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Thermal emitters – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Thermal emitters are equipment designed to heat the spaces of your home or office, leaving behind the annoying smoke produced by combustion, since they are powered directly by electricity. If you do not know much about the subject, it is recommended that you investigate the operation of this type of device, its main characteristics and outstanding models. In this way, you will be able to acquire a quality product that suits your needs. Orbegozo RRE 1310 is a thermal emitter made of robust aluminum, recommended by buyers due to its easy programming method through its control panel or if you wish, with the help of the remote control. In addition, each of the settings can be monitored on the built-in LCD screen. Another model isHaverland RC12E, which includes a set of tools to facilitate assembly and a guarantee in case of failure, valid for a couple of years.



Opinions on the best thermal emitters

With so many models and brands on the market, the search for a heat emitter can take longer than you had planned. So to help you make such an important purchase, we present five of the best devices along with a brief summary of their main specifications.

Orbegozo RRE 1310

Orbegozo is a manufacturer accustomed to incorporating into the market equipment made under high quality standards, managing to satisfy the needs of its customers. That is why, if you are looking for the best thermal emitter, this model may be the one.

Its white design is elegant, robust and resistant. The structure has been made of aluminum, measures 80 x 70 x 15 centimeters and weighs seven kilograms. Its power equivalent to 1300 watts and electrical voltage of 230 volts offer an efficient work force.

Its functions include saving, the fact that it is comfortable and anti-freeze, as well as the possibility of programming the desired temperature daily. You can do all this manually on the LCD screen on the device or with the built-in remote control. Finally, we have two mounting options, either on the wall with the help of a support or through the lower non-slip base.

This model, according to some of the customers, could be considered the best heat emitter of the moment, because it offers an elegant, robust and powerful design.


Format: It is a robust emitter of 80 x 70 x 15 centimeters and weighs seven kilograms.

Power: The work force stipulated by the manufacturer is 1300 watts and requires an electrical voltage of 230 volts, thus offering adequate operation.

Casing: Aluminum varnished with white anti-heat paint was used for the equipment casing.

Remote control:   The equipment incorporates a practical remote control with which you can program the working modes, temperature level, turn it on or off.


Automatic shutdown: A function that has been missed in the equipment is the automatic shutdown, so you will have to pay attention to the operating time to avoid overheating.

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Haverland RC12E

This Haverland model has great operating characteristics that have positioned it among the best heat emitters of 2022. High-end injection aluminum was used to make the equipment, offering stability and resistance. Likewise, the measurements of the casing corresponding to 106.7 x 9.4 x 58 centimeters and a weight of no more than 27 kilograms stand out.

Regarding its workforce, we have that it has been provided with a power of 1500 watts and 230 volts for the current output, thus generating a flow of dry hot air, suitable for rooms up to 18 square meters.

In addition, it incorporates an LCD screen with red digits and a small control panel to program the anti-freeze, saving or comfort modes, as well as the thermostat operation and the on-off. We cannot fail to mention the 24-month warranty and some accessories for mounting, including a practical fixing piece.

Haverland stands out as the best brand of thermal emitters and its RC12E model is proof of this, since it has been developed to provide you with efficient operation and a long useful life.


Screen: The emitter structure incorporates an easy-to-read LCD screen, due to its large red digits.

Power: The maximum power acquired by the equipment corresponds to 1500 watts and works together with an electrical voltage of 230 volts.

Warranty: The manufacturer incorporated a warranty card valid for 24 months, thus preventing any type of inconvenience regarding the operation of the device.

Accessories: In the purchase package you will find some tools designed to facilitate the installation process, as well as a fixing base for you to mount the emitter on the wall.


Noise: The noise generated by the transmitter during the operating time can be a bit high, according to the comments found on some portals.

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Lodel RA10

For those who are wondering which is the best thermal emitter, they will have to know this model developed by the manufacturer Lodel. Among the main specifications of the device we find its power of 1500 watts, electrical output of 230 volts and low energy consumption, allowing you to heat rooms of up to 18 square meters, without affecting monthly energy billing too much.

