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Glass Jar – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Glass jars are usually suitable containers to preserve the properties of food for a long time, therefore, for some people they are often essential in the kitchen. In this way, if you are thinking of buying one, you could look at certain models such as the Bormioli Giara, a pack of 4 jars with hermetic closure and available in 4 very pretty pastel shades. For its part, the Ikea Asia Saxborga model offers you 4 jars, two of which are small and the remaining two a little larger, all of which are easy to clean with the help of a damp cloth.

The 10 Best Mason Jars – Opinions 2022

Being glass a waterproof material incapable of transmitting odors or flavors, it is considered the ideal component for the manufacture of jars, since in this way it would be much easier, more comfortable and appropriate to keep these foods and some ingredients that are missing in the interior. the kitchen. It is for this reason that we have decided to present you with some models so that you have the opportunity to learn about their advantages and disadvantages before making the purchase.

Decorated glass jars

1. Bormioli Giara Set of 3 decorated glass jars 

If you are looking for cheap decorated glass jars to store the ingredients that you use in the kitchen every day, then this could be a good option for you.

It is a set of 3 jars made of glass, these have been designed to combine appropriately with those Pop style kitchens and could even serve as a decorative object since they are available in pastel colors such as yellow, lilac, green and blue..

As for the capacity of each jar, this is 75 centiliters while the total height is 12.6 centimeters. This means that they would not even take up much space in the place where you decide to position them.

It should be noted that the closure of these cheap glass jars is hermetic, so you can keep the food contained inside fresh for a long time. In addition, according to its manufacturer, you could use them to store sugar, coffee, salt, among others.

If you are looking for the cheapest, funniest and most colorful glass jars, then the Bormioli brand has the right ones for you, for this reason we invite you to learn about its most relevant characteristics.


Quantity: With the purchase of this model you will have at your disposal a total of 3 glass jars to store the ingredients that you most often use in the kitchen.

Colors: These glass jars are made in pastel colors such as yellow, green, blue and lilac.

Closure: The hermetic closure available in this model will allow you to keep your food for a long time.


Capacity: It should be noted that the capacity offered by each jar is 75 centiliters, this means that its size is small compared to other models.

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Ikea glass jars 

2. IKEA Asia Saxborga Set of 5 Jars

Another option that we could not let go unnoticed are these Ikea glass jars, characterized by their simple but attractive design at the same time, since we are talking about a model that has cork lids as well as a tray of said material. For this reason, you could even place the jars individually or in stacks if you wish.

Regarding its dimensions, it is important to mention that two of them are large and the other two smaller, that is, you will have at your disposal two jars of 5.5 centimeters in height and 8 centimeters in diameter and two jars of 11 centimeters in height. and 8 centimeters in diameter. Likewise, the tray is 26 x 10 x 3 centimeters.

Regarding its cleaning, we must mention that you could carry out this task using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner, this will be enough to leave each jar as new.

If you are looking for glass jars that are capable of satisfying your needs, you should look at each of the characteristics that it has to offer you the model that you like the most.


Dimensions: Two jars have dimensions of 5.5 centimeters in height and 8 centimeters in length, while the other two measure 11 centimeters in height and 8 centimeters in length.

Quantity: It is a total of 4 jars, two small and two large, accompanied by a tray where you can place them stacked if you wish.

Cleaning: The cleaning method of these jars is very simple, you just have to use a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.


Material: As they are jars with cork lids, you must give them special care to keep each of these in perfect condition.

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glass jars for sweets

3. EZOWare 4 Pcs Medium Round Glass Jars 

Glass jars have always been essential in the kitchen, since they allow different types of food to be stored inside. For example, the EZOWare brand offers you a model capable of keeping moist foods such as sauces and jams, but also those that are dry such as sweets, seeds in general and pasta. They also keep biscuits, tea leaves, cereals and many other products well preserved.

