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Dustbin – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Garbage cans are necessary elements in every home or establishment, because they allow waste to be placed in an organized and isolated manner, so that odor and putrefaction, as well as germs, do not take over the environment. Being an essential item, there are many interesting proposals, among which two meet high standards. In the first place, the Bama Poker model appears, a set made up of four containers of 20 liters each, with a compact and practical size to stack one on top of the other. Another convenient model, because it is simple, is the Ikea Filur, a white pot, weighing 1.8 kilos and with a volumetric capacity of 42 litres.

The 9 Best Trash Cans – Opinions 2022

Waste in the home is the order of the day, which makes it necessary to set up a space to store this waste with a garbage can. It is possible that, when doing a quick search, you find a large number of models and the selection becomes complex. But if you want to buy a functional and efficient alternative, you can review the characteristics of some of the best garbage cans on the market and you may find the right one.

trash can for recycling

1. Bama Poker Set of 4 modular cubes 

This set made up of four containers is frequently considered the best garbage can on the market due to its versatility and good performance to house waste in an organized and hygienic way. 

This is because, being four cans, each one can be used for different waste and in this way classify them, so it is a recycling garbage can, since the cans differ from each other by the color of the lid. 

In addition, they have an individual capacity of 20 liters per container, for a total of 80 litres. Due to their dimensions of 28 cm wide by 40 cm long by 31 cm high, these cubes are stackable, so that space can be reduced. 

Its manufacture is of modular design, with a robust construction made of polyethylene terephthalate, so they can be easily cleaned and admit the use of a bag. They can also be used to store food.

This model is promoted to be the best garbage can of the moment, so it is worth reviewing its pros and cons.


Set: It is a set made up of four compact-sized containers, made of PET.

Capacity: Each bucket has a capacity of 20 liters, for a total of 80 liters between the 4, which is a convenient capacity.

Design: Its design is compact and practical, because each container has a distinguishable color and can be stacked.

Versatility: The bins can be used to recycle garbage or to store food. 


Cleaning: Its cleaning can be complex because they have cracks where impurities tend to take root.

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Ikea trash can

2. Ikea Filur bin with lid

As it is a classic model, but efficient for depositing solid household waste, this alternative is positioned as one of the best garbage cans of 2022, since it has a high storage capacity and, by having a simple design, its performance and use are optimized.

This Ikea garbage can stands out for being made of resistant quality plastic, with a total weight of 1.8 kilos, hence it is favorable for waste, because, as it is made of thick plastic, the waste is isolated. For greater benefit, it can be washed completely, since its corners are rounded. 

In addition, the model has a lid, so that the bad smell can be retained and flies are prevented from surrounding the garbage. Likewise, it has a conventional design with dimensions of 55 cm by 38 cm by 28 cm, in white, with a convenient capacity estimated at 42 liters. 

Ikea is synonymous with quality, so it is not surprising that it is recognized as the best brand of garbage cans and this model has attributes that prove it. 


Design: It has a classic but efficient design, to store garbage in an isolated way.

Capacity: It is large and up to 42 liters of content can be deposited in it.

Cleaning: It can be easily washed because it is made of plastic and its corners are rounded.

Lid: It has a lid that allows to isolate the content so that the bad smell does not come out. 


Color: Although it can be cleaned, its white color could make impurities more evident. 

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removable waste bin

3. Elletipi PF01 44B2 Ecofil Recycling Bin

Many users wonder which is the best garbage can and, although there are various alternatives available on the market, the Ecofil model from the manufacturer Elletipi could be the right answer to that question. 

It is a removable waste bin, so it has a metal rail design, which allows you to keep the container hidden inside the sink and open it when it is necessary to deposit waste. 

In addition, this alternative is made up of a set of two cubes with a differentiated base, so it is used for recycling, since, although both are gray, one has a red stripe and the other blue.. Each bottle is made of plastic, which makes it easy to clean. Being its weight of 5.14 kilos, it is easy to move and its general volumetric capacity is a considerable 48 liters, being 24 liters for each container.

Deciding which trash can to buy can be challenging, but reviewing the pros and cons of this alternative can make it easier. 


Capacity: Each container offers an adequate capacity of 24 liters, so that, in total, the model can process about 48 liters of garbage.

Design: It is a set made up of two gray cubes, differentiated by a strip of a different color to facilitate recycling.

System: It has a rail system that allows the model to be discreetly installed under the sink.

Construction: Its construction is strong, made of plastic and metal, so its useful life is considered long.


