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Hand Mixer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022


The hand mixer has become one of the vital appliances in the modern kitchen, as it allows you to achieve the right texture for countless dishes such as creams, desserts, salads and others in a short period of time. For this reason, we present below two proposals that are liked by many due to their ability to respond efficiently to any culinary requirement, given the quality and high power of their designs. The first choice is the Braun Multiquick MQ9005X, a mixer with ActiveBlade technology, which allows the most rigorous solids to be processed without splashing. Another good alternative is the Bosch MaxoMixx MSM89160, which features QuattroBlade Pro blades for professional results.

Opinions on the best hand mixers


As we know that choosing a hand mixer can be a bit difficult due to the variety of brands on the market, which offer increasingly powerful and functional designs, we present a selection with some proposals that fit any budget and professional requirement.

Braun hand blender


Braun Multiquick 9

One of the limitations that bothers many kitchen lovers is the hardness of some ingredients used in their recipes, since it involves more effort to reduce their size. Thinking about it, Braun presents this 1000W hand mixer, adjustable automatic speed with 21 speeds and Smart Speed ​​technology, which allows you to grind and beat the hardest foods with less effort.

The Braun hand blender includes accessories such as a measuring cup, whisk attachment, mini chopper, food processor, potato masher and potato chip disc. Which, thanks to its EasyClick Plus system, can be assembled and disassembled in a single touch.

Likewise, its modern, ergonomic and elegant design is complemented by the blades and steel hood with anti-splash protection. For all these qualities, it could be considered by many as the best hand blender of 2022.

Braun is a German company, recognized for the functionality of its products as they have cutting-edge technology. Therefore, it could be the best brand of hand mixers; know the pros and cons of this particular model.


Power: It has an efficient 1000-watt motor, which ensures proper work without effort.

ActiveBlade Technology: Its blades are designed to move independently from top to bottom, for better processing.

Handling: It has a speed regulator button that allows it to be used with one hand .


Cost: It is one of the highest cost mixers. However, the technology applied to its design makes up for it.

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Braun mq3025 wh spaghetti

Among the qualities that could characterize the best hand mixer, in addition to its power, is its functional design. In other words, that it processes the most solid foods while providing ease of handling and hygiene of its accessories.

For this reason, the Braun mq3025 wh spaghetti hand mixer has been designed for today’s dynamic user, who seeks practicality in every detail. It is an ergonomic appliance, provided with an easily detachable arm and compatible with accessories designed with the EasyClick system.

Its motor provides a power of 700 W, with dual speed control that facilitates its handling with one hand. In addition, like most Braun hand mixers, it has SPLASHControl Technology, thanks to its innovative hood that provides an additional cutting area of ​​up to 5 mm and prevents splashes, alleviating cleaning tasks in the kitchen.

This could be the best hand mixer of the moment, as it has accessories that optimize its functionality. Learn more about its qualities by reading its pros and cons


Accessories: It is accompanied by a mini chopper, mixing rods and a 600 ml BPA-free measuring cup.

Cleaning: Both the removable parts of the blender and the accessories can be washed in the dishwasher.

PowerBell hood: Provides additional cutting space with each rotation of the blades, in addition to preventing splashes.


Speed: It is possible that the two speeds that the device has are insufficient for those seeking greater precision in the final texture of the food, but for most it could be just what they need.

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Bosch hand mixer


Bosch Ergomixx msm67170

This model of Bosch hand blender provides an unparalleled experience in terms of the number of accessories it offers, such as: a 4-blade blade and anti-splash dome, blender rod, mixing glass with 1-liter graduation, universal and ice chopper.. Which are made of plastic with removable stainless steel base, thus facilitating cleaning.

Similarly, it stands out for having a noise level of 50 decibels, which makes it not very noisy, despite having a power of 750W in its motor, with 12 speeds of progression and the turbo function for greater speed and achieve optimal results.

In addition, its black and gray design is highlighted by its large easy-to-use buttons and the anatomical, light and non-slip handle for greater comfort and safety in use. Reasons why it is considered one of the best hand mixers of 2022.

One of the most comfortable hand mixer models to use is the Bosch Ergomixx msm67170. Therefore, we invite you to read the pros and cons that it can offer you.


Accessory: It has a special easy-to-install blade that allows you to chop ice, frozen pulp and grind coffee.

