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Glass Jar – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Glass jars are essential in any kitchen to store dehydrated foods, freeze some preparations or simply place grains and spices in them. The utilities for this type of product are usually varied, just like the existing models on the market, so everything will depend on your taste and immediate needs. In the case of the Com Four CF10064 glass jar set, you will have six units with a resistant glass body, spacious interior and a metal lid, with a screw-in adjustment system. For its part, Brabantia 298325 puts at your disposal three jars of different sizes with a translucent body, a pressure lid and a highly attractive cylindrical format.

The 8 Best Glass Boats – Opinions 2022

Due to the wide variety of glass jars on the market, you will have no problem finding a model that suits your needs. However, to help you in the process, we present a small selection of eight models valued on the web among the best glass jars of this year.

Decorated glass jars

1. Com Four 6x mason jars with lid

There are those who value this product as the best price-quality glass jar, as it is one of the cheap jars in our selection. It is a set made up of six units, each one made of high-end glass, dishwasher-safe, due to its resistance.

For their part, the metal lids incorporate a screw closure method, for an airtight fit, which will maintain the good condition of the food and prevent spills.

These decorated glass jars have a minimalist design, but with great appeal, due to the color of their lids and the printed phrase “Made with love” or in Spanish “Hecho con amor”. 

The interior of the jars has a volume for a maximum of 250 milliliters, which is an adequate space to pour yogurt, jams or any type of preserve. However, it is advisable to occupy them only with 200 milliliters, to prevent the pressure generated from causing the structure to deteriorate.

This is a glass jar positioned among the cheapest, whose pros and cons we present below.


Washing: You have the option of incorporating the cans into the dishwasher and save time, by not having to wash them manually.

Lids: You will have no problems opening or closing the jars, thanks to their screw-top lids.

Design: The minimalist design of these jars with colorful lids will give your kitchen a different touch.

Use: You can use the jars for preserves, yogurt or dry foods.


Volume: Its storage volume of 250 milliliters might be a bit limited for some people.

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2. Oak & Steel 12 Small Glass Jars

Oak & Steel brings to the market a convenient set of 12 decorated glass jars, made of robust and translucent glass, which you can easily wash or sterilize, without fear of damaging the structure due to the temperature of the water.

If you want cheap glass jars, you should know that these are recommended and have an interior capacity of up to 100 milliliters, so you can use them for small preserves, store spices, sweets or any other food you want.

In addition, its lid incorporates a rubber coating and metal clip, which favor a hermetic closure, in order to prevent spills and the passage of moisture.

It is important to mention that, with the purchase of this product, you will receive 12 black adhesive labels and a pair of white chalk. In this way, you will be able to personalize each one of the jars, to identify its content, which is convenient when using them and gives them a distinctive touch that everyone will notice.

Let’s learn more about this set of glass jars, which will help you keep spices and preserves in good condition.


Airtightness: Thanks to the rubber coating incorporated into the lid, you will enjoy an airtight seal.

Use: You will not have limitations when using the jars, since they are suitable for preserves, dry foods or sweets.

Labels: Adhesive labels are incorporated so that you can personalize each bottle.

Volume: Its spacious interior will allow you to store a maximum of 100 milliliters, which are suitable for small preserves.


Flimsy: The metal area may look a bit flimsy at first glance, but after handling it, you’ll notice its quality.

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glass jars for kitchen

3. Brabantia 298325 Stackable glass jars set of 3

This Brabantia model could well represent the best glass jar, due to its resistant design and hermetic closure, since it incorporates three units with different storage volumes for 1.1, 0.6 and 0.3 litres. In this way, you can store various dry or preserved foods.

These glass jars for kitchen have been manufactured with a high quality raw material. In fact, the glass used is suitable for the microwave or refrigerator, as well as being resistant enough to be put in the dishwasher, or to be sterilized manually.

For its part, the plastic lid offers a secure pressure closure, to prevent the passage of moisture and practical opening. In addition, said cover has been provided with a flat surface, which allows the placement of the boats on it. Thus, you will have no problem stacking them and achieving significant space savings on the countertop or cupboard.

This is a product commented as the best glass jar of the moment. Take a look at some of its positive and negative aspects.


Use: They are suitable jars to be used in the refrigerator or microwave, without fear of any deterioration.

Cleaning: These canisters can be washed in the dishwasher, saving you cleaning time.

Lid: The lids offer a hermetic closure by means of pressure and quick opening.

Stackable: You can place the jars one on top of the other, to stack them and take up less space.


Fragile: Although the glass may seem a bit fragile initially, the bottle offers great resistance.