Dimensions: It is necessary to be clear about the dimensions, because, sometimes, the model may not fit the size of the drawer.

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Automatic removable dustbin

4. Elletipi Pal609/1AL Automatic removable waste bin 

Those who want to be equipped with an automatic removable waste bin will be interested in this other proposal presented by the manufacturer Elletipi, because, despite being for waste, it has a delicate, elegant and innovative design. 

This model is equipped with a volumetric capacity of 17 liters and a bag can be placed inside, which will allow waste to be removed more easily. In addition, it is a removable under-sink waste bin because it has a system of discreet metal rails, which allow the complete removal of the container by means of a plastic slider. 

Also, this gray model is made of plastic and aluminum of adequate quality, weighing 3.2 kilos. On the other hand, it has a simple installation process, with four screws, as well as an operating system that provides automatic opening of the lid.

If you were interested in this model, you should know more about its positive and negative attributes.


Construction: It has a construction made of plastic, with aluminum inserts, making it resistant.

Design: Its design is elegant and modern, available in gray, with rail operation.

Installation: Its installation is quick and easy, because it only requires tightening four screws, which are included.

Automatic: It has an automatic lid opening system, which avoids having to touch the bucket and its impurities.


Plastic: Your rail system incorporates plastic parts that may be less robust than the rest of the structure.

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kitchen waste bin

5. Songmics Kitchen Bucket Trash Can 

The correct isolation of garbage waste is one of the characteristics that should be checked when selecting a model and this Songmics alternative has an internal plastic bucket and an external steel body, available in three colors to select from. between white, smoky gray and silver. 

For this reason, this kitchen rubbish bin has an innovative and delicate design, which also stands out for its opening system, which does not require the use of hands, but rather incorporates a pedal that facilitates the action and is equipped with a cushioning, which allows a silent and soft closing. 

In addition, the model has a capacity of 30 liters and 60-liter bags can be discreetly incorporated into it, because the back of the inner bucket has a hole to remove excess edges so that they are not seen. 

This model has a modern design and convenient capacity, so you can review its pros and cons. 


Adherence: It has a plastic base that increases adherence to the ground and prevents scratches.

Capacity: It has a considerable capacity of 30 liters and supports bags that can be placed discreetly.

Design: Its design is modern, available in three colors, with a pedal opening system and soft closing.

Construction: It has a strong construction made with a steel body, a plastic hub and a special coating.


Price: Its cost can be high when compared to other similar alternatives, although of lower quality. 

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pedal bin

6. Tatay Millenium Kitchen Trash Can with Pedal Opening

This pedal waste bin is hygienic due to its opening system, since, when using the foot, it is not necessary to come into contact with the waste, so its use is simplified by this pedal system.

This container has a capacity for 25 liters and its measurements are 35.5 cm wide by 30 cm deep by 39 cm high, which allows it to be placed anywhere in the kitchen, because its design is stable and has a frame to hold the bag, which contributes to a better user experience. 

Likewise, it is available in a wide variety of colors, such as red, turquoise, black, blue, among other shades, allowing you to choose an option that combines with each space. In addition, its construction is robust, made of polypropylene plastic, which facilitates its cleaning and lowers its cost. 

In addition to being one of the cheapest models, it is also efficient and resistant, which is why we believe that you should know its pros and cons.


Pedal: It has an opening system using a pedal that, in addition to being simple and hygienic, is removable.

Construction: Its construction has been made with polypropylene plastic, making it a robust and resistant bucket.

Cleaning: Being made of plastic, this model is easy to clean, just using water and detergent to remove impurities.

Capacity: The model has a favorable capacity of about 25 liters, which would allow the use of 30-liter bags.


Compartments: It only has one compartment, which eventually limits the recycling of waste.

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Curver waste bin

7. Curver 177729 Touch Trash Can, Touch Open Mechanism

With a high volumetric capacity of 40 liters for the deposition of solid waste, this Curver bin has an elegant, modern and innovative design, which is available in various colors such as ivory, black, gray and red. 

Although it looks like metal, this container is actually made of plastic, making it durable and easy to clean to be free of impurities. In addition, its design is compact, because the back is flat, which saves space and places it against the wall. 

Due to its properties, it could be classified as an automatic dustbin because it has a simple touch opening system. In addition, the model has been equipped with a bin support, so that the bag is attached. Its design is integrated by a lid that ensures hermeticism, but that, when opened, allows the full bag to be removed without difficulty.

Hasty decisions when making a purchase can be negative, so we invite you to analyze the pros and cons of this model. 


