The best gas kitchens with oven

Gas cooker with oven – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Buying a kitchen cannot be a decision that is taken lightly, as it is one of the most important artifacts in the home. For this reason, we want to talk to you about traditional kitchens with their innovative designs, which are emerging as the most functional and economical. In this category, the BEKO CG-41009 kitchen stands out, measuring 80 cm high, 50 cm deep and wide. In addition, it incorporates the automatic gas shutdown to avoid accidents. On the other hand, there is the Sauber SCI4GN model with 4 cooking zones and which works with natural gas. Its attractiveness is determined by the stainless steel design.

The 9 Best Gas Stoves with Oven – Opinions 2022

If you are looking for a cheap, functional and beautiful kitchen, you can think about buying a gas stove with an oven, due to its free installation format, low cost and integrated oven. So we invite you to know the best models on the market to help you in your purchase.

Butane gas stove with oven

1. Beko CG-41009 D Kitchen CSG42009DW 4F

The practicality of a butane gas stove with oven is used in summer houses, as well as in rented flats, because it is not necessary to make modifications to the kitchen for its assembly. In addition, its compact dimensions facilitate its placement in small spaces.

This is the main feature of the Beko CSG 42009 DW cooker, which has 4 fire zones where you can use pots and pans up to 22 cm in diameter.

For its part, the enameled finish of the worktop favors its cleaning, since being white it requires frequent maintenance to prevent the accumulation of grease and dirt. Likewise, the metal lid allows the kitchen to be used as a worktop when the burners are not being used. 

In this model, we highlight the safety valve on the burners for automatic gas shutdown, which detects if the flame has gone out to cut off the fuel supply and avoid accidents at home. 

If your priority is to save and have a functional product, then you could consider this as the best gas cooker with oven. Therefore, you should review its pros and cons.


Oven: A standard tray and rack are included with the cooker to enhance the user experience when baking food.

Power: The smallest fire has 1 kW of power, the two medium ones are 2 kW and the largest is 2.5 kW. They all have efficient operation.

Dimensions: The kitchen measures 50 cm wide and deep by 85 cm high. In addition, it can be moved between two people because it weighs 44.5 kg.

Safety: Automatic gas supply shut-off helps prevent accidents in the event the fire is blown out by a gust of wind.


Elegance: The metallic cover could not be considered very aesthetic and detracts from the elegance of the design.

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2. Wonder WDK0850604B Butane Gas Cooker

If you need a butane gas cooker with an oven, we recommend paying attention to the attributes of this Wonder brand model. In addition to being one of the cheap options in our comparison, it has several outstanding advantages.

For example, we can mention its FFD security system, which is capable of cutting off the gas supply when a problem with the flame is detected. On the other hand, you won’t have to worry if, when the time comes, you need to change to another type of fuel, since it includes the conversion kit for this purpose.

In relation to its design, it is a white kitchen with a classic and beautiful style, with ergonomic turnable buttons that are easy to manipulate, as well as having a large window to observe your preparations in the oven. It is worth knowing that the interior of this section has been enameled to give it greater resistance and facilitate cleaning. 

For those looking for the best value for money gas cooker with oven, this purchase option could be a success. Get to know our summary of pros and cons.


Hinged lid: If your kitchen is small, you can use the stove as an extension of your worktop, when you are not cooking on the stove.

Security: In case of absence of flame, the system will be in charge of cutting off the fuel supply, avoiding accidents.

2-burner oven: You can easily gratin your preparations, thanks to the possibility of choosing the heat source in the oven, upper or lower.


Color: You can only purchase this model in white, which may not match other appliances.

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Natural gas stove with oven

3. Sauber Kitchen SCI4GN 4 Burners Natural Gas 

The advantage of using a natural gas stove with an oven is that you do not have to replace the cylinder when its content runs out, having fewer limitations when cooking because you do not need to be aware of the amount of gas remaining.