That’s right, we are talking about glass candy jars that are made up of a total of 4 transparent glass pieces, which could easily combine with the decoration of your kitchen.

As for the manufacturing material, we must mention that the jars have lids made of bamboo wood, while their structure is made of tempered borosilicate glass. On the other hand, the aforementioned lids have a silicone edge so that you can enjoy a hermetic seal, which makes their use more interesting and practical.

Among other details, these glass jars have a height of 14 centimeters and a capacity of 1000 milliliters so that you can use them as you see fit.

This time EZOWare has some airtight glass jars for you that could be very useful in the kitchen, which is why we present their most important details below.


Use: With these glass jars you could preserve from cookies to wet and dry foods if you wish.

Dimensions: Each jar has a height of 14 centimeters while its capacity is 1000 milliliters in total, so they are considered practical.

Materials: The lid of each jar is made of bamboo wood, while the structure of each of these is made of tempered borosilicate glass, which means a longer durability.


Price: To mention one drawback about this model, we are talking about the most expensive glass jars on our list of recommendations.

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glass jars for honey

4. Mkouo glass honey jar with dipper

There are all kinds of jars, even for storing honey, for this reason we present the Mkouo JJFMBY001E model, which can effectively fulfill its function in the kitchen so that you have this ingredient at hand and present it in an attractive way on your table.

In this way we start first with its dimensions, since it is one of the glass jars for honey with a good size since it has a height of 12.7 centimeters and a diameter of 2.5 centimeters, while its weight is 227 grams approximately, in addition its capacity is 9 ounces.

It should be noted that this model is accompanied by a Dipper with dimensions of 15.24 centimeters with which you could easily stir the honey or serve it.

As for its manufacturing material, this model is made of high-quality glass that could provide several years of useful life, due to the robust construction of the jar.

If you are looking for a special glass jar to store honey and that also offers you the quality you need, then find out about the most relevant features of this model.


Dimensions: The jar has dimensions of 2.5 centimeters in diameter and 12.7 centimeters in height, therefore, you could enjoy enough space to store some food.

Materials: This model is made of high quality and resistant glass, it also offers a robust structure capable of providing you with a long useful life.

Dipper: With the purchase, a Dipper is supplied that has 15.24 centimeters so that you can more easily spread the honey where you need it.


Use: Being a jar specially designed to store honey, its use is somewhat limited, therefore, if you are looking for a model where you can store a variety of foods, look at another option.

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airtight glass jars 

5. Le Parfait 3219002 Airtight jar 1 l

For the storage of fruits and vegetables, airtight glass jars will always be a good option, therefore, the Le Parfait brand offers you an appropriate model for this function, since it has a lid that you could properly secure to preserve your food without inconvenience.

It should be noted that this pack of 6 jars has dimensions of 8.5 x 8.5 x 18 centimeters. That is, you can position them without any inconvenience in any space in your kitchen. For its part, the weight of each one is 635 grams, which means comfortable and safe transport when empty.

Now, if we talk about its capacity, it is important to mention that it is 1 liter in total, also in terms of its manufacture, the material that it is made of is resistant and durable glass, which means that you could enjoy it for a long time.

The purchase of a good airtight jar could be achieved by taking into account the description of the model that most attracts your attention.


Hermetic: Each jar has a totally hermetic closure that will allow you to preserve the food that you house inside for a considerable time.

Dimensions: The dimensions of these jars are 8.5 x 8.5 x 18 centimeters, therefore, you can position them comfortably in any space in your kitchen.

Capacity: The capacity of each jar is 1 liter in total so you can store the amount of food you think is necessary.


Use: Due to the force that is exerted when closing each jar, thanks to its hermetic seal, it is best to carry out this action slowly to avoid inconveniences.

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Glass jars for preserves

6. Tapas Rioja Glass jars with lids for preserves 

Now let’s talk about those glass jars for preserves, which are often indispensable in the kitchen. Those offered by the Tapas Rioja brand could be ideal for canned tomatoes, vegetables, peaches and even jams.