Lid: It has a lid that isolates the contents inside and that can be opened at an angle of 180 degrees.

Capacity: According to its manufacturer, its capacity is 40 liters, one of the highest.

System: It has an innovative opening system, since, by means of a simple touch, the lid opens automatically.

Construction: Although it looks like metal, the model is made of plastic and rust is prevented.


Bag: The use of strong bags is recommended because they can be broken by the clamping mechanism when trying to remove them. 

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Trash bin for sink door

8. Ttmow Collapsible Hanging Trash Cans for Kitchen

The convenience to dispose of solid waste while cooking reduces time and facilitates the action. That’s why there are versatile alternatives like this sink door bin, which has a collapsible design that saves space and prevents you from having to bend down to dispose of waste. 

The model has a practical and compact design, available in white with black, so it looks elegant and discreet, because, unlike other alternatives, this one will be visible. 

The bucket is made of strong raw materials, so it can support the weight of up to 50 kilos. In addition, its design incorporates a ring that makes it easy to put the bag in place. It is considered the best value for money trash can, as well as one of the cheapest on the list. Its installation is simple because it does not require tools, but it does require doors with a width of 2.2 cm.

To give you a better idea of ​​the current model, here we summarize its positive and negative aspects.


Versatility: It is a versatile alternative because it can be used in the kitchen, bedroom and even the car. 

Functionality: It is used to dispose of garbage quickly, which saves time and space due to its size. 

Design: It has a practical design to place it on the door of a cabinet and its color is white with black details.

Folding: To save space, it has a folding mechanism, so its dimensions are reduced. 


Lid: It lacks a lid, so the contents are not isolated and eventually odors come out.

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30 liter rubbish bin

9. Brabantia Newicon Pedal Bin 

This Brabantia bin is one of the most beneficial alternatives that can be found on the market, since it has a design made of resistant steel material, which offers a modern and elegant metallic color style.

Likewise, this 30-litre rubbish bin is easy to clean and keeps the contents isolated, because it is made up of a second removable internal container, made of plastic, which is where the bag is placed, so it can be washed and kept clean. hygiene, as well as neutralized odours. 

It also has a lid that can be opened without having to touch the bucket with your hands, because it has a pedal that activates its opening, which makes it easier to use. Similarly, its closing system is delicate and silent. Its design incorporates a non-slip base that prevents the 3.71 kilo boat from moving.

This model has an original and elegant design, hence by knowing its pros and cons you will be more informed to make a decision. 


Base: It is equipped with a non-slip base so that the bucket remains attached to the floor.

Capacity: Its containment capacity is high, being approximately 30 litres.

Design: It has a design that stands out for being elegant, since it is made of steel and has a double cube.

System: For the opening of the lid it has a system using a pedal, so hygiene is maintained.


Lid: Lid may not fit efficiently, reducing litter insulation.

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Shopping guide

Maintaining hygiene and organizing household waste implies having a garbage can. So, if you are interested in acquiring one, the most recommended thing is that you know some details that will help you make a good choice. For this reason, we have made a guide to buy the best garbage can on the market, in which we explain the main characteristics to consider. 


In addition to the design, something that can differentiate the containers is the capacity, so the most convenient thing, before making a random choice, is to establish a comparison of garbage cans that includes an analysis of the capacity of the content that it is capable of to shelter, since, according to this, it can be more or less favorable for a given situation. 

As it is waste, the most recommended, in the case of a kitchen jar, is to remove this waste periodically. It can be interdaily, so a capacity of 20 liters would be more than enough for a conventional home.

However, in food establishments, a higher volumetric capacity may be necessary, because the waste is produced in greater quantity. Similarly, there are many homes where constant use is needed and, to avoid having to take out the garbage every so often, it is recommended to get models that have a capacity of between 30 and 40 liters. Large garbage bags can be added to these bins, up to 60 litres, which allows an edge to be left that will have to be tied to remove the bag more easily. 

In some cases, alternatives are presented that have a general capacity of 48 liters or even 80, but they are sets made up of several containers, each with a capacity of 20 liters (4 containers) or 24 liters (2 containers), among many others. other proposals. 


The construction of a container for household or business waste must be resistant and strong, in addition to being made with raw materials that do not rust. Therefore, if you have asked yourself the question of how much a garbage can costs, it is possible that doing an investigation of its manufacturing materials is a good start to determine its cost. 

The vast majority of models are made of plastics of different types and densities, they are non-toxic and are able to support the weight of the content and function in a stable manner, without their body being deformed.