Power supply: It has a helical cable that makes it more comfortable to manipulate the mixer.

Turbo function: Provides the energy of extra power with the push of a button that is compatible with all accessories.


Coupling: A detail to improve in the design could be to implement a more robust coupling piece for the mixing rod. In this way, the useful life of this element that usually wears out due to use could be increased.

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bosch msm2620b

Among the most outstanding features of this Bosch hand mixer model are its low weight of 1.3 kilograms, the attractive black color of its body, the dimensions of the product’s speed controller button and its 600W power, which facilitates any culinary task with excellent results, in addition to being one of the cheap mixers on the market.

It has a set of accessories such as: a universal chopper that comes with two blades on its blade, convenient for chopping foods such as onions and tomatoes. Also, a cover on the tip with an optimized design, to avoid waste outside the bowl, provided with a stainless steel quattro blade, to grind hard foods.

Likewise, it is offered with a graduated container that facilitates the measurements of the ingredients, with a capacity of approximately 700 milliliters, provided with a lid for better food storage.

Below we invite you to read the pros and cons that Bosch msm2620b can offer you, since it is one of the cheapest on the market.


Versatility: Includes 3 accessories that allow you to perform different tasks such as chopping, grinding, mixing, among others, without much difficulty.

Ergonomic: It is light and easily manageable with one hand, since its anatomical handle provides a better grip.

Washing: Given the practical detachable design of its stainless steel parts, cleaning is made easier.


Power: The power could be lower compared to other models on the list. But it is designed to be more than sufficient for home use and to properly process food.

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Taurus hand mixer


Taurus Bapi 900

If you are in search of the best hand blender, which allows you to prepare convenient and delicious meals, then you should check out this Taurus hand blender as it could satisfy all your needs. It is a chopper blender with a power of 900 W and a turbo function, which allows you to take advantage of its maximum potential, grinding any type of food.

This model has a removable rod and blades of great quality and performance. In addition, a system that prevents splashes due to its innovative and improved food circulation technique that is complemented by a measuring cup that adapts perfectly to the blender blades.

Created especially to facilitate the daily tasks of users due to its white and blue rubber handle with a soft-touch finish, which allows a good grip, for practical and easy handling, as well as greater safety when handling.

If you do not know which hand mixer to buy, this model can be very useful, for this reason we present its pros and cons.


Power regulator: It is a chopper blender that allows you to increase or decrease the power up to 20 speeds, without having to stop it.

Design: It has a modern and practical ergonomic design and a stainless steel foot that is easy to remove for cleaning.

Turbo Rotation System Technology: It is manufactured with a proper chopping system that allows you to better grind food by constantly rotating it.


Material: An improvable aspect in its design could be the plastic of both the handle and the container, since they can be somewhat fragile compared to metal.

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Taurus Bapi 800

If you want to buy a hand mixer and you still haven’t decided on any of them, you can’t stop analyzing this model, since due to its low cost and quality it is considered by many to be the best price-quality hand mixer.

This Taurus hand blender has a state-of-the-art motor and a power of 800 W that can be adjusted up to 20 speeds, according to your requirements, and a stainless steel foot that allows you to beat and grind any food no matter how hard it is..

Likewise, it has the Turbo Rotation System that raises the food to chop it and expel it through the holes in the protector, creating a food circulation process to achieve a good result, since it does not get stuck to the blades. In addition, it avoids annoying splashes of food during the grinding process, since everything returns to the bottom of the container.

It is a product that has useful features and a low cost, it could be a good purchase option. Therefore, learn more about her before making a decision.


Blades: It has a double effect system to beat and chop food, obtaining greater and better results.

Quick fixing: This mixer has a bayonet-type lock, a mechanism that allows you to quickly and easily fix the foot to the handle.

Accessory: It has an essential measuring cup that easily adapts to the size of the blades.



Extra accessories: This functional model is not accompanied by extra accessories, so they must be purchased separately if necessary. 

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professional hand mixer


Lacor Brick

If what you want is a professional hand mixer, the Lacor Brick fixed series is a good option, since it is made of high-resistance and durability materials, it has an ergonomic handle that gives you greater safety and control in use.

Therefore, when asking yourself which is the best industrial hand mixer, this model could surprise you, since it can be used for pots of up to 140 liters of capacity, due to the power of its 220-watt motor you can make your sauces and purees very quickly.