It is a pack of 46 glass jars for jams that, in turn, include appropriate lids to provide you with an airtight seal. That’s right, these screw caps allow you to keep and preserve food for a considerably long time.

For its part, this model is also supplied with a personalized guide on the use that you should give to the jars, to avoid inconveniences, although you can also find tips so that you can achieve the best vacuum of all.

These jars are made of quality glass, so you could put them in the freezer to preserve certain types of food or, on the contrary, you could subject them to high heat temperatures without damaging them. They also have dimensions of 11.3 x 7.7 centimeters and a capacity of 445 milliliters.

If you are one of those people who enjoy making preserves at home, then this model could interest you, therefore, we invite you to know some of its most important characteristics.


Pack: With the purchase of this model you will have at your disposal a total of 46 glass jars, which, in turn, include the lids to provide you with an airtight seal.

Dimensions: As for its dimensions, these are 11.3 x 7.7 centimeters while the capacity of each jar is 445 milliliters.

Guide: This pack of 46 jars is supplied with a personalized guide on how to use them and also gives you information on how to achieve the best vacuum.


Material: The glass with which these jars are made may be a bit thin, therefore, it would be appropriate for you to use them carefully.

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large glass jars

7. Bormioli Fido Wire Iron Glass 5 Liters 

If after having seen some of the models on our list of recommendations you are still wondering which is the best glass jar, then let us introduce you to this model.

Bormioli Fido offers you a glass jar that could be of great help to you since it has a good size so that you can keep a reasonable amount of food inside. That’s right, because its dimensions are 28 centimeters in height and 18 centimeters in diameter.

For its part, it is one of the large glass jars made in Italy with quality materials, including strong and resistant transparent glass, so you can easily see what is inside it.

As for its capacity, this is 5 liters in total and for better food preservation, it has a mechanical stopper that could well position it as the best glass jar, and a gasket ring is also included with the purchase.

Large airtight glass jars are suitable for preserving all kinds of food inside, for this reason we invite you to learn a little more about the Bormioli Fido 03413 model.


Dimensions: This jar has dimensions of 18 centimeters in diameter and 28 centimeters in height, which is a good size if it is what you are looking for.

Capacity: The total capacity of this jar is 5 liters, this means that you can store a large amount of food inside.

Material: The jar, in addition to being made in Italy, is made of quality materials, including resistant glass.


Cleaning: It should be noted that this jar is not suitable for washing in the dishwasher, so you must provide manual cleaning.

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small glass jars

8. Juvale Set of 5 very small glass jars

Not all glass jars are only used to store food inside, others are also suitable for use as a decorative method at a birthday party, a wedding, a baptism or even they are the ideal complements for your art studio.

In this sense, Juvale has the opportunity to offer you a set of 5 small glass jars, with which you can even carry out the mixing of your paints so that you can always have them on hand every time you need to use them.

For its part, in addition to the fact that this set could include the best value for money jar, each one has dimensions of 4.4 x 4.4 x 6.4 centimeters, which means easy positioning anywhere, while that its light weight of 45.4 grams allows you to comfortably carry them wherever you want while they are empty. As for its capacity, this is 50 milliliters and, as if that were not enough, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a resistant and strong seal.

Juvale could be considered the best brand of glass jars, for offering you practical and comfortable products to use.


Usage: These small jars could be used as a decorative method for a party, birthday, baptism or wedding. You could also use them in your art studio.

Pack: This is a pack of 5 glass jars that you could have at your disposal if you choose this model.

Dimensions: The dimensions of each jar are 4.4 x 4.4 x 6.4 centimeters, while its weight is 45.4 grams, therefore, they will not take up much space in your kitchen.


Capacity: Those looking for large jars will have to look at other models, since the capacity of these is a bit reduced.

