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Hand Steamer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Cleaning tasks should not always be done with exhaustive traditional methods, since in the current market there are much more comfortable and profitable alternatives. Nowadays, thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting every corner of our house, even those that are difficult to access, is not a problem, since you can count on the help of the so-called steam cleaners. When purchasing one, it is recommended that you do not neglect aspects such as power, attached accessories, output pressure and safety. After having read on various web pages, we can say that the Karcher SC 1 is among the best purchase alternatives., thanks to its 3 bars of outlet pressure and its closure system to protect the little ones in the house from improper use. Another model that also stands out in the market is the H.Koenig NV60, due to its excellent pressure and outlet temperature of up to 136 degrees Celsius, together with a wide range of accessories to fulfill the most arduous tasks.

The 5 Best Hand Steamers – Opinions 2022

Achieving optimal cleaning and disinfection without chemicals in those places that are difficult to reach or difficult to clean can be a complicated task if we do not have the right tools. For this reason, getting a mini handheld steamer can make this task incredibly easy, making us feel that it is really simple and safe. If you search a bit among the existing small vaporizers you will find that finding which is the best handheld vaporizer of the moment can be complicated among so many models, that is why we make this task easier for you with the following selection of the best handheld vaporizers of 2022.

1. Kärcher SC1 Manual Steam Cleaner

Main advantage:

Thanks to its 1,200 watts of power, this model only needs three minutes to start emitting steam, generating an efficient and stable output flow thanks to its 3 bar working pressure.

Main disadvantage:

Unlike other models on the market, this product has a quarter-liter capacity tank, so if you want to clean for long sessions you will probably have to stop to refill it.

Verdict: 9.9/10

A versatile tool with which to effectively clean the most resistant dirt, while eliminating bacteria and other harmful elements.

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Power and operating pressure

When it comes to generating steam you need heat and pressure. The higher these parameters, the more efficient the operation. In this section, the Karcher SC 1 model has a nominal power of 1,200 watts, which places this product at the top of the market in terms of power, with a heating time of just over three minutes to start. to clean.

This system is capable of working at a pressure of 3 bars, therefore capable of maintaining a constant, stable and quality steam output flow with which it is easier to clean everything you need. A sufficient flow to sterilize any surface through the force of steam and reach the most difficult corners, even when using the included accessories.

comfort of use

Since we are talking about a manual tool, it is clear that it has to be comfortable, to help us clean more efficiently. In this case, the comfort of the Karcher SC 1 model is given by its large handle and comfortable design, so that you do not carry too bulky equipment that makes it difficult to move it comfortably.

This comfort is also helped by the weight of the product, around 1.5 kilos, with a deposit of a quarter of a liter. A tank that may seem somewhat small, but in addition to reducing the total weight of the set, the truth is that it also offers considerable steam performance to clean for a good amount of time. And if you need it, you can always top up the tank while you take a break.

Accessories included

In order to reach the most complex and hidden corners, this model incorporates a series of very practical accessories with which to achieve quality cleaning without complications. Among these accessories we find a wide brush, ideal for cleaning countertops, screens and other large surfaces, saving you time in the process. A product that you can also use with your mop, for when you need it.

We also have a concentrator brush, ideal for cleaning joints and narrow spaces, in which steam is capable of removing even the most encrusted remains. If you still have trouble removing dirt, the direct outlet nozzle makes the process even more efficient. An element that completes a good proposal of accessories so that there is no stain that can resist you.

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2. H.Koenig NV60 Compact Steam Cleaner

As the best price-quality hand steamer, we find ourselves before the following model with a power of 1000w that is capable of reaching up to 4.2 bars of pressure, thus offering you a powerful and continuous steam outlet of up to 135 ° C that will allow you to disinfect every corner of your house so that you and those you love most or feel safe in your home.

It includes a safety valve to prevent accidents with steam and prevent your little ones from opening it carelessly, making it very safe for family homes with children.

So that you can clean any surface you need, it has all the accessories you may need, these are 6 nozzles, 1 funnel and 1 measuring cup to clean all types of surfaces (kitchen, bathroom, windows and points out of reach).

The H.Koenig NV60 model is one of the cheapest handheld steamers you could find that, despite having an affordable price, maintains the advantages of the more expensive ones:


Power: the H.Koenig NV60 works with a maximum power of 1,000 watts to be able to heat the water in a few minutes and thus have your steamer ready for whatever you are going to use it for.

Steam: the steam expelled by this equipment reaches 135 degrees centigrade, which guarantees a correct elimination of bacteria and germs that may be present on the surfaces of your home.

Pressure: on the other hand, the output pressure of the NV60 reaches 4.2 bars to make it easier for you to remove dirt from floors and cracks. This is very useful for cleaning tiles, ceramics, joints, etc.