This hand mixer is manufactured in Spain by the highly prestigious company Lacor, it is black in color with stainless steel finishes and vents so that the motor does not overheat. On the other hand, it has a weight of 1500 grams and dimensions of 16 x 10 x 10 centimeters, which makes it an easy-to-use product.

Having a hand mixer at home is always a great help, so we invite you to read the pros and cons that the Lacor Brick can offer you.


Blade set: It has a varied set of interchangeable blade arms, beaters and grinders, made of stainless steel.

Assembly: Its assembly is quite simple, since it can be assembled and disassembled without the need to manipulate any tool.

Versatility: Its engine block is compatible with the corresponding accessories to have greater functionality.


Fixed speed: Having such a strong power could make it difficult to prepare some recipes that require slow speed processing. 

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Hand Mixer Accessories


Hand blender jar


Braun MR5000

If you are looking for a sturdy and durable hand blender jar, this model from Braun could be the right one for any type of replacement or if what you need is one to prepare your shakes and recipes. It is a measuring and mixing cup with a capacity of 500 milliliters or 20 ounces.

It is a light accessory due to its weight of approximately 31.8 grams, which is made of transparent polypropylene for better food visualization. Likewise, it is compatible with any hand mixer, especially with models 4162, 4191, 4192, 4642, 4644.

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Guide to buying a hand mixer


When you want to buy a hand mixer that suits your needs and tastes, you should not only look at its price, since there are other factors such as material, power and accessories, which could be present in this appliance regardless whether it is simple or professional. In the following guide to buying the best hand mixer you will find more features that it must have.

Shopping guide



For a hand blender to fulfill its main function, which is to grind food easily, it must have enough power. Factor that will also allow the user to use it more intensively. Therefore, before determining if it is good and economical, it should be verified if it has enough watts. In this sense, the best option is to opt for those models that have 700 W or more, since this way you can crush fruits, vegetables and other edible products that are similar in hardness to ice with greater safety, without affecting their useful life..

To favor this power, many of the hand mixers on the market have a speed regulator with different levels or the turbo option, through the buttons that are included in their design.


The material with which both the body of the hand mixer is made, as well as its blades, can influence how much the model costs , because this is one of the fundamental characteristics that determines the quality of the product.

These appliances could be made of plastic, stainless steel and even a combination of both materials through the design of its blades, the foot, the glass and any other addition that it contains in its presentation.

In plastic mixers, both positive and negative factors are present, since despite the fact that its cost is accessible to kitchen lovers, it has the disadvantages of being less durable, staining easily and releasing substances when processing the ingredients. foods. Unlike kitchen tools made of stainless steel, which guarantee its useful life for a long time.

On the other hand, the blades should be present in the mixer in a quantity of two or more, so that when preparing the food quickly, the result is more effective. Since, while one of the blades fulfills the function of getting up and moving, the others will cut the fruit or vegetable.



Before you get one of these manual kitchen appliances, you should look at its weight, to check if it is ergonomic. It is appropriate that the blender is not made of materials that are too heavy, although it is resistant, because being light, it will provide safety and comfort to the user during use, even when handling it with one hand.

But, for this practicality factor to increase, the product should also have large buttons, a motor that vibrates very little and especially have a non-slip handle for a good grip.


When making a comparison of hand mixers, it is essential that you observe the practicality that said product can offer you, through its power source, cleaning and even the qualities it has to be stored after use.

Hand mixers can be corded or cordless; When the first factor is present, many users prefer to opt for those that have a long, spiral-shaped cable, since it gives them freedom of movement, as well as the ease of reaching a plug.

In the case of wireless, you will have total freedom related to the two aforementioned characteristics, unlike the fact that with this power system you must take care of your battery charge.

In another order of ideas, to achieve a complete and easy cleaning of this appliance, it is necessary that both its foot and any of its parts be removable, so that a deep and noticeable cleanliness is obtained both in the dishwasher and by hand, without food residues may remain in their corners.

Finally, to promote its practicality, the hand mixer should have some type of support or hook to rest it on any surface or hang it, after being used in the kitchen.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to whip cream with a hand mixer?

You just have to have a hand blender, refined sugar and if you want any essence. The first thing is to add in a bowl, preferably metallic and previously cooled, the very cold liquid cream, along with 4 tablespoons of sugar and the essence of your liking (vanilla, fruit extract).

