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If you like to be in the kitchen creating or making delicious recipes come true, a grater is a utensil that you must have used more than once. What was only functional when thinking about grating cheese has been transformed by many models for different benefits. The Lemcase LEM-P-ZesterSetA is the best illustration of this. Its Premium stainless steel slots show all their effectiveness for cheese, but also for fruit, crackers and bread. To avoid hurting yourself with its edge, the AR440 OR Ram option is one of the most convenient and practical. It is an electric grater that easily grates a variety of foods in just a few seconds.

The 9 Best Graters – Opinions 2022

The graters that we are going to list are among the best alternatives on the market. Whether classic or modern, your experience with them in the kitchen will be characterized by their ease of use for grating cheese, fruit for desserts and vegetables for nutritious salads. 

Cheese grater


1. Lemcase Lemon Grater Fine Cheese Zester

This is one of the clear examples in which a cheese grater does not keep this function alone. The sharpness of its blades successfully grates other foods such as fruits and vegetables. You can show off on weekends or whenever you want with delicious desserts that indicate lemon, orange or chocolate zest in their recipes. 

They are two pieces to grate that differ in the size of large or small slots and thus obtain a coarse or fine grating as best suits you. For ease of grip, they have a non-slip and highly durable silicone handle. 

Additionally, both graters are equipped with protective caps to avoid any accident when you go to grab them for use. The quality of premium plastic and stainless steel materials makes this kitchen grater set one of the best. 

Each feature of these graters makes them highly valued professional kitchen utensils.


Versatility: In addition to being used with cheese, fruits, vegetables, and spices, crackers and toast also make the list. 

Rubber: Each grater has a piece of rubber in its lower part that helps to maintain a firm hold. 

Brush: The set comes with a brush that will facilitate washing and cleaning. With it, no trace of food will remain in the slots. 

Storage: Its design allows you to hang them both in a kitchen space or stored in a drawer. 


Sharp blades: Among its warnings is to be very careful with your fingers when grating due to its extremely sharp blades.

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electric grater


2. Ariete Gratí Electric Grater

Whether you want to avoid taking risks with the sharpness of other graters or you have difficulty gripping your hands due to arthritis or any other similar condition, this electric grater is the solution for you. It is a device that is easily assembled and disassembled and is electrically powered with an integrated battery that you can recharge for an average use of 1000 hours. 

Although it does not work as an electric vegetable grater, it promises the best Parmesan cheese release for pasta, bread, chocolate and some nuts that you need to grate quickly and safely. Its side cover is completely closed to avoid messy falls of the food that you are grating. 

It is part of the Ariete brand appliances whose prestige and quality of products are internationally recognized, so it is an acquisition that inspires confidence in its buyers. 

Its Italian style and electric function can position it as the best grater of the moment. Let’s see more of what it offers. 


Design:  It is an orange and white grater with a beautiful and ergonomic design that comes with a base and charger. 

Roller: It has a rotating roller system that could grate a kilo of cheese during the active time of its battery.

Safe: There is no risk of cutting your fingers and you do not have to fill your hands with the food that is grated.


Limited: It is recommended to stick to the use with the recommended foods. It is not intended for use with fruits or vegetables.

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vegetable grater


3. Saiaobo Mandoline multifunctional slicer

Among the best graters of 2022 is this utensil that will prevent you from having to spend hours cutting all the ingredients you need for a specific meal. This mandolin will be a great ally if your pace of life is characterized by the need to make the most of time to be able to pamper yourself and your loved ones with nutritious dishes loaded with the flavor of fresh vegetables or fruits.        

It comes with a large and transparent container where everything that this vegetable grater, cutter and slicer drops is deposited as the food is passed through the chosen blade. 

There are 6 blades of different shapes and thicknesses that you can exchange, forgetting about having to use traditional knives or graters. The design allows you to store the blades inside and unlock them when they are going to be used for precise and safe cuts for your hands. 

There are many positive aspects that make this mandolin one of the best helpers in your kitchen and, in addition, it comes with a peeler as an extra element. 


Multifunctional: Its different blades allow coarse grating, cutting into 1 and 1.5 mm strips, slicing into julienne strips and corrugated sheets. 

Protector: It has a safety protector to place and hold the vegetable or fruit while you grate. 

Material: The blades are made of food-grade stainless steel and completely free of BPA. 


Size: It is a very functional helper for your kitchen, but whose size and number of pieces will require space to store it.