Similarly, there are other proposals that have been made of stainless steel, a suitable material for its properties and elegant finishes, so that these alternatives are among the most popular, although their price is higher. They usually have a double bucket: the one that can be seen with the naked eye and another internal one that, in general, is made of plastic and removable, hence its cost is higher, but it is easier to clean.

design and type

Although they seem simple objects, waste bins are elements that are available in various forms and types, so, in addition to selecting an economical garbage can, it is recommended that you choose a functional design, with an adequate use system.. 

According to the demands, there is a container that fits the needs, since they can be found from simple models (a single bucket with a lid), to other modalities that are made up of several containers, since their purpose is the separation of waste for recycling (differentiated by color).

opening system

Similarly, some innovative proposals have a rail system, so that they can be installed inside a drawer and, when it is opened, the trash can will come out and its lid will open automatically. Also, other larger containers have been designed to be placed in the door of the kitchen drawers. In this way, it is not necessary to bend down, since it will be at the person’s height. 

Other models that are positioned among the favorites are those that have a lid opening system by using a pedal located on the front. Thus, it is not necessary to touch the bucket with your hands, since you only have to activate the pedal.

There are also one-touch opening mechanisms, so that the lid opens automatically. In all these modalities, the closing system is almost as important as the opening system, since it must be smooth and silent, with a cushioned fall. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a dustbin?

To use a garbage can, it will have to be placed in the designated place in the kitchen, bedroom or anywhere else. The lid must be opened and a waste bag placed that covers the entire internal part. If it is a model with a bra, it will be necessary for the edge of the bag to be pressed. Once the bag is in place, you just have to open the lid according to the mechanism of the model to deposit the waste.

Q2: Where to put the garbage can in the kitchen?

In most cases, it is most favorable to place this container near the sink or even in a cabinet door below it. This is advised because fruits and vegetables are processed in this area, so there is more waste and carrying this waste in your hand could dirty the floor. 

Another reason that leads to placing it near the sink is because, in most homes, this element is a bit far from the kitchen and, therefore, bad smells, if they exist, will be contained in this area, which tends to have more ventilation. 

Q3: How to hide a garbage can?

Hiding a trash can can be done by purchasing a model with rails that can be installed inside a kitchen cabinet, under the sink, or with a design glued to the inside of the door. In this way, the cube will be hidden behind a decorative door and nobody will know that it is there, until it is opened. In this way, you can have the element in a discreet and functional way. 

Q4: How to clean a dustbin?

The vast majority of models are made of plastic. The ones that cannot be made of stainless steel, but include a second removable canister that is also made of plastic. 

Therefore, it will be necessary to completely empty the bucket and, with the help of a sponge and soap, clean the impurities and then rinse with plenty of water. To dry, you can pass a dry cloth and place the bucket upside down.

If it is a steel model then the inner hub will need to be removed and the same procedure followed. For the surface structure can be washed with a damp cloth. This cleaning should be done periodically to ensure hygiene.

Q5: How to decorate a garbage can?

The way to decorate a rubbish bin can vary according to the material with which the container is made. As most of it is made of plastic, you can use acrylic paint in the color of your choice.

This should be applied in two layers to make it look homogeneous. Depending on the style or technique you want to give, you can cover the cube with aluminum foil. When covered, you can use a stencil and putty on top to emboss. When the putty is dry, it can be painted with acrylic paint of the desired shade. 

Q6: How to make the garbage can not smell?

Maintaining hygiene is essential so that the rubbish bin does not emit a bad smell. For this reason, it is recommended to wash it frequently, as well as apply disinfectant and take out the garbage, so that organic waste does not degrade inside. 

In addition, there are those who recommend that, after washing and after placing the bag, spray air freshener with a deodorant effect or, failing that, a tablespoon of baking soda, as well as lemon zest, at the bottom of it.

Q7: How many liters does a garbage can hold?

The capacity of a garbage can varies according to the model that has been selected. The most commercial alternatives have a volumetric capacity of 20 liters, but some proposals designed for greater content can be found, which can hold the equivalent of 30 liters of garbage and even 40. This property should be reviewed in the specifications, in this way, determine whether or not it is appropriate. 

Q8: How to make a recycling dustbin?

Trash bins are easy items to make, because all you need is a bin in which to put the waste. In the case of wanting to use a recycling system, the most convenient thing is to have two buckets and differentiate them by color.

The easy way to do this is to take an old plastic paint bucket, wash the inside out, and then decorate with acrylic paint. This cube can be given different styles so that it looks in accordance with the decoration; It all depends on the colors. 

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