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glass jars with lid

9. LG Luxury & Grace Pack 4 Glass Jars with Lid

Among what could be the best glass jars of 2022 is the model sponsored by the Inox-kristal brand, made up of a total of 4 units made with quality glass and free of BPA, as well as chemical products that could be harmful to the health and the environment.

These, unlike other models, stand out for having a beautiful ergonomic, versatile and modern design, in addition, they are capable of fitting into any kitchen. This is due firstly to the fact that they have a transparent structure, which allows you to easily identify the content inside, accompanied by a screw-on lid and made of high-quality 304 stainless steel.

Among other details, each one of these glass jars with lids has an inner food-grade polypropylene lining, as well as an inner gasket so you can enjoy a completely hermetic seal. In addition, they have dimensions of 23 centimeters in height and 10 centimeters in diameter, while their total capacity is 1.2 liters.

If you want to know which glass jar to buy, you should take into account details that help you corroborate what type of function you want it for at home.


Design: This is a pack of 4 glass jars with an ergonomic, modern and versatile design capable of fitting into any kitchen.

Manufacturing: Each of these is made of high quality glass and free of components harmful to health.

Lid: The lid of each jar is screw-on and consists of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel.


Weight: These jars may weigh more than you expect, however this detail does not represent any type of inconvenience in terms of its function in the kitchen.

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vintage glass jars 

10. Maison & White Set of 3 Vintage Airtight Mason Jars

Among the best glass jars of 2022 we have this proposal from the Maison & White brand, a set of 3 units to store different types of ingredients or snacks inside, including pasta, rice, flour, cookies and sweets in general.

It should be noted that, due to their design, they could fit perfectly into your kitchen while maintaining a traditional and elegant style at the same time. The dimensions of these vintage glass jars are 9.5 centimeters in top diameter, 11 centimeters in bottom diameter and 18 centimeters in height.

Likewise, the total capacity of each jar is 1300 milliliters, so you would have the opportunity to have adequate space to store and keep the products you want fresh.

As for the manufacturing material present in this model, the quality glass stands out and, for greater practicality, each jar has an airtight silicone seal right on the lid, to provide you with an adequate level of freshness in your food.

If you want to know which is the best glass jar of the moment, you should consider certain information about its manufacture, dimensions and capacity before making a choice.


Dimensions: Each jar has dimensions of 9.5 x 11 x 18 centimeters, which is an adequate size to store different products.

Airtight seal: Each lid has a silicone seal that makes the jars an airtight product, suitable for keeping food fresh.

Pack: This is a pack of 3 jars with a traditional and elegant design that could fit properly in your kitchen.


Material: As it is a product made of glass, you must use it carefully at all times, since a fall could cause any of these jars to break.

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Shopping guide

Taking into account the fact that a glass jar tends to preserve the properties of food for longer, as well as of cosmetic and laboratory products because they are made of waterproof glass and do not transmit unpleasant odours, it is important that you consider certain details before purchase. That is why we have created a guide to buy the best glass jar where you will find the right advice for you to make a good purchase.


Before carrying out the choice of the jars that most attract your attention, you must take into account certain details that will allow you to choose those capable of satisfying your needs.

In this sense, when comparing glass jars, you should consider the size of a particular model, since the use you could give each jar will depend largely on this detail.

There are those of a considerably large size, these are not very commercial but, nevertheless, they could be very useful when it comes to storing a large product inside, whether it is edible or not.

For their part, medium-sized jars are the most used in the kitchen to store pasta, rice, flour and a variety of other products inside, some are also used to prepare preserves or perform the vacuum method.

Now, the small ones are more limited than all the previous ones, so some users tend to choose them to create crafts, as well as favors for baptisms, birthdays or even weddings. On the other hand, different artists often use glass jars to make their paint mixtures, because being small products they are easier to handle and could take up less space.


When buying a glass jar, most people look at how cheap it can be and then at the design it has, since being a product that would be in the kitchen, it would have to combine with the rest. of the utensils present in it.