Accessories: Among the accessories included are six different nozzles that will help you work different areas, a funnel to facilitate the filling of the steamer and a measuring cup that will indicate the exact amount of water you will need.


Strength: For some, the pressure of the expelled steam is not enough compared to other products, but it should be noted that there are many other buyers satisfied with the performance.

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3. Solac LV1301 Steam Cleaner 

This could be the best handheld steamer in this selection, as it offers a power of 1050 W to reach a steam flow rate of 30 g/min and a pressure of 3 bars. In this way, it can eliminate 99% of bacteria and allergens effectively, without the need to use harmful detergents. 

It is capable of heating quickly to generate steam in just 3 minutes from power on. In addition, it has a light that indicates when it has reached an adequate level of pressure. On the other hand, we must mention that it includes a 350 ml tank.

This steamer comes with a series of very useful accessories for cleaning fabrics, glass and other surfaces. Also, it includes a measuring cup and a funnel to facilitate filling the tank. For greater freedom of movement, it offers an extendable hose and the power cable is 3 meters long.

This is one of the cheapest steamers on the list, so it can be a good purchase option for cleaning the home or office. Let’s carefully review its most relevant features.


Versatility: It can be used in bathrooms and kitchens to clean glass and tiles, but it also eliminates bacteria on upholstery and fabrics, making it very versatile.

Power: It has a power of 1050 W and reaches a pressure of 3 bars to remove dirt and eliminate bacteria easily and quickly.

Safety: It allows you to purify the home only with the use of water vapor, so you do not have to use strong chemical products that could affect the health of your family.


Capacity: Due to its compact size, the tank has a capacity of 350 ml, so you must add water with some frequency to continue cleaning.

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4. Bissell Steam Shot Handheld Steamer

With more than 140 years of experience, Bissell is a renowned American manufacturer that offers products specially developed to facilitate the tasks that involve cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces. For this reason, if you do not know which handheld steamer to buy, you could take this model into account.

It is a powerful, effective steam cleaner capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs. Thanks to its 1050 watt power, it is also capable of removing grease and mud from sinks, showers, kitchens and other surfaces. Also, you do not need to use chemicals, since the steamer works using tap water.

Similarly, it is a model that has various accessories, among which are: 3 color-coded brushes, extendable hose, dispenser, flat cloth, glass cleaner, corner brush, 2 microfiber cloths and a special nozzle for deep cleaning.

Given its prestige, Bissell is considered by many to be the best handheld steamer brand. Learn more about one of its best models.


Efficiency: It is a model equipped with a power of 1050 watts and 4.5 bars of pressure, so it quickly cleans and disinfects various surfaces.

Accessories: Thanks to its 9 additional pieces, you can carry out deep cleaning.

Radius of action: It is a handheld steamer that offers you a radius of action of up to 12 meters, especially useful for kitchens and bathrooms.


Deposit: Its 360 ml deposit could be insufficient when it comes to large surfaces.

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5. Mlmlant Hand Steamer 

This device features Quick Steam technology, which heats water in just 3 minutes to provide steam at a pressure of 0.32 MPa. This is possible thanks to its 1050W power, which allows the steamer to reach a temperature between 121 and 132°C, enough to loosen grease and dirt stains.

It works with water vapor, so it does not generate smoke or harmful residues, since it is not necessary to use strong detergents. In addition, it comes with a curved spray head to reach hard-to-reach areas, as well as other nozzles that allow you to disinfect and thoroughly clean different materials, such as vinyl, marble, wood, etc.

It has a tank with a maximum capacity of 450 ml and incorporates different security systems. For example, the lid is locked while there is steam in the tank. As if that were not enough, it has a parental control switch so that children cannot use the device.

A steamer can be a practical option for cleaning the home without making a large investment. That is why we invite you to see in more detail the most relevant characteristics of this machine.


Capacity: It is one of the ones that offers the largest capacity among the compact vaporettes, thanks to its 450 ml tank. In this way, you can reduce interruptions during the cleaning process.

Performance: It reaches a pressure of 0.32 MPa, as well as a maximum temperature of 132 °C, which is sufficient for maintenance in bathrooms and kitchens.

Protection: The lid has a safety mechanism that blocks the lock as long as there is steam in the tank. It also has a child safety switch. 


Hose: The extension hose heats up significantly, so it is recommended that you wear protective gloves on your hands when using this accessory to avoid accidents.

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Kärcher SC1 Manual Steam Cleaner

To start with this selection of vaporettes, we present the best handheld vaporizer of the moment according to the users who give it very positive evaluations.  