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Fine pitch stainless steel grater 

4. Lacor 60303 Fine Step Flat Grater

This grate will be especially useful when you need a fine pitch stainless steel grater. Its robust, firm and resistant material can allow you to get a very fine, smooth and loose zest. In fact, its type of very small holes makes it an ideal tool for grating hard cheeses such as Parmesan and other foods of the same consistency. 

Its design with handles at each end allows you to grab it with your right or left hand to grate. You could also do this by keeping the rack upright or laying it flat on top of a bowl or container. 

It is a good alternative for when you want to avoid the preservatives of the cheese that is already grated and you prefer to make it yourself to feel fresher. In addition to this, it is part of the range of products with professional quality that Lacor offers as kitchenware. 

When wondering which grater to buy when you are looking for something simple and traditional in style, this can be a very good option. Let’s go over the pros and cons that this grater has to offer. 


Material: It is a grater made of robust, resistant and very good quality stainless steel. 

Size: Its size and practical grid shape make it easy to store in any kitchen space. 

Brand: Lacor is a brand with more than 60 years dedicated to products for gastronomy in the home and hospitality. 


Cleaning: Food can cling to its small holes making it difficult to wash, so it is good to try to help with a brush.

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Microplane grater


5. Microplane Elite Series Fine Grater

This grater has been made in the United States and offers all the technology of engraving for cutting, ensuring a blade that remains sharp for a long time. This is one of the features that professional chefs and home cooks alike seem to appreciate the most. 

It has a non-slip rubber on its base that protects and guarantees stability when vertically grating hard spices such as ginger, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Additionally, the ergonomics and soft touch property of the rubber on its handle make it very comfortable and easy to grip.

In addition to the fact that this Microplane grater allows and guarantees with its innovation a precise grating that does not tear or break the food, it takes care of a refined and elegant presentation that will make it look very good hung with your other kitchen utensils. 

This brand with more than 25 years in the market has taken care of every detail in this grater to make it one of the best options. 


Design: It is a very light and practical hand grater to use. Additionally, your material shimmers in brilliance. 

Cover: As you grate, everything falls into a collecting cover that adapts and adjusts from the back. 

Professional: It is an element belonging to the Elite series, with recognition and quality for professional use. 


Price: Although the quality of its brand is known, its price is quite high compared to other single-blade graters.

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tomato grater

6. Metaltex 194753 Tomato Grater 

Metaltex is a brand that since 1945 has maintained its pace of growth and innovation with various utensils for the home and kitchen. Additionally, many of its products stand out for trying to offer the best prices on the market. 

Peeling, cutting and grating are among its lines of attention and can be exemplified by what could be the best value for money grater for vegetables. This grater type grater is one of the cheapest, but without reducing the quality that is sought in utensils for small kitchens. 

Its flat style and width of slots make it a great tomato grater for those toasts that are part of rich breakfasts. However, the robustness of its stainless steel and metal allows you to grate onions and other vegetables that you like to feel a little thick without any problem. 

Along with its price and material, there are other important aspects to take into account when deciding on your purchase. 


Design: It is a light and manageable one-piece grater. In its upper part, it has a handle to grab while you grate. 

Base: It has a support at the bottom that is slightly bent and that makes it easier to position it to grate vertically.

Washing: It is very easy to wash, since the size of the slots lets out any debris without trapping it.


Safety: You must be very attentive to its wide stainless steel slots, as they can be dangerous for your fingers.

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Ikea grater


7. Ikea Chosigt Grater with container

It is very easy to consider this model as the best grater when it is capable of being more than an ingenuity utensil. Its practicality offers to be able to grate the cheese and to be, at the same time, the solution for its storage. 

Apart from the two grids for different grating, it comes with a container in which everything you are grating falls directly and without mess. The design of the grids is shaped like a lid and fits perfectly, but, in addition, the container has its own lid that closes hermetically, allowing the food to preserve its texture, flavor and aroma for a longer time. 

Without a doubt, cooking is much calmer when the use of your utensils does not involve risks for you. This Ikea grater is so easy to use that even children can become excellent helpers for you in the kitchen.

In addition to a cheese that goes directly into the container, this grater has other features that will keep you happy with your purchase. 


Design: It has a nice blue design that is very easy to wash and does not require as much space to store. 

Graters: They are two lid-like graters with holes for fine and coarse grating, which allows them to be used with other foods. 

Container: Its container and airtight lid make it an ally for those times when there is some excess left. 


Color: It does not offer other color options to choose from. The sky blue tone is the only color for this Ikea model.

