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Ham knife – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A good ham does not deserve to be cut by any knife, because you will not get that thin and wide slice that you want. On the contrary, you could damage the piece with irregular and unattractive cuts to present as appetizers. For this reason, we analyze the characteristics of the Arcos 101301 knife, whose 25 cm stainless steel blade has the necessary flexibility to achieve a precise cut and its wooden handle favors grip. Likewise, the Jamonprive 43178-106368 stands out as a functional 36.5 cm knife made of stainless steel, accompanied by a sharpener and a practical ham cover so that it can maintain its properties.

The 8 Best Ham Knives – Opinions 2022

Ham is a traditional product of Spanish gastronomy, present in many homes, celebrations and meals, so it is essential to have a special knife to make fine cuts in the piece. So if you are thinking of acquiring one of these, it will be useful for you to review our selection of the best ham knives of 2022 first. 

Arcos ham knife

1. Arcos Latina Flexible Ham Knife

By tradition, the ham is fixed on a support that provides comfort to cut it, being necessary to have a knife for this purpose. There are several popular models on the market, but this Arcos ham knife enjoys a good reputation among its users, especially its 25 cm Nitrum stainless steel blade, exclusive to the manufacturer. This knife, too, has a high chrome content, which makes it more resistant to corrosion.

Secondly, the compressed wood handle has resin sheets that determine its durability and resistance to humidity, also considering the stainless steel rivets that complement the assembly of the knife.

These characteristics, added to the flexibility of the blade and the low cost of the product, allow some users to value it as the best value for money ham knife, as it is one of the cheapest in our selection. 

We have distinguished some pros and cons of this model that we mention below, to verify if it is the best ham knife of the moment. 


Blade: The 25cm Nitrum stainless steel blade is flexible and sharp to deliver precision cuts.

Support: The wooden handle reinforced with rivets measures approximately 11 cm, providing a good grip.

Utility: With this knife you can also cut fish and meat in filet.


Cuts: Care must be taken if you are not skilled when cutting ham, as it is very sharp and can cause an accident.

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Professional ham knife

2. Jamonprive Ham Knife with Chaira and Ham Cover

If what you are looking for is a professional ham knife at a good price, this model may be the right one, since it is a set that, in addition to the knife, includes a sharpener and a ham cover that will help the piece of meat maintain its properties.

Returning to the knife and based on the evaluations received, this could be the best ham knife currently available, because its steel blade is narrow and elongated, measuring 36.5 cm, whose sharp tip helps to make fine and precise cuts with each movement. 

For its part, the black handle favors the grip and provides an elegant design throughout the set. In this sense, the included sharpener retains similar characteristics and its functionality as a sharpening steel allows the blade to always be kept sharp. 

Likewise, the black universal ham cover complements the set, protecting the piece of ham by delaying its oxidation. 

Jamonprivé is positioned as the best brand of ham knives according to its buyers, and that is why we summarize the characteristics of this model below. 


Accessories: The knife includes a good quality sharpener and a sheath to protect the ham from oxidation.

Length: The blade measures 36.5 cm and its narrow tip facilitates precision cuts.

Ham cover: This cover is made of nylon to offer good resistance, without affecting the ventilation of the piece so that it maintains its properties.


First use: The edge of the knife is not well defined for the first use, so it is advisable to use the steel before the first cut.

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3 Claveles ham knife

3. 3 Carnations Ham Knife 

The design of alveoli on the blade of ham knives has become popular, due to its functionality in preventing the slice of ham from sticking to the blade, since an air chamber is formed during cutting.

In this sense, if you are looking for the best ham knife, it is possible that in the first results you will see this type of model, specifically the 3 Claveles one. The blade of this knife measures 29 cm and ends in a rounded point; there is also a 30 cm version. For its part, the handle is made of polyoxymethylene, a highly impact-resistant material that offers a comfortable grip.

The length and flexibility of the 3 Claveles ham knife allow you to cut thin slices of ham without much effort, so its purchase is highly recommended among users, regardless of their laterality, since it works well for right-handed or left-handed people.

Before deciding which ham knife to buy, we recommend reviewing the list of pros and cons of this model, which also stands out for being one of the cheapest.


Design: The alveolate blade allows an air chamber to form during cutting, which prevents the meat from sticking to the knife. 

Quality: The model is long and flexible, with resistant finishes and a handle made of polyoxymethylene, to offer greater durability.