This small and handy handheld steamer will allow you to clean even the most complex and hidden areas of your burners, extractor hoods, taps or tiles, leaving them perfectly clean and disinfected thanks to its powerful steam expulsion of up to 3 bars of pressure that will achieve a powerful jet of steam capable of reaching any corner and finishing with any type of dirt and grease effortlessly.

And if you are concerned about the safety of the little ones in the house, this steamer has a locking system that will offer you safe protection against misuse by children, although as we always recommend, it is better to leave it out of reach during use or after cooling.

Karcher SC 1 could become the best handheld steamer of the moment thanks to the level of performance and capacity it has for you:


Power: Kärcher SC 1 is a great handheld steamer that offers you the highest level of power on this list. With a maximum power of 1,200 watts, the SC 1 is capable of heating the water in just 3 minutes so you can clean the area you need without wasting time.

Pressure: in addition, thanks to its internal steam expulsion system, the SC 1 reaches a maximum pressure of up to 3 bars. More than enough to carry out household tasks such as cleaning ovens, kitchens, tables, toilets, windows, among others.

Capacity: Since it is a manual device, the Kärcher SC 1 hand steamer has a capacity of 0.25 litres. It may not sound like much, but you’d be surprised how much you can clean with that much water turned into steam.

Dimensions: this model also stands out for being compact and easy to handle. It has dimensions of 32 x 12.7 x 18.5 centimeters and weighs just 1.5 kilograms. This way it will not cause you inconvenience when you have to hold it, also highlighting that it has a handle for it.

Accessories: and finally, we highlight the accessories included and compatible with this handheld steamer; a brush to cover large areas, a nozzle to concentrate the steam output, a small round brush to be able to scrub, and a small nozzle to reach difficult places.

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Buying guide – What is the best hand steamer on the market?

Cleaning the complicated areas and the most hidden corners is complicated and more so if what we need is to remove the dirt or disinfect those areas if we do not use expensive chemical products and above all dangerous for our health and the environment. The vaporettes were born to help us sanitize those areas that are impossible to clean, but above all to leave any type of surface looking like new, without the need to use any chemical product, something that both you and your home will be very grateful for.

When we need a comfortable steamer to access the most hidden corners and to use daily on any surface, a sledge steamer is too big for us, so the best option is to use a handheld steamer that offers us great performance in small dimensions. But before stopping to check how much one of these vaporizers costs, we leave you our guide to buying the best handheld vaporizer with which you will know which characteristics are the most important when deciding on one or the other.


As with vacuum cleaners, the power of the steam cleaner is key when it comes to working correctly. Normally, and within the comparison of handheld steamers, these usually have a power of between 700 and 1000W, a power that ensures that the water heats up faster and that it is always at high temperatures, this is above 100 degrees for proper steam output and greater efficiency.

And it will also work more efficiently the larger it is, although, logically, it is less than that of the sled models, but it will be more than enough to give you good results. So always make sure that your handheld steamer has at least 700 W of power if you want it to give you the results you need and do not accept other less powerful models that sell you great features because they will not have them.

Steam outlet pressure

Perhaps one of the most important aspects, along with power, is the steam output capacity. This steam outlet capacity is measured in bars of water pressure and is used to calculate the speed at which the jet of steam is going to come out and with what intensity.  

When we talk about hand steamers, a pressure of between 2.5 and 4 bars will be enough to properly clean any surface in your home, both for degreasing and for disinfecting and cleaning. So do not accept models that have less pressure power, even if it sounds cheap, since you will not have satisfactory cleaning results and your investment, no matter how small, will not have been worth it.

Obviously, if you are going to use it intensively, we advise you to opt for the models that offer the most pressure, as long as they have adequate safety systems.


We are talking about an appliance that works at high temperatures, above 100 degrees and also with steam output, which can be very dangerous for us and especially for the little ones in the house who could suffer serious burns.

For this reason, it is essential and extremely important that the model of hand steamer you choose has all the necessary security systems so that its tank cannot be easily opened when it is still hot and it cannot be started with the ease of little childish hands. Safety valves, cold touch of the tank and start-up with insurance can be some of the safety systems that you should require from your new handheld steamer.

Accessories and tank

Another important aspect is the capacity of the water tank. Although we are talking about small vaporettes, this aspect is also important, since it will prevent you from having to fill the tank every so often, thus gaining autonomy of use. These tanks are usually around 200 to 300 ml, with the largest capacity always being the best option, without this increasing its compact design too much so that it remains easy to handle on our part. As for the accessories, with only a handheld steamer you will not be able to clean all the corners and much less all the surfaces correctly.

How to use a handheld steamer

A hand steamer is a very effective tool for cleaning the home, but if you have already acquired one and still do not know how to start using it, in this article we are going to show you, in general, how you should do to use it correctly and safely..