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Moulinex grater

8. Moulinex Fresh Express Plus Grater, 5 functions

This Moulinex grater immediately catches the eye not only because of its design, but also because of the number of functions it offers. It is certainly not one of the cheapest alternatives, however, its acquisition means having an appliance that can cut, grate and slice with 5 interchangeable cylinders that provide different ways of cutting and slicing. 

In an instant you can go from being the best carrot grater to shredding or slicing into wavy or ribbed shapes. In the same way, its 150W power will do the same job with cucumbers, potatoes, aubergines, apples, hazelnuts, bread, chocolate, cheese and many other foods.

Without the risk of cutting yourself, you just have to place the cylinder you want, insert the vegetables, fruit or cheese through its feeder tube and press the button to start it. The food you process will fall in a direct and precise direction to the bowl you place. 

It is difficult that Moulinex being on the list of suggestions does not stand out as the best brand of graters. For example, this model whose advantages abound. 


Design: It is beautiful, compact and colorful. The electrical part is white with ruby ​​red and each cylinder has a bright color. 

Cylinders: The assembly and disassembly of each one is very easy. In addition, it allows grating and fine, thick and wavy cuts. 

Washing: The only parts to wash are the cylinder that you use and the feed tube that you can easily remove with a right turn.


Cost: To be able to see and enjoy all its advantages in your kitchen, you must make a fairly considerable investment.

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spiral grater


9. FabQuality Vegetable Cutter

If you are vegetarian, vegan or simply give vegetables an important presence in your diet, this spiral grater could be one of the best purchases. A colorful plate of spaghetti or zucchini and carrot noodles can be achieved in a few seconds with this great product. 

Whether as a main dish or a side dish, you have three types of blades to choose from that give different shapes to spiralizing courgettes, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, potatoes and more. After using it, you will have no doubts about which is the best spiralizer grater out there.

It will be enough to center, press the food and start turning it to see the great result. In addition, this cutter will not let any of the vegetables go to waste or lose with the small lid that it comes with to puncture when there is little left and your hand cannot hold it well to continue turning it.     

In addition to describing everything that can be accomplished with this cutter, there are more details worth considering.


Accessories: It comes with a simple but great citrus peeler to help with fruits like oranges and a small brush to facilitate washing. 

Material: All its pieces are BPA-free and resistant to being washed both by hand and in the dishwasher. 

Storage: Each of its components can be stacked one on top of the other, making it an easy product to store. 


Large pieces: If you want to see long spirals similar to spaghetti or noodles, you should select and buy only large pieces of vegetables. 

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Shopping guide

A plate of pasta with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top or toast with perfectly textured tomatoes on it are delicious meals where a grater has had to be used. In this guide to buying the best grater you will be able to familiarize yourself with the various sizes, shapes and multifunctions that these utensils offer you to achieve succulent effects on the palate.


Basically, food graters can be classified into two types based on their operation. We can refer to them as manual cookware or appliances. Delving a little deeper into each one can make you define the trend of your purchase. 

In addition to the price, among the main advantages of manual graters are their simple use that only requires passing the food continuously through the cutting slots and their small sizes that make them very easy to store kitchenware.

So, on the one hand, the manual type have traditionally been the ones with the greatest presence in the home but, on the other, it is undeniable that the electric ones are on the market as less effort alternatives that greatly facilitate work.

The power of electric graters not only reduces the pressure or force that must be exerted with the hands, but also achieve excellent results in less time. However, as with other electrical appliances, being careful to use them on a dry surface or that children do not try to insert their hands while they are in operation are very important safety measures that should not be neglected. 


Both types of graters are appreciated by professional chefs and cooks performing in restaurants as well as those showing off their talents in the home kitchen. Therefore, another aspect to consider when comparing graters is the various options in shape, size, and even color of each design. 

There is a wide range of manual graters available. We could start with the so-called hand, which are flat grid surfaces with grip areas to grate in a vertical or horizontal position if you place it on a container. Box ones are very common in kitchens and can offer anywhere from three to six sides for grating. 

As examples of others that are available in manual and electric versions are, first of all, the rotaries. Its main characteristic is a kind of little box where the food is placed, which is grated by a roller. If they are the manual version, a lateral crank is used to turn them.

Spiral graters are also very popular, especially for cutting vegetables and fruits into beautiful shapes. Finally, the electric version only design that, although it can vary in size, is distinguished from all of them by a feeding tube that makes the vegetables or fruit fall into a cone that moves electrically. 


It is known that each of the characteristics and aspects that must be taken into account has an impact on how much one design or another costs. However, when you are attracted by the price of a grater and immediately want to buy it, we advise you to stop for a moment and see the shape of the cutting grooves. 