On the other hand, we have the programming method, which can be carried out manually on its small control panel or through the built-in remote control. In this way, you can turn on, turn off or adjust its working modes, between automatic, anti-frost, saving and comfort.

The casing has dimensions of 83 x 6 x 58 centimeters, weighs eight kilograms and incorporates a fast-reading LCD screen. Finally, we have a power cable, non-slip support for the bottom of the structure and a guarantee for a couple of years.

Making the decision of which thermal emitter to buy requires prior verification of the products. For this reason, in the following section we want to show you the pros and cons of a well-positioned team.


Support: You will be able to place the equipment comfortably and safely on any surface, since it incorporates a removable base with non-slip feet.

Warranty: With the purchase you will receive a two-year warranty, which you must validate on the brand’s official website.

Dimensions: The emitter structure has dimensions of 83 x 6 x 58 centimeters, offering a robust and spacious body weighing just eight kilograms.

Power: The heating equipment has been provided with a high-end power corresponding to 1500 watts, together with an electrical outlet of 230 volts.


Screen: The screen incorporated into the structure of the device has been valued negatively, because the numbers projected on it are very small.

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Intec HTHP-980x

If you want to take home the best price-quality heat emitter, the recommendation is to consider this model from the Intec house among your purchase options, because it is one of the cheapest.

The device has a flat design of 60 x 60 x 6 centimeters and has been made of white ceramic, thus offering a resistant structure with a pleasant aesthetic and easy to handle, which will not take up much space in any of the rooms of your home.. In addition, its assembly is intuitive and you will have a series of tools provided by the manufacturer.

It is important to mention that the emitter performs the heating process through infrared technology and has an on-off button. Its maximum working power is 425 watts for low power consumption, the power cord offers a length of 1.5 meters and the built-in thermostat maintains the temperature at 95°C.

If you are looking for a heat emitter with a nice design, easy assembly, adjustable temperature and that is also rated among the cheapest, then this model is for you.


Dimensions: The equipment has been designed with a flat casing of 60 x 60 x 6 centimeters, which you can easily manipulate.

Assembly: Thanks to the incorporation of a series of tools, you will be able to assemble the device quickly, safely and easily.

Power: This thermal emitter has been provided with a mid-range power equivalent to 425 watts, capable of providing smooth operation and low energy consumption.

Thermostat: The incorporation of a thermostat is quite flattering, since you will be able to regulate the temperature of the emitter and keep it stable up to a maximum of 95°C.


Heat emission: The operation of the device offers a fairly low heat emission, according to some comments from people who have purchased it.

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BOSCH ERO-2 0950 T6

BOSCH is a brand with a long history in the world of household appliances, which has earned the support of buyers due to the high quality standards applied to each of its products. This model of thermal emitters is no exception. Its wall-mounted design offers a quick and intuitive mounting method that won’t take up much of your time.

The case is sturdy, stylish and weighs just 15 kilograms. In addition, an LED screen is incorporated in it together with a small control panel, thus allowing you to program and even monitor the smooth operation of the equipment.

The power registered in the device is 950 watts, with a voltage of 230 volts and a frequency of 50 HZ, with low power consumption specifications suitable for offering uniform heat distribution. The best thing is that you can program the temperature acquired in a range of 15 to 65 °C.

The BOSCH ERO-2 0950 T 6 thermal emitters have a wall design with quick assembly, elegant and easy programming that you will like. Review its general advantages and disadvantages here.


Power: To start the device, the manufacturer had a power of 950 watts, together with an electrical current of 230 volts.

Temperature: The temperature range acquired by the emitter is from 15 to 65 °C and you can program it according to your needs of use.

Weight: You will be able to handle the equipment comfortably at the time of installation without damaging the wall due to its weight, since it does not exceed 15 kilograms.

Assembly: The design of the emitter is intended for you to hang it on the wall, with the help of a pair of easy-to-adjust brackets.


Instruction manual: A disadvantage found about this model is its instruction manual in English, being necessary to enter the manufacturer’s page to look for the respective translation.

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