Check the user guide of your cleaner

Steam models can work in different ways, but basically it is about turning water into steam to clean. To do this, it is recommended that you read the instruction manual to learn about the parts of your steam cleaner, as well as the functions included and the accessories that will allow you to clean any type of surface.

Locate the water container and fill it

Some models include a funnel in their accessories to facilitate the filling of water. To do this, locate the water tank, uncover it and proceed to place the funnel. You can place it directly under the running water or with a container add water to the container, until it fills where indicated. Then, close the lid of the container with its respective safety lock.

Plug the steamer into the electrical outlet

Most handheld steamers run on electricity, so you should make sure that the cord is long enough to help you clean with greater mobility or the outlet to be used is close by. To do this, connect it and proceed to turn it on.

Wait for the regulation heating time

Most handheld steam cleaner models have a heat-up time of 3-5 minutes or so. Wait that regulatory time for the water to vaporize. After that time, there are models that have an LED-type indicator that shows you when the steam is ready. In this case, do the steam test by pressing the trigger so that the water comes out, until it is in the form of steam. If the water already comes out vaporized, your steamer is ready to use.

Choose the appropriate nozzle according to the surface to be cleaned

If you want to clean the bathroom ceramics or the kitchen surface, choose the right accessory that best suits the surface to be cleaned. There are models that include everything from nozzles with brushes to dispensers to make the steam much more manageable. There are also those that include nozzles for carpets and for hard-to-reach areas. Choose the one that is most suitable for the surface.

I sprayed the steamer activated the trigger to clean

When choosing the proper nozzle, start by cleaning on the desired surfaces. Depending on the steamer model, it can clean kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, ceramics, blinds, furniture, carpets, among others. It can vary from accessory depending on the surface or type of material to be cleaned, if it is a textile for example.

Pick up steam cleaner

At the end of the cleaning, turn off the steam cleaner and collect all the accessories and nozzles, store them in the compartments intended for it or in a tool holder. Then collect the power cable and clean the steamer. Store the appliance in a dry and safe place.

The most popular brands

If you want to obtain high-end cleaning equipment and technology, you should know that the most recommended brands of the present are: Karcher, Polti and Jocca, so we will review each one so that you can choose a handheld steamer correctly, taking into account advice from users and their recommendations.

It was founded in 1935 by businessman and inventor Alfred Karcher in the town of Winnende, Germany. Karcher focused on carrying out his ideas by creating new devices that met the needs of the population in crisis, such as stoves, heaters, hand trucks, among others. The company has managed to expand throughout the world, with 41 subsidiaries in total, located in France, Switzerland, Austria, North America, Africa, Australia and Latin America.

In 1950, he devoted himself to the area of ​​cleaning technologies, creating the first high-pressure hot water cleaner in Europe. The system used for heating water was so innovative that it remains the basis for current burners. Gradually, year after year, the brand expands its line of cleaning products focused on the transport and housing sector.

Their handheld steamers dominate the market. They are ideal for fast and effective cleaning, eliminating germs from all surfaces; It is also easily adaptable to more demanding tasks thanks to its great power of 1,600W, increasing its functionality due to the shape of the tank. Due to its constant spirit of innovation, it is cataloged as the leading brand in providing technologies for home cleaning, for industries and for commerce, seeking to meet customer needs in an economical and environmentally friendly way.

Home cleaning is the main pillar of this Italian brand originated in 1980.

Its catalog offers multiple products that meet people’s demands, such as vacuum cleaners, clothes irons, electric coffee makers, hand mops and steamers. Polti steam cleaning thoroughly cleans any washable surface, eliminating 99% of bacteria and viruses with the natural force of steam without the use of harmful chemicals.

Handheld steamers are practical, with a quick preparation system that will save time cleaning your home, spraying pleasant aromas while it is in operation. This type of equipment is ideal for greasy surfaces, as it quickly removes grease from kitchens, rooms and fabrics. Without a doubt, this brand offers incomparable technology with affordable prices, being the most requested at the present time. It is distinguished from steamers of other brands by its safety cap that protects the user’s confidence by preventing the opening of the product while it is in operation.

Jocca QUALIMAX is a Spanish company created in 1986, with a catalog sales system, which offers practical solutions for everyday life. Its headquarters are located in Zaragoza, one of the largest logistics platforms in Europe. As it evolved, it established subsidiaries and delegations in China, France, Brazil and all of Spain.

Their products stand out for their low energy consumption. Hand held steamers are very popular in steam cleaning; Jocca offers an affordable and small size model, which is comfortable for the user. It is characterized by having an ideal power of 1000W at its weight of 1 kg, it has a rotating nozzle that manages to get into inaccessible places and remove all dirt.

This brand provides confidence in more than 35 countries where its appliances are distributed, positioning itself among the best purchase options today thanks to its good value for money and efficient use of energy.

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