For example, if you usually buy soft cheeses, you’ll be frustrated trying a fine-pitch grater. You will see how the cheese sticks unpleasantly, quite the opposite of what would happen with a hard cheese that will grate loosely and finely. Consequently, observing the indications and verifying is key, especially if you want to buy a single grater hand grater. It comes to finely or coarsely grate, cut and even slice. 

Also, multifunctional graters ensure you find in the same product various forms of use. They usually come with a set of interchangeable blades or cylinders as the case may be.


The frequency in use is key to choosing the material of your grater. Remember that there is so much variety that it is easy to find an inexpensive product that also meets expectations in terms of resistance and use over time. 

Make sure the one you select is made of stainless steel, at least its blades. In this way, you can count on the durability of its edge and cutting effectiveness. Likewise, it is important that all the parts of the grater have food quality certification. 

A dishwasher-safe material is also very convenient both for practicality and for confidence that it will not be damaged. Similarly, there are graters that come with brushes to help clean them. It is good to verify that they have firm bristles to easily remove trapped debris from any corner.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a grater? 

The first thing is to see or select the rack or cylinder with the type of hole that will work with the food. Check that there are no remains of what you have previously grated in the cut areas, especially if they are spices that can alter the flavor.

Knowing that the grater is clean and ready for use, taking care to comply with safety measures is very important. In the case of manual graters, avoid grabbing them by the cutting areas, and use their handles to start grating only if you feel stable. If it’s electric, place it in a dry area before plugging in or turning on. 

Q2: How to grate cheese without a grater?

There are two ways to create a very similar effect using a knife. The first is repeatedly scraping the piece of cheese with the knife perpendicularly, and the second by slicing the cheese as thin as you can. Stack several slices and cut equally thin strips. Then, turn around and start cutting them like weeds into very tiny pieces.

With a food processor, you can also shred the cheese into very small pieces resembling grated. The trick to this is to refrigerate the cheese first to ensure a firm consistency and place it in the processor while checking to see how it’s shredding. 

Q3: Where to throw a kitchen grater? 

Given the nature of their usual material, graters, like other appliances or kitchenware, have a place in the clean or ecological point that you have in your area. 

However, you can think twice before throwing them away and join in creative ways to recycle them. Large hole graters make great jewelry boxes to put earrings in, box graters are great as lamps for an unusual decoration, and cylinders work great as pencil holders. 

Q4: How to clean a kitchen grater? 

Graters that are dishwasher safe can be washed in them. However, whether with the dishwasher or by hand, you should check that there are no food residues stuck in corners or holes that encourage the proliferation of mold or bacteria. 

Many believe that the best way to wash them is by hand, since this allows water to flow from the tap and you can ensure that the dirt runs off with it. In addition, you can use a brush or brush at that time that will leave the grater clean and ready to be used again.

Q5: How to make zucchini spaghetti with grater? 

For delicious zucchini spaghetti or zoodles, nothing beats the spiral grater. Only the ends of the zucchini are cut off, centered, pressed and rotated, seeing totally spaghetti-like shapes fall in front of you.

There are those who, because they do not have a spiralizer or do not like the texture that remains, use other ways to achieve it, such as a peeler, a grater with coarse holes or with the mandolin and its blade for thin strips. 

Q6: Which is better, grater or spiralizer? 

Both the grater and the spiralizer have different food purposes and shapes. For example, a grater can be a multifunctional utensil that will serve you, in addition to cheese, for vegetables, fruits, spices and other ingredients such as chocolate or bread. Also, it should be noted that you can choose the thickness of the grating of the cheese and vegetables according to the size of the cutting holes.

Instead, what the spiralizer is about is making cuts in the shape of spaghetti, noodles or long wavy strips to foods such as zucchini, cucumber, radishes, potatoes, pears and others. It is typically used to make spaghetti zucchini main courses and decorative side dishes with other vegetables.

Q7: How to sharpen a grater? 

It is a question that will have correct answers depending on the ease, speed and effectiveness obtained from each suggestion. There are those who say that, when dull, a grater should simply be replaced, hence the recommendation to buy utensils made of quality stainless steel or with engraving technology that promise to stay sharp for a long time. 

Among one of the ways that people use to sharpen their graters is the combination of thicknesses of sandpaper. Another way in which most agree and endorse its effectiveness is a round file that must be patiently turned in each of the holes. A final quicker and more effective technique is to use a dremel if you can get the right tip size.


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