Cleaning: This product can be cleaned in the dishwasher, without affecting its properties.


Sheath: A protective sheath is missing to store the knife and maintain its sharpness. 

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Slicing ham knife

4. Right Handed Ham Knife Slicer

Designed for those who love ham, but do not know how to cut it like professionals, this model has a regulator protector that prevents cuts on the hands and at the same time helps to adjust the thickness of the slices. 

The ham slicing knife is designed for right-handed people and is basically made up of two parts: first, the knife with a stainless steel blade and an ergonomic plastic handle, followed by the protective bar, also made of stainless steel and which can be easily assembled.. 

For its operation, the knife must be placed on top of the ham, making a smooth sawing movement, keeping the other hand behind the knife. In case you want a thinner slice, you can adjust the regulators to the left and the bar will be closer to the edge to make thinner cuts. In this way, slices of the same size are obtained to serve the ham with the best presentation.

Next, we mention some characteristics of this product, differentiated into pros and cons.


Protection: The protective bar reduces the risk of accidents, in addition to providing a regular cut of the slices. 

Cleaning: The knife can be washed in the dishwasher or, if you prefer, you can do it with a scourer and mild detergent, rinse it with hot water and let it dry. 

Grip: The handle is made of food-grade plastic and provides a firm, ergonomic grip. 


Price: This product has a high cost, but its functionality and design for the inexperienced can be very advantageous. 

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Victorinox ham knife

5. Victorinox Knife, Stainless Steel 

The Victorinox brand has positioned itself in the market for professional knives and knives for several decades, so a knife for cutting ham could not be missing from its catalogue.

The Victorinox 5.4623.30 model has a 30 cm blade, is made of stainless steel and is flexible enough to allow easy and precise cuts. This Victorinox ham knife has an ergonomic Fibrox handle that provides a better grip and comfort, a feature present in all the brand’s professional knives. 

Regarding the design, we observe alveoli along the blade, which allow the formation of an air layer that easily separates the slices from the ham and the knife, being equally useful for cutting salmon. 

As for cleaning, this model can be placed in the dishwasher and subjected to high temperatures without affecting its properties, thanks to the quality of its materials.

For professional chefs, this could be the best ham knife, as it is from the Victorinox brand, so we analyze its positive and negative aspects. 


Design: Due to its professional design, the materials used in the knife are of high quality and can be washed at high temperatures.

Blade: The 30 cm blade is alveolate to facilitate cuts and prevent the slices from sticking to the knife. 

Grip: The molded handle is rivet-free and fits nicely in either hand for a firm, comfortable grip. 


Storage: A sheath is missing to store the knife and preserve its sharpness.

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Alveolate ham knife

6. Wüsthof 4531 Classic Ham knife

The main advantage of having a hollow ham knife, like this one from Wüsthof, is that the slices of ham separate more easily from the piece of meat and from the blade of the knife, favoring precise and thin cuts.

Among the characteristics of this German-made model we can mention the 26 cm long blade, with a rounded tip and made of high quality stainless steel, hot forged in one piece. Likewise, its geometric precision sharpening has been checked with a laser, demonstrating hardness and durability.

The handle, meanwhile, has a classic three-rivet design that fits tight for a firm hold. This has been made of polyoxymethylene, a synthetic and durable material. 

The quality of this model allows it to be positioned as one of the best ham knives of 2022, being also efficient for cutting other types of meat. 

Now, we summarize its characteristics in the following section of pros and cons. 


Construction: The manufacture of this knife in a single piece of high hardness stainless steel favors the durability of the sharpening. Likewise, the handle is ergonomic and resistant.

Design: The alveolate blade prevents the slice from sticking to the knife, due to the air chamber that forms during cutting.

Versatility: With this knife you can cut salmon, other meats and even fruits to get very thin and even slices.


Flexibility: Although the blade is thin, it is not very flexible. However, the alveolate design favors the slide on the piece of ham. 

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Ham knife with protector

7. Jamonprive Ham Knife with Anti-Accident Protector 

The Jamonprive brand has specialized in the sale of tools to taste a good ham without much effort, which is why this ham knife with protector is one of its most popular products.

First of all, it stands out for its high quality 30 cm long blade, made in Spain in the Albacete region. Secondly, there is the protector that is adaptable for right-handed and left-handed users, thus expanding its usefulness, since you only have to change the position of the protector according to your laterality. 

