measuring 55 centimeters wide by 60 centimeters long, in a traditional size. However, you have many other capabilities to choose from. 

They are made with 100% recycled plastic, so this product helps the environment without the drawbacks of biodegradable options. In return, you will have greater resistance to drips and damage from use, supporting up to 25 kilos of weight inside. 

It is finished off with the classic closing tape, which avoids having to tie knots and helps to make better use of that garbage storage capacity.

If you want to bet on recycled plastic when disposing of your rubbish, take a look at this proposal made by Relevo.


Origin : The bags are made entirely from recycled plastic, in a duly certified process.

Resistance : The high resistance of its material helps to dispose of all types of waste without breakage or dripping.

Dimensions : Its dimensions are the usual ones for standard buckets of 30 liters capacity.


Environment: Although they are “ecological” bags, they are not as ecological as compostable and biodegradable products.

Transparency : The level of transparency of the plastic is considerable, allowing a glimpse of its content.

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Shopping guide

No matter how ecological and responsible we are, it is inevitable that we generate garbage in our home or work. Some waste for which we must resort to suitable garbage bags, with which to dispose of these remains safely and hygienically. Fortunately, the current offer is very wide, so finding the right option for our needs is not difficult. Especially if you turn to our guide to buying the best garbage bags, in which you will know what to look for to find that ideal product for your needs.

Capacities and dimensions

One of the aspects in which we currently have the greatest variety is in the measures that garbage bags offer us. These dimensions are variable and allow the product to be adjusted to the specific needs that we have as well as to the available space. Something very important when using the bags in any type of bucket or container, since in these cases it is key to verify that these dimensions fit those required by the bucket.

Starting with the smallest proposals, these have capacities of 10, 15 or 20 liters, with measurements close to half a meter in width and length. They are perfect for bathrooms, wastebaskets and other low-demand solutions. Larger are the products with a capacity of 30 to 60 litres, which would be the appropriate sizes for the typical kitchen bucket that almost all of us have at home.

But if what we need is to dispose of garbage and waste in a big way, then it is time to go for the top of any comparison of garbage bags. In them we find options of 100, 120 or even 150 liters of capacity, with measures that exceed one meter in length by almost one meter in width. We are talking about products designed for industrial and commercial environments or for when you do a thorough cleaning, which are also usually compatible with the largest containers and garbage bag holders.

bag materials

Just as important as the size is the material from which the bag is made. An aspect that has different approaches thanks to the ecological approach that many manufacturers have brought to their products. However, it is still important to verify the resistance of the material, according to our specific needs.

In this context, and as little as we like it in environmental terms, the truth is that the most resistant material is still polyethylene. It is the plastic of the usual bags, recognizable by its touch and durability. The good news is that many of the proposals made of this material use recycled plastics or include small mixtures of other less polluting raw materials. A solution that makes these bags somewhat more respectful.

On the other hand, we have the most environmentally friendly products, with materials such as paper or corn starch. The bags made of these materials are fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. It is true that they are usually used for organic waste, so their size and resistance are adjusted. But if you want to help the environment, it is a good idea to switch to this type of organic products.

Other details of interest

To find a good and cheap garbage bag, there are other aspects that should be taken into account. Elements that can have a slight influence on how much the chosen garbage bag costs but that, with use, we will see how they are a smart expense, both for the time savings they entail and for the inconvenience they eliminate from our daily tasks.

Among these elements is the closure strip. This is responsible for closing the bag with a simple pull, without the need to tie knots and thus taking better advantage of the capacity to store garbage. Also interesting is the lateral reinforcement, which prevents liquids that may be stored inside from being accidentally spilled, with an unpleasant result.

The presentation of the bags should not be forgotten either. The most common is that they are sent in roll format, and must be easy to separate from each other, as well as to unfold or open the bag, to save time and inconvenience. In the case of products that are sent in a box, the less common format, the extraction of the bags must be simple, and it is also convenient that the box be made of recycled material, for greater sustainability.

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