It should be noted that there are glass jars in different models and shapes for each type of person, some are even transparent while others have a colored structure, there are also smooth and corrugated, high and low. 

There are those who prefer them as simple as possible while others look for innovative, vintage or trendy models. In any case, the truth is that the design will always matter in the face of such a choice.


Although it may not seem important, every time you decide to buy some glass jars, you should verify that each one has its lid, since this is very important when it comes to wanting to preserve the product that you house inside said jars.

Although these are generally made of steel or tinplate and are covered on the inside with a special and neutral sealant that does not contaminate the product inside the jar, we should also mention that there are models with cork and even glass lids, to create an attractive combination in the product.


The number of jars that can be supplied in a single purchase will be of great importance, especially if you are looking to acquire several units to make different preserves.

It should be noted that, depending on this detail, the price of the model that you like the most will vary a lot, therefore, do not forget to look at how much the pack of glass jars that you want to buy costs so that you do not spend too much, because today in Today there are brands that include many jars with a single purchase and it ends up being a cheap purchase. 

In this sense, you should adapt your purchase according to your needs, since there are options on the market that have 2, 4, 5 and up to 46 jars in total.


Last but not least, you should consider the capacity of the jar or jars you want to buy, and you should make the choice based on your needs, because if what you need is to get some jars with which to create crafts, as well as surprises and party favors, then those of small capacity will be more than enough.

Now, if your thing is preserves and the vacuum preparation of some foods, then the capacity of the jars would have to be a little higher, to be able to house inside the amount of food that you think is convenient.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use glass jars?

When acquiring any glass jar, the first thing you will have to do is wash it to remove any type of dirt inside, even more so if you are going to use it to preserve some type of food. 

Now, if the use will be different from that of food preservation on the internet, there are countless crafts that you could carry out with the use of jars so you could expand your imagination and create nonstop.

Q2: How to preserve tomatoes in glass jars?

If you want to preserve tomatoes in glass jars, the first thing you will have to do is run these tomatoes through hot water for at least 30 or 40 seconds. Then proceed to remove the shell of each of these and then the seeds. In this way, you will be able to chop them in the size you prefer to introduce them in the glass jar. There are those who recommend squeezing the pulp attached to the seeds to later add it inside the jar.

Then place the lid on it and proceed to put it in a pot with water, making the vital liquid completely overflow the jar and then place it over low heat for 15 to 20 minutes. After the aforementioned time, turn off the heat, let the jar rest and that’s it.

Q3: How to recycle glass jars?

Today there are many ways to recycle glass jars, on the internet you can find countless ideas to transform them and turn them into a useful, beautiful and practical product. In this way you could consider the option of decorating them with ribbons, paint, markers or any type of material that you find at home.

An example could be the following: with acrylic paint cover the entire structure of the glass jar including the lid, once it dries use some figure that you can easily get on a piece of cloth or napkin and stick it on it, so you will have created a container where you can store your small belongings or those that you need to have on hand.

Q4: How to vacuum glass jars?

To make the vacuum in a glass jar, you will first have to sterilize both the jar and the lid but separately. To do this, use the bain-marie method, then proceed to remove both parts from the water and dry its structure very well with the use of a clean cloth. Now it is time to place the product you want to keep inside the jar, taking into account that you must leave an empty centimeter, that is, do not fill it to the top.

In this way, now place the lid and close the jar well because it will be time to put it in a pot full of water that you will have to boil for approximately 20 minutes. Once it has boiled, turn off the heat and let it rest, finally take out the jar and store it.

Q5: How to sterilize glass jars?

If you want to sterilize a glass jar, the first thing you should do is place a tissue at the bottom of a large pot to prevent the jar from breaking. Next, introduce it without a lid and cover it completely with water and then bring it to a boil for approximately 30 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, turn off the heat and let stand until the water cools, only then you could avoid burning yourself or the jar breaking due to the sudden change in temperature. Now, with clean hands, remove it from the water, dry it with a cloth and that’s it.

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