This is the main quality of the Sauber SCI4GN kitchen, a stainless steel model that will make this much-visited room in any home more attractive. 

For its operation, it has 4 cooking zones with different powers to choose the fire, depending on the preparation and speed you need. The oven, for its part, has a capacity of 43 liters and a double burner that reaches 2.5 kW of power, while the grill reaches 2 kW.

This model is also compact and easy to assemble, you just have to check that its dimensions adapt to the space in your kitchen where the gas connection is. 

Now we present a summary of the most outstanding aspects of this product that will help you decide which gas cooker with oven to buy, according to your needs and budget. 


Cleaning: The oven door has a removable double glass that facilitates its cleaning, as well as protection and thermal insulation.

Safety device: If the loss of the flame is detected, this device automatically closes the gas outlet, representing a safety plus in the design.

Elegance: The kitchen stands out for its stainless steel design and glass top that increase its aesthetic appeal.


Light : This model does not incorporate light in the oven, nor electric ignition.

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4. EAS Electric Smart Technology Gas Cooker

If you like the traditional style of appliances and want to have a classic stove, you can review the characteristics of the EFG556W natural gas stove with oven, which is designed in white with a compact format and curved lines that give it that vintage look.

In this model, the automatic ignition in the upper fires stands out, being necessary a lighter to light the oven. On the other hand, this last section has two burners, one upper and one lower. These do not work simultaneously, however the upper heat is very useful for au gratin or giving a golden touch to desserts with meringue, for example. 

For its part, the stainless steel worktop and enameled grills can be easily cleaned to prevent grease from accumulating on the surface. As for the kitchen top, it is metallic and white to complement the design. 

If you are looking for what is the best gas stove with oven, this model deserves to be considered and, therefore, we present its pros and cons.


Versatility: The kitchen can be installed with natural gas or butane gas, since it includes the kit and the connection for both fuels.

Oven size: The oven has a capacity of 55 litres, which is ample for large trays or for placing several small trays at the same time.

Self-ignition: The top burners have automatic ignition, as well as a safety valve that blocks the gas when the flame goes out.


Oven ignition: Automatic ignition for the oven is missing, so you must light it with a lighter taking the necessary precautions. 

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Other products

5. SolThermic Kitchen F9L50G2-N Panoramic

For large families or those who are used to cooking large quantities of food, it is convenient to have a panoramic kitchen with 5 burners, such as this model from SolThermic, since several pans and pots can be used at the same time, with good power.

This model has 4 conventional burners and a larger one in the center to place large pots. The oven, for its part, has an upper burner for gratin and a lower one for roasting. Although they cannot be used at the same time, they are very useful for preparing large recipes.

In terms of aesthetics, this kitchen stands out for having antique details and modern accessories that improve the user experience, highlighting the electric ignition, the oven light and the timer that will help you better control the cooking process. 

Some users believe that SolThermic is the best brand of gas stoves with an oven, and to find out if you agree or not, you can take a look at the positive and negative aspects of this model. 


Elegance: The combination of black with gold details and the antique design handle increase the appeal of the kitchen, ideal for classic decorations.

Performance: The wide size of the panoramic oven allows you to make preparations in large trays or roast several recipes simultaneously to save time and gas.

Accessories: This model incorporates a light in the oven, automatic ignition, timer and height-adjustable legs. 


Price: This kitchen is not one of the cheapest, but its size, the 5 burners and the well-kept aesthetics compensate for the value of the product.

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6. Infiniton Electronics Gas Ranges with Oven CC53GBL

A compact stove does not have to be limited in terms of advantages. As an example, we have this 50 cm wide model, which can be the solution for small kitchens. Its design is classic and allows you to take advantage of your cooking surface as a countertop, thanks to its folding metal lid.

To prepare your favorite dishes in the oven, this model has a capacity to heat up to a temperature of 50 to 290 degrees. In addition, this section offers a double glass door, which prevents burns and allows you to open and close this piece safely.