Start mixing by making circular movements at maximum power, until all the cream is progressively assembled in the bowl. Carry out this process for approximately 5 minutes, you will realize that it is ready when there are no traces of liquid cream left and a spongy texture is formed.


Q2: Which is better, a blender or a hand blender?

Regardless of whether it is a hand or glass blender, it is essential to have one at home, since each one has its qualities and advantages. In addition, the use that will be given will depend on the needs of each person. One of the clear differences observed is that, with the hand blender, any recipe can be prepared in small proportions, since it is a practical appliance to use, move and store. Unlike the glass blender, which, having a greater capacity, can be beaten and even crushed in much larger portions, with the disadvantage that you have to have a specific place for it.

Q3: How to clean a hand mixer?

The first thing you should do is disconnect it for greater safety, then disassemble the beater arm and proceed to wash it. To do this, use hot water along with some detergent and a sponge to remove dirt and food remains, finally use plenty of tap water to rinse.

For the part of the mixer body that cannot be washed with water, since the motor is housed there and can cause serious damage, wiping with a damp cloth will suffice.


Q4: What is the most powerful hand blender?

The power that a hand mixer can provide will depend on both the model and the brand. For this reason, you can find models on the market such as the Taurus BAPI 1200 with a new technology engine or the Cecotec Powergear 1500 XL. The latter has a 4-blade stainless steel blade with a titanium coating, a metal gear transmission system, 21 speeds plus a turbo function, among other qualities that make it a powerful kitchen helper.

Q5: When was the hand mixer invented?

The inventor Roger Perrinjaquet was a Swiss who dedicated himself to manufacturing and patenting the hand blender in the 20th century, specifically in the year 1950 in Switzerland. Which he called Bamix, an abbreviation in English for bat et mixe which means bat and mix. Which had a great impact on its official presentation at the Hannover fair in Germany on April 24, 1955, since it was a kitchen utensil that could grind and mix ingredients in the same container where they were added.

How to use a hand mixer


If you are a lover of preparing meals, desserts, sauces, smoothies, among others, you should know that the hand blender is the appropriate companion in your kitchen. Below we will give you some tips so that you can use it in the best way and get the most out of this appliance.

Know the instructions for use

Although it is an intuitive and easy-to-use product, it is advisable to read the instructions for use before using it, since you must learn to use the speeds and be clear about the movements you must make to beat. Well, adapting to it will make your culinary tasks easier in a way that will surprise you.

Immerse the hand mixer well

When mixing any ingredient, you must make sure that the blades of the hand blender are at the bottom of the container or glass, because if they are not in the right position, you run the risk of spilling the food to be processed, causing a disaster. that can even stain the walls of your kitchen.

Start with slow speeds

If you are going to homogenize a mixture, especially if it is liquid, it is recommended that you start with a slow speed and then gradually increase it to avoid splashing. On the other hand, if you are going to process solids, start with a medium level and gradually increase it.

Make movements when beating

If you want to get a better blend of your food, it is advisable to slowly move the hand blender and tilt it to the sides of the glass so that the food comes into contact with the blades of the blender.

You can also raise and lower the mixer ensuring that the largest pieces are crushed. However, the manufacturers recommend never removing it completely while it is in operation to avoid spills or splashes.

turbo function

This quality present in a hand blender is useful in the first place to give the final touch to our recipes. Also, it allows crushing solids or frozen foods. Likewise, cooks use it to make sauces and purées, since it eliminates any type of lumps or small pieces that may remain unprocessed.

uses in the kitchen

Given the number of accessories that hand blenders currently have, you can make a wide variety of recipes, juices, chop fruits, grind meat and chicken, cut vegetables, prepare sauces, crush ice, among many others.

Likewise, it can be used to knead cakes, bread, whip egg whites, since it is excellent for confectionery. Therefore, thanks to the endless things that this appliance allows us to do, we can let our imagination run wild in the kitchen.


Because it is a practical, light and comfortable kitchen instrument, its storage is quite simple, since you can store it anywhere in your kitchen when you do not want to use it. An appropriate place could be in the cupboard drawers. However, always check that it is completely dry and free of moisture, to avoid the appearance of unpleasant odors and even the proliferation of fungi.

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