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4. Luxury & Grace Pack 4 Glass Bottles

These four glass jars for the kitchen will become your infallible ally to maintain order on the counter or cupboard, since you can store dry food, grains, pasta, sweets, or any type of pickle you want in each of them.

Many consider buying glass jars like these, because robust and highly resistant glass was used in their structure, so they can not only be washed manually, but are also suitable for dishwashers or sterilization, without fear of causing any deterioration.

It is important to mention that each of the containers has a height of 23 centimeters, a diameter of 10 centimeters and a containment volume of approximately 1.2 liters.

Likewise, its cap with a screw design stands out, which has been made of stainless steel. For its part, inside said piece, a convenient polypropylene coating stands out, with the purpose of providing hermeticity at the time of closing.

This is a set of glass jars with pros and cons that you might find interesting and that we have summarized below.


Lid: Thanks to its screw cap, you can open and close the bottle without problems.

Design: Its cylindrical design in translucent glass is elegant and can be easily customized.

Washing: You have the option of washing the jars manually or putting them in the dishwasher, for greater practicality.

Airtightness: The inner lining of the lid, in polypropylene, creates an airtight seal that helps preserve food in good condition.


Weight: Each jar might seem a bit heavy, but this is because the glass they are made of is robust.

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Glass jars for preserves

5. Gothika Joseph Maeser 925340 Canning Jars

Among the best glass jars of 2022, this product marketed by the Gothika house has managed to position itself, whose designs are characterized by being resistant, functional and visually attractive.

This, precisely, is the case of the present set of six glass jars for preserves, whose structure has been made of translucent material with a robust body, which is suitable for being placed in the dishwasher, to eliminate dirt and bacteria, without causing any deterioration to the product. glass.

On the other hand, we have a metal lid with an internal rubber coating and a metal clip, for a quick and hermetic closure, which will help maintain the good condition of dry foods, preserves, fruits, yogurt, vegetables and other preparations contained in them.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the jars have a storage volume for one liter and can be used over and over again, just by sterilizing them. Thus, the aromas and flavors do not permeate the glass.

Gothika might be the best glass jar brand. Here, the details of one of its flagship products.


Closure: A metal clip mechanism is incorporated, which provides a quick and secure closure.

Washing: This is a dishwasher-safe product, which will avoid messy manual cleaning.

Use: With these jars you can store any type of dry food, dehydrated, jam or yogurt.

Set: It is a set of six jars, with a minimalist and safe design, which will help you store a variety of foods.


Decoration: If you are looking for some colorful boats, you will be interested to know that these are completely translucent, but you have the option to customize them.

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6. Tapas Rioja Glass jars for preserves Pack

When purchasing this product from Tapas Rioja, you will be taking with you a set consisting of 46 glass jars for preserves. Each of them has an interior capacity to store 445 milliliters of dry and frozen food, yogurt, pickles, sweets, among others. In addition, thanks to its metal lid with a snap closure, you will be able to preserve the good condition of your preparations for much longer.

These are airtight glass jars, made of robust, high-quality material, which is suitable for resisting high temperatures, either when sterilizing the jars or when putting them in the dishwasher.

Also, we must mention that each of the containers has a format of 11.3 centimeters high and a diameter of 7.7 centimeters at its mouth, which will allow you to comfortably insert a spoon to extract the contents of the container. Likewise, it is possible to manually clean the inside of the structure with a sponge or brush.

These are glass jars with lids that will help you keep your food in good condition for longer. Find out what its pros and cons are.


Resistance: Thanks to the robustness of the glass used, you can expose the jars to high temperatures.

Washing: You can save time by washing the jars manually, because they are suitable for dishwashers.

Volume: With these jars, you can store 445 milliliters, which correspond to a serving of yogurt, jam or other preserved preparation.

Set: The set includes a total of 46 cans, so you can store a wide variety of foods.


Lids: The lid of these jars could be a bit flimsy, but everything will depend on the taste of each person.

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small glass jars

7. Viva Haushaltswaren Glass Jam Jars

Those who still have doubts about which is the best glass jar, could consider among their purchase options this set from the house Viva Haushaltswaren, made up of a total of 32 units, with their respective metal lid and screw closure.

These small glass jars have a collection volume of 53 milliliters, taking the upper edge of the structure as a reference. However, it is advisable to leave a free space of at least one centimeter to avoid pressure concentration and possible deterioration of the glass.

For its part, the cover made of thin aluminum has been designed to offer an airtight fit, which will prevent spills and maintain the freshness of the preparation contained in the jar, as well as provide a quick and easy opening.

In addition, we cannot fail to mention the incorporation of a convenient funnel, whose purpose is to facilitate the process of filling the containers.

If you don’t know which glass jar to buy, you might be interested in this set for small preserves.