In relation to its burners, it offers three cooking zones, 2.5, 1.7 and 0.95 kW, so you can use the one that best corresponds to the type of preparation and the size of your pan or pot. In the same way, you can regulate the level of flame with its front rotary buttons.

If this model has caught your attention, read more about it in the next section.


Practicality: If you need to prepare large portions of food, you can take advantage of its 2.5 kW burner, to place large pots or pans.

Capacity: Your oven has a capacity of 52 liters, which allows cooking for several people.

Durability: The materials from which this kitchen is made are resistant to use and easy to clean. 


Plug: You will have to adapt this piece when you receive the kitchen, since it is not included with the purchase.

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7. Alpha Vulcano Elite 90 Gas Cooker

In the category of high-end kitchens, this Alpha model stands out for having 5 cooking zones and a 101-litre capacity oven, which comes with two trays and a grill. 

The glass top adds elegance to the product and the cast-steel grills offer a long useful life. The rest of the kitchen is made of stainless steel, which favors its modern design. 

In terms of functions, this equipment has a thermostat in the oven, a timer that turns it off, a fan that homogenizes the heat and safety valves that interrupt the gas supply if they do not detect the flame. 

It should be noted that the central cooking zone is a large triple crown burner, which evenly distributes the heat of the flame from the center of the pot to the edges with the same power, so that the food is cooked correctly. 

Below we summarize the positive and negative aspects that we distinguish in this product, which may be considered by some users as the best gas stove with oven at the moment.


Easy assembly: The kitchen has a gas outlet on both sides and can be used with butane or natural gas, which favors its installation. 

Functions: This model incorporates automatic ignition and light in the oven, as well as a timer capable of turning it off so that you do not have to be aware of the food. 

Cleaning: The removable glass on the oven door allows for a thorough cleaning and maintains the good appearance of this elegant range. 


Lid: A glass lid that complements the format of the product is missing.

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8. Beko Kitchen FSG62000 DXL 4Gas

Another model that stands out for its elegance and high performance is the Beko kitchen with a stainless steel finish. There are 4 cooking zones that have special high-efficiency burners that consume less gas and cook faster.

This kitchen incorporates halogen lighting inside the oven, so there is no need to open the door to check the roast, since the internal light allows you to clearly see the content, without letting the heat escape. In addition, this oven has a capacity of 64 liters and includes a standard tray and rack, while the upper and lower burners favor cooking efficiency.  

In this model, safety is determined by a device that cuts off the gas outlet in case the fire goes out. In this way, accidents related to gas leaks are avoided. 

As for the dimensions, it measures 85 x 60 x 60 cm and includes a glass top. Now, we summarize some of the pros and cons that we observed in this model.


Protection: The glass lid protects the stove from dust when not in use, as well as preventing the walls from getting dirty from grease and food during cooking.

Use: The kitchen comes ready to use with butane gas, but it also includes the accessories to install natural gas.

Power: The cooking zones are of different sizes to adapt their power to the preparation, making efficient gas consumption. 


Timer: A timer is missing to improve the experience of using the oven. 

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9. Svan SVK9561FN Kitchen

Having an industrial-type kitchen, but with a retro design, to meet the needs of a large family is what Svan offers with its model with 5 cooking zones and a panoramic oven.

The black with gold kitchen has a rustic design with detailed finishes and modern features that make it easy to use. Among them we can mention a chicken rotisserie, automatic oven ignition, FFD safety that shuts off the gas flow when it detects the absence of flame and an analog timer to maintain the old style, without compromising functionality. 

The central burner is the cooking zone with the highest power, being 3.6 Kw, and allows you to quickly cook any recipe in large pots or large pans such as paella pans.

To increase the care of the kitchen, a glass cover is included that prevents dirt on the wall during food preparation and, after cleaning the countertop, prevents the burners from accumulating dust.