This part is removable, so if you are already an expert and you don’t need the protector you can remove it. But, if you haven’t yet mastered the skill of cutting ham, this bar will help you avoid accidents, while applying precision to obtain thin slices.

From this model we also highlight its good value for money, so we invite you to read the positive and negative aspects that we distinguish in it.


Blade: The stainless steel blade is 30 cm long, favoring precise cuts on the piece of ham.

Costs: The price of this product is quite affordable, considering its versatile and ambidextrous design.

Protection: The knife protector prevents the inexperienced from cutting themselves, and its variable position allows it to be adjusted according to the user’s laterality.


Solid color: One aspect to improve is that the protector could be transparent to clearly see the cut of the slice during the process.

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Zwilling ham knife

8. Zwilling Professional S Ham Knife

The quality of Zwilling knives is recognized by chefs around the world for its almost three centuries of experience. That is why the German brand has more than 8 individual models and several special sets for cutting ham, of which we will focus on the Professional S model.

This Zwilling ham knife has a 31 cm stainless steel blade, with a smooth beveled edge and a round tip, maintaining a high resistance to corrosion and, therefore, great durability. This is possible thanks to the ice hardening technique, in addition to being made of a special Zwilling alloy that characterizes all its products. 

For its part, the ergonomic handle is made of plastic and is held by three rivets, offering comfortable and safe use. 

Below, we present some of its features in the form of pros and cons that will help you better evaluate this product.


Manufacturing: The blade is made from a single piece of special alloy stainless steel, with the Friodur hardening technique that makes it resistant to corrosion and more durable.

Flexibility: When cutting ham, the blade shows flexibility with precision that allows very thin slices to be obtained.

Grip: Safe handling of this knife depends on the non-slip, ergonomically designed handle that reduces fatigue when cutting repeatedly. 


Value: The price of this knife can be above the tightest budgets. But, the manufacturer’s quality and track record can make up for the value.

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Ham knife accessories

Sheath for ham knife

Arcos 694500 Protective cover for ham holders

For the protection of the knife edge and safe storage, it is necessary to buy a sheath for a ham knife, if the product does not include one. And this model of Arcos is highly recommended among users, since it is suitable for tools of 32 cm in length, and can be adapted to smaller sizes, if you wish. 

Its plastic construction keeps the knife blade protected from dust, scratches and friction with the rest of the cutlery if you store it in a drawer. In addition, it saves you the risk of accidentally cutting yourself when you go to look for it in its storage place. 

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Shopping guide

In many families it is a tradition to always have a ham on the ham stand and welcome visitors with delicious slices of the best Iberian or Serrano ham. But, to make a cut with precision, you need to have a special tool, and if you don’t know what its characteristics are, here we explain what you need in our guide to buying the best ham knife.


The market for ham knives is very broad and there are manufacturers with centuries of experience and tradition who have positioned themselves for the quality of their products. In these models we observe similar characteristics in the manufacturing process: high-quality stainless steel is used, sometimes alloyed with other materials, such as chrome, to increase its resistance to corrosion. 

Similarly, some hardening techniques are used, such as the use of ice to make the blade more resistant. On the other hand, sharpening is a procedure that must be done with high precision, so geometric and laser instruments are applied to verify the chamfering or the quality of the edge. 

Likewise, models that are hot forged with a single piece of stainless steel show greater resistance because they do not have joints between the blade and the handle. 


Regarding the handle, it is very important that the knife has a non-slip handle and that it is ergonomic, otherwise the cutting process will be tiring for the user. As for the material, the most used are wood and plastic, with polyoxymethylene being one of the favorites due to its high impact resistance. 

Some grips have a classic fixing with rivets to give greater strength to the union of the parts, while others use a resin to adhere them. Both techniques have proven effective in terms of durability and strength. 

length and flexibility

When we make a comparison of ham knives, we find different lengths, which vary from 24 to 32 cm. This range allows two categories to be established among ham knives: the short ones, which measure from 24 to 26 cm, and the long ones, whose blade is 28 to 32 cm long. Choosing the knife may depend on the size of the piece of meat, whether it is a shoulder or serrano ham, but if you do not have much knowledge about it, it would be good to use a 28 cm one that, although it is not short, may be easier to handle.

One of the most notorious characteristics to evaluate in a ham knife, before looking at how much it costs, is the flexibility of the blade, since each ham has a particular shape and the knife must flex enough to follow that silhouette during the cutting of the meat. slice. 