Accessories: With the purchase, a practical funnel is included so that you can accurately pour the preparations into the jars.

Set: This is a set of 32 jars, so you can easily preserve yogurt, jelly or jam.

Washing: The boats can be washed manually, because their mouth allows the sponge to be inserted comfortably. 

Volume: These cans are suitable for small preserves because they have a capacity of 53 milliliters.


Lid: Its aluminum lid might be a bit flimsy, but it provides a secure closure.

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10 liter airtight glass jars

8. Zsail Large Capacity Glass Jar with Frosted Lids Empty

If you want to buy glass jars , the Zsail house is a manufacturer with a trusted track record in the market, recognized for offering products with high quality standards, such as this jar with a spacious format, light weight and elegant aesthetics.

These 10-liter airtight glass jars have a height of 37.5 centimeters, a base of 26 centimeters and a mouth with a diameter corresponding to 9 centimeters, suitable dimensions for incorporating any type of dry food into the jar. 

In addition, it has a convenient pressure-sealed lid coated with food-grade silicone and BPA-free. In this way, you will not have to worry about spills or deterioration of food due to the passage of air inside.

Also, it should be mentioned that, for the manufacture of this jar, translucent borosilicate glass was used, which is a robust material, soft to the touch and markedly resistant to heat.

In order for you to have a more complete view of this option, let’s learn more about this Zsail glass jar.


Lid: The lid offers a secure snap closure, which will help keep food fresh.

Cleaning: You can easily clean the inside of the boat, due to its wide mouth.

Use: This is a container suitable for storing any type of dry food such as grains, pasta, spices, among others.

Safety: The coating built into the rim of the lid is made of BPA-free silicone, so you don’t have to worry about the release of toxic particles.


Label: The incorporation of an adhesive label to identify the bottle is missing.

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glass jar accessories

Lids for glass jars

Tapas & Envases Rioja Metallic Lids for Glass Jars

If you need accessories for your glass jar, you don’t have to worry, because by purchasing this set of lids, made up of 30 units, you will have at your disposal a tested product, with high quality standards, resistant to humidity and heat, as well as capable of offering a hermetic closure and quick opening.

Each of the lids for glass jars has a diameter of 63 millimeters, they have a metallic body and a bright white exterior.

In addition, they are easy to clean, because they can be put in the dishwasher.

In fact, when sterilizing the parts it is possible to expose them to a maximum temperature of 121 °C.

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open glass jars

Niviy Multifunction Jar Opener Can Opener Grip to Open

This set of glass jar openers, with the Niviy quality seal, has been specially designed to make life easier for those who have little strength, suffer from arthritis or have some limitation regarding the mobility of their hands.

It is a four-in-one can opener 14.5 centimeters long, with a white polypropylene body with stainless steel and a soft rubber side grip area for a correct grip.

Also, there is the opener five in one of 22.5 centimeters high and four rings for bottles, jars, preserves and jars with a diameter of 2.4, 3.3, 4.8 and 6.5 centimeters.

For this reason, it stands out among the accessories for glass jars.

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Shopping guide

Glass jars are essential utensils in any kitchen, which allow you to store foods such as grains, pasta, spices, nuts and pickles in an orderly manner and with their respective identification. In addition, they will be protected from moisture and spills. Next, we present a guide to buy the best glass jar.

glass type

No matter how cheap the glass jar you have decided to purchase is, if it has not been made of quality glass, you will have some inconveniences when using it. Remember that these containers must be sterilized before use, as well as many times they are used to freeze food, put it in the microwave or wash it in the dishwasher.

For all these reasons, it is important that the glass of the selected structure has a robust body, that is capable of withstanding changes in temperature, without fear of immediately fracturing or deteriorating with constant use.

When reviewing the different models on the market, we find that most of them have been manufactured with a special glass for preserves, whose thickness is greater than that of, for example, recycled commercial jam and mayonnaise containers. Likewise, it is a slightly heavier material, recyclable, sustainable and free of toxic agents that can adhere to food. This means that these are products that are convenient for the environment.

set and design

Glass jars are very popular products in the kitchen market, so it is not surprising to find a wide variety of designs and formats. In fact, some brands are committed to marketing the jars in a convenient set, which can be from 3 to 46 units.

This way, you’ll have more containers for storing grains, pasta, and treats, as well as any pickles and preparations you want to keep in your pantry or refrigerator.

Among the highly positioned glass jar models, those with a translucent body and a metal lid stand out, which, due to their minimalism, give you the option of decorating them with fabric or rope. 

Similarly, some designs have colored caps and others have been provided with adhesive labels, on which you can write the name of the stored product. On the other hand, you can also take advantage of the color of the food incorporated in the jar to display them and give your kitchen a different touch.

closing method

The closing method of the glass jars must be airtight, safe and simple to execute, since, thanks to the adjustment system of said part, we can maintain the freshness of the food preserved in the jars. In the same way, we avoid spills due to an unexpected overturn.