When reading the characteristics of this product we have noticed some aspects that stand out as positive and negative. Here we explain them to you.


Durability: The forged steel grills offer a long useful life, complementing the quality of the construction materials that provide robustness to the kitchen.

Folding skirt: In the lower part, the kitchen has a folding drawer that works as a plate warmer or can also be used to store some utensils.

Countertop: The countertop is made of granulated stainless material and can be cleaned more easily, while maintaining an elegant appearance.


Value: It is an expensive model, but its attractive and unusual design, combined with its functions, are worth the investment.

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Shopping guide

Whether you’re relocating, maybe you’re remodeling your appliances or just need to buy a new kitchen, the market offers you many options. To help you select the most appropriate one, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best gas cooker with oven in which we talk about the most important aspects when choosing this important device for any home. 

Size and cooking zones

This is the most visible thing in a kitchen: the size. And the right choice will depend on your needs. Do you cook many dishes at the same time? Do you live alone or do you have a large family? And most importantly, how much space do you have for the new kitchen?

Based on these questions, you can limit your comparison of gas cookers with oven to models with 3, 4 or 5 cooking zones. In general, the most compact stoves are those with 3 and 4 burners. On the other hand, there are those with 5 or 6 cooking zones and a panoramic oven, whose dimensions are larger, so you will need more space.

Remember to check the width, height and depth of the model you want and compare it with the space available for the kitchen installation. In this way, you avoid the hassle of returns, in case it is larger than the space at home.

quality and appearance

The quality of the materials in a kitchen is an aspect that determines how much it costs, but it is also what supports the durability of the product, since the truth is that nobody wants to change their kitchen every year.

Typically, this is an appliance that can last for decades with regular maintenance. In this sense, it is important to choose those that have wrought iron grills, since they are more robust. The enamel ones are also very efficient, they are easy to clean and have good resistance. 

Likewise, the countertop can be enameled or with a stainless finish, just like the body of the kitchen. Consequently, you can buy the traditional white or black enameled kitchen, although there are also beige or brown, but the most popular are the first two.

On the other hand, there are the modern stainless steel designs that add elegance to the room, especially when combined with the refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave in the same tones. 

It is common to find these stainless steel models with elegant glass countertops, which increases their attractive value and also the market price. So, your choice will basically depend on the design that you like the most and the one that suits your budget.

gas type

Another important distinction when buying your kitchen is to know if you are going to use butane gas or natural gas. The first is the one that comes in bottles that you must replace every so often. For its part, natural gas is the one that is supplied by a piped system and offers the advantage that you do not have to change cylinders, allowing you to cook without worries. 

In general, a good and economical stove is one that uses butane gas. But, the market has diversified in every way, as many manufacturers have designed kitchens to be compatible with both systems. Therefore, they are prepared to use butane gas, but they also include the installation kit for natural gas.


Until a few years ago, the use of a gas cooker caused families to worry about accidents that occurred due to fuel leaks. However, designers have addressed this flaw and most kitchens now incorporate a safety device on the burners and oven. 

This system can detect when the flame has gone out and then cut off the gas supply to prevent leaks and domestic accidents. This is common when a gust of wind blows out the fire or a pot overflows the contents and extinguishes the flame. 

This safety accessory is an improvement on gas stoves with an oven, which makes it a more viable purchase for any family.

Features and plugins

The most basic and cheap models of kitchens only have the knobs of the burners, being necessary to use lighters or matches to light the flame. 

On the other hand, there are the kitchens with automatic ignition on the worktop and manual ignition for the oven. Others include it automatically for both parties. Also, other of the functions most demanded by users is the timer and light in the oven. 

Both accessories allow food to be supervised, preventing it from burning or taking longer to open the oven to check its preparation. As well as these, other accessories to check are the oven accessories, special compartments, adjustable legs, among others. All of them will improve the user experience in a beautiful and functional kitchen.

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