In recent years, we have noticed some advances in the manufacture of knives and one of the most representative is the alveolate design of the blade. These slits distributed along the length have a specific function: to create a layer of air between the food and the knife, in this case preventing the slice of ham from sticking to the steel, facilitating the detachment of the meat. 

This particularity is not unique to expensive knives and renowned brands, it is also possible to get an economical model that has this special and advantageous design to obtain precise cuts or very thin slices without them sticking to the knife. 

On the other hand, there is also a difference in the design at the end of the blade: some end in a point and others are rounded. Both models are equally efficient, but for some users the round tip offers greater safety, as they are not experts in cutting ham.

Accessories and protection

Thinking about the safety of users and the lack of practice, some manufacturers have added accessories and protection systems to their ham knives to improve the experience. Thus, it is advantageous to acquire sets that include some necessary accessories such as the sharpener or sharpener, protective covers for the ham or regulating bars that are fixed to the knife to avoid cuts and at the same time obtain slices of a regular thickness.

These accessories can increase the value of the product a little, but many times it is cheaper than buying them separately, so if you get a good deal on a ham cutting kit, don’t think too much about it, evaluate its other features and make a smart purchase. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a ham knife?

The ham knife has an extra long blade to make regular cuts on a piece of ham. It is best to use an onion-type knife at the beginning to clean the ham, which must be fixed to a stable support designed for this purpose. A first oblique cut will help remove the skin and layer of fat from the piece. After this, it will be necessary to mark the hip bone with the short knife to obtain straighter slices. 

Once this procedure has been carried out, it is time to start using the ham knife: the cuts must be parallel to the central axis, towards the user’s body, always trying to ensure that the slice occupies the entire width of the piece and that it is very thin. 

Q2: How to sharpen a ham knife?

It is very important that the ham knife is kept very sharp so that the cuts are precise and even. In this sense, it is advisable to have a good quality sharpening steel or sharpener, which should be tilted slightly to then place the knife at an approximate angle of 20 to 25°, sliding it from the beginning of the sharpener to the tip. You can repeat this step as many times as you think necessary or until you get the edge you want. Subsequently, you must clean the knife well to remove any dirt or metal remains. 

Q3: How to clean a ham knife?

This aspect, in general, depends on the type of manufacture of the knife, as some models can be washed in a dishwasher at high temperatures, without compromising their resistance or the integrity of their parts.

But, other models are simpler and can be washed with a scourer, accompanied by a mild detergent. You just have to pass the scourer gently over the steel sheet, remove the remains of fat or meat, and finally rinse with warm water. It is important to let the knife dry well before storing it.

Q4: How to adjust the ham slicer knife?

The slicing knife has a protective and removable bar made up of 7 pieces: the steel bar that is placed on top of the knife blade, a pair of plastic staples, suitable for food use, that allow the bar to be held at both ends. Next, there are the stainless steel regulating screws, which are placed on the staples to turn them and adjust the thickness of the slice to your liking. Finally, there are two nuts, also made of steel, which give the regulators greater firmness.

Now, once the bar is placed on the blade of the knife, you decide the thickness of the blade, turning the screws to the right if you want it to be thicker, or to the left so that the bar is closer to the edge and obtain thin slices..

Q5: What is the protector of a ham knife used for?

There are different models of ham knife protectors on the market, some are made of plastic and others are made of metal. Its main function is to place them on the blade of the knife to avoid cuts in the hand that is not holding the knife, and in this case it is very important to choose the model according to your laterality. Well, if you are left-handed, it will not do you any good if the protector is for right-handers, but if the knife is used by several people, it is convenient to acquire an ambidextrous one so that everyone is protected. 

There is also another model of protector, a handle type, which is attached to the shank of the ham that will protect the hand that holds the piece of meat during the cut, and whose serrated edge will prevent the blade of the knife from reaching your hand, wrist or arm..

Q6: What are the advantages of using a hollow ham knife?

The alveoli in the knife form an air chamber during the cut that prevents the slice of ham from sticking to it, favoring precision during said process. This also prevents the thin slices from breaking as they are separated from the piece of ham. 

Q7: How to store a ham knife?

Ideally, the knife should have a protective sheath to store it safely and not lose its edge if it shares space with other utensils. There are also specialized supports for different types of knives, including a ham holder. What is essential is that this cutting tool must be well dry before storing it. In this way the steel blade is better preserved.

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