Due to the great importance that the cover of the jars has for its correct handling, you will be able to appreciate significant differences with regard to the purchase prices of the product. In this sense, this piece could determine how much the boat that we want to take costs.

Generally, the caps are usually made of anticorrosive metal and have a screw or pressure closure format. In addition, they usually add a food-grade rubber or polypropylene lining inside, which adheres to the mouth of the bottle, to provide a more secure closure. Likewise, there are the jars provided with a mechanism of metal rings with a clip closure that, aesthetically, stand out for being attractive.


One of the aspects evaluated in any comparison of glass jars is the cleaning method to be carried out on said containers. In this sense, the ideal is that it is a product with a wide-format mouth, so that you do not have problems when inserting the sponge or brush inside, and that it is possible to wash the jars manually. Thus, you will remove any trace of dirt quickly.

On the other hand, if you are one of the people who have little time to carry out the maintenance of the canning jars or, simply, the manual washing process seems messy, you have the option of using the dishwasher. You should only verify that the product has been manufactured to be incorporated into said device.

Remember that not all types of glass have the same level of resistance, so if the glass is not suitable for this type of technology, it could easily deteriorate.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a glass jar?

Glass jars are used in the kitchen to store any type of food and preserves, so it is recommended to sterilize them before each use. In this way, you will eliminate any type of bacteria, fungus or bad smell from the glass.

Then, you must let the pot drain and dry next to its respective lid, to proceed to fill it with dry products such as coffee, sugar, cereals, yogurt, canned fruits, olives, vegetables, among others.

Remember to adjust the lid correctly and, in case it does not close hermetically, you will have to change it, since, for example, in dehydrated foods, the entry of air would cause its oxidation. Finally, you can decorate the boats or identify them before storing them.

Q2: How to open a glass jar?

It is possible that opening a glass jar seems, at first glance, to be an uncomplicated task to carry out, since it is only necessary to hold the container with the left hand and then turn the lid with the right or vice versa.

However, on some occasions, this could be complicated, because there are containers that have been provided with a pressure-seal lid, which requires the use of a can-opener tool. The kit is placed over the lid and pulled up firmly, or rotated to effortlessly release the lid.

Q3: How to defrost a glass jar?

If you have used your glass jars to refrigerate food, but you want to thaw them without causing damage to said structures, you do not have to worry, because it is a simple task.

The first thing you should do is not try to force the lid, but place the jar in a container of cold water for approximately 30 minutes. Remember not to use hot water, to avoid sudden changes in temperature that can fracture the boat. Then, open the jar and with the help of a spoon, begin to carefully extract the content onto a plate.

Q4: How to sterilize a glass jar?

To sterilize the glass jar you can pour water into a pot, place it to boil and, when it reaches its maximum boiling point, you must introduce each of the jars together with their respective lids.

Then, you need to wait at least five minutes to proceed to remove the containers. Remember to place them to drain on the countertop on a cloth or absorbent paper.

Q5: How to decorate a glass boat?

If you want to decorate your glass jars, you will only need some materials that you surely have at home. It is rope, a piece of cloth, paints, brushes, among others. In this way, you can give free rein to your imagination.

There is a decoration used for canning jars, which is easy to make. To do this, you will have to cut a square of a fabric that is your taste. Place it on the lid of the container, so that the ends of the fabric fall on the structure. Then, hold the textile, with the help of a rope. This way you will give it a country touch that will look attractive in any type of kitchen.

Another alternative is to draw some geometric or abstract design on the glass, with cold or acrylic paint. Also, you can simply identify the cans with the name of the product stored in them.

Q6: How to make a vacuum in a glass jar?

To make a vacuum in a glass jar, you must start by sterilizing both the container and its lid, dry both pieces and proceed to pour the food or preparation to be preserved inside said jar. In this last step, you will have to be careful, since you cannot fill the boat to the top. You should leave a free space of approximately one centimeter.

Then, you will have to place the lid with a screw or pressure closure on the mouth of the bottle, but remember to verify that said piece fits hermetically, to avoid the passage of air inside. To finish, place the container in a water bath for a maximum of five minutes, remove it from the heat, dry the outside, let it rest and lightly press the surface of the lid to verify the vacuum. If it doesn’t sink, the process is finished.

Q7: Can I freeze a glass jar?

Yes. Freezing a glass jar is possible, but you must be careful not to damage the glass with the pressure generated. To do this, it is necessary to leave a free space in the container of five centimeters, which the frozen liquid will occupy when it expands.

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